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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 201

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Infinity Trend Pro
Yaroslav Varankin
1 (1)
This is a trend indicator without redrawing Developed instead of the binary options strategy (by the color of the Martingale candlestick) Also works well in forex trading When to open trades (binary options) A signal will appear in the place with a candle signaling the current candle It is recommended to open a deal for one candle of the current timeframe M1 and M5 When a blue dot appears, open a deal up When a red dot appears, open a trade down. How to open trades on Forex. When a signal is rec
Vladimir Deryagin
Multi-currency Expert Advisor. The Expert Advisor consists of three popular indicators (Moving Average, Stochastic, and MACD). It is possible to use all three indicators together or separately. Trading takes place with pending Limit orders. The EA uses profit averaging for the current open BUY and SELL orders. The Expert Advisor settings are very simple and have all the necessary functions, both for trading and for indicators. Basic Expert settings           Magic - magic number of the
ZigZag Nrp
Yaroslav Varankin
Zigzag indicator with removed redrawing open a deal Stands when the price crossed the zigzag line If the price crosses  the line from the bottom up, then this is a buy signal If the price crosses the line from top to  bottom then this is a sell signal Stoploss is set at the bend of the Exit the deal by the opposite signal or take profit  Zigzag nrp indicator is easy to set up In it you can choose a  suitable period for yourself Recommended period 3. This is an individual development This tool  
Steel MT4
Alessandro Grossi
Steel è un potente expert advisor dal codice stabile e pulito che apre un singolo trade per mercato impostando  Take Profit  e  Stop Loss  e sfrutta il  Trailing Stop Loss  per ottenere il migliore profitto. Può essere utilizzato e configurato su qualsiasi mercato in quanto il segnale di acquisto o vendita viene elaborato dalla sola lettura delle candele rendendolo immune da falsi e ritardatari segnali generati dagli indicatori. Si può impostare la lettura di una singola candela o di un gruppo,
Magic Panel for MT4   is a Menu based Trading Panel. with the help of Magic Panel traders will be able to access various trading tools right from Menu Panel in MetaTrader Chart. All tools are one click to activate and another click to deactivate its that simple. Current version of Magic Panel comes with. - Trend Scanner. - Five in One Pivot Point. - Currency Strength Meter. - Multi Symbol Heat Map Scanner. - Auto Trend Line. - Symbol Search Box. - Symbols Dropdown Menu. - One click object Clear
Are you tired of drawing Support & Resistance levels for all charts of the same Symbol while doing Multi-Timeframe analysis? Well, if you are a Price Action trader then this indicator will solve your problem. Draw on 1 Timeframe and it will auto-sync with other charts of the same Symbol. You can draw rectangles, lines, and eclipse. It will give an alert when touched/break on line. It work's on all Timeframes. Major Update Added:: 1}triangle 2}Fibonacci Retracement 3}Text Lable 4}Up/Down Arrow
EA RSI MODIF is robot expert advisor with indicator RSI,but this ea use more strategy. Open order BUY = If indicator RSI < Signal buy. Open order SELL = If indicator RSI > Signal sell. More Strategy from Ea RSI MODIF IS = Can use strategy hedging,martingale,lock profit,target profit perday (work on forward test),and many more of strategy. Parameters EA RSI MODIF = ==>  Setting indicator RSI : RSI PERIOD = 14 .                                               SIGNAL BUY = 30 .                      
Account Risk Analyser, allows you to keep track of your account risk, risk exposure to individual pairs and risk on base currency pairs. Get notified when your risk on a base currency pair exceed a predetermined risk level. Get notified when your account exceed a predetermined risk level. Risk Analyser based on the NNFX methodology of not over leveraging on any base pairs. Parameter inputs Percentage risk trigger for Trade instruments Percentage risk trigger for Account Alerts Chart Alert Mail A
Algo Samurai
Abdul Malikul Hanan
3 (2)
Live Account Signal : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2229036 Set File Used : algosamurai_SR_V2 Algo Samurai Expert Advisor Algo Samurai is a complete automated forex trading strategy designed for all skill levels. It's more than just software; it's a fully automatic trading robot that uses self-adaptive market algorithms to analyze price movements and identify trading opportunities. It also features a built-in Smart Profit Lock System to secure your gains while the trade remains open, all wi
https://t.me/Fxmind Whatsapp +639485758802 #EA # TECHNICAL   is a fully automatic Expert Advisor. It can actually outsmart a market by placing BUY and SELL orders POWERED BY Technical tools based ALGORITHM It uses an advanced technology called Wave , Accumulation and Distribution TRADING STRATEGY. This robot is designed for beginners yet expert traders: All Parameters are optimized for Any currency pairs. LESS RISK MORE PROFITS Advantages: This EA can work in LONDON,ASIAN and NY SESSIONS : it
Sergey Malysh
3.29 (7)
Expert. Automatic and manual trading. Ready-made trading system based on Elliott waves and Fibonacci retracement levels . It is simple and affordable. Display of the marking of Elliott waves (main or alternative option) on the chart Construction of horizontal levels, support and resistance lines, a channel Superposition of Fibonacci levels on waves 1, 3, 5, A Alert system (on-screen, E-Mail, Push notifications) visual panel for opening orders in manual trading visual panel for setting up automat
Expert Advisor " Divergence Progression» For the EA to work, you need to download the indicator from the CodeBase section-http: / / www. mql5. com/ru/code/32437 - and place it in the MQL4/Indicators folder Recommended parameters D1 EUR / USD: TakeProfit-250; StopLoss-30; Closing on the opposite signal=false; This expert Advisor is medium-term and is intended only for trading on the D1 period on the EUR / USD pair. T
Зигзаг строится по ценовым волнам, размер которых не меньше заданного в настройках. Индикатор не способен нарисовать две вершины (максимум и минимум) на одной свече, поэтому для определения волн небольших размеров следует использовать меньшие таймфреймы графика. Зигзаг в виде гистограммы можете скачать здесь . Для сбора статистики по размерам ценовых волн используйте идикатор   Wave Size Stats . ПАРАМЕТРЫ MinWaveSize: минимальный размер волны, на котором будет построено очередное плечо зиг
MACD MULTI TIME FRAME WITH MULTI SYMBOLS  INDICATOR  MACD MTF Indicator visualize all MT4 time frame  and trend based on  Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) strategy . Indicator have settings for MACD customizing and variable "Symbols "EURUSD,USDCHG,...", which is used to define symbols. , Signals are displayed  Buy  , Strong buy  ,  Sell,  Strong Sell,   ### - No Trend Strong  Description The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence indicator is a momentum oscillator primarily used to tr
Rashid Sayfutdinov
Аренда от 30$ в месяц. Сделка открывается на уровне, определяемом индикатором "полосы Болинджера", стоп лосс двигается по Параболику, т.е риск постоянно снижается. Тейк-профит - определенное количество пунктов. Рекомендую использовать советник на 15 минутном тайм-фрейме на паре EURUSD. В скрине приложен график доходности с января  до декабря  2020 года с использованием Мартина. Мaртингейл рекомендую использовать только для разгона депозита. Так же возможно настраивать время начала и окончания то
Multi Trend Analyzer MT4 indicator provides signals from the following technical trading indicators: RSI, STOCH, STOCHRSI, MACD, ADX, Williams % R, ATR, Oscillator, ROC and Bull/Bear Power. It supports all time frames, from the 1 minute up to the monthly charts. You can change all indicator inputs. Indicator provide total trend summary. We can easily analysis and study market movement .
Angels come Angel coming solid signal  $50,000 has been deposited in the account, and $49,000 has been deposited, so the curve is very ugly! !    https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/901655 This is a short-term trading strategy, which has been tested by several currency pairs for 15 years and can make steady profits. parameter: RiskSwitch - Money management switches (true) are used for automatic lots  (false) for fixed lots. Lots - for fixed lots Risk - Automatically obtains LOTS based
Hello This EA for send any indicator Signals (buffer) to your channel in Telegram with photo for chart also you can share your signals with your clients in your telegram please watch the photos you must have Telegram channel then make bot and give it Permission and get token (watch this video to know how do it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1bKWFOjSBE and you must download this files https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pYpnWUr4Kb4aIwdoGVD_9zSH1HWX-tt3/view?usp=sharing then unzip files the
Advanced Camarilla Calculator is one of the most commonly used trading calculators. This calculator can be used to generate levels. Scenario 1 Open price is between H3 and L3 For Long  - Wait for the price to go below L3 and then when it moves back above L3, buy. Stop loss will be when price moves below L4. Target1 - H1, Target2 - H2, Target3 - H3  For Short  -  Wait for the price to go above H3 and then when the price moves back below H3, sell. Stop loss will be when price moves above H4. Targe
Fast API Copier MT4
Konstantin Stratigenas
5 (1)
This EA Connects Trading-Systems or Terminals on a Windows Server (VPS). You can also use it as a Trade Copier Local or Remote. Fast and stable Solution with 10ms Reaction Time. Make sure you have one of this: It works on VPS which allows to Run it as a Webserver (fixed IP Address and open Port 80 for Incoming Connections). It works on your own Datacenter / Computer with fixed IP or DNS. Installation Download and Install Visual Studio 2019  on your Windows Server.  Choose "ASP.NET and web Deve
The background trend is an indicator that helps us to know the trend that is dragging the market. The indicator has 2 possibilities: 1) If the indicator is above zero the trend is buying and the indicator will be green. 2) If the indicator is below zero, the trend is selling and the indicator will be red. You can download the demo and test it yourself. The indicator has a text help in the upper right corner, in which it shows whether the indicator has a bullish or bearish background trend
Telegram Signal pro
Sara Sabaghi
4.88 (8)
What is it? Think about it, you can send all the orders/positions info to your telegram channel or group to create your community or VIP signals on telegram. Position info means this EA forward all of your new positions open details (Open price, Open time, Position Type, position Symbol and volume), positions changes ( SL or TP modifying or pending price changes) and position close (Close price, profit or loss, position duration time) and also EA Send NEWS alert (Economic calendar event) on y
Индикатор показывает количество и направление переходов цены между уровнями сетки. Шаг сетки устанавливается в настройках. Индикатор будет особенно полезен трейдерам, торгующим по Мартингейлу, как инструмент для определения оптимальной точки входа. ПАРАМЕТРЫ Step: размер шага сетки (например: step = 50, shift = 0, тогда уровни будут иметь значения ...1.1050, 1.1100, 1.1150...) Shift: сдвиг сетки (например: step = 50, shift = 25, тогда уровни будут иметь значения ...1.1075, 1.1125, 1.1175...)
Breaking Bank
Olusegun Williams
Extensive research and testing went into building this EA and the best result has been programmed into the default setting. This is an Extremely Profitable EA that can be left running for months without interference. This EA uses common sense to beat the bank daily. Risk management is vital for successful trading and this EA makes it easy to manage your lot size to Equity ratio. The default setting makes one trade a day when the market makes its big move and trails the profit. This EA also has s
Fibo Extrem is robot ea with indicator Fibonacci. Order open BUY = if iOpen[0] > Pivot Point(PP). Order open SELL = if iOpen[0] < Pivot Point(PP). Strategy from this EA : Can use hedging(true/false),can use martingale(set 1=off),Target profit perday,takeprofit 4 step,stoploss 3 step,and more strategy. Hedging=false; ==> true/false EA_indicators=FIBONACCI; Use_MaxSpread=true; MaxSpread=50; ==> Maximal Spread MaxLot=1; ==> Maximal lot Target_profit_perday=50; ==> can work on forward test. lockp
Andrii Maron
PinTouch indicator calculates and draws high-probability direction Entry points with arrows. Moving Averages are applied as the direction filter and visualised at the chart. To identify Exit points is recommended to use one of these options: 1. The nearest levels calculated by the PivoZone Indicator under the link: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/57066 2. Reversal signal 3. Calculated by RR-ratio 4. Of course, your options (post me a message) 
Dmitry Ivkin
Многофункциональный индикатор уровней IRES   – это мощный профессиональный инструмент для определения уровней поддержки и сопротивления на финансовом инструменте. Эффективность индикатора доказана тысячами тестов на реальных и демонстрационных счетах. Индикатор, работающий на реальных данных с использованием живой настоящей статистики. Индикатор поможет торговать сетями или же одиночными ордерами, имеется алерт, можно выбрать настройки индикатора именно под себя, под свою систему. Группа вк
Trendo Ea
Mohamed yehia Osman
EA based on Trend and Support Resistance Levels option usage of Auto SL and AutoLot with variable risks results given on   EURUSD  H1   for last 2.5 years *** used parameters on H1 timeframe  bars 25  shift 5 ma index 0.85 open OrdersTotal = 2 Profit Per = 3 % profit to Equity to close trades  for lower time frames Inputs will me doubled or tripled ...  for higher time frames inputs should me divided / minimized you can use manual entered Lot and Disable AUTOLOT Or you can enable Auto-Lot and
ProTrader X8
Lucas Henrique Fukabori
ProTrader X8 is a multifunctional trading utility for FOREX, MT4 Interactive and compact panel, it doesn't take up space on the screen, making it difficult to see the graph! Developed exclusively for Forex traders, ideal for people who trade manually. Note: 1 - This utility does not work in the strategy tester 2 - Try the demo version before buying unlimited ProTrader X8 Demo version → https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/59012 ProTrader X8 functions: • Buttons for buy, sell a
This is a   Semi-Automatic Martingale EA It is Semi-Automatic because It waits for the first executed order available and then opens a grid of pending limit orders in the same direction of the first one The first order that we usually call the   master trade  can be opened manually or via any other EA, indipendent from this one There is a dedicated   Telegram Group   with use cases and best settings   here , feel free to join and ask for a functional copy in demo accounts before buying  
Trend Scalp Pro
Sara Sabaghi
3.2 (20)
Exciting Black Friday Deals  have been activated for this Tools Shop Now: Old price was 170$   and now 85$   Brief Many traders don't trust robots... they Just use technical analysis and make manual orders. So what happens if this technical analysis for make the best decision, working AUTOMATIC!   Yes. We do that. What is it? the Trend Scalp pro Trend Scalp Pro   is achieved from 10 years of experience and research on thousands of strategies, By combining them to make Real Smar
Aliakbar Mohseni Pour
Hello. Sales of the first 3 versions are offered with a 50% discount and then the price increases. The signals generated by this robot: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1028072?source=Site+Profile Recommended broker for ProEA This robot is the result of my many years of experience in the field of financial data and programming. Pairs of currencies that can work with this robot: XAUUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, AUDJPY, EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, EURGBP, GBPJPY. Of course, gold is not recommended for low capit
The 4 headed dragon is an indicator that has two functions. 1) Set the background trend. 2) Mark the predominant trend. By combining these two indicator signals, we will be able to trade for or against the trend, adapting the signals to your reading of the market. You can download the demo and test it yourself. 1) Set the background trend.   Define four possibilities of trend that are the four heads of the dragon, marked by colors on the indicator, marking a) Powerful buying trend. b)
Roman Lipatov
5 (2)
Данный индикатор находит рыночные ситуации по типу "ложный пробой", "сложный ложный пробой" и "пробой уровня". Настройки SettingListMarket - В данном разделе гибко настраивается список торговых инструментов и фильтров. ListOrMarketOverview - При false список инструментов используется из List_1...List_5, при true инструменты из обзора рынка. Forex - включает в список Forex инструменты. CFD - включает в список CFD инструменты. Futures - включает в список Futures инструменты. CFDOnIndexes - вк
Dmitriq Evgenoeviz Ko
Индикатор AURUS Arrow предусматривает возможность выявления различных особенностей и закономерностей в динамике цен, которые не видны невооруженным глазом. AURUS Arrow — индикатор, показывающий стрелки покупки-продажи, которые определенно помогут каждому трейдеру, который не знает как торговать. На основании этой информации, трейдеры могут предположить дальнейшее движение цены и корректировать свои стратегии, соответственно. Буферная стрелка покупки-продажи с сигнальным алертом. Тайм-фре
100% no redrawing You can trade on any underlying asset. The most favorable time for work is the European, American session. When a blue arrow appears under the candlestick, an UP option is acquired. When the red arrow appears, a DOWN option is acquired. One feature of the indicator should be noted: a signal is generated when a candle is opened; it is worth opening a deal on this bar Thanks to this, you can effectively trade binary options with 1-knee martingale money management (
Adn MT4
Marta Gonzalez
DNA is an indicator that allows us to operate both in favor of a trend and a pullback. You can download the demo and test it yourself. Trend trading is above zero and pullback trading is below zero. The direction of the operation is marked by the color of the line. If the line is green it corresponds to purchases. If the line is red it corresponds to sales. For example, if the green line is above zero and growing, we will have an uptrend operation. If the red line is above zero and
This PORTFOLIO of 5 strategies has been developed, tested and traded live on USDJPY H4 TF.  Multiple EAs traded together will lead to a bigger profits and smoother equity curve. 5 not correlated EAs logics for USDJPY H4 merged to a single strategy. Very SIMPLE STRATEGIES with only FEW PARAMETERS.  Every trade has his own logic for STOP LOSS. To catch the profits every strategy uses different approach - some has TAKE PROFIT, some uses TIME BASED EXITS or PROFIT TRAILING. EA has been backtested o
MCDX Indicator
Sutthichai Mungdee
MCDX is an indicator based on specific formula to detect Buy and Sell momentum Red Bar means Price go up and Buy momentum. Green Bar means Price go down and Sell momentum" Height of RED bar > 50% means Bull is in control. i.e. RED more than GREEN to go buy. Lower of Green bar < 50% means Bear is in control. i.e. GREEN more than RED to go sell. DARKER RED COLOR - STRONG Up Trend or Strong Bullish Power LIGHTER RED COLOR - WEAK Up Trend or Weak Bullish Power LIGHTER GREEN COLOR - STRONG Down
ZZ Histogram отображает длину и направление волны на ценовом графике. Минимальный размер волны задается в настройках. По своей сути данный индикатор - тот же зигзаг (можете скачать здесь ), который определяет ценовые волны не меньше определенной длины, но только в виде гистограммы. Это можно увидеть на скриншотах. Для сбора статистики по размерам ценовых волн используйте идикатор   Wave Size Stats . ПАРАМЕТРЫ MinWaveSize: минимальная длина волны, на которую реагирует индикатор. Для маленьк
The advantages of EA TWO CANDLE SMART are: It is equipped with various filters, including: maxspread, maxlot, takeprofit (4 step), stop loss (3 step), profit target per day, and many more. Open order BUY = If iClose[2] > iOpen[2] && iClose[1] > iOpen[1]. Open order SELL = If iClose[2] < iOpen[2] && iClose[1] < iOpen[1]. Target_profit_perday=50; ==> can work on forward test. lockprofit=2;//Minimal Profit in money Step_LockProfit_in_Money=25; Stoploss_in_Money=1000; Stoploss_in %=50;==> Stoplos
Bar 4 Colors
Sutthichai Mungdee
This indicator will create bars in 4 deference colors. The Green Bar is Up Trend. The Red Bar is Down Trend. Lite Green Bar is No Trend (corrective or sideway) but still in Up Trend. Pink Bar is No Trend (corrective or sideway) but still in Down Trend. You can just looking at the Bar's Color and Trade in Green Bar for Long Position and Red Bar for Short Position. You can change all the colors in your way. 1. Alert function : Will popup Alert Windows and play sound when the Bar was changed. 2.
This robot EA with simple indicator ONE CANDLE, but this ea is equipped with various strategies, including: hedging technique (true / false), martingale technique (set 1 = off). also equipped with various filters, including: maxspread, maxlot, target profit per day, take profit with 4 layers, stop loss with 3 layers and many other strategies. Open order BUY = If iClose[1] > iOpen[1]. Open order SELL = If iClose[1] < iOpen[1]. EA_indicators=ONE CANDLE VERSION; Hedging=false; Use_MaxSpread=true;
Trade Risk Management
Ramon Sobrevals Arce
5 (8)
This is a calculator that allows you to manage your trade risk in every trade. Decide in advance the risk you want to assume using Stop Loss or Take Profit; account percentage or specific amount of your currency.  You can also use this tool to can test faster your manual strategies, because Trade Risk Management can be perfectly used on backtesting    For new traders, this may become your favorite tool; allowing you to easily control the risk of your trades, and train your skills trading on B
4 (1)
Limited number of copies will be sold on MQL5 market.  Price $69.99 4 of 10 left at this Price Next 10 copies $149.99. Expert will be available on sale untill 1 of January.   Unbrekeable for XAUUSD is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. It is based on machine learning analysis and an incredible trend detection system.   This EA tries to win 1% of the account in each of the trades!!!! works like magic :)   EA contains self-adaptive market algorithm, which uses   XAUUSD in 2015-2020
Genetic Code, is an indicator that differentiates two types of market: the market in range and the market with volatility. This indicator allows the trader to choose whether to use a range trade or a volatility trade. You can download the demo and test it yourself. When observing the trace of the indicator it shows us narrow areas that correspond to market ranges. These ranges always end with a volatility process, so you can work with two conditional pending orders. When the two DNA str
The  RealCryptoLevels  indicator by downloading the order book of crypt exchanges with maximum depth shows horizontal volumes of popular crypto currencies on the chart, so you can see not only the volumes, but also the levels and them strength (see screenshots), which is very important for successful trading in all strategies from scalping to medium-term trading, because you can see the preferences of buyers and sellers at the moment and their mood for the future. The indicator pulls volume dat
MA bounce LITE arrows is simplified version of main indicator   MA bounce . It's for people who don't need to use all features of main indicator. Lite version shows only HTF line in short/long term opertion method. MA bounce LITE htf line input settings: TD line source for calculation - choose if oscillators or price levels will be used as source for calculation TD line method (for oscillators source)  - choose between long term and short term calculation Filter period (for oscillators source)
MA bounce LITE arrows is simplified version of main indicator MA bounce . It's for people who don't need to use all features of main indicator. Lite version shows only arrows on chart when there is high probability of price bounce from selected MA. MA bounce LITE arrows input settings: Current MA period  - period of moving average on current TF Current     MA type   - moving average calculation method  on current TF Current     MA applied price   - applied price of moving average  on current T
This is MT4 version of StochScanner It scans Stochastic from Multi Symbols and Multi Timeframes and displayed on the dashboard on a single chart. . 4 scanning modes: 1. Mode OverBought/OverSold Indicator scans Overbought and OverSold . OverBought : current stochastic is above level 80 and OverSold : current stochastic is below level 20 2. Mode Signal It means if the previous stochastic is on OverBought or OverSold ( either Main Line and Signal Line ) and the current Main Line cross over the curr
Future bar
Makarii Gubaydullin
The indicator shows the currently forming candle of the selected time frame My   #1 Utility : includes 65+ functions  |   Contact me  if you have any questions Due to the different monitor resolutions, some users may encounter the fact that the Countdown label will be too small/big. If you encounter such a problem, you can  adjust the font size:  the 4th parameter in the input variables. 1) In the settings, when activating the indicator, s elect the timeframe   that will be used to display the f
Minner Pro EA
Lai Thi Tuyet Mai
Miner Pro EA is a fully automatic Expert Advisor. It can actually outsmart a market by placing BUY and SELL orders when the requirements are met. It uses an advanced technology to place orders in the right time with the right lot. This robot is designed for beginners yet expert traders: Most of the inner parameters are hidden from user so that even a beginner will not mess up.  All Parameters are optimized for the EUR/USD pair. Recommend ECN broker: ICMarket , Tickmill  Parameters Lots         
New Ea with indicator TWO MA PLUS. Open order BUY : If MA1 > MA2. Open order SELL : If MA1 < MA2. The advantages of EA TWO MA PLUS are: It is equipped with various filters, including: maxspread, maxlot, takeprofit, stop loss, profit target per day, and many more. Setting_Indicator TWO MA = Ma1_Period=14; Ma2_period=28; Ma_Mode=0; EA_indicators=TWO MA ; Hedging=false; ==> true/false Use_MaxSpread=true; MaxSpread=50; ==> Maximal Spread MaxLot=1; ==> Maximal lot Target_profit_perday=50; ==> can wo
THIS ROBOT EA WITH INDICATOR ONE MA PLUS. Open order BUY = If Bid > MA1. Open order SELL = If Ask < MA1. STRATEGY FROM ONE MA PLUS : -  With Target profit perday (work on forward test). -  with multi filter : maxspread,maxlot. -  with multi takeprofit : include 4 step. -  with multi stoploss : include 3 step. PARAMETERS SETTING : EA_Indicators=ONE MA VERSION; Hedging=false; Use_MaxSpread=true; MaxSpread=50; MaxLot=1; Target_profit_perday=50; lockprofit=2;//Minimal Profit in money S
Manual Grid CM
Vladimir Khlystov
The expert Advisor helps you set a network of pending orders and collect profit from any price movement. You can use it to trade many grid strategies. You can also use it to track open positions. "Buy Stop — - open a network of pending stop orders for sale "Sell Stop" - open a network of pending stop orders for purchase "Buy Limit" - open a network of pending limit orders for sale "Sell Limit" - open a network of pending limit orders for purchase "Close Buy" - button for closing the entire ne
HAWA GOLD Advanced trading indicator with realistic pre-defined entry and exit levels with almost 80% win rate.  The system focuses only  Small and Steady Profits . It uses fixed stop loss for every signal to keep money management in place.  As compare to other available indicators in market, HAWA gold has unique feature of displaying total profit and loss in terms of points where 1PIP=10points and Minimum profit is 10 pips. Its smart and advanced algorithm detects trend and trend strength usin
Индикатор отображает High-Low и Open-Close размеры свечей. Также по этим размерам можно построить простые скользящие средние. Линия скользящей средней строится по формуле: Линия MA = MA(Period) * Delta. Чтобы скрыть скользящую среднюю, достаточно установить ее период равным 0. Чтобы собрать статистику по размерам свечей, используйте скрипт Candle Size Stats . ПАРАМЕТРЫ Period_MA_HL: период  усреднения скользящей средней, построенной по размерам  High-Low свечей Delta_MA_HL: множитель для Hig
This price action is a very strong strategy, it is based on the fact that the price makes a false breakout of the previous candle and closes in the other side. which means that the area of the false breakout contains very powerful orders which push the price to turn in the other direction. the indicator helps you to choose the time frame for the price action and the minimum number of points for the area which is between the blue and red line. when the indicator gives an alert, it's time to wait
MA Beyond the crossover
Alexandra Sivill Muedra
Do you want to anticipate to the crossover movements? Raise your change of success? With this program t he Crossovers can be anticipated before its  appearance and thus get a better price. Developed a MA line that anticipated the crossovers and also it can be used for support and resistance level. Check in the backtesting and get the reversal at the beginning.    Description MA beyond the crossover is an average price calculation over a certain time period causing a faster reaction b
Provide ideas for trend trading. Automatic calculation and generation of trend channels. The channel line, also known as the pipeline line, is to draw a straight line parallel to the trend line in the opposite direction of the trend line, and the straight line crosses the highest or lowest price of the recent period. These two lines run the price in the middle and have obvious pipe or channel shapes. Necessary for traders: tools and indicators Waves automatically calculate indicators, chann
EA White Shark
Tran Quang Trung
This is a price action trading robot, the EA will stick to the medium term trend and price to deliver trades. Orders are always protected by the user set stop loss points. With the capital management system, it will help that EA operates in accordance with its purpose. Telegram : https://t.me/trungtqIT Timeframe is M5,M15. Minimum account balance: $30. Attention is Important: EA only test live on demo or real accounts. Backtest results are just random and inaccurate. Features: Every trade is
The world of fractals is an ea that uses the power of fractals to detect market turns in the system's recovery algorithm. This system detects a point to operate if that point is not correct, it uses the fractals to close the cycle with profits. For this algorithm to be effective, it has filters that improve the efficiency of the system. You can download the demo and test it yourself.  Very stable growth curve as result of smart averaging techniques. "Safety first" approach in development. S
Every trading shock range is a point of gaining momentum! The stop loss is generally the height of the shock zone. Take profit depends on personal preference and market position. Generally at least double the height of the shock zone. Being in a good market position, it can have a profit-loss ratio of 5-10  Necessary for traders: tools and indicators Waves automatically calculate indicators, channel trend trading Perfect trend-wave automatic calculation channel calculation , MT4 Perfect
Force Trading
Alexander Koykov
ВНИМАНИЕ —  ИЗУЧИТЕ ОПИСАНИЕ! Применять только на валютной паре GBPUSD - H1. Данный индикатор ежедневно после закрытия 13-го бара определяет есть ли сегодня точка силы или нет. Если ее нет, индикатор ничего не нарисует, тогда этот день пропускаем. Если же уровень будет отображен, вам необходимо только наблюдать за дальнейшим движением цены. Чтобы сигнал предварительно был подтвержден важно, чтобы выполнились некоторые базовые условия в течение этого и максимум следующего дня, а именно: цена дост
Bombi lite
Mostafa Kian
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Bombi is a fully automated Algorithmic Expert Advisor with multi-Strategies based on our IA optimization on different traditional strategies such as moving average , Ichimoku ,ADX, ... ,You are able to choose any one of the strategies or using all of them same as default setting together.  Live signal:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/940345 Telegram group: h ttps://t.me/BomberExpert This EA is optimised for EURUSD on   M15   time frame based on default setting .    You can find the full
Professional EA. This EA has 3 ea's built in; You can choose whether to use the manual, the Classic, or Caramilla. The EA automatically identifies supports and resistances, in the time frame set by the number of 1 minute bars (7200 bars, in the default (5 days)); the EA will calculate the pivot, looking for the high, low, and close from the number of bars entered. It depends on the selected Ea (manual, caramilla, classic) it will calculate the support to open the long, and the resistance to
Galaxy Gadman X9  is a fully automated Expert Advisor designed for Traders. Galaxy Gadman X9 is a robot trader with multi-currency scalper Expert Advisor. Galaxy Gadman X9 uses a trading system buystop and sellstop orders This robot trades on any Time Frame, Can be use on all pairs. This not martingale, hedge, or averaging Expert Advisor. The system is ready-to-use with the setup is simple,with simple optimization on Stop Loss, and Trailing. Please use a good broker with low spread and low stop
" The one of keys to trading success is a System Technique , MUST HAVE THIS SYSTEM!" BBMA Analyzer Dashboard BBMA is a popular technique that uses a combination of 2 indicators in MetaTrader 4 or MT4 which using Bollinger Band and Moving Average Indicator. Summary of BBMA Techniques has the basic elements: RE-ENTRY Formed after fall or price increase. Price will form a Sideway to enable Re-Entry. CSAK (Strong Direction Candle) The strong direction candle is a close candle directio
Bollinger Trend
Roman Yablonskiy
This indicator displays entry points to the market using Bollinger tapes and exit points, which are determined by the specified distance in points from the entry point. If indicator line is above the price - it is "sell" zone for traders, and if indicator line is lower than the price - it is bullish trend. The information panel shows the results of the indicator so that you can configure it more precisely and see how the parameters affect the result. Alert about the points of entry and exit come
Alchemist Trader
Otgonbold Davaadorj
Alchemist_trader 7.1 expert advisor is an optimal combination of Hedge , Neural networks and Level trading strategies and is based on a special algorithm that calculates the risk, reads the price candlestick chart and sets the direction.Running this EA continuously throughout the year can increase the balance by 50-300% depending on market conditions.The main goal of this EA is to create savings in the long run.Works on all combinations involving the US dollar. For example: Forex, Index, Gold, S

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