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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 201

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
This panel is designed for quick visual search for the price action patterns on several instruments simultaneously. It is possible to add and remove instruments. Clicking the signal button allows you to quickly move to the chart with the identified pattern and timeframe. The panel searches for 8 candlestick patterns: PIN-BAR, EXTERNAL BAR, INSIDE BAR, DOJI, LEVEL, HIGH/LOW OF N BAR, FAKEY, ONE-WAY N BAR. Any of the patterns or the periods can be disabled by clicking its title. It can also search
50 USD
Schrodinger trading machine is an Expert Advisor (robot) for any financial instrument on MetaTrader 4 platform. Both main input parameters (N and M) are optimized for EURUSD H1 . Of course, you are able to optimize these parameters for any currency pair and timeframe. For example, the main input parameters for GBPUSD H1: N = 5.0 and M = 12 The main input parameters N and M can be any positive numbers. These are input parameters (weight coefficients) of the one layer neural network. N is a double
300 USD
MACD Alert Series
Eadvisors Software Inc.
The Moving Average Convergence Divergence Indicator (MACD) is both a trend–seeking and momentum indicator which uses several exponential moving averages set to closing prices to generate trading signals. We added several types of alerts to aid in your search for better opportunities in the market. Product Features Email Alert Sound alert Push Notification (Alerts can be sent to your mobile phone) Signs on chart Alert box Possibility to work with both histogram and visual line Alert on zero his
40 USD
Andrei Kossarev
"Balance cost" analysis method Created by Trader AFI_man. The BalanceLines indicator plots balance levels for a given time interval. The balance line divides the market volume into sellers (above the balance level) and buyers (below the balance level). In any movement, if the price is fixes above the balance level, there comes a moment when sellers are unable to hold off buyers, which leads to a growth. Similarly, when the price is fixed below the balance level, there comes a moment when buyers
30 USD
GUME Simple Entry indicates the buy and sell entry points of all instrument by analyzing the market movement. It is designed to indicate entry points for any currency pair and all trading periods. It is optimized for M5 for scalping and M15 and higher periods for long term trading. It is also optimized for EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, EURJPY and XAUUSD. It is designed to display a colored arrow up or down for buy or sell signal respectively for convenience and ease of use. Indicator Parameters time
50 USD
Vladimir Liubchenko
This specific indicator is designed to solve one specific problem : In case the connection to the broker's server is lost, remember when the connection was lost, and at what time the connection was resumed. Thus, the user sees the time when there was no connection to the broker's server . An Alert box is displayed on the screen, which records when the connection was lost and resumed. Of course, the indicator will not react to slight losses of packets. For better visualization of the indicator op
10 USD
Double Swing
Dmitriy Bukarev
The Expert Advisor's operating algorithm is based on a priori known truth 'The price does not stand still'. We add math and logic to this truth and receive an Expert Advisor, which allows catching almost all the movements in the market. When an order is opened, a breakout Stop order of a larger volume is set instead of Stop Loss. If the price reaches this order, another pending Stop order of a larger volume is placed. This approach is called Swing or Pendulum Swing . Double Swing uses this appro
100 USD
Andrey Spiridonov
InvestorPRO is a stable Expert Advisor for professional traders. The EA trades in a fully automated mode. The trading algorithm of the EA is based on analysis of numerous factors that affect the dynamics of an instrument. This EA has been created to provide the trader with a comfortable environment for investment in the financial instruments of the Forex market. The EA is installed in the usual way and is suitable for trading any trading symbols. The EA is designed for trading on the D1 timefra
900 USD
Dmitrii Shkaruba
The utility is created to assist traders. How it works Changes in the balance are displayed as a green or red line on the screen. The market entry moments are displayed on the chart both for current deals and deals in history. If there are several orders of the same type, the utility calculates the average price and marks it with white dashes. The utility can send a report on balance change to the user's email. By user's command Modification of all TP (SL) of Selected orders on the Current pa
36 USD
FXbot mt4
Marek Kvarda
5 (1)
This robot uses its own built-in oscillator and other tools to measure market movements (volatility, speed, power, and direction). At an appropriate time, it places an invisible pending order on the market, which it continues to work with according to the set TradingMode. It is recommended to use a fast broker with low fees, accurate quotes and no limitation of stop loss size. You can use any timeframe. Features spread protection slippage protection no grid no martingale a small SL for every t
880 USD
Turbo Scalp
Vadim Podoprigora
Turbo Scalp is a scalper based on mathematical analysis of the market situation, for working under any market conditions. The scalper moves along the expected trend line and closes positions at a trend reversal. The EA uses an algorithm based on rough mathematics to determine the expected trend line. The EA does not use any indicators. The EA trades around the clock. When deals in one direction is closed, it opens deals in the opposite direction. The EA is most suitable for working on the EURU
1 000 USD
READ THE DESCRIPTION ITS IMPORTANT - ONLY TAKES 2 MINUTES - THIS IS A TOOL NOT A TRADING STRATEGY GBPUSD Trend Master Indicator is a signal providing trend-following indicator. It analyzes the market and sends signals in the form of on-screen pop-up alerts, push notifications or email alerts. The indicator is mainly designed to perform on GBPUSD but it can also be used on other currency pairs, too (backtest required). Use M15 timeframe . Distinctive features It does not repaint. Gives cle
200 USD
Patrick Chalindar
Manage your risk and make your trading easier A free version with no restriction, only limited up to 20 trades, is available here . With Fx Easy Trade you can create orders easily and system will calculate automatically the position size, create statistical report, draw supports and resistances on all timeframe you have in one click, create alerts, send notification, scan the market, etc. More details below. Define your risk in euro or dollar (for example, 20€), and the system will calculate pos
59 USD
NC Strength EA is a trending single EA system that supports single currency or multi currency operations. The EA's algorithm tries to determine a trend reversal in the short term and send orders. The risk level can be flexibly set. Of course, risk and profit are often proportional too. Parameters MoneyManagementType: Fund management model. Risk: Percentage of funding risk. Lots: Order Lots. MagicNumber: Chart unique identifier (please set different values for multiple charts). RiakLevel: The r
199 USD
Cristian Mihai
This Expert Advisor trades only following the market directions. So if the market goes north buy positions will be added, and if the market goes south sell positions will be added to a specific number of pips from the last entry. If a market range is set the expert will not open another position but wait for the breakout. The open positions are managed until they are closed with a profit. You can limit the number of opened positions. Only one position can be opened on a bar. A useful tool when t
990 USD
Aharon Tzadik
"Hybrid"  smart multi currency strength Expert Advisor uses  3 Different  strategies    to trade with many dozens of calculations for best trades, best time frame 1H. Major forex pairs.  Trading strategy   Effective  scalper. The EA works on several different time frames simultaneously. Automated loss prevention system. Each trade is protected by stop orders . Attention! To enable  " News_Break"   you must add it to the trusted URL (see pic) http://ec.forexprostools.com/?columns=exc_currency
65 USD
The Signal SASON indicator is designed to generate trading signals. It works to find potential trade entry points. The signals are found by analyzing a series of candlestick movements and a set of algorithms. This indicator calculates the reversal points of the pair you are using. It does not have deceptive properties like re-painting. Rules and Features When a signal arrives, it is recommended to use take profit and stop loss level. Use timeframe M15 and up. It works on all currency pairs, ex
50 USD
Crossover Action
Thushara Dissanayake
The Crossover Action Expert Advisor is designed to automate the most popular moving average crossover strategy. It opens orders at moving averages crossovers and automatically adjusts the stop loss level. Moving average signals are filtered by advanced techniques. Features Proper risk management system. Fully automatic trades. Automatically moves stop loss to protect profit. Stop loss level is hidden. Signals are filtered by most popular rules. User friendly settings. No boundaries. Does not u
99 USD
One Click Trader is a tool designed for MetaTrader 4 platform, which enables you to take your trading to the next level. It enables you to open, manage and close your trades in simple an efficient way by just one click of your mouse button. Up arrow minimizes the OCT panel Down arrow maximizes the OCT panel Right arrow displays the next panel with additional features Left arrow hides the panel with additional features Red SELL button enables you to open short market orders Red SELL STOP button e
50 USD
Heterodyne is an RSI-based oscillator. The current indicator value is compared with the indicator's maximum and minimum values for the specified period and an average value is calculated. Also, the indicator values are smoothed using the moving average (MA) method. Buy when the indicator crosses a specified level upwards. Sell when the indicator crosses a specified level downwards. Options RSIPeriod - indicator period Coefficient - ratio for searching maximum and minimum values Midline - signa
30 USD
Joel Protusada
The indicator has the following features Predictive Trend (Histogram) - it uses an advanced predictive probability and statistics calculation plus linear regression to know the possible trend. This must be used with at least 3 timeframes for a more accurate reading of the trend: D1, H4, H1. In some cases (subjective), you may want to use M5 for a more precise reading. Velocity (Dotted Line) - Green dotted line indicates a speed of price movement upward. Red dotted line indicates a speed of price
30 USD
Yuriy Barykin
UniMartin is a universal Expert Advisor combining trend strategies, grid and martingale. The EA trades in the trend direction, making decisions based on the MA indicator (at least TrendBars amount of bars should closer for a trend to appear). If averaging is necessary, the minimum step is set for the EA. The decision on the need for averaging is made based on original methodology for determining the market volatility (the CoeffOfVolatMarket parameter can be changed from 0 to 10 with any intermed
30 USD
Alert Series RSI
Eadvisors Software Inc.
Modification of the RSI indicator with several types of alerts added to aid in your search for better opportunities in the market. Product Features Email Alert Sound alert Push Notification (Alerts can be sent to your mobile phone) Signs on chart Alert box Indicator Parameters Push Notification - This option enables your MetaTrader 4 to send alerts to your smartphone (IOS or Android). Email Alert - Configure your alerts to receive in your e-mail address. SignOnChart - Enable drawing alerts o
30 USD
Boxy Trader
Tzvetan Jordanov
Boxy Trader is a trading robot, which is not using indicators and works on different symbols. The Expert calculates and trades the tops and the bottoms of the current swing. This system works on all major instruments, but better results are obtained on EURUSD, EURJPY, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, XAUUSD . Usage of Stop Loss and Take Profit, always . No martingale, no grid, no hedging. Suitable for deposits starting at $100. 100% made in Spain. Stable results, tested since 2003. Testing, deter
29 000 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
The Expert Advisor calculates the divergence on the current and higher timeframes. In case the divergences coincide, the EA starts its operation. Deals have strict take profit and stop loss levels. Each deal is managed by trailing stop. The strategy involves the use of a tight stop-loss. Therefore, losing deals and/or series of losing deals are not uncommon. This EA is not suitable for those who have difficulties coping with losing deals. The EA is recommended for simultaneous use on the followi
690 USD
Big Pineapple
Yang Wu
1 (1)
Big Pineapple is a martingale Expert Advisor with a great diversification of operations and different systems working on 27 pairs. This increases the chances of sustained growth and reduces exposure to a single pair. The risk is very controlled. Unlike other martingale EAs, this EA is very safe with very low drawdown. The minimum deposit is 10,000 USD with 0.01 initial lot size. If you want to run it in a smaller account, you could open a cent account and run it with at least 100 USD. The EA doe
300 USD
Harrow Race is an Expert Advisor that has been developed based on Harrow Order. This is the high risk version of Harrow Order, which uses decreasing Anti-Martingale lot for real orders, and increasing Martingale lot for virtual orders. This EA is for traders who are brave enough to take risk with the Anti-Martingale method. For more information about Harrow Order, you can read https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/28456 . This EA works using the same principle as the Harrow Order. When the pric
750 USD
Renko On Chart
Mikhail Zhitnev
3 (2)
You can now use the conventional price charts to display Renko bars. This indicator can send dialog boxes with alerts, push notifications to mobile devices and emails. You can easily use this indicator to create Expert Advisors, because the indicator uses buffers. Indicator parameters Renko size, points - size of Renko bars Arrows gap, points - distance to the signal arrows Alerts - true/false - use pop-up alerts when signals appear Push notifications - send Push notifications to the mobile te
30 USD
Mikhail Nazarenko
Icebergs displays areas of the greatest confrontation between major sellers and buyers on the chart. It also marks a forthcoming strong movement from a specified point. The accumulation of icebergs indicates the strength of the level and interest of major players at this level. Application Icebergs are areas marked by the indicator. They are optimal for opening trades and are also targets for taking profit. Features The indicator warns of a forthcoming movement. The indicator pattern works o
30 USD
Harmonic Master Scanner is a dynamic tool that helps harmonic traders to identify and draw harmonic patterns on the chart. Harmonic Master Scanner is a software designed to work in MetaTrader 4. Harmonic Master Scanner works based on original MetaTrader 4 Zigzag indicator and the standard harmonic patterns elements. This software can send alert and email to you when a Harmonic pattern is detected on any charts. The entry point is the "D" point. The scanner only shows the present pattern one by o
125 USD
Dmitry Bondarenko
StarEA is an Expert Advisor based on the StarBot utility. The EA opens orders when the price passes trade levels calculated on the average volatility for the previous day. Stop Loss is set to the opposite level. Take Profit is not set, as the EA continues to monitor the distances covered, and partially closes the order by three levels. The EA works on the Н1 timeframe. Currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURGBP, USDJPY, USDCAD, USDCHF (more will be added). Set files for each pair are available in th
240 USD
One of the main goals in the development of this Expert Advisor was ease of use. As a result, this EA has a minimum of parameters, which are easy to understand. At the same time, it is very flexible and customizable for almost for any instrument (currency pair). The logic According to the given algorithm, the EA determines local support and resistance levels (at startup, the previous quotes are disregarded). When a candle closes beyond any level, a deal is opened in the same direction. By defa
55 USD
Yuriy Barykin
MartinTrend trades in the market every day at certain times. To determine the trend direction, it uses a built-in original indicator on the specified number of bars of the current chart timeframe. After opening a trade, it either opens additional orders with decreased lot sizes, or averaging orders with an increase in the lot. It uses a risky martingale strategy with a constant coefficient of 2 both for decreasing the lot for additional orders and for increasing the lot for averaging. To reduce
40 USD
This indicator displays an equidistant price channel, identifies short-term trends and automatically finds the best levels for the upper and lower borders of the channel. It is optimized for major timeframes and currency pairs. Advantages visualization of short-term trends automatic setting of upper and lower channel borders suitable for scalping strategies based on a rebound from the channel borders Parameters smooth - border smoothing coefficient. The default value is 1; pricetype - use Op
30 USD
Ivan Elsukov
This grid Expert Advisor uses signals based on breakout of waves by R.N. Elliott. The operation principle of the Expert Advisor lies not only in accumulating positions against the trend (as all grid EAs do), but also along the trend (the principle of turtles). The unique risk control system manages the entire process from opening the grid of order to closing it. The risk control system consists in determining the critical level of lot accumulation in one direction. When a critical event occurs,
30 USD
KFX Pattern manual
Marcel Kirchhof
5 (1)
The KFX PATTERN manual Expert Advisor is a price pattern based System. Manual stands for the fact that he does not open trades independently. Only shows the individual levels with the profit target. The individual strategies are based on those of Thomas Bulkowski's books. The following Patterns have been integrated: Three Falling Peaks. Three Rising Valleys. Diamond Pattern. High and Tight Flags. Cup with Handle Pattern. Horn Top. Horn Bottom. Earnings Flag. Three Line Strike. Falling Three Meth
30 USD
The indicator sends buy and sell signals based on the RSI and CCI indicator signals. It bases the decision on 4 signals. Buy: CCI low level, below which it should start moving up (default is -100) RSI low level,below which it should start moving up (default is 30) Which level the RSI should intersect and close above (default is 50) CCI high level, above which it should be when RSI intersects 50 (default is +90) Sell: CCI high level, above which it should start moving down (default is 100) RSI hi
30 USD
The Full Control
Anatoliy Ryzhakov
The Full Control is a fully automated multi-currency Expert Advisor, which applies indicator-based analysis of the market using "Stochastic", "Ichimoku" and "Volumes". It trades on the M1 timeframe using one order at a time. The EA uses the Martingale system. The Expert Advisor Operation Principle When buy or sell conditions are detected based on the Stochastic, Ichimoku and Volumes indicators, the EA opens the first order with the initial lot (equal to StartLot) with preset Takeprofit and Sto
30 USD
TwilightTrade SEES
Sahar Abd Alrahem Abd Elghaffar
TwilightTrade SEES is an automated Expert Advisor based on level trading strategy, price action and some MetaTrader 4 standard indicators. With Profit Close and Profit Percent, you will control your profit and with no stop loss you will protect your balance. The money management gets the right automatic lot calculation based on your risk per trade. This system uses no grid, no martingale, no arbitrage, no hedges, no tick scalping, and the best part is running fully automatic. TwilightTrade SEES
10 000 USD
Roman Lipatov
4.33 (6)
This panel is designed for quick visual search for the price action patterns on several instruments simultaneously. It is possible to add and remove instruments. Clicking the signal button allows you to quickly move to the chart with the identified pattern and timeframe. The panel searches for 8 candlestick patterns: PIN-BAR, EXTERNAL BAR, INSIDE BAR, DOJI, LEVEL, HIGH/LOW OF N BAR, FAKEY, ONE-WAY N BAR. Any of the patterns can be disabled by clicking its title. It can also search in history (by
75 USD
Vladimir Gribachev
This is an Expert Advisor for effective management of investments, making a large number of medium-term trades. The strategy uses only price action and timing. The EA monitors and accumulates statistics of the price action, rate of tick changes, and makes trades depending on how the price has changed on a given period. The EA works with market orders in two directions simultaneously. It uses a self-adjusting algorithm for closing trades, which is based on tick data. The EA has functions for wo
30 USD
Sergey Zhukov
This multifunctional Expert Advisor has been created in the form of a designer and is suitable both automatic and manual trading. Its main advantage is the ability to select and adjust the strategy for the current market conditions. To recover from the drawdown, the EA fully utilizes the feature of the currency market - the price cannot remain in a narrow channel for a long time. A breakout of the flat in one direction or another is inevitable. So, by placing orders in the breakout direction, yo
40 USD
Yellow mouse scalping
Vasiliy Kolesov
5 (2)
Yellow mouse scalping   is a fully automatic Expert Advisor designed for night trading on a calm market. The strategy is night scalping. The standard RSI and ATR indicators are used to find entry points. Closing of transactions takes place according to the author's algorithm, which significantly improves the risk control and security of the deposit. Risky strategies like "martingale" are not used. Monitoring of the advisor's work, as well as my other developments, can be viewed at   https://www
199 USD
This EA uses an Alligator indicator and has a classic strategy to trade as the Alligators Jaw, Teeth and Lips calculation results are compared each tick. This way, the EA opens orders at right moment and closes the orders as it reaches the right profit value. It protects your money because it is provided with: trailing stop loss to protect your profit. Once your order has a positive profit, it sets SL at a certain distance in order to keep a positive profit; Spread value limit to prevent opening
130 USD
It is so very disappointing when the price does not have enough points to achieve Take Profit and makes a reversal. This EA sets virtual levels near the TakeProfit levels. This EA sets virtual levels next to TakeProfit orders. If these levels are reached by price, breakeven or trailing stop is applied for an order. Features This EA does not set new orders. The aim of this EA is to manage stop losses of existing orders that are set by another EA or manually (magic number equals 0). For correct
30 USD
SA Assistant
Aleksandr Svetlakov
SA Assistant is an intuitive tool without complicated settings, designed to facilitate the trading operations in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. SA Assistant is not designed for working in the strategy tester. Please test the EA on a demo account before using it on a live account. The SA Assistant EA is visually divided into 4 blocks: 1. "Information" - displays in real time: trading account balance leverage spread of the instrument the EA is attached to current account profit account equity accoun
30 USD
The KFX High and Tight Flag pattern Indicator is part of the KFX Pattern manual Expert Advisor. The indicator shows the entry level (breakout) with the profit target and the stop loss. The strategy is based on Thomas Bulkowski's book, Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns second edition. High and tight Flags are the best performing Chart Pattern in both Bull and Bear markets. They are perfect pattern for trend following. Suitable for every Currency pair, Options, Commodities, Stocks, Indicies and Timef
30 USD
KFX Bulls and Bears
Marcel Kirchhof
5 (1)
The KFX Bulls and Bears indicator consolidates the Bulls and Bears Power sample indicators in one indicator. This indicator is a modification of a known Bulls/Bears power indicator by Elder. It measures distance between extreme price and moving averages. Parameters Source - choose between Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical or Weighted Price. Periods - period for calculating the moving averages. MA Type - Select between Simple, Exponential, Smoothed or Linear Weighted. Verbose - Allows the
30 USD
Ultimate Trade
Narek Avetisyan
Ultimate Trade is a fully automated trading robot, which can trade any currency pairs on any timeframe. You can start with any initial deposit. The Expert Advisor operation is based on the market analysis using indicators. The EA opens only pending orders. Suitable for 4- and 5-digit quotes. The robot can be attached to multiple instruments at the same time. For this purpose, the required number of charts is opened in the terminal, and the EA is attached to each chart. In this case, the robot co
50 USD
One of the main goals in the development of this Expert Advisor was ease of use. As a result, this EA has a minimum of parameters, which are easy to understand. At the same time, it is very flexible and customizable for almost for any instrument (currency pair). The logic According to the given algorithm, the EA determines local support and resistance levels (at startup, the previous quotes are disregarded). When a candle closes beyond any level, a deal is opened in the opposite direction, exp
55 USD
Strong Pairs
Angelico Jurado
5 (1)
This indicator calculates the strength of the major currencies (EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, CHF, NZD, USD, JPY) and shows the top 4 strongest currency pairs that are currently in a high probability trend for the day or for the week. Usage The indicator displays 8 currency pairs with a trend direction (e.g. "EURUSD-DOWN") and ranked according to strength, with 1 being ths strongest. There will be 4 pairs for intraday and 4 pairs for intraweek If a currency pair is present in the top 4 intraday, it is i
50 USD
Aleksandrs Butrims
Donozy is a trend following Expert Advisor based on the Donchian channel. The EA can trade either in one direction, or in both. Trades are opened and closed automatically. Take profit and stop loss can be set. It is recommended to attach the program on several currency pairs at the same time (for example: GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURGBP). With an average aggressiveness of trading, use 1 lot per $1000 of the deposit when trading one pair. More details are described in the EA settings. Parameters Enable
140 USD
Eternal Scalper
Chanikya Konda
Eternal Scalper Expert Advisor is a Scalping robot and is able to work with any currency pair in 15 Min timeframe. It uses Moving Averages to find trend and place orders. If it was a false signal the robot places a recovery order to recover the losses. Advantages scalping trades any pair spread/execution-tolerant Requirements Minimal deposit: $1000 ($10 for cent accounts) Account type: any Currency pairs: any Timeframe: M15 Settings General settings Slippage. ProfitFactor – dynamic factor
12.50 USD
Andrey Kolmogorov
A mathematical multicurrency trading system based on the principle of a neural network. It uses a general database of algorithms "S1M1" consisting of the most stable trading algorithms in its work. Before getting into the "S1М1" general database of algorithms, each block of conditions has passed the testing for stability with the identification of certain market dependencies for that block. A network created in such a way allows the EA to automatically select the most optimal variant of response
499 USD
Aggressive intraday scalper is a mechanical system for intraday scalping, which displays trade opening and closing signals as arrows on the chart. When a signal emerges, the indicator sends email and push notifications. So, you don't have to stay by the monitor analyzing the market and waiting for a signal. Aggressive intraday scalper will do it for you. The system has been developed for those traders who do not have their own trading system and who would love to quickly start trading using the
47 USD
Our indicator uses a unique price action candlestick pattern called Engulfing, this indicator represent the price action behavior on your metatrader4 chart. The indicator seek the most valuable engulfing pattern and identify those as support and resistance levels. Indicator parameter Bars to calculate: maximum bars to seek. Alert Option: True / False. Candle bear: color for detected bear candle. Candle bull: color for detected bull candle. Base line style: style for the base line. Base line wi
49 USD
The indicator detects presence of a trend or a flat using a new unique algorithm to analyze the peak values of the price. This indicator is not a modification of any other indicator. It is a completely new development. Peculiarities Absolutely new unique algorithm for measuring the trend and the flat. The indicator uses analysis of the main price extremes. The signals of the indicator are easy to interpret. The indicator is suitable for any timeframe. The indicator signal is in the interval be
30 USD
Lee Benny Salim
This Expert Advisor trades following the trend and price movement. It opens positions and manages them until they are closed with a profit or hit stop loss This Expert Advisor uses 4 (four) strategies that are based on indicators such as Heikin Ashi, Bollinger Bands, Exponential Moving Average, and ATR. So it can open three positions and sometimes it will have a hedge position. It does not use strategies like martingale, position averaging, etc. All positions are opened with fixed Stop Loss leve
1 000 USD
GS Assist
Aleksander Gladkov
Advisor to manage all orders opened in the terminal. It is used as an administrator of open orders, setting them with Stop Loss and Take Profit, if they didn’t have such when creating them. It has a built-in news feed from Forex Factory for the ability to automatically close orders before the news is released. It can be attached to any currency pair, and will work with all open orders. Advisor provides: The installation of Stop Loss and Take Profit of all orders opened in the ter
45 USD
Alert Stochastic
Eadvisors Software Inc.
Modification of the Stochastic indicator with several types of alerts added to aid in your search for better opportunities in the market. Product Features Email Alert Sound alert Push Notification (Alerts can be sent to your mobile phone) Signs on chart Alert box Indicator Parameters Push Notification - This option enables your MetaTrader 4 to send alerts to your smartphone (IOS or Android). Email Alert - Configure your alerts to receive in your e-mail adress. SignOnChart - Enable drawing al
30 USD
The Renko Breakout Expert is as said a breakout automated trading system, meaning that it is very efficient in a breakout trading scheme. We are using a new charting technique (to some traders), which is Renko charting, it is a kind of chart that will help us reduce the market noise since it only plots bars when price moves and not when time passes. The EA uses Relative strength index to execute the trade entry and MACD and ADX for filtering. All you need is to find a proper broker, set your pro
50 USD
GND Magic Hedging
Nguyen Dang Giang
Magic Hedging is based on the hedging technique. The Expert Advisor tries to enter the market at the beginning of a trend. If the price moves in the unfavorable direction, Magic Hedging attempts to recover losing trades. It restores loss-making positions and tries to make them profitable by opening an opposite position with an increased lot. This opposite order can have a multiplied lot or a plus lot. Requirements and recommendations Deposit min 10.000$ or optimal cent account Leverage 1:500 S
60 USD
This Expert Advisor uses scalping as its main strategy based on a statistical model called Bollinger Band. It embedded with two exit market strategies called 1st and 2nd dagger. The 1st dagger exits on the mid line of the band and the 2nd dagger exits by trailing until the maximum profit. It is recommended to use both strategies to lower the risk since it would split the lot into half for each dagger. Recommended: M5/M15, EURAUD/GBPAUD, ECN account Please add the news link (http://ec.forexprosto
2 000 USD
The Tequila Sunrise (TSR) makes “buy” trades on the USDMXN during morning times of high volumes. The EA uses a combination of the Stochastic Oscillator, Force Index, and a price action algorithm across different timeframes to determine whether or not it takes a trade each particular day. Instead of a take profit target, the EA uses an algorithm to determine when to close the trade. It is designed to run on the 5 minute charts on a daily basis. Parameters Magic Number : This is a unique identif
50 USD
The indicator will help you find support and resistance levels, increase the number of confirmations for stronger levels. This is not a multi-timeframe indicator that refers to the information from other timeframes. But it allows to show strong levels of support and resistance where the price respects a mark two or more times. How to trade: For smaller timeframes up to M30 I recommend at least 3 confirmations. This filters stronger levels with subsequent strong movements. For larger timeframes o
30 USD
Svyatoslav Kucher
The Roll indicator is designed for finding local extremes and determining the current trend. The indicator is based on the volume and volatility values. Indicator calculation can be modified by activating the Modification parameter and choosing one of the available calculation options from CalcMode . To be able to determine current trend using this indicator, you should increase the value of the OsPeriod parameter and decrease the values of DynamicLevelPeriod and ShiftDynamicLevel . The indicato
35 USD
This indicator displays the entry points for buying and selling, with additional push notifications. It is based on the classic Parabolic SAR indicator, price smoothing model and certain mathematical methods for a greater variability in finding market entry points. Advantages Fewer wrong entries compared to the use of classic breakout and trend confirmation indicators. Signals are not redrawn. A large number of customizable parameters. Visualization of the bullish and bearish trend. Used for i
30 USD
This is an individual tool for analyzing the market situation. It is very simple to use. After attaching the indicator to the chart, you will see three vertical lines named "VLine 1", "VLine 2" and "VLine 3", following in this order from left to right. For the utility to operate correctly, this sequence should always be observed. Please note: at the first start, the lines are not bound to specific price levels on the chart. This should be done by user in accordance with the following rule: if li
100 USD
Linear Trend
Svyatoslav Kucher
Determining the current trend is one of the most important tasks for a trader regardless of their trading style. Linear Trend can help you with this task. Linear Trend is a trend determining indicator, which uses an original calculation algorithm. The indicator is suitable for any currency pair and timeframe. It does not change its readings. The product applies three methods selected by a certain parameter and an additional modification of results. Due to the variety of settings and filters, the
35 USD
Index Hub
Sergey Lisnyak
Index Hub is designed for creating multi-currency indicators using up to 14 currency pairs and any of 6 indicators: Stochastic, WPR, RVI, RSI, Force and CCI. An example with three pairs and the CCI indicator: CCI(USDCAD)+CCI(USDJPY)+CCI(USDCHF) / 3 = CCI(Index Hub). Application Index Hub is suitable for the following types of trading: basket trading, scalping and arbitrage strategies. For example, if you need to use Stochastic for scalping purposes, set two indicators on EURUSD with currencies
99 USD

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