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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 203

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Ming Min Huan
Aura Gold EA   CCI Gold EA  is a fully automated EA designed to trade   GOLD   only. It is based on machine learning cluster analysis and genetic algorithms. EA contains self-adaptive market algorithm, which uses price action patterns and standard trading indicators (CCI,ATR). Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money managment used, no martingale, no grid, scalp or hedge. Suitable for any broker conditions. Working symbol XAUUSD Working Timefram
Ivan Simonika
Emerged is a convenient indicator for technical analysis and is suitable for trading binary options. The indicator uses color signaling: blue - when changing from descending to ascending, and red - on the contrary, to descending. You can use the indicator when entering the market. All entry points are optimal points at which movement changes. Entry points should be used as potential market reversal points. The default indicator settings are quite effective most of the time. Emerged hybrid tre
The Trend Distinctive indicator smoothes price fluctuations during signal formation by averaging the data. This gives the trader the opportunity to visually determine what trend will be present at a particular time interval. This is an auxiliary tool for technical analysis, which helps to determine the exact direction of the trend: either an upward or downward movement of the price of a trading instrument. Although the indicator is a little late, it still generates the most reliable signals t
Open Trend
Vitalii Zakharuk
The Open Trend indicator calculates the saturation levels of the price chart. Most often, a good trend is visible on a price chart visually. But an experienced trader should clearly understand the current balance of power in the market before entering. A signal to exit the oversold area is a buy signal. A signal to exit the overbought area is a sell signal. Usually, you need to set the relative values ​​for the overbought and oversold levels Bottom and Top for this indicator. The Open Trend
Escape the black Hole, is a system that detects the range that is the black hole that keeps your money. Once the limit of that range, which would be the event horizon, has been detected, an attack system at the price that operates in favor of the escape of that black hole begins. Therefore, it is a system that operates in favor of the trend at the moment in which it is confirmed that the trend has exceeded the point of gravity that drags it into the fearsome price range that devours the tre
Act Scalps
Vitalii Zakharuk
The Act Scalps   presented expert system works with any currency pair. The EA can be launched on any hour period, any currency pair, and on the server of any broker. Unique trading system! It is recommended to work on liquid forex pairs, with a low spread and use VPS. You can start using it with $ 100 and a lot of 0.01. The expert passes all types of testing throughout the history for the specified currency pair. Also, the expert system is tested with various delay values, it works in fully aut
it is a fully automated  trading robot designed to work on the XAUUSD. The strategy based on breaking through price levels and does not uses lagging indicators, each entry point is calculated using an advanced input filter based on the analysis of the movement of the price action chart. Each order is secured by a fixed stop-loss while profits are carried out using a dynamic stepwise algorithm to capture the maximum profit. Initial deposit:  initial  $1000, and manage the position according to th
1. This indicator provides the judgment of the intraday trend, and the period is effective if the period is switched to below 4H" 2. This indicator provides an accurate calculation of intraday support and resistance. Under the condition of the trend, the box is the entry benchmark price" 3. This indicator provides the calculation of the interval between the current price and the intraday support and resistance for a clear analysis of the situation" 4. This indicator provides three indicators fr
After the indicator is loaded, it will display a close to the real balance net value change graph, and contain deposit and withdrawal prompts, etc. 1. The indicator is the trend display of net balance 2. The net value estimation uses the reverse order calculation, and the trend of each currency pair order on the K-line chart is retrospectively estimated to obtain a more accurate net value 3. If you want all the history to be calculated, please select all in the history, if you don't need all,
"Cooperative QQ:556024" "Cooperation wechat:556024" "Cooperative email:556024@qq.com" This is an EA that assists manual trading. The functions are as follows: 1. Manually place a benchmark order, EA automatically calculates the number of lots that need to be placed according to the account balance, and opens the second order. Example: The benchmark A order is free to open 0.01 lots, and the number of lots is calculated based on the account balance. If it is less than or equal to 0.02
MACD is called Convergence and Divergence Moving Average, which is developed from the double exponential moving average. The fast exponential moving average (EMA12) is subtracted from the slow exponential moving average (EMA26) to get the fast DIF, and then 2× (Express DIF-DIF's 9-day weighted moving average DEA) Get the MACD bar. The meaning of MACD is basically the same as the double moving average, that is, the dispersion and aggregation of the fast and slow moving averages characterize the
L' INDICATORE DI TREND PRO mostra la direzione del mercato e rende facile sapere quando si è verificato il breakout. È facile da impostare e molto utile con una conoscenza di base dell'azione dei prezzi. Puoi utilizzare PRO TREND INDICATOR per scambiare tutti gli asset che rompono il supporto o la resistenza. Trova il set up che si addice di più alla tua strategia di trading per individuare i punti di breakout.
SK Smart trading Advisor is an indispensable assistant in manual trading, both for scalpers and mid-term traders. Works in the strategy tester, you can check the manual trading strategy on the history. You can use the buttons to show / hide the "Info" and "Market" panels, and use the keyboard keys to show / hide all panels and buttons. The MM function calculates a lot in % of the balance of market and pending orders in several ways: from preset StopLoss, the difference in points between tre
Trend Lime
Maryna Shulzhenko
With the development of information technologies and a large number of participants, financial markets are less and less amenable to analysis by outdated indicators. Conventional technical analysis tools, such as the Moving Average or Stochastic, in their pure form are not able to determine the direction of the trend or its reversal. Can one indicator indicate the correct direction of the future price, without changing its parameters, in the history of 14 years? At the same time, not to lose ad
Trend Sens
Maryna Shulzhenko
Trend Sens is a universal indicator, the values of which are calculated based on different indicators. The iPump indicator is a versatile indicator that combines the advantages of three categories of indicators. You get 3 indicators in 1 product. Trend Sense itself appeared in the process of many years of work with financial assets. The indicator has become a consequence of those desires and requirements, for the analysis that I personally would like to use for trading.
SL Session Strength 28 Pair
Chalin Saranga Jayathilake
5 (21)
SL Curruncy impulse  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/82593 SL Session Strength 28 Pair flow of this intraday Asian London New York Sessions strength.SL Session Strength 28 indicator best for intraday scalper. market powerful move time you can catch best symbol. because you'll know which currencies are best to trade at that moment. Buy strong currencies and sell weak currencies (Diverging currencies).   Suggested timeframes to trading : M5 - M15 - M30 - You can however just change session
Andrii Maron
You cannot predict 100% where the price will go ... However, having a better price zone to open a trade when there is a trading signal always puts you in a better position. Indicator "PivoZone" is based on the author's method for determining price reversal-continuation zones. Indicator supports all timeframes with clear visualization on the chart. Unlike standard pivot points, it takes into account the volatility of an asset and allows for a better definition of the market entry zone. Suitabl
Hamster Grid MT4
Vladimir Gribachev
A professional grid advisor works according to RSI (   Relative Strength Index   ) indicators.       and   has the function of reducing the drawdown on the account by overlapping unprofitable orders.       The chart displays information about the profit. MT5 version https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/56995 OPTIONS: RSI_PERIOD - period for calculating the relative strength index; UP_LEVEL - upper bound; DN_LEVEL - lower bound; RSI_TIMEFRAME - timeframe for calculation; START_LOT - initial l
Squirrel Trader Pro
Michela Russo
5 (7)
Squirrel Scalper Pro is a trading robot  for the trading on Indices. This is a Trend Following system.   Backtest Now! This Expert advisor not use   arbitrage, grid, martingale or other dangerous strategy , All Trades are covered by  StopLoss and TakeProfit . Important Information Revealed By  purchasing  this Expert Advisor you are entitled  to receive a free copy  of   Panther Trader Pro ! (All future updates included) -> To Receive it, Please Contact me by   mql5 message   or email ! The
Custom EA
Robots4Forex Ltd
4.67 (6)
Custom EA is a fully automated trading system designed to be customized to your specification in order to create unique trading strategies. This expertly coded EA is suitable for traders of all levels, from beginners to experienced traders. You can start trading using the built-in preset strategies or create your own using the fully customizable features. Custom EA uses an LSTM neural network with self-training capabilities to ensure the best performance. In addition, there are multiple preset s
Aleksandr Nadein
Индикатор помощник при торговле на валютных рынках.Работает на любых таймфреймах и любых валютных парах.Стоит его установить на любое открытое окно,чтобы получить текущую информацию по счету.Для более детальной информации нужно зайти в историю терминала и выбрать конкретный период торговли.Это может быть один день,последние три дня,неделя,месяц или вся торговля по данному счету.Индикатор учитывает все протаргованные сделки доступные в истории за выбранный период времени и по все торгуемым инстру
EA Compass
Svyatoslav Kucher
EA Compass  - автоматический советник, работающий на пробой определенных ценовых уровней.   По умолчанию советник настроен для EURUSD, таймфрейм Н1. Set файлы  вы можете скачать с диска -  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Rxiesljy_3515WsikRMExzxJjcZKMnMH?usp=sharing , или смотрите в обсуждении советника. ВАЖНО: обратите внимание на параметры GMT! Для того, чтобы получить корректные результаты, вы должны установить их правильно в соответствии с GMT вашего брокера. Для каждой установленной
Vratislav Tukal
This robot is based on Bollinger Bands, Stochastic Oscillator,CCI and RSI indicator. When the Bollinger Bands is in the right level (upper band for Sell signal or lower band for Buy signal), Stochastic Oscillator,CCI and RSI are in the right level, order is open. If the trend is not correct, system open other orders at specified distance. T‌he EA trade on any symbol, on any timeframe (recommended optimization for specific timeframe). Minimum recommended deposit is 1000$ with 0.01 Lot for 7 major
Trend Moment
Maryna Shulzhenko
Using the Trend Moment indicator, you can find not only overbought and oversold zones, but also be able to identify the strongest reversals of the current trend. This will take your trading to a whole new level. Forget about slipping in oscillators, be it Stochastic or RSI or any other oscillator. Trend Moment signals 100% do not redraw and do not require adjusting the parameters - the indicator will work equally well on any chart, even with default parameters.
Maryna Shulzhenko
Trend Sys, an indicator designed to detect trends in price movement and allows you to quickly determine the direction of the trend. The best way to trade Trend Sys is to enter the market when Trend Sys peaks and goes the other way. This is a sign of a trend reversal. I hope you enjoy this indicator and leave your comments to make it even better. Good luck and happy trading.
The Sim Sim Trend indicator helps to analyze the market on a selected time frame. They define the mainstream. It is extremely important for any trader to correctly determine the direction and strength of the trend movement. Unfortunately, there is no single correct solution to this problem. Many traders trade at different time frames. For this reason, the received signals are perceived subjectively. Trend indicators provide an opportunity to classify the direction of price movement by deter
Trend VZ
Vitalii Zakharuk
Trend VZ informs about the emergence of a new trend, and also serves to identify reversal points of price change. The main problem a trader faces is determining the point of entry into the market. Trend VZ is a trend indicator for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. This indicator allows you to find the most likely trend reversal points. You won't find such an indicator anywhere else. A simple but effective system for determining the Forex trend. From the screenshots you can see for yourself the
Storm Prices
Andriy Sydoruk
The Storm Prices indicator is trendy, arrow family. It is easy to work and understand when the first red arrow appears, you need to buy, when the first blue arrow appears, sell. The indicator is used for scalping and pipsing. The indicator makes calculations based on several technical indicators. Determines the direction of the trend and gives a fairly clear indication of the position. The indicator allows you to determine the opportunities for entering the market for a short time. There is a sw
Turn Around Mt4
Marta Gonzalez
Following a leader who sets the trend is easy. The tricky part is knowing when you have to TURN AROUND. TURN AROUND is a system that detects the end of the trend and operates that point against the market. It is therefore a PULLBACK system. This system is suitable for small accounts and can be used with only  $ 10 00 . You can download the demo and test it yourself.   Very stable growth curve as result of smart averaging techniques. "Safety first" approach in development. Stress-tests
Description Complete breaker market maker Key zones indicator, It provides precise zones where could be an excellent break or reversal opportunity. KEY LINKS:   How to Install  -  Frequent Questions  -  All Products  How is this indicator useful? It will allow you to trade retracement or breakout patterns, every time they occur in a given zone. NEVER repaints. It signals clear possible money management levels as stop and take profit. You’ll be able to identify potential resistance or support lev
This is a very complex indicator that calculates resistance and supportlevels. When the calculation is done, it merges levels that are close to eachother. It support different timeframes, simply by changing timeframe. Features: See support and resistance levels Alarm can be set off when price enters a support/resistance zone Different timeframes See screenshots for visual.
This system never paints.   This system created by using Envolpes bands and parabloic Sars.   This indicator is only working in M5 period and EURUSD Symbol.   This system is for long term and profitable.   Signals are shown as arrows. as an optional limit orders.   You can set a voice alarm or email notification.   You can fins our other products from link : https://www.mql5.com/en/users/drbastem/seller   Also, you can ask all your questins from email : haskayafx@gmail.com or mobile : +90 530 8
FiboZZ Trade Panel is trade assistants designed for manual trading and include account information panel with automatic drawing of ZigZag Extreme Arrows , Daily Fibonacci Extension with 3 levels for targets. You can use it with the following tow strategies or to use the indicators to create your own strategies. The information panel shows you: -Today and Yesterday Profits, -Balance, -Last Profit, -Last Open Lot Size, -All Open Buy/Sell Position and total lots , -Free Margin Level, -Equity, -24 h
Time Range Pivot Points is an indicator that will plot Pivot Point + Support and Resistance levels on the chart, but it will calculate the formula based on a specific time range, that can be defined in the settings. If you want to successfully trade the European and US sessions it will be smart to check all levels generated by the Asian session time range. This indicator will allow you to do that. Everything is designed to get you an advantage of the potential support and resistance levels for t
Andriy Sydoruk
The Trrend indicator tracks the market trend while ignoring the sharp market fluctuations and noise around the average price. It catches the trend and shows favorable moments of entering the market with arrows. The indicator can be used both for pipsing on small periods and for long-term trading. The indicator implements a kind of technical analysis based on the idea that the market is cyclical in nature. Simple, visual and efficient trend detection. The indicator does not redraw and does not l
The Trends Definitive indicator does not redraw and does not lag, it shows points for entering the market, points of potential market reversal. Uses one parameter for settings. Currency pairs never rise or fall in a straight line. Their ups and downs are interspersed with pullbacks and reversals. Every rise and every fall is reflected in your emotional state: hope is replaced by fear, and when it passes, hope appears again. The market uses your fear to prevent you from taking advantage of a s
Jack Code Pot
Vitalii Zakharuk
The Jack Code Pot robot automatically analyzes the market when it reaches a certain level of price movement speed. An Expert Advisor of a new type Jack Code Pot - works using sharp tick movements. The uniqueness of the Expert Advisor is that it can be run on any hourly period, on any currency pair and on the server of any broker. This makes the Expert Advisor attractive enough to use for trading. It is recommended to work on liquid Forex pairs with a low spread. The robot has a built-in syste
Zip Trend
Vitalii Zakharuk
Zip Trend This is a hybrid trend indicator as it is based on average true range signals that determine the range of low and high price fluctuations, as well as closing prices. As a result, it indicates the current market volatility. The indicator of the oscillator family is also used. The indicator helps to calculate the oversold and overbought levels of a trading instrument. This indicator allows you to find the most likely trend reversal points. When the trend changes, the Zip Trend indicat
Harmonics detector  is a precise tool for identifying harmonics patterns.  Allows you to trade with reliable information, making your analysis fast and easy. Pattern detected: Gartley Bat Crab Butterfly Features: Working timeframes: M5, M15, H1, H4; Working symbols: any; Automatic settings; Upcoming patterns: Three dives; Deep Crab AB = CD Elliot Wave's motive wave
Venus Mt4
Marta Gonzalez
Do you know any EA that exceeds 400 years of test? Do you know any EA that excedes 20 PAIRS 20 YEARS of test? Do you know any EA that exceeds 210.240.000 CANDLE TESTING? Do you know any EA that excedes 271.176 TRADE TESTING? Venus   is not an EA is your EA. Do you want to accompany   Venus   to the next level of neural trading? You just have to download it and try it yourself. Also testing it is free. Are you not going to try them? Venus   it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex m
Andrian Armand Gannery
This is indicator for checking your trades. Please see the pictures attachment, the indicator show info about: - Breakeven Level; - Margin Call Level; - Two volume info, past and current (With color exchange base on the past volume); - Spreads; - Swap Long and Swap Short (With color change, positive and negative swap); - Running Price; -Today High Low Pips; - Today Open to Current Running Price pips. This indicator not for trading entry, only to assist your trade management Regards
Mandalorian MT4
Vladimir Gribachev
Without indicator advisor       to accelerate the deposit   , it works on price fluctuations,   and   has the function of reducing the drawdown on the account by overlapping unprofitable orders.       The chart displays information about the profit. MT5 version https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/56490 OPTIONS: DISTANCE - distance that the price must travel in N seconds; TIMER_SEC - timer in seconds after which the distance will be updated; START_LOT - initial lot; LOT_MULTIPLIER - lot mul
RSI Laguerre
Emmanuel Mandril
LIVE TESTING HERE Welcome! This EA trades the legendary Laguerre RSI . Makes swing trades. This is not a Scalping risky strategy. Most of the time, short timeframes strategies tend to trade noise, resulting in a non lasting winning strategy. Laguerre RSI EA doesnt trade noise, it trades trend changes checking higher TimeFrames (4 hour, daily and weekly) first . It stands 12 year of backtesting on EURUSD. Features: Stop Loss protects your account Recommended Time Frame = 15 min Recommended
In the life of a trader, there is always a moment when you sit in front of the screen and you have to CHOOSE YOUR WAY . You sit and think right (trend) or left (pullback). This system allows you to select that way in a single ea. You select the path and the robot operates it for you. Finding the points where the road forks and operating accordingly. This system is suitable for small accounts and can be used with only  $ 10 00 . You can download the demo and test it yourself.   Very stable gr
Genetic algorithm
Alexander Shcherbina
Strategy Properties Handling Additional Entry Signals AI learning from history Behavior of the next signal in the same direction - adds to the winning position Signal behavior in the next opposite direction - Decreases position Default trade volume Percentage of trading on your account. The percentage values ​​show how much of the account balance is used to cover the required margin. Maximum number of open lots - 20 The number of input lots for a new position - 10% of the account equit
How to use this indicator is simple. Please look on pictures. Please use Pending Limit order only. Set Pending order according line, with Take Profit and Stop Loss base on line. example1: Put pending order Sell Limit 1 on the line of Sell Limit 1 and Take Profit on Take Profit 1 line, Stop Loss on Stop Loss line...skip... example2: Put pending order Sell Limit 5 on the line of Sell Limit 5 and Take Profit on Take Profit 3,4,5 line, Stop Loss on Stop Loss line. and do to opposite buy limit
Multi Timeframe
Makarii Gubaydullin
The indicator helps you analyze 3 different Time Intervals on a single screen to see the overall price action. My   #1 Utility : includes 65+ functions  |   Contact me  if you have any questions In the initial settings you can configure: TimeFrame 1; TimeFrame 2; TimeFrame 3; The number of bars to be shown; Colors of bullish and bearish bars; My other products: Indicators: 14 in  1
Forex Fishing
Vyacheslav Vorobev
Expert Advisor for fans of catching profit. Timeframe H1, currency pairs advisably GBPUSD The minimum Deposit is 100 usd. The entry principle is based on calculating the possible trend direction by interacting with the order opening filters. This is not the main thing, but the main thing is how to protect your investment? Here we will apply some conditions to reduce the possibility of a large drawdown of the Deposit. The expert Advisor will be constantly in the market. Demo trading on a Dem
EA XY Scalper
Oleg Pavlenko
5 (3)
EA XY Scalper is an Expert Advisor that trades on the scalping strategy, with a conceptually new approach to calculating support and resistance levels and with automatic optimization neural network, built-in artificial intelligence It has a two-level trailing of positions It has a built-in system for restoring unprofitable positions, built on a special algorithm It is possible to trade in semi-automatic mode, using the built-in panels on the chart If you set Magic ID = 0, the Expert Advisor wil
TX 486 Bot
Franklin Alberto Zambrano Junco
Tx 486 is a bot that works with a weighted moving average of 200 crossing with 20, which values the proportional volume and operates on the contrary waiting for a weakening signal, it works in the oldest way continuing the trend after the opening of Frunfurt and London, the 1d candle must be green, the bullish candle has already been confirmed, the robot is activated, the working timeframe is 5m, and it works better in the EURUSD, it also works in the other major pairs, with a spread less than 2
The Expert Advisor works on a linear regression channel. The   EA   trades from the channel borders and   has the function of reducing the drawdown on the account by overlapping unprofitable orders.   The chart displays information about profit and draws the regression channel itself. MT5 version https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/56495 OPTIONS: PERIOD - the number of bars for calculation; COEFFICIENT - coefficient for calculating channel boundaries; DEGREE - channel construction type; MIN
This is a combination of 3 customized indicators, to make chart clean, we only showing up or down arrows. This gives good result in 1 hour and above time frames. In one hour chart, please set sl around 50 pips. Once price moves into your direction, it would be good to trail your sl by 30 to 50 pips  to get more profit as this indicator kinda trend follower. In four hour chart, set ls around 100 pips. Works in all major pairs and winning ration is around 70 % based on back test in mt4.
Sonata MT4
Evgeniy Zhdan
The Expert Advisor's strategy is based on proactive forecasting of the most likely price movement. The method for determining this movement is the calculation and ratio of such factors as: short-term OHLC candlestick patterns, the direction of the microtrend, the rate of price change. Only 1 deal on one trading instrument can be opened at a time. Support:   https://www.mql5.com/en/channels/TrendHunter No hazardous trading methods are used. The Expert Advisor has minimal settings, which al
EA franklin bot23
Franklin Alberto Zambrano Junco
The Expert works optimally in downtrends, using the RSI indicator, relative strength index, when we see the chart in 1d, and the price is already oversold, it is then when leaving that zone, we activate the robot, so that it works for If only, it works with the lot at compound interest, the stop lost is calculated so that it comes out so many times if it sees that the trend can take strength otherwise, news, impulses, determined by other volume indicators, cci, macd and owesome, You will see ma
Konstantinos Reppas
PROMOTION Price: $300 FOR THE FIRST 5 SALES Next Price $450 / Target Price $2000 INTRODUCTION     “Heliodoros” EA has been created, tested, and evaluated for the  EUR/USD  currency exchange rate, in  the one-hour  time frame. Consists of 9 different trading strategies which their philosophy is to capture “small” trends inside a mean reversion market environment. So, we can simply say that it’s a trend following EA but always considering the -proven-tendency of this currency pair to r
Thomas Bradley Butler
4 (1)
Patience is key to stress free scalping. Trade the arrows when you see it passes the 200 moving average and make a trend by widening out or from the last swing point with no moving average filter.   Nice for 1 minute time frames, catching momentum intraday moves. Take 20 pips with ease or stay longer for bigger trends, using trailing stops.  Look at the examples in the photos of really big trades from this indicator.  Time frames of 1 minute work the best.  Zoom out to see the trends.  Arrows do
Hi Lo Breakout
Stephen Reynolds
A system with steady ROI > 10% a month like clockwork!  Hi Lo Breakout strategy opens and closes trades based on the time of day in relation to the highs and lows of both yesturday and today. It will then trade out these prices using the trade management settings within user inputs.    For best results see .set file at comment  no2 . Features : A purely mechanical system. Simply set and leave. No martingale or grid.    Risks are small per trade.   An optional automatic lot adjustment feature t
SK Profit
Sergey Popov
The information indicator shows profit in points, in the Deposit currency, and as a % of the balance, for all transactions on the instrument. The calculation takes into account the following parameters:: Commission and Swap for all orders. Points are counted in total for all orders, starting from the point without loss. Settings: Corner-anchor angle of the indicator Offset-text Offset vertically Offset-text Offset horizontally Text color-text color Selection The color of profi
EA Trend Paradox
Svyatoslav Kucher
EA Trend Paradox  - автоматический советник, использующий в качестве сигнала показание некоторых стандартных, и авторских индикаторов, при удовлетворительных значений которых, ордера открываются в направлении тенденции. Для определения тенденции используются некоторые стандартные и авторские подходы, что позволяют достаточно точно определить направление торгов.  По умолчанию советник настроен для EURUSD, таймфрейм M5. Полный список параметров и   set файлы   смотрите в блоге -  https://www.mql5.
This EA has been developed, tested and traded live for WTI (XTIUSD) H1 TF. Everything is ready for immediate use on real account. Very SIMPLE STRATEGY with only FEW PARAMETERS.  Strategy is based on HIGHEST/LOWEST   CHANNEL  breakout.   It enters if volatility raise after some time of consolidation .  It uses  STOP   pending orders with  FIXED STOP LOSS and FIXED TAKE PROFIT.   To catch more profits there is also a  TRAILING PROFIT  function in the strategy.  EA has been backtested on more than
Jinxiong Yuan
Positon index is the cyclical index of market trend movement, and Positon's value ranges from 0 to 100. When Positon value is below 10, it means that the market is in extreme decline, the market atmosphere is extremely pessimistic, and the market is about to hit bottom and turn around. When Positon value is above 80, it means that the market is in extreme excitement, the market atmosphere is extremely bullish, the market is about to peak and there is a sharp decline.
Tratata Scalper is a fully automatic trading bot for the Metatrader 4 platform. The robot trades on the GBPUSD currency pair. The best timeframes for trading scalpers M5 and M1. The algorithm of the robot is as follows: the robot determines price peaks using 5 indicators. After that, the robot analyzes the market direction. If the trend goes down and the price reaches its maximum peak, the robot opens a sell trade. Then the robot opens additional sell deals with a certain step, building a tradi
Milch Cow Multi-currency EA "is a tool designed to put in your hands the technical analysis tools and all metatrade indicators  for 28 pairs of currencies in one chart Generate buy and sell signals from more than  indicator of your choice It is also designed to enable you to trade manually and automatically The chart shows the following :- All the immediate changes of 28 pairs of currencies for all time periods (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 ) , Number of points and colors  , The green color
Grid MT4
Vladimir Gribachev
The utility for semi-automatic trading, order management, can also be used   to restore losing positions on the account. Has the function of reducing the drawdown on the account by overlapping unprofitable orders. It can work with manual orders, orders opened from the panel or orders opened by another EA. It has a minimum of parameters, is easy to configure, and works with any number of orders. For testing, use the visual mode in the strategy tester. MT5 version  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/p
KL scalping is a trading robot  for the trading on forex. This is a complete system with 2 Strategies in 1 EA .   Best offer ONE days from  $ 79   => $65  ,10  Activations Important Information Revealed By  purchasing  this Expert Advisor you are entitled  to receive a free copy  of  KL scalping ! (All future updates included) -> To Receive it, Any Question Contact me by mql5 or email !  Please   This Expert advisor not use velocity or breakout, then we see an high resistance to slippage. K
A "simple design" trading panel, which is characterized by small byte size, low CPU usage, simple steps, and quick operation, 1 to 2 clicks to complete a functional operation, saving time and increasing efficiency . The panel is easy to use, and it is not complicated to set parameters, which is in line with traders' habits. At the same time, its compact- design, clear at a glance, and comprehensive functions are a powerful tool for manual trading! Key features of the panel:   Click "Bid Pri
The Last Jupite Storm is a scalping system with a protection system around the storm. This system is circular like a storm, it is based on thinking that the price always returns to the eye of the storm. The system first detects the eye of the storm, Second, when the price is located in the external zone, in its event horizon, if it cannot get out of this point, the system starts. Thirdly, if the storm grows and moves when there is a displacement of the eye of the storm and therefore its
Fast order
Denis Zubkov
This script is used to quickly place an order. Stop Loss = 100 points and Take Profit = 20 points are already automatically set in it under the five-digit system, the order size is 0.1.  Working with the script: in the terminal window, click the "Auto-trade" button, then open the "Navigator"> "Scripts" panel and drag your script onto the chart. If you drag the script below the market price, then a sell position will open, if it is above the market price, then a buy position will open. You can ch
FractTrend PRO EA algorithm detect the entry point base on the Fractal and EMA indicator. How EA works: Bullish entry   When a trade is opened, the take profit must be set at the same distance from the last "swing" and if the price goes against the entry, a cover (sell stop) will be opened at 10 points. This sell stop must be programmed at a lot of 0.02 and as the price progresses towards that sell stop, hedges must be started every 10 points adding one lot each time, example: 0.02 the next
Hi. The main obstacle for multi timeframe traders or traders who use multiple indicators on multiple charts is when they want to do analysis on multiple pairs quickly. You can imagine if there are 3 or 10 charts that must be opened when you want to do analysis. and each chart has its own template. of course it will take a long time to replace one by one before analysis. how many opportunities are lost due to the time spent changing charts. or maybe when a mentor wants to explain to his students

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