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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 196

Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Zig Zag Alert
Viktor Glovluk
Standard ZigZag with added alert, push notifications and email messages on breakout of the last formed HIGH - LOW! It does not consider the current extremum of the ZigZag, that is being redrawn! Indicator Settings Depth - determines the size of the interval or the number of candles after the previous extremum of the indicator, on which it will not look for a new extremum Deviation - the number of points between the extremums (Lows or Highs) of two adjacent candlesticks to form a local bottom o
20 USD
Magic Momentum
Andrei Makalski
MomentumLab creates innovative, high quality and affordable trading tools. Our tools designed to help you make decisions, so go ahead and try our fully functional demo version for MT4 (free). Please test the indicator prior to purchasing to determine if it works for you. We want your good reviews, so hurry up and test it for free... Features Clear BUY and SELL signals. No need to tweak input parameters to achieve results, indicator is self adjusted to market conditions. It uses complex calcul
100 USD
Prometheus Smart Money
Philip Muga
Prometheus Smart Money is an indicator that combines both price & volume with calculations based on other custom indicators, smart volume and retail volume to create this leading indicator that gives you high probability moves to help you make a decision on what is MOST likely to happen in the market going forward. Advantages You can use it in ALL financial markets including binary options on ALL asset classes or instruments. You can use it as a stand alone indicator or as a confirmation tool wi
100 USD
Andrea Lanzara
This Expert Advisor works on Breakouts at sensible levels, it is not a scalper and is not sensible to slippage. It uses dynamic Stop Losses and Take Profits that are adjusted to the volatility of the moment. The Money Management calculates, in real time, the lots based on the Stop Loss and the percentage of desired risk. This Expert Advisor has been designed to work on EURUSD H1. It does not use Martingales or Grids. Real account monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/197223 Input Param
97 USD
Compound Egg EA
Hisashi Asakura
Compound Egg is a fully automated EA which trades based on reversal during quiet, low volatile early Asian session. Each open position is protected by a fixed TP and SL of 90 pips to minimize possible drawdown. In reality, the algorithm looks for reversals and executes TP in real time. Since TP points vary based on price, volume, and volatility in real market condition, it's not statically set in the beginning but rather computed for every ticks at run time. Realistically, this EA will look for
50 USD
Scalp Tool
Remi Passanello
Scalp Tool is a very efficient counter trend indicator. It's designed to be used by anyone, even the complete newbie in trading can use it. Scalp Tool does not repaint . Indications are given from close to close or from close to a visible level. Scalp tool can be used alone , no other indicators are required. Scalp Tool indicates Where to open your trades. When to close them. Where to place stop orders. With an accuracy over 80% during live testing. Scalp Tool works With any instrument like
250 USD
Andrey Palchevskyy
This is a fully automated trading robot. Conqueror trades using pending orders, and modifies the pending orders following the market price movement. At the start, the Expert Advisor places two pending orders - BUY STOP and SELL STOP at a certain distance from the price equal to Distance , and then moves the orders following the price movement by modifying them every few seconds - MoveStopOrderSec . Also, in case of a strong movement, the EA places additional orders in the direction of the moveme
100 USD
Victory Brake Lights
Viktoriia Samoilenko
The indicator is designed for the classification of the market entry conditions. It represents two price levels marked with the support and resistance lines, and also with the arrow type icons, which indicate the favorable direction of the future trade. It is recommended to enter the market on the candle following the level breakout signal. To be efficient in trading, it is necessary to gain skills in trading using this indicator. Parameters: comment - comment. Default - enabled; Arrow – tradi
18 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
Automatic is an autonomous trading system that allows to free the trader from the manual trading routine. The EA determines the price pressure areas, when the speculators are trying to enter the "gone train", and the big players are taking profits. The EA calculation is based on the pivot levels, Price-Action patterns on the H4 and D1 timeframes and some other indicators. Sometimes it can use the averaging with a "fan" step, i.e. the first averaging after 'Step' points, the second one after Step
450 USD
Artem Deisun
SmaRTDox is a fully automatic Expert Advisor based on the Martingale-style hedging strategy (see the graphics below). The EA works regardless of the price direction. Features 11 systems searching for entry points: SMA (+Trend), Stochastic (+Trend), Scalp-Stoch, Fractals (+Trend), Secret Strategy, Pin Bars, Impulse, Super Stoch. The robot does not change your orders. However, it features the option allowing it to pick up orders opened manually ( Open first order manually ). If you have your own
30 USD
Price Acceleration MQL4
Ivan Skachkov
The indicator displays the speed of the price change - the acceleration and deceleration of the market similar to acceleration in physics. The classic Accelerator is calculated using moving averages, at that its dimensionality depends on the settings. Price Acceleration has a constant dimensionality (the ratio of point to the squared time in timeframes) that is independent of the period selected, what allows interpreting its values with higher precision. This is a great advantage when formalizin
15 USD
Sergey Deev
The indicator displays Renko bars on the chart, plots two moving averages by them and generates buy/sell signals based on the conditions displayed in the screenshots and described below: the buy signal is formed if the fast moving average is above the slow moving average, from 4 to 10 consecutive bullish Renko bars are displayed, followed by no more than 2 bearish and one bullish Renko bars; the sell signal is formed if the fast moving average is below the slow moving average, from 4 to 10 conse
30 USD
Variable Index Dynamic Average
Sergey Efimenko
The Variable Index Dynamic Average (VIDyA) technical indicator has been developed by Tushar Chande. It is an original calculation method of the exponential moving average (EMA) with dynamically changing averaging period. Period of averaging depends on the market volatility; as the measure of volatility Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO) was chosen. This oscillator measures the ratio between the sum of positive increments and sum of negative increments for a certain period (CMO period). CMO value i
30 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
The indicator calculates the most probable trend stop/reversal areas, confident trend movement areas. The calculation considers: the rate of price change; the relative deviation angle of the chart; the average amplitude of price movements; the price leaving its "comfort zone"; the values of the ATR indicator. The indicator can generate an Alert when the price enter a stop/reversal area. Settings Draw the entire length? - draw the areas until the end of the chart; Show Stop UP-trend - display t
30 USD
WinFerri Experienced
Pavel Komarovsky
WinFerri Experienced is not just a trading EA based on one strategy. It is a Forex Combine, a versatile tool with highly customization features for various market conditions. It is especially good for flat pairs, but its application range is not limited to them. Recipe for success of any trade is a good entry. The core of this EA is based on the analysis of the current volatility, the size of the bars and the amplitude of bars. An adaptive channel is plotted on the basis of this data. Then the o
880 USD
Dashboard Super Candle
Wang Yu
提供专业的EA编程服务,推出特色仪表盘EA编程,将您的交易策略自动化,可视化,一个图表管理多个交易货币对,详情查看: http://www.ex4gzs.com  Providing quick Developments and Conversion of MT4/MT5 EAs, Indicators, Scripts, and Tools. If you are looking for an Dashboard EA to turn your trading strategy into auto trading algo and to manage multi trades in one chart with visualizing tool, come and visit http://www.ex4gzs.com/en for more details. 如果产品有任何问题或者您需要在此产品上添加功能,请联系我 Contact/message me if you encounter any issue using the product or need extra featur
100 USD
Heiken Ashi Digital
Evgeny Galikhin
This trend indicator is a Heiken Ashi indicator smoothed using the digital filter. It can serve as an alternative to the Smoothed Heiken Ashi and Moving Average with a large period. The indicator data can also be used for maintaining the open trades. Parameters: Smooth Period - Smoothing period Method - Calculation method
11 USD
Viacheslav Desenko
SpreadInfo displays the movement of synthetic instrument consisting of a few basic ones. The concept is very simple. A synthetic instrument is created. It can be described using a simple equation ( spread indicator parameter). The indicator plots a chart of the synthetic instrument and builds a regression channel based on it (see the screenshots). How to use Make sure that all symbols specified in the indicator equation are present in the Market Watch window. Make sure that quotes of all symbo
99 USD
Vladimir Gribachev
This multi-currency EA uses an adaptive grid strategy. It is designed for maximum effective real trading in today's market conditions. This trading robot analyzes the price action, price speed and direction. It does not require special conditions, does not depend on the trading account type, the broker, or the financial instrument. The function - total trailing stop of open position by equity in the deposit currency, points or as a percentage of profit allows to favorably close the order basket.
50 USD
Anti News
Vladimir Gribachev
Multi-currency EA that works based on the economic calendar using an adaptive grid strategy. It is based on the price movement with no roll-backs. When the price moves a defined distance without changing a direction, the first trade is opened in the direction of the price movement. During the news release the EA closed untriggered pending orders and resumes its operation after the specified time runs out. The EA does not require special conditions, does not depend on the trading account type, th
30 USD
Trades Manager
Omar Alkassar
The library is dedicated to help manage your trades, calculate lot, trailing, partial close and other functions Orders CloseallSell CloseallBuy CloseallOpen DeletePending DeleteAll: Close All Market Orders and delete all pending orders. CheckOpenBuyOrders: return the count of buy orders. CheckOpenSellOrders: return the count of sell orders. CheckOpenOrders: return the count of market orders. ModifyOrder DeleteOrder CloseOrder OpenOrder Lot Calculation Mode 0: Fixed Lot. Mode 1: Martingale Lo
249 USD
Easy Trader EA
Attila Moricz
Easy Trader EA Day Trading Robot This EA is created for USDCHF use on H1 chart. In fact it doesn't work profitable on any other charts or time frames. It is fully automated trading robot , with only a few user settings to not confuse new traders. It uses price action and mathematics to calculate the best possible place to enter the market in the direction of the current short term trend. Indicators used in Auto Profit Lock calculations. Easy Trader EA is easy on the CPU, memory, your Broker'
40 USD
Investor USDCHF EA
Attila Moricz
Investor USDCHF EA Trading Robot This Trading Robot is intended for USDCHF use on H1 chart. In fact it doesn't work profitable on any other charts or time frames. It is fully automated trading robot , with only a few user settings to allow new traders to use it. It uses price action and mathematics to calculate the best possible place to enter the market. Investor EA is light on the CPU, memory, your Broker's server and on your internet bandwidth. This EA usually close the positions on the s
30 USD
Nurudeen Amedu
This is a breakout scalper with very low SL, and a very smart risk control strategy, this system identifies major trend waves in their earliest phases. Typically the signals for its trades occur when volatility increases with prices rising above (or falling below) their historical ranges. Using proper money management techniques, this system can limit risk and capture significant price moves before most traders are even aware of the newly developing trend. it uses many complex steps when setting
50 USD
Leveler x2
Andrii Malakhov
Leveler x2 is a graphic indicator for manual and automated trading. It displays the price levels that meet the criteria: the price had rebounded from the level the price had broken the current level the price had returned to the current level The points where the price had touched the level are determined by fractals. Therefore, the indicator has a limitation - signal delayed by 2 bars (confirmation of fractal formation). Also this indicator is multi-timeframe - it can display price levels from
99 USD
Price Speed MQL4
Ivan Skachkov
It is very important to know the speed of the price change when creating a trend strategy. Usually, the Momentum indicator is used for that purpose; however it shows a relative change in percentage terms for a selected period. Sometimes it may be inconvenient, since the indicator values are period dependent. The values change from a fraction of a percent on small periods to several percents on large periods, what causes some difficulties with calculating, especial the Stop Loss and Take Profit o
15 USD
MACD Profi Expert
Aleh Rabtsau
This is a professional trading system with 9 MACD indicators, the analysis of which is based on all timeframes (M1 M5 M15 M30 H1 H4 D1 W1 MN) of the current currency pair! You can fully control the trading process and the indicator settings, enable and disable the indicator readings from certain timeframes, and also activate closure of orders when the MACD signal changes on any or all selected timeframes! The EA has sophisticated mechanisms which allow you to control the profit and exit the draw
10 USD
Algo Ducatus
Tomas Vanek
The Expert Advisor tool has been developed for XAUUSD M30 based on Highest, Lowest, RSI indicator and pending orders. It has been backtested on more than 12-year long tick data with 99% quality of modeling. The enclosed screenshots demonstrate the complexity and coverage of the test by Monte Carlo analysis with 200 simulation. The Expert Advisor passed via Cluster Analysis. A broker with a small spread and slippage is recommended for better performance. There is no need to set up parameters, all
79 USD
Sergio Andres Zuleta Lopez
This indicator is based on Market Profile methodology, which contains the Z-Zone , unlike the latter, allows visualization of multiple time frames on the same graph. This methodology has proven to be very effective for: Reduce the number of windows required to analyze or track a financial asset. Display important resistance areas (ROZ), support (SoZ) and average distribution (PoC) in different periods of time. Define areas to take profits as well locate technical stop loss. Analysis in the devel
407 USD
Grid Trading MT4
Denis Luchinkin
Grid Traging is a new approach to the traditional grid trading for your semi-automatic strategies. During the traditional bidirectional grid trading the maximum drawdown occurs when the price is near the edge of the grid, in its High or Low. Features of the EA Not afraid of the news; Works both during the sideways and the trend movements; Does not use the martingale principle; Automatically detects suffixes and prefixes of the traded instruments; Automatically detects 4- and 5-digit quotes;
30 USD
Evgeniy Zhdan
✅The Illusion EA uses the probability theory - after a series of consecutive virtual losses - i.e. right during a flat the EA already starts trading in the trend. In addition, the EA considers the ratio of bullish/bearish candles on the higher timeframes to determine the greatest probability of the price movement direction. ✅Only 1 order can be opened at a time. In case of a loss the following order will be placed with an increased lot (the multiplication coefficient is set in the parameters). ✅
100 USD
Hit Market Maker
Alexander Nikolaev
Market makers can often deceive traders by reversing the market when it is most unprofitable for others. For example, many traders start buying only to see that the price goes down dramatically afterwards. Some still hold their buy positions thinking that this is only a correction but the price continues its downward movement. The EA is capable of detecting such periods. It analyzes the last two candles and determines whether there are actions that look similar to the market-maker's ones - the p
35 USD
HST Converter
Aliaksandr Kryvanos
This easy-to-use HST Converter script converts *.hst files into *.csv ones. It supports both old and new hst file formats. The product features the convenient batch conversion function. You can choose any mode from the drop-down menu by a single click. Conversion by certain characters and timeframes is also possible. Parameters FileInHistory - if true , hst files are taken from <Terminal folder>\history\<Server name>, otherwise - from <Terminal folder>\MQL4\Files Choice - choose from 11 batch
35 USD
ScreenShot Automatic
Andrey Vaskin
This program will help you to take screenshots automatically when opening and closing deals. Screenshots are saved to "[Terminal folder]/Files/" Description of the parameters: "FormatImage" - Select the format to save the image. "Width" - Image width. "Height" - Image height. "SleepSecond" - (If >0 enabled) Frequency of checking for deal opening or closing. "PictureOrderOnChar" - Display deals on the chart. "Magic" - (If >0 enabled) Consider the magic number of the deals. Can be used for taki
33 USD
Steady EA System
Hisashi Asakura
Steady EA System is a fully automated EA which trades based on reversal during consolidations. Each open position is protected by a fixed TP and SL of 90 pips to minimize possible drawdown. In reality, the algorithm looks for reversals and executes TP in real time. Since TP points vary based on price, volume, and volatility in real market condition, it is not statically set in the beginning but rather computed for every tick at run time. Realistically, this EA will look for reversals using propr
40 USD
Investor EURUSD EA
Attila Moricz
Investor EA Day Trading Robot This EA is intended for EURUSD use on H1 chart. In fact it doesn't work profitable on any other charts or time frames. It is fully automated trading robot , with only a few user settings to allow new traders to use it. It uses price action and mathematics to calculate the best possible place to enter the market. Investor EA is easy on the CPU, memory, your Broker's server and on your internet bandwidth. This EA usually close the positions on the same day it's opened
100 USD
Hedger eXtream
Laurentiu Cirlan
Recovery algorithm that performs very well on taking back the losses. Works with cycles and levels. Levels can be adjusted from settings. Use this EA to recover your SL. In the picture you will see a sample made with recovery ea being CONSTANT in the market (although is not meant to trade continuous). This means it's purpose is for recovering the stop loss of your original trade. So it's purpose of how to be used is in this way: your personal strategy + current recovery EA. You can chose any per
1 000 USD
Line Balance AM
Andriy Matviyevs'kyy
The indicator implements Bill Williams' idea. A buy signal appears when a High level of one of the closest previous bars (with ascending Highs) is broken through. A breakthough of the lines displayed by the indicator serves as a market entry/exit signal. The indicator features a customizable parameter allowing you to use a group of bars (rather than a single bar with a higher High) to define a balance line. Parameters Sensitivity - indicator sensitivity defining the number of bars, the High va
30 USD
FIA Hunting High and Low
Junping Wang
FIA Hunting High and Low trade is based on buy low and sell high rules conbining with grid trading strategies. Features No limit of trading any symbols for this EA Grid trading design Slippage, spread, or commission do not matter. Suitable for any broker and any account type which allows EA auto trading. Requirements Lot size: lot size cannot be less than the minimum lot size for symbol allowed. Other parameters: except lot size parameters, other types of parameters need to be integer values
9 999 USD
Dmitry Homenkov
The Divergent ( version for MetaTrader 5 ) Expert Advisor analyzes the divergence if peaks of the MACD indicator and peaks of the chart to find market entries. The EA enters the market on the reversal of the main movement. It opens market orders at the open of a candlestick after a pattern has been formed. Features Can operate on any instruments and timeframes Calculation of risk per trade for any account currencies and instruments. 8 position management modes Flexible adjustment of the operat
19 USD
Average CCI
Andrei Gerasimenko
This indicator smooths the average value of the CCI technical indicator, which gives better overbought and oversold values. Strategy 1. If the smoothed line of the indicator is above the level of If the smoothed value of the Average CCI indicator is below the level of -100 or is very close to it, then in this area (the currency is oversold) an upward reversal is possible.100 or is very close to it, then in this area (the currency is overbought) a downward reversal is possible. Only sells are c
30 USD
Taras Slobodyanik
It is important to see the current and future goals of price movement. This indicator shows the level of possible targets and roll-backs. Levels are drawn beforehand meaning that possible futurev target levels are drawn at the current moment, while the current targets can be found in the recent past. Settings Multiplier for the levels — shift multiplier. On larger timeframes, this parameter should be lower, on the small timeframe you can put it higher. Fibo coefficients, as well as the values
10 USD
FIA Close Timing
Junping Wang
FIA Close Timing is designed for traders who wants to enter a trade and close the trade in a fixed time period. It is a friendly tool for daily trading, and give traders more flexibility on time control. Features No limit of trading any symbols for this EA Countdown functions rounded to second Slippage, spread or commission don't matter. Suitable for any broker and any account type which allows EA auto trading. Only execute one trade operation on one MT4 trading window. Requirements Lot size
10 USD
Parabolic And CCI
Alexander Nikolaev
The EA detects strong movements using the Parabolic indicator and opens a trade. The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is used as an auxiliary indicator. The CCI levels may depend on the ADX indicator values, which allows for better trading with different volatility. Also, the trades are opened depending on the RSI indicator values on a certain timeframe. Recommended timeframes: M5, M15, M30. Make sure to optimize the parameters of the EA for your account before trading. Input Parameters Lots - lo
10 USD
ADR Dashboard Based Trading Scanner
Satyam Shivam
This is an expert advisor (EA), created in Meta-Trader 4 (MT4). The EA creates a dash-board that scans multiple currency pair symbols in forex. Everyday, it displays updated information for each selected currency pair on current Bid price, average daily range (ADR), pips to high (PTH) and pips to low (PTL). It also displays trade type and profit/loss for orders placed by this EA. All information are valid to 4 digits (or 2 digits for symbols involving JPY) after decimal. Certain input values are
100 USD
SlippageControl EA
Aliaksandr Kryvanos
The SlippageControl EA is designed for monitoring orders of other experts or manually opened orders. The EA contains the algorithm of statistics collection and slippage control with complete statistics output on the information panel, so you can control the execution quality of the broker. It is great for monitoring the orders of custom scalper EAs. The data is collected to a certain user-defined file. It collects the data on slippages of both the pending orders (OP_BUYSTOP, OP_SELLSTOP, OP_BUYL
75 USD
BollingerBandsIndi Based MO FX EA
Satyam Shivam
This is an expert advisor (EA), created in Meta-Trader 4 (MT4). It is mainly based on Bollinger bands and optionally use average true range (ATR) indicator for signal entry or exit. Signal Entry : At the end of each bar, closing price is compared with Bollinger bands to signal an order entry. This signal entry can be restricted through following filters, whose parameters can be selected through EA’s input: Current day is one of the selected trading days of a week Current time (on MT4 terminal)
100 USD
Veles Replication
Gennady Mazur
The EA copies all orders from one terminal (Master account) to another (Slave account), regardless of the instrument (all copied instruments must have the same names in both brokers, for example, if you copy GOLD and your account has XAUUSD, copying will not be performed). Orders of the Master account, which have been opened before copying, are recorded in the database, but are not copied. The maximum number of recorded (copied) orders is 100, usually limited by broker. It is possible to copy bo
250 USD
RSI Divergence Alert Simple
Arkady Segal
A simplistic indicator informing a user on RSI divergence by sending messages to mobile device and email. Parameters: RSIPeriod - number of bars for the RSI calculation RSI70 - RSI overbought level RSI30 - RSI oversold level Push - send (true) or do not send (false) notifications to the mobile device EMail - send (true) or do not send (false) notifications to email Sound - play (true) or do not play (false) the sound file SoundFile - name of the sound file To configure the push-notifications
240 USD
Trend Hour
Alexander Nikolaev
At certain times, the market has a very strong volatility on all currency pairs. During that time, some currency pairs move stronger, and some weaker. The Trend Hour EA opens a trade on the most trending currency pair at a certain time. It determines the strength of the trend on multiple currency pairs and multiple timeframes using the Alligator indicator and ADX. Usually, the strongest movements happen on the currency pairs with the dollar in the middle of the US session. It is not necessary to
15 USD
Olga Solovyova
The IndiMACD EA is a trend EA that works based on the MACD indicator. The EA uses a special algorithm based on MACD to obtain accurate trend signals for opening trades. All trades are maintained with an averaging system, which only follows the trend. The EA is optimized for the EURUSD currency pair and the M15 timeframe. Trading on other currency pairs requires prior optimization. Parameters Lot - size of the opened positions; step - opening step for averaging positions; Takeprofit - take prof
Vass LL
Vasiliy Luka
This is simple EA that does not need many indicators and does not require market analysis. If you want to catch a fast or a slow rise - fall, this EA can do that for you. This EA maintains pending orders while waiting for a fast rise or fall, orders are always protected (Stop Loss). The expert can simultaneously work on multiple currency pairs. The currency pairs with the minimum spread are recommended - from 0 to 20, otherwise the EA will not work. Download the trial and check the EA in the str
125 USD
Stairs Up
Evgeniy Tereshchenko
The Stairs UP Expert Advisor trades following signals of the following indicators: Regression Channel Modified Stochastic The EA looks for overbought/oversold areas in the channel, after exiting the areas it checks the Stochastic levels and additional filters. If signals match, the EA will open a position. The EA can manage and close both a single order and a series of order. It can use a fixed risk per trade or calculate risk as a percentage of equity. The EA can open additional deals in the tr
450 USD
Viktor Shpakovskiy
The Taranus EA is a universal assistant trader, semi-automatic, multi-functional robot! The EA has a large set of tools: it can work on indicators or without them, on trading levels and trend lines, trade on news, has several filters for determining the trend direction, and can work with market and pending orders. the EA has a multi-level risk management system that protects against losses and preserves the profit received. Designed to work under the control of a trader. The complete guide to th
339 USD
Support and Resistance Draw
David Haska
This indicator helps to draw support and resistance lines. Simply point your mouse to the level where you want to draw a line and press numpad button from 1 to 3. If you press 1 it means that you want to draw line for strong support and resistance. If you press 2 it means that you want to draw line for normal support and resistance. If you press 3 it means that you want to draw line for weak support and resistance. You can set up how these lines should look up in settings of the indicator. If yo
500 USD
Money Management Draw
David Haska
This indicator helps to draw Buy or Sell line, Take Profit line and Stop Loss line for the future trades. It will automatically calculate Reward Risk Ratio , Take Profit in pips and Stop Loss in pips. All you have to do is draw your lines with four buttons. If you want to draw Buy line , you have to point mouse where you want to draw it and press B button. If you want to draw Sell line , you have to point mouse where you want to draw it and press S button. If you want to draw Take Profit line ,
500 USD
Vitaly Muzichenko
Automatic lot calculation per stop level: calculates the lot considering the risk. It is possible to enter a percentage of the deposit and set the line to the planned stop level. As a result, the lot for entry will be calculated. Also, the TakeProfit level will be calculated taking into account the profit/loss ratio, and their profit/loss in the deposit currency. Thus, the final result of the trade can be seen, which is an integral part of successful trading. Features The indicator displays th
30 USD
Vitaly Muzichenko
Small trading panel for managing orders and positions in 1 click for MetaTrader 4 Version for MetaTrader 5 here Set hidden TakeProfit, StopLoss and pending orders at lines placed on the chart Work on time on the news Backtesting manual strategies in the tester Placing virtual orders Playing a sound signal when the price reaches a level Automatic closing of all positions on the account or symbol by the total take profit in the deposit currency Description Can be dragged to any part of the chart
35 USD
Three MA expert
Aleh Rabtsau
3 MA EXPERT works using three well-known Moving Average indicators with different periods. The tactics is quite popular. The middle МА crossing the upper one means buy, while crossing the lower МА means sell. If a deal yields a negative result, the EA uses a smooth martingale to recover avoiding huge drawdowns. In conjunction with three indicators, the results can be quite reliable. The EA allows you to choose trading by bars, set trailing stop, breakeven, and trading by time for each day of wee
30 USD
SRForce MT4
Agnello Hupp
SRForce depicts the strengths of support and resistance levels. As the blue line (support line) approaches or crosses the zero line, it indicates that a support zone is near, and prices are likely to bounce back. Similarly, when the red line (resistance line) approaches or crosses the zero line it indicates that a resistance zone is near, and prices are likely to change its direction. The greater the difference between the red line and the blue, the higher the difference between support and resi
30 USD
SlippageControl Library
Aliaksandr Kryvanos
The library is designed for collecting data on the slippages of orders. It is great for the developer to use in scalper experts. The data is collected to a certain user-defined file. The library is useful for fast assessment of order execution of a broker, can be easily included in an EA. It collects the data on slippages of both the pending orders (OP_BUYSTOP, OP_SELLSTOP, OP_BUYLIMIT, OP_SELLLIMIT), and also market orders (BUY, SELL). The saved file is available in the folder (press "File " ->
55 USD
Candles and 3MACD
Alexander Nikolaev
The trading strategy is based on the intersection of MACD's three signal lines with different parameters. Candlesticks are used for trade confirmation. The system shows better results when combined with the candlestick analysis. The Expert Advisor can analyze candlesticks on any timeframe specified in settings. It is recommended to run the EA on the M5 timeframe or M1 if using accounts with a very low spread. Features Trades fully automatically; Does not require a large initial deposit; Does n
20 USD
RailWay by DNG
Dmitriy Gizlyk
Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me introduce the new RailWay trend EA. This EA uses a unique algorithm of trend detection, which allows to achieve the effect of clear trend following, like a train moves on rails. The EA uses a multi-timeframe algorithm of trend detection, which simultaneously checks the trend direction on all timeframes from M1 to D1. The false signals can be eliminated using a filter based on the MACD indicator. This technology allows the EA to accurately select the entry point. Th
300 USD
EA Gideon
Ruslan Pishun
The EA Gideon is an Expert Advisor that trades ON NEWS and ON EVENTS that have a strong influence on the market, but do not occur regularly! That is the EA opens Sell Stop and Buy Stop pending orders in case of a sudden price change in any direction and closes them automatically with the profit that you wish. And we all know how often the price changes when a "successful" news appears, how far it can go up or down. Also, this robot protects your deposit by placing SL with customizable parameters
99 USD
HurtLockerPro Real Divergence
Vladimir Kjahrenov
NB! The indicator works only in real time and does not work on history. This means that the points for determining the divergences are checked only when the new quotes arrive. The divergence indicator displays the classic bullish and bearish divergences for the RSI, Stochastic, MACD indicators. The strongest signals are generated by MACD. The classic divergence is the most widespread and easy to understand. It is believed that the classic divergence is formed after the movement ends and shows th
70 USD
Aza Engono
TurtleStyle is a fully automated Expert Advisor which based on custom trend indicator. It works with 5-digit/4-digit and ECN/Non-ECN brokers. The EA has been tested with leverage 1:500 and with broker's time zone GMT+3. Features No martingale, grid, hedging Always use a stop loss Only one order at same time is opened Closed by trailing stop, opposite signal or stop loss Parameters MagicNumber - unique EA number Risk - money management TrendStrength - parameter of trend indicator TradeMode -
80 USD
Paul Anderson
This script is used for 'tagging' charts by attaching a text label that can be searched for by EAs or indicators that need to work with a subset of the available open charts. Dragging the script onto a chart that is already tagged removes the tag. Features NavTag creates or deletes a text label called “NavTag” The label appears in the top right corner of the chart with the text “(N)” The background colour of the label is the foreground colour for the chart and the foreground colour of the labe
WY Harmonic Searcher I MT4
Evgeniy Ilin
Assistant indicator. Multiple Instruments. Multiple Timeframes. Multiple digits. Detects harmonics with the varied damping ratio "d". It uses the mean absolute deviation method for searching. It has multiple configurable parameters. Simple and convenient tool. It is a lite version of the product WY Pattern Searcher P6 I MT4 . Expert - version The indicator parameters Main: Show Basic Spline - display the main spline Show Help Spline - display the auxiliary spline Show Spline Labels - display t
12 USD
WY Harmonic Searcher E MT4
Evgeniy Ilin
Assistant EA. Multiple Instruments. Multiple Timeframes. Multiple digits. Detects harmonics with the varied damping ratio "d". It uses the mean absolute deviation method for searching. It has multiple configurable parameters. Simple and convenient tool. It is a lite version of the product WY Pattern Searcher P6 E MT4 . The Indicator version Parameters of the Expert Advisor Main: Show Basic Spline - display the main spline Show Help Spline - display the auxiliary spline Show Spline Labels - dis
12 USD
Iurii Tokman
This is a semi-automatic trading robot. Buttons are used to open/close positions. Further position tracking is performed automatically by virtual profit level. Loss-making positions are averaged by increased/decreased lots. The buttons do not work in the strategy tester meaning that you can check the EA only on demo and real accounts. Special settings OPEN_BUY and OPEN_SELL can be used to test the EA in the strategy tester. Settings MagicNumber - identifier of the EA's orders. The robot works
137 USD

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