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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 194

Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Sergey Zhukov
The indicator calculation is based on the analysis of the price characteristics of bars and is adjusted by the ATR value. The degree of the ATR influence is determined by the ratio. The color scheme of the indicator depends on the direction of the current trend. A change in the trend is displayed by an arrow and a corresponding message. Depending on the strategy chosen by the trader, this indicator can be used to generate market entry signals, to place stop loss or close trades, and can also be
30 USD
Volumes Currency
Denis Luchinkin
Supply and demand, as well as the corresponding volumes, are among the main determining factors of the price movement on the currency markets to date. The demand for the currency increases its purchasing power, and as a consequence, the value of the currency against other currencies. The supply acts in the opposite direction, reducing the value of the currency. Such value can have physical meaning and justification, for example, in relation to the volume of material goods, corresponding to a cur
25 USD
Region of the Joker
Vjacheslav Lapaev
The indicator displays price areas with a similar level of dynamic market equilibrium and modal structure (Joker area of Sherh model). Comment to the algorithm Price ranges equidistant from the dynamic equilibrium level are equal to the standard deviation (with the appropriate factor) of the specified price fluctuation magnitude. The value equal to the amount of bars (candles) used in the displaying an appropriate Joker area indirectly corresponds to a potential collapse (explosion, destructio
50 USD
Pending Scalper
Agus Mufaizin
Pending Scalper is a fully automated Expert Adviser that works by observing candle correction level. This EA uses pending orders and time filter for place order. Can work on any timeframe. Trader only needs to adjust the Power Exponent to find the best setting ( default is 1.2 ). please change Power Exponent from 1 to 2.5 Higher Power Exponent is Low profit and low risk Lower Power Exponent is High Profit and High Risk. Requirements Not all brokers are suited to run this EA. Only a broker with
50 USD
Agus Mufaizin
SafeTrading is a fully automated Expert Adviser that works by observing breakout level with Bollinger Bands and Envelopes Indicator filter. SafeTrading is one of the most powerful grid trading tools. This EA places first order based on Envelopes, Moving Average and Average True Range indicators. And for next trade the EA will do averaging to eliminates all your floating loss into a floating profit. Although this type is Grid trading but this EA is safe enough to run. SafeTrading EA has a filter
130 USD
ADX Candles AM
Andriy Matviyevs'kyy
This indicator colors candles in accordance with the projected price movement. The analysis is based on the values of the classic ADX. If the DMI+ line is above the DMI- line and the main ADX line grows - the candlestick is painted in color that signals a price growth; If the DMI+ line is below the DMI- line and the main ADX line grows - the candlestick is painted in color that signals a price fall. The indicator does not redraw on completed candlesticks. The forming candlestick can change its c
30 USD
PivotPoints MT4
Maxim Polishchuk
PivotPoints indicator calculates and displays monthly, weekly and daily support and resistance levels. It also warns when the price approaches the Pivot levels. Pivot points are potential reversal levels used by banks and financial institutions. They are the basis of most kinds of the technical analysis. The indicator can calculate Pivot levels using the following methods: Standard; Camarilla; Woodie; De Mark. Notation РР - central Pivot level. S - support level. R - resistance level. Setti
10 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
The next indicator calculates the Relative Strength Index for the next indexes AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD in the same window. It has the next inputs: RSIperiods: Number of bars to use in calculation. aud: "True" to show AUD index "False" to hide it. cad: "True" to show CAD index "False" to hide it. eur: "True" to show EUR index "False" to hide it. gbp: "True" to show GBP index "False" to hide it. jpy: "True" to show JPY index "False" to hide it. nzd: "True" to show NZD index "False" to hi
15 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
The next indicator calculates the DeMarker oscillator for the next indexes AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD in the same window. It has the next inputs: DeMarkerperiods: Number of bars used in calculation. timeframe: Timeframe used to calculate indexes. aud: "True" to show index "False" to hide it. cad:  "True" to show index "False" to hide it. eur:  "True" to show index "False" to hide it. gbp:   "True" to show index "False" to hide it. jpy:   "True" to show index "False" to hide it. nzd:   "Tr
15 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
The next indicator calculates the William´s Percent Range for the next indexes AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD in the same window. It has the next inputs: WPRperiods: Number of bars to use in calculation. aud: "True" to show aud index "False" to hide it. cad: "True" to show cad index "False" to hide it. eur: "True" to show eur index "False" to hide it. gbp: "True" to show gbp index "False" to hide it. jpy: "True" to show jpy index "False" to hide it. nzd: "True" to show nzd index "False" to hi
15 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
The next indicator draws support and resistance in up to three different timeframes on the same chart based on x bars each timeframe. It has the next inputs: periods1: Number of bars to calculate support and resistance of timeframe1. periods2: Number of bars to calculate support and resistance of timeframe2. periods3: Number of bars to calculate support and resistance of timeframe3. timeframe1: First timeframe to calculate support and resistance. timeframe2: Second timeframe to calculate support
15 USD
Extended Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
Sergey Efimenko
This indicator is an extended version of the standard Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator. Added the ability to smooth the values for all lines (26 modes). Also added the ability to select the applied price used in the algorithm (16 options), which allows to calculate the indicator values by the prices of Heiken Ashi bars, for example. Parameters Tenkan - line calculation period (standard parameter) Kijun - line calculation period (standard parameter) Senkou - line calculation period (standard parame
30 USD
Reversal Trend
Claus Dietrich
It is basically the same as the "Reversal" but with fix settings no additional settings necessary Entry : immediately after arrow Stop loss : a few pips above the high of the arrow - candle / below the low of the arrow - candle Take Profit : at least the next candle / move to break even after candle closed / trail the SL works on : Major Forex-pairs / M15 and higher timeframes Arrows appear after Reversal-Pattern and when the confirmation-candle reaches its value, it won't disappear (no repaint)
99 USD
Turning point MT4
Roman Usenkov
The Turning point MT4 indicator displays the trend direction of the currency pair it is used on. The arrows showing the direction appear 1 bar before the current bar. Red arrow down displays the prevalence of bears on market, which is typical for the downward movement of the market. Yellow arrow up displays the prevalence of bulls on market, which is typical for the upward movement of the market. The indicator will be removed when the timeframe changes, and plotting will start from scratch. This
10 USD
Trailing Orders TL
Denis Mikhailov
The Trailing Orders TrendLine EA is an indispensable tool to help traders in manual trading by the resistance and support lines. Operation Using the "Draw Trendline" tool place a support and/or resistance line on the chart. Then place a pending order and specify the name of the trend line for trailing the order in its comments. Then the EA pick up the order and places it at a specified distance (Delta) from the selected trend line, and will trail the order based on the line until it is opened.
20 USD
Trading Day of Week
Mikhail Simakov
The EA implements the idea which supposes that on certain trading days of the week (TDW) the market more often grows and on others - falls. So, it is probably better to buy on certain days, and sell on others. The buy or sell signal is the price "breakout" of the volatility level. The stop loss level is fixed, the take profit level is absent. More details about the trading strategy can be found in the book by Larry Williams: "Long-term secrets of short-term trading". Input Parameters Magic - t
10 USD
Andrei Kashichkin
Omnia is a scalper EA, with a strategy based on the signals if the Stochastic indicator, uses a smart stop. This EA is suitable for working on the currency pairs like "EURUSD", "GBPUSD", "AUDUSD", "USDCHF". It is not recommended to work on "USDJPY". It is advisable to work on the timeframes "M5" and "M15". LevelBuy - Not recommended to set higher than 5 points! LevelSell - Not recommended to set lower than 95 points! The recommended leverage is - 1:500. Recommended minimum deposit is 500 units o
130 USD
Advanced Trend Dream
Sergey Efimenko
The indicator analyzes the internal averaged price channel on the specified border moving beyond the external cumulative one depending on the direction of current conventional trend, and at the same time the second price channel on the specified border moving beyond the extremums (or specified price modes) of the previous bar. A special case of the setting of this indicator is a well-known Ozymandias. The direction of the current conventional trend is displayed by a line, and the trend change ("
30 USD
Hajime Tsuro
ScalTradeAssist is a supporting tool for all Manual Forex Traders . It works perfectly for situations like: “Broker restricts to set StopLoss tightly close to the opened position” “Wish to close the position as soon as arrives the certain target but I don't know how to do it” You can do everything above with this tool! As the name of the tool shows, this robot was developed as a scalping tool however, ScalTradeAssist would allow us to manage almost all functions that we'd like to do for manual t
24 USD
Pavel Krysanov
Scalping is a type of trading strategies that aim to enter a trade, tape a few points of profit and exit the market. The main problem with using this strategy is choosing the right entry point. Thus, the purpose of this indicator is to help the traders, who use scalping strategies, to correctly enter the market and get the profit. The indicator operation scheme is significantly different from the trend indicators, which aim to determine the beginning of a trend in time and to signal the trader a
27 USD
Volume Volatility
Dominik Mandok
Volume Volatility is an indicator which analyzes currency pairs, indices, commodities etc. in terms of extremely high and extremely low accumulation to distribution ratio in comparison to values from past. The most important parameter is "Volume Volatility Factor" - this parameter, in big simplification, determines how far distance in the past is analyzed. The lower value of the parameter, the indicator analyzes less data from the past. I recommend you to set and test e.g. 3, 5, 15, 35, and 48 w
30 USD
Gegatrade Pro
David Zouein
Gegatrade Pro EA is a Cost Averaging System with a Sophisticated Algorithm. It is secured by a built-in “ News WatchDog ” system that suspends trading during news events. Trading Strategy Gegatrade Pro EA is based on the fact that most of the time the price usually moves between the upper and lower boundaries of the trading channel. Basing on this fact, Gegatrade Pro places its first trade, assuming that the price is going to return to its average value and take the profit which is defined. If
500 USD
David Zouein
Gegatrade Pro Asian EA is a Cost Averaging System with a Sophisticated Algorithm. The EA trades only during the Asian Time 21:00 till 06:00 GMT It is secured by a built-in “ News Suspend Trading ” system that suspends trading during news events. Trading Strategy Gegatrade Pro Asia is based on the fact that most of the time the price usually moves between the upper and lower boundaries of the trading channel. Basing on this fact, The EA places its first trade during Asian Time, assuming that th
250 USD
Truly ScreenShot Indicator
Roman Starostin
The indicator takes screenshots of the active terminal chart. Available image saving options: At the opening of a new bar (candlestick) depending on the currently selected timeframe; After a certain time interval, e.g. every 10 minutes after indicator launch on a chart; When trade orders are opened/closed both by an Expert Advisor and manually; Each time when a user clicks the "Screeshot" button. Indicator Parameters Settings Screenshot time Start Time (hh:mm) - sets the start time of indicato
30 USD
Happy Breakout
Jaroslav Rajcher
The expert advisor uses the strategy based on the breakdown of the most important support and resistance levels. Is optimized using real ticks with 99.90% model quality. Please see product signals here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/happyforex/seller Parameters Name_EA - a comment to trades; Magic - used to identify an order; LotVar - when you set the LotVar at 0 EA will use FixLot; Risk - The percentage of your account risked per trade based on account; (Setting: 0.01% low - 0.05% medium -
550 USD
I Permanent
Vladimir Gorbachev
Universal adaptable indicator. It determines the estimated trading range for the current day based on the available history a real data, and displays the area of the probable price rollback on the chart. All this thanks to the built-in algorithm that automatically adapts to any behavior models of the market quotes. With the parameters adjusted, the indicator shows its effectiveness on most of the currency pairs, that have a rollback from the reached extremums during the current or the next tradi
15 USD
Day Trader
Karolis Vaicekauskas
Day Trader is fully automated forex Expert Advisor. Robot strategy is based on price level's break out and some logical elements. Strategy doesn't use risky strategy elements which can burn your account in one day, strategy is created as safe as possible for forex trading, so you money is protected from big loss, because it doesn't use big stop loss. Shows stable profit in history. Robot uses virtual stops so they are hidden from broker. Real account monitoring : www.mql5.com/en/signals/173715 R
49 USD
OrderManager plus
Juergen Arp
OrderManager Plus upgrades Metatrader4 to a new level of productivity and gives many new functions, which will simplify your everyday trading. Your personal automatic trading system does: calculate and generate the order size that matches the risk in percentage you have put in. (FOREX ONLY!) automatically delete orders, if the rate hits the level you have put in. set the stop loss to breakeven, if the first target or the rate you have set is hit display the current spread and risk/loss rati
20 USD
Automatic Stop Loss
Martin Fischer
Add Stop Loss Just enter the desired minimum equity level of your account and this tool adds all necessary stop loss levels. Even if you are connected to a signal. This is very helpful, if your connection to a signal or the connection to your broker gets lost and all your orders do not have stop loss levels. Parameters SendNotifications - Set to true, if you want to get notifications about your account on your mobile device SendDepotInfoEveryHour - Set to true, if you want to get a small summa
14 USD
Liubomir Gaidarji
PlatinumScalper is a scalping EA based purely on price action. This system does not use indicators, martingales or hedge management. It is based only on price action and is not stuffed with a lot of filters. The EA trades on M1 timeframe only on XPTUSD only and only on ECN accounts with spread less than 3 pips! It will not trade on non-ECN accounts or bigger spread! I tried using it on Gold, but not every broker gives a good spread. Parameters Magic = -1 – if less than 0, it calculates a magi
45 USD
EA Permanent Select CHFJPY
Vladimir Gorbachev
This is a medium-term conservative system. It tracks quote movements and defines entry points. The Expert Advisor is completely automated and features the unique algorithm. It has been designed for trading CHFJPY and is based on a range trading strategy. Extreme levels are defined based on history, and the EA starts trading expecting a roll-back. Two limit orders are set in case the price moves further. This product continues the EA Permanent series. Dynamic incoming data filtration method is us
10 USD
Break Even Profit Price Level
Martin Fischer
If you have multiple open orders on the same symbol, you can see the price level, where the sum of these orders will be +/- 0. Respectively see the price level, where the sum of the orders start to get profitable. Parameters ShowOnlyBreakEvenSum - true : You will see one break-even-line for all open orders. false : You will see break-even-lines for short-, long and all orders. Note : If you have only one open order, then the breakeven price level is of course the starting price of this order.
14 USD
Vitalii Ananev
This is a multi-functional trading panel containing multiple sub-panels. "Volume calculator" allows you to calculate a lot size for a specified symbol according to a specified risk percentage from a deposit and stop loss in points. A stop loss should exceed zero, otherwise the calculator works incorrectly. "Trade panel" allows you to perform trading operations (opening market positions, placing pending orders, removing pending orders, and closing all positions). All trading operations are perfor
30 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
The next indicator is an histogram that compares the difference between highest high of x bars and moving average of same bars compared with the difference between lowest low of same number of bars and moving average also of the same number of bars (that means that if difference between highest high and moving average is higher than difference between lowest low and moving average the indicator will draw values higher than 0). It has the next inputs: maperiods: Number of bars to calculate the mo
10 USD
Full MT
Yongliang Mu
This is a auto-trading program based on Martingale strategy. The basic idea of this strategy is to add more lots when the market moves on the contrary direction after the first order. Once the market direction reverses, it is able to get profit. Many people think the Martingale is not a good strategy, and even some platforms prohibit such trading. But, as I known,trading based on Martingale can help you make money if you know how to operate. Because the market always reverses! This EA also inclu
300 USD
Sequential R
Antony Augustine
In today’s market, an objective counter trend technique might be a trader’s most valuable asset. Most of the traders in the stock market must be familiar with the name "TD Sequential" and "Range Exhaustion". The Sequential R is a Counter-Trend Trading with Simple Range Exhaustion System. TD Sequential is designed to identify trend exhaustion points and keep you one step ahead of the trend-following crowd. The "Sequential R" is designed to recognize profitable counter trend patterns from your c
40 USD
Pipo Expert
Josep Marsa
Important to know I recommend using it on accounts with at least 1000$. Anyways you can use it starting from 500$-1000$. The first operation is always a BUY order. Hedge Strategy implemented. The best of this EA during the testing and working in live market: Profit factor: from 1.4 - 2 Drawdown: Less than 10%. Good entries per default and configurable entries. Configure start lot size. Configure how many bars you want to consider. Configure entry signals: RSI + Volumes (mathematical operatio
50 USD
Grid Harvester Pro MT4
Grzegorz Korycki
This is PRO version of famous (or infamous) grid strategy used by social traders. It contains YourAI module that lets you construct your own logic with almost every indicator from the market or code base! Use it in classic Grid Trading style or build your logic from scratch . Dozens of presets built-in for the grid harvester. Both Grid Harvester and YourAI config files are fully compatible with Grid Harvester PRO, as it combines their functionality. 1. Grid Harvester Grid Harvester's goal i
149 USD
Alfred Kamal
Description: This indicator is a collection of three indicators , it is 3 in 1: PipsFactoryDaily Click Here PipsFactoryWeekly Click Here PipsFactoryMonthly Click Here If you are interesting in all of them, you can save money - this collection indicator is cheaper. This indicator depends on High and Low price of currency in the (Last day / Last week / Last Month) depends on user input, and then I made some secret equations to draw 10 lines. Features: You will know what exactly price you sho
350 USD
Yuxin Long
AgileTrader AgileTrader Expert Advisor creates a position according to the candle chart, and follows the market fluctuations to adjust the average price, and then finds the right place to profit out. AgileTrader EA does the analysis using M5 timeframes only . Please use this EA on EURUSD of 5-digit only. Real account monitoring https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/181002 Inputs Lots = 0.01 - Manual Lot size, 0.01 corresponding 10000 capital, 0.02 corresponding 20000 ...and so on (leverage 500:1)
1 000 USD
Roberto Jacobs
Parameters SoundAlerts = true – play sound alerts, true or false (yes or not) UseAlerts = true – use alerts, true or false (yes or not) eMailAlerts = false – use alerts via email, true or false (yes or not) PushNotifications = false – use push notifications, true or false (yes or not) SoundAlertFile = "alert.wav" – name of alerts sound file ColorBarsDown = clrRed – color body of bearish candlesticks (default – red) ColorBarsUps = clrBlue – color body of bullish candlesticks (default – blue) Colo
15 USD
Another Relation
Maxim Kuznetsov
Another Relation displays the relative movement of the other symbols (up to 5) in a separate chart window. The indicator works currency pairs, indices and other quotes. Another Relation allows to visually estimate the symbol correlation and their relative amplitude. Thus, the trader is able to compare the movement of the current instrument to others, identify correlations, delays and make decisions based on their general movement. Indicator usage The window displays the data on all the symb
40 USD
FiBW Trader
Pavel Voronov
The FiBW Trader is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on usage of fractals and Fibonacci levels. For each trade it places stop loss and take profit levels calculated on the basis of the current market situation. It is recommended to use the EA on the currency pairs with low spreads. The EA works with 4- and 5-digit quotes. The EA implements a false signal filters based on the algorithms by Bill Williams. The EA must be optimized for each currency pair. It also implements the algorithm of aut
100 USD
Colored Support and Resistance Lines Easy
Draw horizontal lines the easy way! Save time and effort! It doesn't matter whether you want it blue or yellow or whatever color you choose, just configure the indicator and that's it! You will have any line to use it as support or resistance. Input parameters: I have defined the following keys for drawing the lines: M => as it was the "Monthly " line W => as it was the "Weekly" line D => as it was the "Daily" line H => as it was the "Hourly" line For each line you want you can define color, s
15 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
The next indicator measures the strength of change calculated with moving average over x bars of the next currencies AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD. The pairs used to calculate the indexes are the next : AUDCAD, AUDJPY, AUDNZD, AUDUSD, CADJPY, EURAUD, EURCAD, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURNZD, EURUSD, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPJPY, GBPNZD, GBPUSD, NZDCAD, NZDJPY, NZDUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY. The table below shows the inputs: maperiods: Number of bars to use in calculation. aud: "True" to show aud index "False" to h
15 USD
Direct Copier
Mikhail Zhitnev
High-speed order copier. Duplicates market orders with adjustable lot size on the same trading account. Expert Advisor Settings: lot size; magic number of the orders; sending notifications on closing/opening orders. Every copied order contains the information on the number (ticket) of the original order in its comment. I have also developed an Expert Advisor with the ability to copy orders across different accounts in direct and reversed directions.
15 USD
Gerard Ngawati
Monitoring https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/176223 https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/164788 3 Strategies Strategy1 - High risk to reward of about of 4-5:1 but low win percent of around 25%. Strategy2 - Medium risk to reward of about 1:2 and medium win percent of around 70%. Strategy3 - High win percent 90%+ but low risk to reward of about 1:4-8 Features Back tested with over 10 years of data. Uses 99.90% back testing 'every tick'. Works on multiple major pairs unchanged. EURUSD and GBPUSD wil
200 USD
PipTick Supply Demand
Michal Jurnik
PipTick Supply Demand is the best indicator we have ever made. This great tool automatically draws a supply and demand zones which are the best places for opening and closing the positions. It has many advanced features such as multi timeframe zones support, displaying width of zones, alert notifications for retouched zones and much more. Because of principle of market fractality, this indicator can be used for any kind of trading. It does not matter whether you are positional, swing or intraday
97 USD
Igor Semyonov
The Sprint is an automated scalper EA for high-frequency trading on the financial instrument of the chart it is attached to. For multi-currency trading the EA should be attached to a chart of the corresponding financial instrument. The EA requires two account types, i.e. (MT5/MT4 or MT4/MT4) terminals on one computer. provider. receiver. The EA trades on the receiver account based on the advance market information of the provider. Input Parameters Symbol Name - name of financial instrument of
500 USD
Neon System N1 PRO
Ruslan Pishun
Neon System N1 PRO is along-term system containing 10 different strategies. Each strategy includes multiple indicators, the system is designed for real trading. The system uses 50 standard indicators, the robot contains 10 strategies. This system is not for those "who want everything at once." This system assumes a professional long-term trading on the Forex market. The robot has been tested in a special tester on real ticks. It uses an adaptive trailing stop algorithm. The EA uses a system of c
68 USD
Nurudeen Amedu
Cycle= space (price) + time. Space because one cycle starts with a minimum, reaches a maximum and ends with another minimum. Time because it takes X mins/hours/days from the opening minimum to the ending one. Market is the sum of all the cycles in the universe (which influence our lives and so the market). The cycles have different durations and, usually, one cycle contains 4 smaller cycles with equal duration. So, the difference between two different cycles is always the duration (periods), the
50 USD
Smart Robot
Vladimir Gribachev
This is a news Expert Advisor working by the economic calendar. After the news release the EA analyzes the behavior of the price and makes the decision whether to buy or sell. The time given for the analysis of the price behavior is set by the trader, the recommended values are from 5 to 10 minutes. During this given time after the news release the EA gathers the information on the strength of bulls and bears. The price usually expands its trading range and does not move in a specific direction.
30 USD
Level Price
Alexey Valeev
The indicator displays specified levels that are closest to the price. When the price breaks the level up or down, the indicator finds the next level closest to the price and displays it. Adjustable parameters Levels (00;25;50;75) - display levels with the price ending with the specified parameters ххххх00, ххх25, etc. Calculate (High-Low) - prices the levels are searched from. History bars (2000) - bars in history, from which levels are displayed. Note We set the ending of the desired price
25 USD
Andrea Porubska
ONE One simple helper for your business. One click to open an order to buy or sell with your settings. You can open more information and to obtain the average of all inputs depending on the setting. One click on the buttons and operations in this market is done! Input Parameters Comments - Additional comment to orders Lots - Initial lot. Lot exponent - The value the lot should be multiplied by when the next generation is placed Maximum lot size- The maximum size of the lot. Magic number Take p
15 USD
BO Sprint
Igor Semyonov
The BOSprint is an automated EA for trading the binary options on the financial instrument of the chart it is attached to. For multi-currency trading the EA should be attached to a chart of the corresponding financial instrument. The EA requires two account types, i.e. two MetaTrader 4 terminals on one computer. provider. receiver. The EA trades on the receiver account based on the advance market information of the provider. Input Parameters Symbol Name - name of financial instrument of the ch
350 USD
Spread Display
Dominik Mandok
Spread Display is a simple but very helpful indicator allowing live monitoring of spread in chart window. Using this indicator, there's no need to distract attention never again, seeking current spread value somewhere else. From now on, everything is clear and at the height of your eyes, in chart window of selected currency pair. Indicator has many settings. We can choose any font we want and we can set 3 spread levels ( Spread_Level_1 , Spread_Level_2 and Spread_Level_3 ) between which will cha
15 USD
Scalp Trap
Rudy Oloan Hasibuan
Scalp Trap is an EA robot that runs on purely technical analysis. As a Scalp-type robot, it only trades in a short session. By default, as protection, the Stop-Loss is set in a tight points. But on the other hand, it would trap the trade when the chart trend has a strong movement. Requirements : Works with all pairs, especially with low-spread, not exceeding 1 pips. A reliable VPS is mandatory to avoid missing out crucial trades. Input Parameters : MagicNumber = 123456 - used to identify an
999 USD
Volume weighted RSI Pointer MFI
Dominik Mandok
MFI Pointer is an indicator based on Money Flow Index indicator that uses both price and volume to measure buying and selling pressure. Money Flow Index is also known as volume-weighted RSI . MFI Pointer simply draws arrows on chart window when value of Money Flow Index (from parameter MFI_Period) is below MFI_Level (green upward pointing arrow) or above 100-MFI_Level (red downward pointing arrow). Indicator works on all timeframes and all currency pairs, commodities, indices, stocks etc. MFI Po
19 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
The next indicator draws Fibonacci supports and resistances (9 lines based on next percentages 0%, 100%, 50%, 23.6%, 38.2%, 61.8%, 76.4%) based on predetermined number of bars. It has the next input: periods: Number of periods to calculate Fibonacci levels. The supports and resistances can be modified in terms of colour, width, style. Note: The indicator repaints past data when changing timeframe, pair or updating so the only important data is present data that means it makes no sense to backtes
15 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
The next indicator calculate pivot points (Pivot point, Resistance1, Resistance2, Resistance3, Support1, Support2, Support3) using classical formula but instead of using static data (previous day data) uses x bars that keep updating as new bar is made. It has the next inputs: periods: Amount of periods (bars) to calculate pivot points. Every level can be customized in terms of style, width, colour. Note: As this indicator keep constantly updating as new bar forms it repaints past data when you u
15 USD
Verdure InfoBASE
Olawale Adenagbe
Verdure InfoBASE Verdure InfoBASE is a utility that provides detail information about Trading Server, MT4 Terminal, Trading Account, Symbols, Date and Time and MQL5 Community. Furthermore, it provides useful price statistics about any Forex currency pair and open positions. As a trader, certain information are very key in making trading decisions but these information are not readily available on MT4 Terminal without going through many clicks of the mouse to fetch these information or doing some
20 USD
Weekly support and resistance levels
Antony Augustine
In the stock market technical analysis, support and resistance is a concept that the movement of the price of a security will tend to stop and reverse at certain predetermined price levels. Support and resistance levels can be identified on any timeframe. However, the most significant ones are found on the higher time frames, such as daily, weekly, and monthly. This indicator using the weekly OHLC data to identify the relevant levels. This is a support and resistance indicator.
20 USD
RP 21 Indicator
Raffaele Paglietti
The indicator finds entry and exit points based on a few combination of things. If an entry is detected, the indicator shows and Arrow, either pointing down for Short and up for Long positions. When a exit is detected, the indicator will display a Cross at the right point. The Indicator bases its entries on: Average Volumes Calculation Parabolic SAR Relative Strength Index Relative Vigor Index Candles Size Range And the exits on: Stochastic Oscillator Price Direction I welcome anyone that wants
15 USD
Fractal ZigZag
Vladimir Gribachev
The EA uses multiple indicators, "Fractals" and "ZigZag". The trades are opened when the fractals are formed on the maximum and minimum levels of the ZigZag indicator. For position trailing the EA uses a trailing stop loss with protective reverse pending order for the case if the price reverses. The stop loss with the reverse pending order are moved to the price at the distance of stop loss value until the stop loss of the open order reaches the breakeven level. After that the pending order is r
30 USD
Simple Bot
Vladimir Gribachev
The Expert Advisor is based on the principle of the price movement with no roll-backs. If the filter gives permission and the price moves a specified distance, point by point in the same direction, then a trade is opened. As the filters the EA uses multiple indicators, "Fractals" and "ZigZag", tading is allowed when the fractals are formed on the maximum and minimum levels of the ZigZag indicator. The EA has a minimum of settings. 💼 Telegram chat for questions and discussion: https://t.me/forex
30 USD
Stoch Skalper Signal AM
Andriy Matviyevs'kyy
This indicator is designed for trading short-term price changes. Signals are displayed as arrows on fully completed candlesticks. The indicator is not redrawing. The indicator calculation is based on the data of the classical Stochastic Oscillator. Other indicators of the Signal series are available in my products . Your feedback and comments are welcome. Parameters: Ind_Period - indicator calculation period.
30 USD
Dmitry Shutov
The Expert Advisor works based on the original algorithm and does not use the standard indicators. The entry points are preferred to be left undisclosed. This would lead to the creation of a huge number of similar EAs and its strategy would no longer be relevant. Upon the detection of an entry point the EA opens a market order with the volume of Lots . The StopLoss and TakeProfit are placed automatically for every order. Multiple buy and sell market orders may be opened. The EA implements the ab
20 USD
Aleksej Shcherbak
The Expert Advisor opens trades during rapid changes in the volume and price movements. The EA is based on the INDSILUNIWERSAL indicator on the five-minute chart. Trades are closed when the stops trigger, or at a certain time specified in the 'closingtime' parameter, or if there are large volumes in the opposite direction. The EA is configured to work on the GBPUSD pair. To work on a different pair, it is recommended to perform the optimization on two pairs of parameters by turns: Multiplier - r
30 USD
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
This Expert Advisor moves the stop loss at 50%(middle) of the range over specified number of bars. It has the next parameters: BarsNum: Number of bars to calculate the range. PipDistance: Distance in pips to place the stop loss above/below 50% of the range (Set it at 0 if you want it exactly at 50% of the range). Once the Expert Advisor is attached to a chart it will show the next inputs at the top left corner: LTS: Stop loss price of buy orders. STS: Stop loss price of sell orders. This expert
Damian Mateusz Dziadosz
This Expert Advisor moves the stop loss at x% of the range over specified number of bars. It has the next parameters: BarsNum: Number of bars to calculate the range. PipDistance: Distance in pips to place the stop loss above/below x% of the range (Set it at 0 if you want it exactly at x%). Percentage: Amount of percentage of range to place the stop loss (x). Once the Expert Advisor is attached to a chart it will show the next inputs at the top left corner: LTS: Stop loss price on buy orders. STS

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