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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 198

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
This panel is a one stop solution to all your trading problems Trading made easy. This panel allows trader to place orders (instant or pending) and close the respective orders (ALL, PROFIT, LOSS) just from one panel Traders can use it to make any type of trade on the chart itself Description Close Order All - close all open orders. Profit - close profitable ones. Loss - close loss-making ones. Select Order Amount type (Lots, Money, Risk%) Select Stop Loss Price SL Pips - distance in pips to s
25 USD
This utility was designed for those traders who usually have several charts open at the same time. Rather than having to individually change the timeframe on each chart you can drop the "timechanger" on one chart and then with the simple press of a button, change the timeframe on all charts simultaneously. This will enable the trader to go through his charts much more quickly as he studies the markets. Of course you must be careful if you have experts or indicators that are timeframe dependent r
10 USD
This indicator will show Buy (color Aqua) or Sell (color Magenta) arrow at the moment when a Long or a Short local trend (local to the current TimeFrame) is expected. The huge advantage is that the indicator does not have any input parameters. So, you will not waste your time and will not struggle to change them for different TimeFrames and currency pairs. This indicator is universal, but it will work better on H1 and lower TFs.
34 USD
Every indicator has its advantages and disadvantages. Trending ones show good signals during a trend, but lag during a flat. Flat ones thrive in the flat, but die off as soon as a trend comes. All this would not be a problem, if it was easy to predict when a flat changes to a trend and when a trend changes to a flat, but in practice it is an extremely serious task. What if you develop such an algorithm, which could eliminate an indicator's flaws and enhance its strengths? What if such an algori
45 USD
Dmitry Shutov
Background The Expert applies the martingale principle. The main task was to reduce drawdown and obtain a balanced chart by trading on 4-6 charts simultaneously. Monitoring of my accounts: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/mizrael Recommendations The EA is recommended for use on 4-6 currency pairs. It is recommended to trade pairs with 4 or 5 decimal places. Using pairs containing the JPY currency is not advisable. The Step parameter is determined experimentally. In general, when trading
20 USD
Send mail Monitor
Oleksii Pidlubnyi
This Expert Advisor sends an email notification, generates an alert or outputs a message to the journal (depending on the settings) every time a new order is opened (buy, sell, limit, stop). It also sends a similar message about closure of orders. The EA can be useful for those who want to always be informed of which orders had been opened/closed on the account. Expert Advisor Settings Notification_for_new_open_orders - sends notifications about new opened orders; Notification_for_new_closed_o
20 USD
The Super Cross Trend indicator is designed for trend and signal trading. This indicator generates trend signals. It uses many algorithms and indicators to generate this signal. It tries to generate a signal from the points with the highest trend potential. This indicator is a complete trading product. This indicator does not need any additional indicators. You can only trade with this indicator. The generated signals are displayed on the graphical screen. Thanks to the alert features you can ge
60 USD
Custom Pivots
Tsvetan Tsvetanov
4.2 (5)
Pivots Points are significant levels traders can use to determine directional movement, support and resistance. Pivot Points use the prior period's high, low and close to formulate future support and resistance. In this regard, Pivot Points are predictive and leading indicators. Pivot Points were originally used by floor traders to set key levels. Floor traders are the original day traders. They deal in a very fast moving environment with a short-term focus. At the beginning of the trading day,
30 USD
The I Return Signal indicator is a product designed for signal trading. This indicator works by using a number of factors such as a set of indicators, recent history data, bar combinations, price movements, custom filtering system and various algorithms. It uses all of these factors at the same time and generates turn signals. The signals are generated by calculating from the highest possible points of the signal. This indicator is easy to use and understandable. Thanks to the warning features,
40 USD
Statistical Scalping
Nauris Zukas
3.67 (3)
EA Statistical Scalping is an automatic scalping system, designed based on the analysis of statistics for the last 14 years. Account monitoring. Trading Strategy The EA analyzes market volatility. Trades are opened during price movements and are closed when a certain level is reached. The EA was able to show a profitable tendency when tested for 14 years with different market conditions (flat, trend, economic and political influence on the market, etc.). The essence of this expert is in statis
99 USD
Advanced awesome indicator is a modified and advanced version of the standard awesome oscillator. With this indicator you can now make adjustments that you can not do on the awesome indicator. You can change and edit this indicator to suit your strategy. You can easily use it to recognize large and small trends. Features The period can be set to define larger and smaller trends with the fast and period slow feature. You can change the input mode with the price mode. You can use Simple, Exponen
30 USD
Crazy Scalper XL
Andrey Kozak
2.75 (4)
Crazy Scalper XL is a mechanical trading system that accurately displays orders opening and closing points on the chart. All you need to do is follow its instructions. Crazy Scalper XL does not re-paint its signals. It works well on all currency pairs and timeframes. Besides, the indicator displays data on the obtained profit or loss in the upper right corner. Recommendations Open a sell order when the arrow appears. Close an order when a square appears. Parameters Period fast - indicator pe
55 USD
PipTick OHLC indicator shows the current and historical values of High, Low, Open, Close and Mid for a specific time period. It can plot the current values or the values from the previous session. The range for calculation of the indicator can be taken from a daily, weekly, monthly, or user-specified session. Levels High of current or previous session. Low of current or previous session. Open of current or previous session. Close of current or previous session. Midpoint of current or previous
99 USD
PipTick Basket expert advisor can open up to 10 trades at once. It was developed for basket traders who need to open a lot of trades on many different pairs. Expert advisor allows to set a take profit and stop loss as value in money for each basket trade. This EA is also equipped by hedge functions and allows traders to use the Classic Hedge strategy or Sure-Fire strategy, also known as "Always in profit". Main Features Opening multiple trades simultaneously. EA Works on any market (Forex, CFD
99 USD
This Expert Advisor operates based on binary combinations of conjugated currency pairs, including two modes: opening two orders in mutually opposite directions and opening one order on an adjacent pair (cross). By default, the EA uses parameters for the EURUSD-GBPUSD combination, optimized for working on EURUSD H1. To work on other currency pairs or periods, preliminary testing and optimization in the strategy tester are required. Adjustable Parameters TradeEnabled - if true, enables trading;
75 USD
This powerful indicator intercepts 21 patterns simultaneously on 28 Pairs and on all timeframes. Just put the indicator on a single chart to see all patterns that appear on all pairs in all timeframes The patterns found are: For Bearish: Bearish Abandoned Baby; Bearish Engulfing; Bearish Harami; Bear Kicker; Dark Cloud Cover; Evening Doji Star; Evening Star; Shooting Star; Three Black Crows; Three Inside Down; Three Outside Down; For Bullish: Bullish Abandoned Baby; Bullish Engulfing; Bullish Ha
59 USD
Impulse Catcher
Alexandr Maltsev
The Impulse Catcher Expert Advisor is based on the Impulse Checker indicator. The main operation principle lies in utilization of strong directional price movements. The EA opens positions the moment a strong directional price movement appears. The EA does no use hedging, martingale, grid and other risky strategies. The EA uses only tick data in its calculations, so changing the timeframe does not affect the entry and exit points. Use the timeframe, where you can easily monitor trading on the ac
180 USD
Shark Surfer is a new generation indicator applying a well-established trend-following trading. The product is good both for scalping, as well as medium- and long-term trading. Shark Surfer analyzes a selected symbol and shows the recommended market entry, take profit and stop loss levels. Shark Surfer trades on all symbols and timeframes. It also features email and push notifications concerning the new trading signals. The indicator searches for suitable market entry points on an already formed
50 USD
The Super Volume Trend indicator uses a set of algorithms and indicators. The purpose of this indicator is to find healthy trends with specific volume movements. It uses some filtering systems to find these trends. The indicator is easy to use, simple and understandable. This is a standalone trend indicator which does not need additional indicators. Users can apply it together with other indicators that are appropriate to their strategy. Suggestions and working style The period settings have b
40 USD
Hello, this EA is designed to scalp the market in the direction of the trend. I give you the ability to modify a lot of parameters in order to optimize the EA on different assets and timeframes. As a matter of fact, I noticed that the strategy is relatively adaptable among some Forex pairs and some assets from the daily timeframe to the 5 minutes one. I hope that you will be able to diversify your portfolio thanks to this skill. All backtests are done with a real tick database. Parameters OBlo
50 USD
Jupiter FX
Anton Kilin
5 (1)
Smart order management during an account drawdown and competent exit from difficult situations and full control of positions - all this is Jupiter FX . The Expert Advisor is based on the original strategy, which allows you to efficiently take advantage of the price fluctuations. The EA buys low and sells high. If the price starts moving against the order, the EA tries to gradually close the losing orders. The EA does not use martingale, it gradually opens more orders with a fixed lot. If the pos
100 USD
Ticks Count
Viktor Kolmakov
This indicator displays in a separate window the difference between the number of ticks which increased the price, and the number of ticks that decreased the price. This approach allows you to evaluate the movement direction (growth or fall) of the instrument's price and the strength of the movement. Set the time interval for calculation, expressed in the number of bars. The in real time uses only the ticks that arrive in real time, the history data are not analyzed.
300 USD
Maksim Neimerik
This is a versatile Expert Advisor for trading on any currency pairs. The EA applies only Moving Average in trading. When a price retreats to a preset distance, the robot places a grid of pending orders and averages the profit while they are opened. A news filter has been added to the Expert Advisor! Recommended Usage Low spread; Currency pair - any (recommended - EURUSD and GBPUSD); Timeframe - М30; In the news filter settings, it is recommended to set 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after the
20 USD
Ticks Line Chart is a professional indicator for the MetaTrader 4 platform. This indicator allows displaying a tick chart in a separate window, so that you can see price changes inside bars. Note that the Strategy Tester of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform only shows the static spread, that is why in in the tester the distance between the ASK and Bid prices will always be the same. Indicator Benefits Perfect for scalping. A unique indicator, there are no free analogues. Using the flexible ind
32 USD
The Strong Volume Signal indicator is an indicator designed to generate trading signals. Using a number of price movements and a set of indicator properties to generate these signals. The purpose of this indicator is to generate signals from the highest probability of trading. Easy to use, simple and understandable to the user. Visually the user can easily recognize the signals. With alert features, user signals can be reached quickly. This indicator will not be repainted. Features and Suggest
50 USD
The WWCS Trade Information Indicator is designed to assist you with money management and provide you with important information about a currency pair both before taking a trade and after your trade is in progress. The trade information (such as recommended lot size for a desired percentage of your account equity, the amount of money at risk, etc.) takes quite a bit of time and knowledge to calculate and, because of the speed at which prices change, is out of date as soon as you've calculated it.
30 USD
Vladimir Deryagin
The Expert Advisor consists of four popular indicators: MovingAverage Stochastic MACD ZigZag It is possible to use all four indicators both together, and individually, selecting the necessary combination. Basic settings of the Expert Advisor Magic - order magic number Volume - volume for opened trades Slippage - price slippage when opening orders. StopLoss - close orders after reaching a certain loss in points, TakeProfit - desired profit in points. TrailingStop - move StopLoss to order's open
30 USD
This indicator is constantly calculating the probability of a trend. The result of those calculations is shown in the upper left corner of the chart. It is shown in a green color text if the trend is expecting to go Up, in a red text if the trend is expending to go Down, and in a white text if "no trend" is calculated. It can show cross lines in color of your choice or you can delete those cross lines by setting Cross color to "None". This indicator can show a radar vector in color of your choic
34 USD
Zom EA
Bogdan Yarotskiy
Zom EA is an automated trading system. Trades are made after detecting patterns on complete bars. It is also possible to trade with an auto lot. A moving average is used to sort out trades. Standard settings are suitable for M5 EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, EURCHF, EURJPY and AUDUSD. You can also customize the EA the way you want. The system applies martingale. Please keep in mind that this is a risky strategy! Monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/miloneg Parameters Use Autolot
100 USD
Tick Vision
Dmitry Homenkov
The Tick Vision indicator is a convenient tool for manual scalping. The indicator plots a tick chart in real time in a separate window. It is also possible to plot 2 additional ЕМА's of the price. Period for the ЕМА is the number of ticks. The indicator does not overload the system. You set the number of ticks to be displayed by the indicator. For even greater visual control, a grid with adjustable step is set, similar to the main chart. There are also period separators (1 minute) to control the
15 USD
RSI Trend
Denis Luchinkin
RSI Trend is a trend indicator that interprets the current market situation based on multiple RSI indicators with different periods. Indicator Benefits Displays zones of an evident trend movement, overbought/oversold zones, as well as transition zones; Can be used in scalping strategies, as well as medium-term and long-term strategies; Has a minimum of settings; The standard line colors and selected for a comfortable operation with the black and white styles of the chart; Can be used in Expert
10 USD
MA strategies EA
Tonny Obare
5 (5)
MA strategies EA is a moving average cross EA that can support multiple MA cross strategies that involve two or three moving averages. Purchasing this EA can save you the time taken to automate your existing MA strategy through coding a custom EA and it also helps you discover profitable moving average strategies as its fully compatible with the strategy tester and all settings are editable. The EA supports both scalping, short term and long term strategies. The various supported settings are ex
40 USD
The indicator displays the resistance/support levels based on the history data of price action. It requires a depth of history to calculate the levels. The tool has been developed using an original proprietary technique. The resistance and support levels indicate the accumulations of orders. Indicator Parameters Start Data/Time - initial date/time of the history data for calculation of levels Width of Lines Resistance/Support in Points - thickness (density) of lines in points, it is recommende
30 USD
Denis Glaz
Expert Advisor based on the statistical analysis of price data. Why Helios? No risky trading strategies. Works with 4 and 5-digit quotes. Multiple risk management profiles. No sudden deposit loss. Option to trade a fixed lot. Artificial intelligence processes the statistical analysis data. Few input parameters. No need to configure and optimize - the genetic algorithm has already done it for you. How to use? Attach Helios to 6 charts with the M15 timeframe set: EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD
99 USD
RSI.MACD Warden is an innovative indicator for MetaTrader 4 running a versatile algorithm aimed at identifying RSI , MACD and Stochastic divergences. This indicator looks back for a set number of bars and draws lines when a normal or hidden divergence is identified. The smaller the lookback period the faster is the indicator. A divergence line is plotted on the chart when an RSI divergence between A and B points is also confirmed by MACD and Stochastic divergences between the same points on the
30 USD
This EA will open reversal order if the price hit the red line. eg: Buy ticket opened, if price hit below red line, buy ticket will be close and sell ticket will be open (lot size based on EA parameter setting) Parameters Setting Monitor order with StopLoss set: if set to TRUE , order on same symbol with stoploss level will be closed if the stoploss line is hit if set to FALSE , order on same symbol with stoploss level will be ignored LotSize: Lot size for trade by EA new StopLoss position ran
10 USD
The Big Trend MACD indicator is an advanced model of the standard MACD indicator. It is very easy and simple to use. The main purpose of the indicator is to find great trends. With this indicator you can easily detect in small trends. This indicator can be used as two different trend finding tools for big trends and small trends. Try to use the big trends suggested, or with other suitable chart-appropriate indications. Features and Trends This indicator has period, signal, period color, signal
30 USD
PZ Megaphone
Find Megaphone patterns easily with this indicator. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Easy to use Customizable colors and sizes It implements breakout signals It implements alerts of all kinds Input Parameters Size of patterns: Size of the patterns to be found, expressed as bars between alternative points Max. History Bars: Amount of past bars to examine in the chart Color of bullish patterns: This parameter is self-explanatory Color of bearish pat
30 USD
For FTSE100
Eduard Bulatov
The EA is optimized for trading #FTSE and it is fully prepared for installation in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. No additional settings are required. The initial deposit must be at least 5000. The EA trades a fixed lot based on two indicators, Moving Average and Fractals. Deals are closed by TraillingStop or StopLoss. There are only two input parameters: MaxRisk - default is 70 Slippage - default is 3 For the correct operation of the Expert Advisor, an uninterrupted Internet connection is required
888 USD
Ratio TP SL
Pavel Verveyko
This indicator allows you to measure the profitability of each specific transaction (the ratio of Stop and Profit). The indicator allows you to adjust the ratio by step size and number of steps. You can build an unlimited number of ratios to compare the risks from different movements. Note: in MT4, the number of horizontal lines in a single ratio cannot exceed 32. Building a line : click the " Ratio " button and draw a line (mouse click - the first point of the line, where the mouse is relea
30 USD
Daying Cao
5 (1)
This StrongCurrency is a complete trading system based on a variety of technical indicators, moving averages and pivots. Each of those elements can be assessed in defined rules and coefficients (depending on the indicator) providing limitless optimization scenarios for the StrongCurrency. In order to work the StrongCurrency creates a trend strength and entry point signal list display by evaluating these data, that takes data from all symbols. It extrapolates all the information in order to get t
75 USD
Forex Hunter a fully automated Expert Advisor. This EA based on Engulfing signal and Moving Average, Have a good winning percentage.The Engulfing signal means that current candlestick patterns fully covered previous candlestick. If the market and the order of the opposite direction, you can set the stop loss parameters. If you want to enable Martingale system, set the stop loss parameter above 1000 points. This EA have dynamic lot sizing (something like DynamicLots =10000, equity = 1000 > lot =
30 USD
Strongest and Weakest Currency Analysis This product shows the strength of the main currencies in FOREX based on average pip gain/loss in different time-frames! Depending on the strength of the currency, the indicator colors changes from blue to red also the orders may also be changed, allowing you to find the strongest and weakest currency at a glance! Advantages Whatever your trading method and strategy are, it is always important to choose the correct pairs, so this indicator will help you
100 USD
Vladimir Deryagin
The Expert Advisor consists of three popular indicators: MovingAverage; Stochastic; MACD. It is possible to use all three indicators both together, and individually, selecting the necessary combination. Basic settings of the Expert Advisor Magic - magic number of orders; Volume - trade volume; Slippage - slippage when opening orders; Stop Loss - close order at a certain loss in points; Take Profit - desired profit in points; Trailing Stop - move StopLoss to order's opening price when a positiv
30 USD
Fibonacci VCL
Alexander Pekhterev
The Expert Advisor uses a trading strategy based on Fibonacci levels. On the levels of ~38.2,~50.0 and ~61.8, it sets virtual pending orders (Buy Limit, Sell Limit). A grid of virtual pending orders is built in trend direction. Trend is determined using the ZigZag indicator. Orders are closed at a total virtual take profit or a total virtual stop loss. The EA makes a decision at the opening of a new candlestick, so optimization can be performed using open prices. Settings and Input Parameters
65 USD
The Signal MACD product is an indicator that works with the standard MACD indicator. This indicator is designed to do signal trading using the objective MACD indicator and a set of algorithms. This indicator can be used both as an oscillator and as a signal producing product. So you can use this indicator in two goal. When the indicator finds a signal, it shows arrow marks on the oscillator. These arrows allow investors to trade. Trade Rules "Buy" action when you see a green arrow and receive
40 USD
A powerful assistant for manual trading. Execute a deal with one click and manage the trade volume, stop loss and take profit, according to your trading strategy, without being distracted from the chart. The product can also visually preview your levels of entry into the market, stop loss and take profit before placing an order. Advantages easy and intuitive interface the control panel in real time 3 modes of setting the order volume 6 stop loss setting modes 5 profit take setting modes calcul
30 USD
This EA is the 28-common-pairs Scanner in the Forex Market. It based on the theory of 123 Pattern with a set of SMAs, Heiken Ashi for detecting Trade signals. You can choose any time frame to scan as you like. 123 Pattern Theory Buy Condition: Fast MA is above Slow MA (Uptrend confirmed) while Heiken Ashi pull back and begin to continue going up with the trend. Sell Condition: Fast MA is below Slow MA (Downtrend confirmed) while Heiken Ashi pull back and begin to continue the downtrend. (Attac
50 USD
This multi symbol and multi time frame indicator scans for the following candlestick patterns (please see screenshot for explanation of the patterns): Three white soldiers (reversal>continuation pattern) Three black crows (reversal>continuation pattern) Bullish and bearish Three line strike (reversal pattern) The patterns do not appear very often on higher timeframes when the strict option in the indicator settings is enabled. But when they do, it is a very high-probability setup. According to T
30 USD
Signal Lock Scalper is a signal-based scalper with locking of unprofitable orders , followed by subsequent transfer to breakeven using profitable orders . The EA trades the trend strategy with the use of original built-in indicator for opening and closing orders. To protect the deposit from unexpected circumstances, the EA provides the ability to either lock all orders when reaching the specified drawdown levels, as well as setting a fixed stop order as an oppositely directed pending order. Ther
149 USD
Use of the Fibonacci analysis for financial trading can nearly go back to 85 years from today since the birth of Elliott Wave Theory by R. N. Elliott. Until now, traders use the Fibonacci analysis to identify the patterns in the price series. Yet, we could not find any one attempted to use Fibonacci analysis for the Volatility. Harmonic Volatility Indicator was the first technical analysis applying the Fibonacci analysis to the financial Volatility. Originally, Harmonic Volatility Indicator was
60 USD
The ZigZag works as follows: On the left part of the chart, it finds a pivot point with the NumderOfBars parameter, which is a bottom. If the price action draws a top with the NumderOfBars parameter after this bottom, then the ZigZag draws a line from the bottom to the top. If the price action makes a new deeper Low, without forming a top, then the ZigZag extends the descending line to the new bottom. If the pivot point with the NumderOfBars parameter on the left side of the chart is a top, the
30 USD
Ultimate Pips Recovery ( UPR ) is a unique, high quality and affordable trading tool, which is easy to use because knowledge of Forex trading is not much required to use this Expert Adviser. UPR does not require a specific time frame because it uses the technique that at every point, market will either go bearish or bullish. It opens a trade(say a buy trade) and immediately opens a sell stop position with a higher calculated lot size whose take profit is the same as stop loss of the previous ope
69 USD
Price Line EA
Chantal Sala
5 (1)
Price Line EA is an utility designed for manual trading. This expert advisor offers the ability to trade in automatic on your favorites levels. Default levels are created on chart when you upload the expert and after you can move them to your selected levels. When the market reaches the price levels, it opens orders. This algorithm allows an increase on risk management to grow your exposure. The utility opens operations with stop and reverse strategy, so place the levels on an important market r
50 USD
Saint Volume Trader EA
Chow Wooi Chuan
1 (1)
Saint Volume Trader EA consists of the two sets of strategy. When "read volume" parameter is on, the EA trades with special build-in software to extract volume data from the data provider. Data provider updates real time data for every two minutes. When "read volume" set to false , the EA trade with standard MetaTrader 4 volume indicator. Both strategies have the same concept to read aggregated volume figures from the standard MetaTrader 4 volume indicator or data provider on a certain timeframe
660 USD
Close Orders new
Oleksii Pidlubnyi
The trading panel (EA) is intended for the fast and convenient closing of orders in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. It is a trader's assistant allowing to automate routine actions. The "Close" button closes all orders on the symbol of the chart, on which the EA is running. The "Close all" button closes all orders (on all symbols) which are open in the terminal. The EA does not work with pending orders. If closing fails, the EA displays the full error information on the screen. Also the EA shows the t
10 USD
This is a risk management tool for your account. It shows the drawdown information on the chart. You can change the size and color of the text on the chart. You can install it on many charts at the same time. Please contact me if you have any problems with it and you can request some other essential features. Version for MetaTrader 5: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/23781 Parameters Size - Size font. Color - Color char.
10 USD
This is a Multi Time frame Pin bar alert indicator. You can use on the current time frame only or all of the time frames from the 1 minute to the monthly. When you choose all the time frames, you get alert on the current time frame your chart is open and the time frames above. There is a Pop up, email, and push notification alerts for each chosen time frame separately. The indicator place an arrow on the price chart. For bullish/Long Pin bar it is below the price line, for bearish/Short Pin bar
35 USD
Gann Grid
Iurii Tokman
The indicator displays Gann lines for one day. It works only on the timeframes smaller than daily. Description of the indicator settings: Count_Bars - the number of daily bars to display the Gann lines. If set to 0, they are displayed for all the available history bars. scaleGann1 - scale for line #1 (number of points per bar) clrGann1 - color of line #1 styleGann1 - style of line #1 widthGann1 - width of line #1 scaleGann2 - scale for line #2 clrGann1 - color of line #2 styleGann2 - style of li
30 USD
The ChartChanger is a great utility tool to reduce the number of open charts on your terminal. There is three section to it: Symbols, Time frames and Templates. You need only one chart to be open and still you can scroll up to multiple ones. Symbols: With the push of a button you can change from one symbol to another, and your applied indicators will stay on the next chart. For the symbols there is an auto detection mode, or you can manually enter the desired ones. You can use all 28 or any numb
95 USD
Richard Hoehne
The EA "Opposite" is a full automated trading expert. The EA uses the hedging strategy as follows: He opens a buy and a sell position at one moment and closes one of the positions after reaching the take profit. Then he opens again two orders in two directions, but in one direction the lot size is bigger than in the other one. Thus one has two possibilities: Either one takes the profit in the direction with less lot size or one takes the profit in the direction with bigger lot size. In the last
30 USD
Future Candle Two Candle is an arrow indicator of candlestick patterns, based on the calculation of historical statistics. It identifies and calculates patterns consisting of two candles. Advantages of the indicator Gives information about the next candle right now; The indicator values are based on statistical data on the history of the current instrument; Forecasts and displays the result of trading based on its signals; The colors of the indicator have been selected for a comfortable operat
30 USD
Future Candle One Candle is an arrow indicator of candlestick patterns, based on the calculation of historical statistics. It identifies and calculates patterns consisting of one candle. Advantages of the indicator Gives information about the next candle right now; The indicator values are based on statistical data on the history of the current instrument; Forecasts and displays the result of trading based on its signals; The colors of the indicator have been selected for a comfortable operati
30 USD
Future Candle Three Candle is an arrow indicator of candlestick patterns, based on the calculation of historical statistics. It identifies and calculates patterns consisting of three candles. Advantages of the indicator Gives information about the next candle right now; The indicator values are based on statistical data on the history of the current instrument; Forecasts and displays the result of trading based on its signals; The colors of the indicator have been selected for a comfortable op
30 USD
HLCZ magnet
Dmitiry Ananiev
Night Scalper based on the standard ZigZag indicator. The indicator determines a horizontal channel. But at the bottom, sell at the top of the channel. The channel is displayed on the chart. The EA features a unique handling of spread expansion on rollovers and during the news. Signals of this EA https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/301211 - with a relatively low risk. https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/299579 - with a high risk. Description show_info_on_chart - flag to display information on the ch
750 USD
Night Raven Martin
Maksim Neimerik
2.83 (6)
Requirement for the EA use: the EA needs a low spread (recommended spread value is 2) and minimum slippage! The EA is a system that trades the signals generated by the following indicators: Bollinger Bands, Stochastic and Moving Average. The EA works from 00:05 to 08:00, terminal time. By default, all orders are closed at 23:59 (can be modified). Important!!! The EA operation start time should match the American trading session close time, while the operation end time should coincide with the E
20 USD
PipTick Bar Timer indicator displays an advanced bar countdown timer on a chart. This study indicates the remaining time for the last bar on the chart. Main features The indicator shows remaining time for the last bar in the chart Alert notifications for a new bar Works on every timeframe (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN) Customizable parameters (Colors, Text size, Visibility...) Ideal tool for all kinds of trading (scalpers, intraday traders...) Very fast calculation Available for Met
99 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
This Script Shows your Account & Symbol information which you use on your graphics. These are: Account Information Number Name Currency Server Leverage Stop Out Level Balance Information Balance Equity Margin Free Margin Symbol Information Symbol Lot Size Min.Lot Lot Step Max.Lot Tick Value Tick Size Spread Stop Loss Level Swap Long Swap Short Initial Margin Maint.Margin Required Margin Trade Allowed
10 USD
Nikolaos Bekos
The Avato is one of our standalone tools. (A Signal based on it will also be provided on Mt4 Market in the future). It is designed around a combined form of hedging and martingale techniques and uses sophisticated algorithms and filters to place the trades. It uses Stop loss and Take profit levels while Lot size is calculated automatically following the according multiplier settings. We consider it a toolbox for every seasoned trader. Made with Gold market in mind, it can be tested in other inst
5 000 USD
The Minimum Targets indicator shows you where the price is at least expected to reach before it turns around. This provides very important information for every trader who does not want to exit trades early. This can also be used with any other trading system to help increase profits. The Minimum Targets indicator is very easy to use, cause there are only 2 levels, Green Level for Long trades target and Red Level for Short trades target. The Minimum Targets indicator has buffers that can be used
30 USD

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