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New Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Vasiliy Strukov
Oxygen is equipped with artificial intelligence, which conducts fundamental analysis and makes decisions based on it. The Expert Advisor uses the news to exit trading positions and therefore cannot be tested in the strategy tester. Please remember to change the “WorkMode” settings to “mode_Real” for the EA to work. The Expert Advisor will connect to news web sites and therefore you have to tick the “Allow WebRequest” in Tools>Options > Expert Advisors. Add the following: “ https://ec.forexprosto
30 USD
TS Prop Firm MT4
Marzena Maria Szmit
TS Prop Firm MT4 has been prepared for Prop Trading Firms to meet all the conditions that apply to such companies. TS Prop Firm EA is a version that support the EURUSD, XAUUSD and US30 . There are three risk levels to choose from: Low, Medium and High. This robot is also protected during important news , when high-impact news comes out, the robot doesn't open positions for 60 minutes before and 60 minutes after the important news. TS Prop Firm is available in one version for MetaTrader 4. If you
599 USD
Simon MT4
Evgeniia Terekhova
Here I present you the Simon Expert Advisor. The Expert Advisor has a unique system of opening orders at support and resistance levels. Levels are determined by genetic algorithm and get updated every day. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION BEFORE TESTING!!! Symbol: EURUSD Timeframe: М15 Model: Every tick It is important for the Expert Advisor to operate in the correct time zone, so before testing, you should correctly set the GMT parameter. How to set the GMT parameter correctly? The setting should be mad
179 USD
Genius Z
Antonis Michos
Launch PRICE : 119$ Join the telegram Group. Copy Paste the following address:  https://t.me/+nW-jTNrIjwM3YjJk or contact me. Or follow the link under my profile   Genius Z uses a personalized algorithm to get values from ZIG ZAG indicator.After that, a custom made system filters the point where the position will open and a smart system closes the positions. Recommendations: The default set is made to trade EURJPY,EURUSD and GBPUSD but of course can be used to any FX pai
119 USD
Index Trade Pro
Farzad Saadatinia
Index Trade Pro   is a complete automated trading robot that uses a breakout strategy to trade the DOW30. It scans a certain period of time during the day and sends the order if it receives confirmations. it does not use any risky strategies like grid or martingale, each trade is covered by adequate stoploss. This EA has many options that help you a lot in personalization and capital management. We have tried our best to design this EA in such a way that it is suitable for everyone and they can
65 USD
Neurotrader the winner
The idea when developing this expert advisor is to have at your disposal a forex robot, in this case for mt4, with which you can operate with all forex pairs, indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies, regardless of the spread and leverage, using stop loos, in this first step we will operate in 5 minutes, since the Ea is highly reliable, through its network of multiperceptrons, ADX, RSI, MOMENTUM, BB, AC, with inputs to the network of neurons with multiple indicators, with cut-off points. The robot has
240 USD
When you purchase an indicator, contact me for a price highlighting indicator from me -Heir Wolf TF.   This is a very interesting indicator and I am giving it as a bonus! This indicator alone can take your entire trading to the next level.  Video on the indicator here   And together with the Trade Compass10 indicator, this will become your main trading system, and you will be several steps ahead of other traders.   Trade Compass10 is an extremely simple and understandable indicator for a trader
30 USD
Forex Indicator "Scalping Histogram" for MT4 Scalping Histogram indicator can be used for search of   entry signals into the main  direction   price momentum after minor price correction Scalping Histogram   can be in 2 colors:   orange for bearish   momentum   and green for bullish one . Once you see at least   10 consecutive histogram bars   of the same color it means strong momentum takes place Entry  signal is   1 column with opposite color   in histogram and next column with initial momentu
39.99 USD
Quantum One AI TrendMaster GP TFX Pip PRO EA  for MT4 EA is an automated and easy to use expert advisor that has the Stochastic indicator working in combination with RSI and MACD filters built in.   We have spent a lot of time testing many expert advisors e.g. Hero,  XG Gold Robot,   Quantum Emperor , Bonnitta EA, XT EurUsd EA, PipFinite EA, Alise EA, Zeus EA, EA Gold Stuff, The Most Wanted EA etc. After years of testing and development, the result is an dynamic EA that is very active with trade
1 449 USD
Smart Manager Dashboard - with auto virtual TP and auto virtual SL for all trades. -this EA is a powerful trade manager that can manage all symbols and all trades at once , all from one chart so it is a must have tool for every trader who keeps more trades at once. -it mainly does 2 things : INFO ABOUT TRADES and CLOSING TRADES   (grouped by their symbol, so with this tool it is very easy and fast to manage even hundreds of trades ) -add to any chart, any timeframe and you are all set -this
60 USD
HFT Prop Firm Bot
Reza Aghajanpour
Welcome: Welcome to the next generation of trading, Passed HFT Prop Firms challenges Bot only opens one trade at a time with Highly profit, Fixed Stop loss and Very low Draw-down . No Martingale, No Grid, No Scam Live Monitoring : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2150164 Launch Discount : It is 49$ for 1 of 5 copy, next price is 99$ (Final price is 5000$) Attention: This Expert is designed for fully automated trading on HFT Brokers/Prop Firms on US30. After purchase immediately contact me to se
49 USD
Trend Genius Pro
GA Trading Club LLC
Description: Unlock the power of precision trading with GA Trading Club's Trend Genius Pro [GATC] expert advisor – your reliable companion in navigating the dynamic financial markets. This cutting-edge trading tool is designed to elevate your trading experience, providing both novice and seasoned traders with a strategic edge for success. Key Features: Trend Identification: Trend Genius Pro [GATC] excels in recognizing market trends with unparalleled accuracy. Its advanced algorithms swiftly ana
30 USD
If you are using the Inside Bar on Trading View, where spotting inside bars is easy and comforting, but found it missing in the MQL market – your search ends here. Why InsideBar Highlight? Easy as ABC:  Inside bars made simple. Our tool focuses on the candle body, so you see what matters without any headaches. Your Style, Your Choice:  Like it colorful or all the same? You decide. Spot upward or downward moves effortlessly. Fits Like a Glove:  Our highlighting isn't just for show. It fits each c
KT Gold Nexus EA MT4
The KT Gold Nexus EA is a cutting-edge trading solution, well designed for the XAUUSD (Gold) market. It employs a suite of 10 advanced trading strategies, each meticulously developed using a diverse range of technical indicators. These strategies are not only sophisticated but also strategically vetted to ensure minimal correlation among them. This unique approach results in a distributed trading effect, maximizing opportunities while diversifying risks. The careful calibration of these strategi
249 USD
Yang Shu Shen Chuan
Thank you for your interest in "HERO_Time_USDJPY." Overview of "HERO_Time_USDJPY": Operable with a minimum capital Holds positions for only a few hours Completely hands-free operation Simple and easy-to-understand settings Please take your time to read about this EA, as it might be a valuable addition to your portfolio. Details of "HERO_Time_USDJPY": Can be operated with a margin of 1,000 USD using 0.27 lots. Trades on the 1-hour timeframe of USDJPY. It is a Dealing Day Trade (Deito Tore) type
150 USD
MACD Color Script
Adrian Hernandez Castellanos
A script (drag-and-drop) that colors the background of the MACD indicator according to the buy or sell trend. The parameters that you can modify are the same as those provided by the MetaTrader MACD indicator and additionally those necessary to edit the colors that you decide are the most appropriate according to your preferences. The following are the parameters that you can modify: Fast EMA. Slow EMA. MACD SMA. Apply To. Color Positive Trend. Color Negative Trend. Color Neutral Trend. Save
Gregory Hay
Welcome to   IndexLORD EA , a highly effective scalping system designed for the major indices (DAX/DOW/NASDAQ). Developed by quant team with over 20 years experience, this system is an aggressive and powerful trading machine. IMPORTANT! After purchase contact me for any ongoing bonus, manual and installation guide, also for risk assessment if you use prop etc. Introductory Launch Price, will increase each few weeks. Live 5K Account :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2149894 IndexLORD   is an ind
999 USD
The indicator for Binary options and Forex "Highway profits" is based on the principle of finding the price behind the channel lines. After the price leaves the channel and gradually begins to return to it, then the signals will appear. It is very easy and convenient to trade such an indicator. And even a novice trader or a trader with many years of experience can trade it. You need to select your own settings for each asset. For example, the period for calculating bars for a trend, which is
250 USD
Kaskad Pro
Vladimir Emelianov
The Kaskad Pro Trading Advisor is suitable for trading with small deposits. The EA mainly works on the basis of the ATR MA Oscillator and Previous High Low indicators. Currency pairs: EUR/JPY Timeframe: M30 (recommended) Test results EUR/JPY M30 from 2020.12.08 to 2023.12.07: Initial balance: 500 $ Net profit: 105,769 $ Profitability: 3.26 Profitable trades: 77% Drawdown: 10% Other products: https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/revandarth2280/seller Other currency pairs that have shown good results:
87 USD
Gregory Hay
Welcome to GoldExcel EA , an effective once a day trader for the XAUUSD pair (GOLD). Developed by our team to work in normal accounts, funded prop accounts and prop challenges! Does not use HFT! IMPORTANT! After purchase contact me for any ongoing bonus, manual and installation guide, also for risk assessment if you use prop etc. Introductory Launch Price, will increase each few weeks. Live LOW RISK Funded Personal $25K account:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2133201 Live ICMarkets Test accoun
399 USD
Wei Ming Ding
Version MT4:    https://www.mql5.com/zh/market/product/109262              Version MT5:        https://www.mql5.com/zh/market/product/109258               Instructions for use:    https://www.mql5.com/zh/blogs/post/755183 EA Overview: This EA utilizes two brokers, A and B, for hedging transactions. When the ASK of broker A is smaller than that of broker B, broker A buys while broker B sells, and then observes the profits and losses of both accounts. When the total profit reache
49 USD
Yury Emeliyanov
"Redania" - Forex advisor for dispersal of small deposits Statistics after testing in MT4 (EURJPY H1, 2021-2023) Initial balance: $10,000 Net profit: $65,361 Maximum drawdown: 10% Profitability: 3.11 Description : The advisor "Redania" is designed specifically for the rapid acceleration of small deposits, providing a high level of profit. It is based on several indicators that ensure effective trading. The test results from 2021 indicate its stable performance. But still, test it yourself bef
99 USD
White Hunter
Yury Emeliyanov
The   "White Hunter"   ADVISOR is designed to effectively increase small deposits, as well as for step-by-step and stable Forex trading. The EA is designed primarily for the GBPJPY H1 pair, but can also be used on other major pairs with preliminary testing using minimal risks. This Expert Advisor is based on the use of Donchian Channel and Top Bottom Price indicators and has a 72% profit margin. The following are the test results from 2010. Initial balance = 10,000 $ Final result = 35,849 $ D
79 USD
Balance Gold Silver
Nestor Alejandro Chiariello
Hello Traders, I designed this strategy which is a very helpful tool to be able to read the imbalances of GOLD in its correlations. My tool " Balance Gold Silver " will identify the necessary patterns in the imabalance ranges structured in XAUUSD towards Silver , comparing the ranges defined in forex, the USDCHF and EURAUD pairs With my strategy you will be able to negotiate gold in an intelligent way, where your entry is not based on indicators, but rather based on the imbalances that your riva
249 USD
The Wave Oscillator is a technical trading indicator designed to assist traders in identifying potential market trends and reversals. Developed by Thomas, this indicator combines elements of wave theory and mathematical calculations to create an oscillator that can provide valuable insights into price movements. How It Works: The Wave Oscillator operates on the principles of oscillatory patterns generated from mathematical inputs. Here's how it works: Amplitude: The "Amplitude" parameter control
30 USD
Salavat Yulamanov
Fox is a retracement grid trading system based on price reversion to the mean using RSI indicators, Bollinger Bands, Double Stochastic from different timeframes!!! With closing based on total profit with partial closing and hedging of positions. Signal https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/1525221?source=Site +Profile+Seller   Currency pairs: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD. Timeframe: M15 The advisor is installed on only one chart for trading all symbols If the broker uses a suffix (for exa
30 USD
Forex Market Watch
Sebastien Bruno Attaud
"Forex Market Watch" is a sophisticated and versatile Expert Advisor that I have designed for the foreign exchange market. This automated system is equipped with advanced trend tracking technology, allowing it to closely monitor price movements across a wide range of currency pairs, including USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, CAD, AUD, and NZD. The strategy behind "Forex Market Watch" is based on meticulous market trend analysis. By analyzing real-time price movements and utilizing advanced technica
699 USD
The Volume Profile stands as an exceptional analytical tool, providing traders with an intricate view of market dynamics—capturing the continuous ebb and flow of price fluctuations over time. This live graphical representation organizes auction data, unveiling collective behavioral patterns inherent within market movements. At its core lies the Value Area, encapsulating the price range that houses 68% of a day’s trading activity. This zone, equivalent to a standard deviation, reflects where the
70 USD
Orca MT4 EA
ʿBdalhady Slah Fthy Hjazy
Orca EA   is an expert advisor that uses the Hedge Strategy and  RSI indicator to open positions. MT5 Version:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/109516 You can use the default settings on EURUSD M15 timeframe with minimum deposit $500. Symbol EURUSD Timeframe M15 Recommend Deposit $500 . It works  with any currency pair with   the appropriate settings. . It works  with any timeframe with   the appropriate settings. Settings: Magic number: The magic number of trades. Max orders: Maximum n
30 USD
Level Breakout Indicator is a technical analysis product that works from upper and lower boundaries, which can determine the direction of the trend. Works on candle 0 without redrawing or delays. In its work, it uses a system of different indicators, the parameters of which have already been configured and combined into a single parameter - “ Scale ”, which performs gradation of periods. The indicator is easy to use, does not require any calculations, using a single parameter you need to selec
199 USD
Directional Support and Resistance - Trend indicator for Forex with directional determination of support and resistance levels. It calculates levels together with the MA line and the internal trend, and signals tops and bottoms with arrows. Signals are generated on the current candle. Recommended for use on time frames M15 and higher on any trading instruments. Has 1 main parameter for manual configuration: " Period of SR levels " Determines the length of the direction of support and resista
89 USD
Forex Indicator PINBAR Pattern for MT4 Indicator  " PINBAR Pattern "  is very powerful indicator for   Price Action   trading:    No repaint, No delays; Indicator   detects PinBars   on chart: Bullish   PinBar - Blue arrow signal on chart (see pictures) Bearish   PinBar - Red arrow signal on chart (see pictures) P C, Mobile & Email alerts   are included Indicator "PINBAR Pattern" is excellent to combine with   Support/Resistance  Levels:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/100903 // More gre
39.99 USD
Forex Indicator "CCI for 8 Symbols" for MT4. CCI   is one of the most popular oscillators for trading Commodity Channel Index (CCI) measures the difference between the current price and the historical average price. Important levels: +/-200; It is great to take   Sell   entries from   above +200 zone   and  Buy   entries from   below -200 "CCI for 8 Symbols" gives opportunity to control   CCI values of up to   8 different symbols just on 1 chart This indicator is excellent to combine   with Pr
39.99 USD
Forex Indicator "HTF Momentum" for MT4 HTF Momentum   is one of the leading indicators that   measure the rate of price change .  H TF means -   H igher Time Frame This indicator shows the trend direction and measures the pace of the price change via comparing current and past values HTF   Momentum  indicator is excellent for   Multi-Time Frame trading systems     with Scalping entries or in combination with other indicators. This  Indicator allows you to   attach   Momentum  from Higher time fr
39.99 USD
Forex Indicator  " Morning  Star  pattern" for MT4 Indicator "Morning Star pattern" is a very powerful indicator for Price Action trading:    No repaint, No delays; Indicator   detects bullish Morning Star patterns on chart:  Blue arrow signal on chart (see pictures) P C, Mobile & Email alerts   are included Also its brother - bearish  " Evening Star pattern" indicator is available (follow the links below) Indicator  " Morning Star pattern"  is excellent to   combine with Support/Resistance Leve
39.99 USD
Forex Indicator "PIVOT POINT Support Resistance" for MT4 Indicator "Pivot Point Support Resistance" is very powerful auxiliary indicator   for Price Action trading Pivot Levels are calculated as an average of significant prices from the performance of a market in the prior trading period Pivot Levels  itself   represent a levels of highest resistance or support , depending on the overall market condition Indicator "   Pivot Point Support Resistance"  shows you the   most probable reversal level
39.99 USD
Forex Indicator  "   Evening   Star  pattern" for MT4 Indicator "Evening Star pattern" is very powerful indicator for Price Action trading: No repaint, No delays; Indicator   detects bearish   Evening   Star patterns on chart:  Red arrow signal on chart (see pictures) P C, Mobile & Email alerts   are included Also  its brother - bullish " Morning  Star pattern" indicator is available (follow the links below) Indicator  " Evening   Star pattern" is excellent to   combine with Support/Resistance L
39.99 USD
Forex Indicator " Bollinger Bands  Speed" for MT4, No Repaint. SPEED of  Bollinger Bands  - is a  unique trend   indicator The   calculation   of this indicator is   based on equations from physics .   Speed   is the   1st derivative   of standard Bollinger Bands Bollinger Bands  speed   indicator shows how fast BB middle line and BB borders change their directions By default: Blue line is the speed of BB middle line, Red line - speed of bottom border, Green one - speed of top border It is recom
39.99 USD
Trend Edges
Mariusz Piotr Rodacki
The "Trend Edges" indicator determines whether the trend is rising or falling. It is suitable for any time frame (tested on DAX). After breaking through support or resistance, you can buy and set TP1 at the same distance as the middle line but in the opposite direction. The indicator should be treated like Bollinger Bands, meaning that if it breaks out upwards, you can buy with a stop loss below the lower edge. Find a trending pair, index or CFD.
Sezar EA
Osama Hasan Ibrahim Abuyassen
Sezar EA was tested and has successfully passed the stress test with slippage and commission approximate to the real market conditions using real ticks  quality in a period of 22 years. The Expert Advisor contains the algorithm of statistics collection and slippage control with complete statistics control; this  information is   used to protect you from broker’s tricks. Sezar EA controls the quality of the broker execution before placing an order and It also has successfully passed strict criter
Trend Edges Histogram
Mariusz Piotr Rodacki
This indicator is an addition to "Trend Edges." The "Trend Edges" indicator determines whether the trend is rising or falling. It is suitable for any time frame (tested on DAX). After breaking through support or resistance, you can buy and set TP1 at the same distance as the middle line but in the opposite direction. The indicator should be treated like Bollinger Bands, meaning that if it breaks out upwards, you can buy with a stop loss below the lower edge. Find a trending pair, index or
I will not live if i will not love. this indicator provides deep accurate signals h1 -m1.  this indicator filters many different signals leaving only the growth, which usually continues very strongly.  The signal part works well here and you will be able to work in the trend instead of selling on the growth. The price is growing - buy! How it works: 1. When it is rise -  we buy. On m15 choose this SUPER INDICATOR.  And buy when there is a signal.
Indicator is converted from another programming language code by programmer " sbtnc ". MQL version is simplified to be more useful by less settings complexity.  There is some clues from programmer about indicator: The indicator tracks and reports the percentage of occurrence of daily tops and bottoms by the time of the day.  At certain times during the trading day, the market reverses and marks the high or low of the day. Tops and bottoms are vital when entering a trade, as they will decide if y
FFB Isis Scalper
Andre Camara De Mattos -
Introducing ISIS SCALPER for MetaTrader 4: Innovation Beyond the Traditional! Discover the future of trading strategies with our innovative indicator, carefully designed to transcend the limitations of conventional products. This is not just another indicator, but a flexible and powerful tool that empowers traders to explore the full potential of the market. Exceptional Features: Unlimited Versatility: Designed to adapt to any asset and time frame, our indicator allows you to create custom strat
189 USD
Gold intraweek seasonal
Alfonso Martin De Lara
Demo version, if customer prefers test in demo account first a forward testing. original no free version also avalilable. Gold  strategy in 1 Hour candlesticks on an intraweek seasonal pattern combined to fibo retracements and quantitative analisys. Volumen rpedefined is 1 lot, which is  ideal for a 50k - 100 k account, so please adjust carefully to your risk behaviour and capital to trade You may adjust risk for he total portfolio, and get a perfomance that may pass with a good probability
Mask V12 EA
Osama Hasan Ibrahim Abuyassen
It is a fully automatic expert advisor for scalping trading. This expert advisor does not need attention, as it actually offers a high operating frequency. The robot was tested from 2005 to 2023 today It is able to overcome the most difficult market conditions thanks to the strategy of stopping trading in violent news and is distinguished by a set of secret strategies and capital management. Doesn't need to be followed up The initial update will be issued for free and leave a 5-star r
Eurusd magic breakout
Alfonso Martin De Lara
Version for Demo Account. Revolutionize your trading with our cutting-edge trend-following EA tailored for EURUSD on the H1 timeframe. (EURUSD Trend breakout EA Leverage significant price movements to your advantage using pending orders. Robustness even during NFP and interest rate news, no necessary turn off before events to take advantage from the strategy. In fact works well through events. This EA employs quantitative analysis using advanced indicators. Perfectly complements other EAs in y
Free version for demo accounts of the paid version for live accounts Implementing a Seasonal Strategy for Dow Jones in 1 Hour Candlesticks entails executing buy and sell actions within the intraweek timeframe, guided by identifiable seasonal patterns on the 1-hour chart. To optimize this approach, an Expert Advisor (EA) has been integrated, incorporating advanced filters such as breaking of prices in range. This sophisticated combination of technical analysis tools enhances precision and str
IndicatorsValueFullView can show Stochastic、CCI and RSI indicators value on just one Chart with fashionable and welcome GUI, IndicatorsValueFullView support 29 major pairs and about 33 exotics pairs. Traders can switch Stochastic、CCI and RSI indicators int left tree, and control indicator  update or not by update checkbox, also, traders can switch show indicator value or show buy sell by yourself. The over bought and over sell value will be shown by highlights color    Traders can roll up or
50 USD
This is the best Support and Resistance Indicator on the market, and it shows both confirmed Support and Resistance as well as Retests. You can also find Premium and Discount Levels, Strong High/Low, Weak High/Low,  Change of Character (CHoCH) and Break of Structure (BOS). You can also find Fair Value Gap (FVG), Daily, Weekly, Monthly High/Low. There are also alerts that go off when prices enter or break the zone. You can use this tool to help you trade better. Wish you the best and have happy t
The indicator defines the buy and sell arrows with high performance and consistent results. Suitable for trend trading or following the trend. Automatic analysis of market opportunities ; Help traders   earn more from their investments; Never repaints, recalculates or backpaints signals This is FREE trial version of the indicator and works only on " EURUSD  M15" . Download now and test how it works! Trend Reversing PRO   All other details about the indicator here : Works in all symbols and TF
Trendfinder MA Pro
Jose Miranda Ramos
Trendfinder MA Pro are based on Colored candlesticks showing the trend based on two Moving Averages as Signal and two Moving Averages as a Buy and Sell Zone, the slope of the slow Signal moving average and ATR and Volume increasing. This indicator will give you the color change on the next bar on the confirmation candle and will provide alert on Buy and sell signal, when it enters the buy and sell zone and when the market test the buy or sell zones as support or resistance and will never repain
100 USD
Gbpjpy 1H Trending
Alfonso Martin De Lara
Free version for demo accounts only. GBPJPY Trending in 1 Hour candelsticks Strategy in GBPJPY. Robust. Follows quantitative analysis that allows for medium and long-term growth. Ideal to combine with a diversified portfolio of Forex, indices, and commodities. This strategy combines Bollinger Bands and a price pullback on an hourly candlestick timeframe. Its profitability is 18%, with a contained drawdown of 20%. However, it is also recommended to work with a portfolio of 15-20 EAs with limite
Dow Histogram v1
Mariusz Piotr Rodacki
You've probably heard about the Dow trend Theory, where higher highs and lows indicate an uptrend, and lower highs and lows indicate a downtrend. This indicator determines this trend based on the Dow Theory. You just need to enter a number representing the number of candles between extremes. The optimal solution is the number 3, unless you want to have the trend from M5 but you're on M1, then you need to multiply this number by 5. Check various combinations to trade with the trend. In the scree
< Product Name > Draw_HL_LH_Line < Subtitle > Draw a line with minimal clicks and snap to price < Product Description > This is a self-drawing line indicator. The line is drawn by snapping to a price close to the clicked position. The snap can be high/low or opening/closing price. The button name can be changed. Placement corner/distance from corner/Line up vertical/Line up horizontal can be changed. <Horizontal line from the starting point to the current price > Clickin
30 USD
The News Trader
Helge Christian Holtkamp
4 (1)
XAUUSD only with the standard settings. You know before what will happen in that very moment of high impact news release. You might know how it will look like an hour later. I never knew what to do in the time in between. If you have the same problem here is something looking like an answer. ON NFP FRIDAYS (every first friday of each month only)   MUCH FUN   TO EVERYONE WITH THIS SHUTGUN. This is the most powerful NewsTrader for Gold that I ever created. Test it in the strategytester on every
TNT Index
Helge Christian Holtkamp
Dow Jones 30 only! Or Nasdaq100, Germany30 You know before what will happen in that very moment of high impact news release. You might know how it will look like an hour later. I never knew what to do in the time in between. If you have the same problem here is something looking like an answer. ON NFP FRIDAYS (every first friday of each month only) MUCH FUN TO EVERYONE WITH THIS SHUTGUN. This is the most powerful NewsTrader for Gold that I ever created. Test it in the strategytester on every N
A utility for automatically detecting the   GMT offset   of your broker To use the utility, place it in the   Scripts   folder of the terminal data directory, enable   WebRequest   in the terminal settings and add the address   https://www.worldtimeserver.com/   to the list of allowed ones. Run the Check GMT script on the chart with any currency pair There is only one setting in the script: site = https://www.worldtimeserver.com/ just for your convenience. Copy this address from the script setti
QuantumAlert RSI Navigator is a free indicator available for MT4/MT5 platforms, its work is to provide "alerts" when the market is inside "overbought and oversold" regions in the form of "buy or sell" signals. This indicator comes with many customization options mentioned in the parameter section below, user can customise these parameters as needful. Join our   MQL5 group , where we share important news and updates. You are also welcome to join our private channel as well, contact me for the pri
this code originally published on by LuxAlgo from other programming language.  It has acceptable Trend Prediction abilities which can be used for many trading purposes. here is some description from code generator: This indicator builds upon the previously posted Nadaraya-Watson smoothers. Here we have created an envelope indicator based on Kernel Smoothing with integrated alerts from crosses between the price and envelope extremities. Unlike the Nadaraya-Watson estimator, this indicator follows
30 USD
Supercharge Your Trading with   HF TradeCopier !   Are you tired of manual trade execution and missed opportunities? Take your trading efficiency to new heights with the   HF TradeCopier ! This   cutting-edge solution   empowers traders like you to   effortlessly copy transactions   between different   MetaTrader 4   and   MetaTrader 5   accounts,   saving you time   and   maximizing your profit potential . With   lightning-fast copying speeds of under 0.5 seconds , you can se
50 USD
Arrow signal indicator for scalping Has three sensitivity levels Quickly detects changes in price direction and   provides signals to open positions Equipped with built-in audio and visual alerts about trend changes. Can send notifications to a smartphone or email. Works on all timeframes, all currency pairs, metals, indices and cryptocurrencies. Can be used when working with binary options. Distinctive features Does not redraw; Three sensitivity options; Three types of alerts; Simple and cl
39 USD
GBPJPY trend
Alfonso Martin De Lara
GBPJPY Trending on 1-Hour Candlesticks. Robust strategy in GBPJPY. Follows quantitative analysis allowing for medium and long-term growth. Ideal to combine with a diversified portfolio of Forex, Indices, and commodities. This strategy combines Bollinger Bands and a price pullback on the hourly candlestick timeframe. Depending on risk, 1  Lot for  100 k account  brings a  profitability is 18% with a contained drawdown of 20%.
90 USD
Dow Jones seasonal strategy
Alfonso Martin De Lara
Seasonal Strategy for Dow Jones in 1 Hour candlesticks involves executing buy and sell actions within the intraweek time frame, guided by identifiable seasonal patterns on the 1-hour chart. To optimize this approach, an Expert Advisor (EA) has been incorporated, including advanced filters such as breakout price action. This sophisticated combination of technical analysis tools enhances accuracy and strategic decision-making when navigating the dynamic fluctuations of the Dow Jones market. It is
90 USD
Gold Seaqsonal
Alfonso Martin De Lara
Gold Strategy on 1-Hour Candlesticks; following an intraweek seasonal pattern combined with Fibonacci retracements and quantitative analysis. The predefined volume is 1 lot, which is ideal for an account ranging from $50,000 to $100,000; adjust carefully based on your risk tolerance and capital for trading. It performs well on its own, but it's even better when combined in a portfolio with other strategies. This provides robust growth expectations. You can adjust the risk for the entire portfoli
90 USD
The Sup 10 Martingale Trading Robot – a cutting-edge, fully automated 2nd generation InrexEA DB system by OpenEA. This innovative solution learns from XAUUSD market trends and incorporates the best aspects of the retired Ea YOLO Diamond Hands. We used different set of data to let Sup 10 Martingale to learn, a upgrade version of S9M. Fully protect the quality of trades. All trades are in private. One Payment included MT4 and MT5 version. Structure of InrexEA Database: Clients > InrexEA DB > Open
1 350 USD
MA Search 3
Mariusz Piotr Rodacki
This indicator allows you to overlay three different moving averages on the chart simultaneously. Each of these moving averages has additional settings such as: -Time frame -Shift -MA method -Applied price Using this indicator, you can easily set up three moving averages and find the one that suits you the best. You can also use this indicator to determine the trend when the moving averages cross.
TREND HARMONY – Multi Timeframe Trend & Phase Visualizer indicator The TREND HARMONY indicator automates deep trend analysis and generates visualizations for you. Take control of your trades by eliminating uncertainty! Revolutionize your trading experience with precision and insight through the TREND HARMONY Multi Timeframe Trend & Phase Visualizer – your ultimate MT4 trend visualization indicator. Are you tired of missing trading opportunities or consistently entering the market at the wrong t
480 USD
News Defender MT4
Alejandro De Los Rios Sanchez
---NEWS DEFENDER--- Maximize your Forex performance with our script designed to prevent losses during news events! Our solution simplifies the process: Smart Management: Detects news X minutes before and allows you to manage your existing trades. Instant Limitation: Prevents new trades during news events, giving you full control. Perfect for those looking to close all trades and wait until the news passes. Moreover, our Pro version provides protection against unwanted trades by other EAs, includ
55 USD
"Introducing Five Star Signals - Your Reliable Reversal Point Predictor! New! You can download a two-month free trial (expires on January 31, 2024) using this [ link ]. Are you tired of unreliable indicators that repaint and mislead your trading decisions? Look no further! Five Star Signals is your ultimate solution for accurately forecasting reversal points in the MetaTrader 4 platform, and it's designed to perform exceptionally well on 15m and higher time frames . **Key Features:** 1. ** Non
187.50 USD

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