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Truster Trade Panel

This trading panel has been developed for fast and comfortable operation of the financial markets. The panel is provided with functions for manual and semi-automated trading. Maximum automation of everyday routine calculations. Deal are conveniently managed until closed after reaching a selected level. Visualizes full information on the current state for each instrument separately. A very easy to use assistant panel. It can be used in any account in combination with any Expert Advisor or during manual trading.
Panel functions allow closing deals on each symbol separately using hot buttons.

Hot buttons

  1. All Sell deals
  2. All Buy deals
  3. All Sell and Buy deals
  4. All losing Sell deals
  5. All losing Buy deals
  6. All losing Sell and Buy deals
  7. All profitable Sell deals
  8. All profitable Buy deals
  9. All profitable Sell and Buy deals
  10. 'Pivots show' button allows tracking breakout of daily levels.
  11. 'Use Trailing' button on the panel allows applying the trailing stop function (configurable).

Section info

  1. Panel allows tracking current percent and points of profit of a Sell or Buy deal.
  2. Shows all the profits made during a day.
  3. Information on the percentage movement of the pair since the day beginning.
  4. Shows the total amount of lots opened on the instrument in Sell and in Buy direction.
  5. Calculates the breakeven levels and immediately shows the level on the chart.
  6. The panel position can be adjusted.


  • 1 Launch the panel on the desired currency pair.
  • 2 Select the trailing stop method.

Input Parameters

  • Magic - identifier of EA's orders;
  • PivotSetting - settings of pivot levels;
  • PivotType - the type of the level;
  • LinesS - support levels;
  • LinesR - resistance levels;
  • TrailingSettings - trailing stop settings;
  • Virtual Trailing stop - use virtual trailing stop;
  • Trailing method - choose the trailing stop method,
  • Offset form step level - step parameter;
  • Trailing step - trailing step value;
  • Minimal trailing profit start - trailing start level;
  • Trailing from NoLoss Level - trailing stop from breakeven;
  • Trailing Options
  • ATR period(method3)
  • Parabolic Step
  • Parabolic Maximum(method4)
  • MA period(method5)
  • MA method(method5)
  • Profit percent(method6)
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