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TrailingStop 4

The Expert Advisor modifies the Stop Loss order position opened for the instrument of the current chart based on indicator values.

Uses indicators Parabolic SARNRTR (Nick Rypock Trailing Reverse)Moving Average or linear regression channel.

Switchable modes:

  • Trailing stop only when in profit;
  • Trailing stop only following the price;
  • On every teak or on formed bars;
  • Trailing for each order separately or for a total position.

Has an option of "hidden stop", also you can exclude individual orders from EA processing.

Advanced Settings:

  • Disable trailing when closing a position; 
  • Do not process newly opened orders.

Hot Keys:

  • Consecutive pressing of Ctrl abd then "1"|"2"|"3" calls a trade report in a separate window:
    • "1" - for the current symbol;
    • "2" - for all symbols;
    • "3" - all but the current one.
  • Ctrl then "I" displays Account Information;
  • Ctrl then "S" displays Symbol Information;
  • Ctrl then "M" shows margin change grid in a separate window;
  • Ctrl then "C" deletes deal tracing from all windows of the current symbol;
  • Ctrl then "E" shows/hides the menu of advanced settings.
Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin
Lev Vladimirovic Marushkin 2018.02.16 18:39 

So far definitely 5 stars! The best Trailing EA i have ever met. Price is crazy low for such a great tool. Thank you Andrej!

Olivier Guguen
Olivier Guguen 2017.02.23 20:42 

merveilleux le prix de l'EA est très vite remboursé .

très bon outils de travail surtout sur le scalping cela libère de la concentration sur les entrées de commerce .

serais t il possible de rajouter l'option bandes de bollinger up et bollinger down en trailing stop ?

avec les périodes ajustables et l'écart type ?

les bollinger étant très utilisé sur les marchés dommage qu’elle n'y soit pas !

Michael Maggi
Michael Maggi 2016.10.22 12:08 

I have used this utility for trailing stops for the last couple of months every day. It always worked reliably according to the many options available. I have tried others, this is definitely the best.

Version 1.49 2019.01.08
Added trailing by Fractals indicator.
Version 1.48 2019.01.08
Added trailing by Fractals indicator.
Version 1.46 2016.11.09
Now it is possible to disable trailing stop when opening a new order.
Parameter 'turn OFF when open new order' in advanced settings.
Version 1.42 2015.03.31
Added extended settings:
- disable trailing when closing a position;
- exclude newly opened orders from processing.
In order to show/hide the extended settings menu, press Ctrl, then "E" successively.
Version 1.40 2015.01.26
Added "Hidden stop" mode.
Added an option to open a brief trade report in a separate window by sequential pressing of:
Ctrl+1 — for the current symbol;
Ctrl+2 — for all symbols;
Ctrl+3 — for all except current symbol
Ctrl+M — show margin change grid in a separate window.

Fixed errors.
Version 1.30 2015.01.15
The new option allows setting the linear regression period by a click on a price chart.
Version 1.20 2014.11.19
- Added a list of exceptions (an options for excluding separate orders from the EA processing).
- Added an option for disabling the sound.
- Design changes.
Version 1.10 2014.03.17
Fixed errors.