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Signal Multiplier MT4

Signal Multiplier allows to automatically multiply the lot volume of received trading signals.

When adding the program to the chart, it is possible to select the type of the displayed menu and the program management mode

  1. Interactive menu — display all information and control the program in real time using the visual menu
  2. Info panel — display only the information about the program settings (for low-end systems)

Launch only one program instance (on one chart) for one account, and it will automatically recognize and copy all trades for all currency pairs

Control and Setup

  • Signal Multiplier (upper field) — moves the chart window.
  • Button ▼ — minimize/maximize the main program window.
  • Button X — close/remove program from the chart.
  • Button OFF/ON — turn on/off execution.
  • Speed mode — select between high copying speed and low consumption of PC resources (for low-end systems).
  • Multiplier — trade volume multiplier.
  • Slippage — maximum allowable price deviation to copy, it is only taken into account if price moved to "+" and the deal is in profit. If the value is negative, copying will be performed with the appropriate drawdown (if you want a deal to be copied with a drawdown of 100 points, specify -100 here).
  • Copy BUY — copying "buy" deals from the signal provider.
  • Copy SELL — copying "sell" deals from the signal provider.
  • Copy SL — copy stop loss from the signal provider.
  • Copy TP — copy take profit from the signal provider.

Example (increase the desired signal profitability by 4)

Set "Multiplier"=3.00

When you receive a signal to open a trade of 0.01 lot, the program will automatically copy the trade with the volume adding to it the specified multiplier

The final volume will be four times as large as the initial one [ 0.01+0.03=0.04 ]

Be careful - an increased trading profitability proportionally increases the risks

Nuno Filipe Pereira Cruz
Nuno Filipe Pereira Cruz 2017.10.23 16:03 

Well it work on a computer but there is some difference on prices feel like it delay a little bit the open or closing price. On another hand i rented to use on a copy signal on MQl5 VPS and it was a disaster. The Author says its VPS mql5 its not a real Vps thats why is cheap and a real VPS cost at least 30$ instead 10$, well my broker sell VPS at 30$ thats true but i will not try it, since the 10$ VPS do very well the job with copying signal with no difference on prices or very little differences on oppening or close.

If i copy this Fast Signal Multipler to mql5 VPS then it start closing positions with big differences on price or not closing positions giving errors like ( Invalid PAramthers ) .

Author told me to setup this utility to Low CPu since VPS work on different way from our personal computer and i did with same or worse results .

Well however to work on your laptop or personal computer it works on accetable manner . I didnt tryed on a expensive VPS as those sold on my broker until i have others testemonials telling its because of it !

chaoswings 2017.08.22 21:48 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Chanunya Saengtai
Chanunya Saengtai 2017.08.03 17:22 

No trading activity detected on the Signal's account for the last 6 days

Version 1.2 2017.12.26
Improved the algorithm of the program
• Increased the operation speed in all modes
• Reduced the CPU load in all modes
Version 1.1 2017.08.22

Added selection of the operation mode:
• Low consumption of the PC resources
• Balanced mode
• High speed

Added the ability to disable the Interactive Menu (for low-end VPS)