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Fractals Average Integration

The moving average indicator based on fractals. This indicator represents a moving average, which can be plotted based on the upper, lower and both fractals. It is also possible to select the plotting method of the moving average (simple, exponential and others). A moving average with a large period efficiently helps in long-term trading, as the signal passes two stages of filtering: plotting of fractal and plotting of a moving average based on them. Moving averages with small periods are helpful in scalping. The signal is much stronger and more reliable, unlike the standard moving average. It is also possible to predict a change in the trend at the very beginning using well-chosen settings.

The indicator parameters

The default settings are standard for H1, EURUSD. For more efficiency, adjust them according to the particularities of your broker, timeframe and currency pair.

  • Period - period of the moving average on fractals.
  • Shift - Several bars of offset relative to the edge of the chart.
  • Method - Moving average plotting method.
  • Fractals (upper-0, lower-1, both-2) - The fractals to plot the moving average (0 - upper, 1 - lower, 2 - both).
  • Color line - Line color.

Additional Information

  • No repaint
  • Does not draw outdated signals
  • Does not recalculate
  • Signals strictly at the close of the bar
  • Compatible with Expert Advisor development
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