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Trade 00 Price Level

This Expert Advisor can place pending orders at 00 price level which symbol is on current chart.

Example: current price is 1.4138, then 00 Price(higher) is 1.4200, 00 Price(lower) is 1.4100;

The EA can place pending orders as below:

  1. Buy Stop at 1.4200;
  2. Buy Limit at 1.4100;
  3. Sell Stop at 1.4100;
  4. Sell Limit at 1.4200;

You could select all/one of those 4 options.

Additional: It won't place orders if same direction and same 00 price postion already is there. It place order again after that position is closed. If you want a profit trade's result, please optimize parameters in Strategy Tester.

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