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Reverse Trades Copier Follow

Reverse TradeCopier Follow can copy trades from an account that is running Reverse TradeCopier Source.


  • Copies trades from one source (master) account to multiple following (slave) accounts.
  • Allow investor (read only) password for source (master) account.
  • There are no complicated settings and input parameters, everything is easy.
  • Works with different brokers.
  • Works with different quotes symbols (EURUSD_FX, eurusd_m, etc.).
  • Can copy orders from 4-digit quotes platform to 5-digit quotes platform and vice-versa.
  • Allows copying trades between brokers with instant execution and brokers with market execution (ECN).
  • The volume for the following account is chosen by the difference of FreeMargin between source account and the following account. Minimum and maximum is limited by the platform. It is better than fixed lot size.
  • Copies signals of Expert Advisors as well as Manual trades.
  • "Reverse Trades Follow Report" is generated for each follow account. The path is "MT5 terminal\MQL5\File\Reverse TradeCopier\".
  • Supports most types of market and pending orders as below:
    • Buy -> Sell
    • Buy Stop -> Sell Limit
    • Buy Limit -> Sell Stop
    • Sell -> Buy
    • Sell Stop -> Buy Limit
    • Sell Limit -> Buy Stop
    • (Stop Loss change to Take Profit and vice versa)


1. Download "Reverse TradeCopier source" and run it on master terminal (source account).
2. Download "Reverse TradeCopier follow" and run it on slave terminals (following accounts).
3. Be sure to allow AutoTraing.


If you trade manually or trade using another EA on a following account, "Reverse TradeCopier Follow" will exit.

It does not copy positions/orders, which were opened/placed before running "Reverse TradeCopier Source" and "Reverse TradeCopier Follow".

The price for trade operations on following accounts may have tiny difference from the source account if they are from different platforms (brokers) or if market is violent.

Old "Reverse Trades Follow Report" will be cleaned and generate new one in 2 cases:

  1. The follow account has been changed.
  2. New week comes up.
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Version 2.44 2015.06.17
Fixed zero divide bug.
Version 2.43 2015.05.12
Optimize the codes.
Version 2.42 2014.01.10
Fixed problem caused by MetaTrader 5 upgrade.
Version 2.41 2013.10.04
Fixed the error of the report file name.
Version 2.4 2013.08.08
Allow users deciding whether to place pending orders or not.
Version 2.3 2013.07.23
Allow user set with or without StopLoss/TakeProfit level.
Version 2.2 2013.07.02
Revamped inputs for lot adjustment:


Source account: free margin = 500, leverage = 100;
Follow account: free margin = 1000, leverage = 200.

Input Parameters:

lots calc with freemargin = true;
lots calc with leverage = true;
lots multiply = 0.5.

Lot Calculation:

Source volume: 0.1;
Follower volume: 0.1*(1000/500)*(100/200)*0.5=0.05.
Version 2.1 2013.06.24
allow user adjust lot size via input