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TweetHelper for MT5

It is a utility (Expert Advisors) that you can easily tweet from MetaTrader

Just add a few lines of code to the Indicator, EA or Script you create

TweetHelper will tweet a message for you.


Please apply for a developer account to access the Twitter API.

Please register the app and get two keys and two access tokens.


Consumer Keys

- API key

- API secret key(API key secret)

Authentication Tokens

- Access token

- Access token secret

Please make sure that the obtained [Consumer Keys] and [Authentication Tokens] are not known to third parties.

MetaTrader settings:

Tools > Options > Expert Advisors   Allow WebRequest for listed URL:


Please add the URL.

Tweethelper settings:

Set the obtained [Consumer Keys] and [Authentication Tokens]


- Helper No

- Tweet when authentication

- Max number of characters (>10)

- Tweet by dividing by max number

- delete blank lines


- Log Lines  3lines or 5lines

- Log Font  Meiryo UI

- Windows setting Scale 100%

[Twitter : Consumer Keys]

- API key

- API key secret

[Twitter : Authentication Tokens]

- Access token

- Access token secret

Getting started with Tweethelper:

  1. Click the little bird icon on the black background
  2. If Twitter authentication is successful, the "verify credentials OK" message will be displayed and the bird icon will be a blue background
  3. At this time, the service "start message" is tweeted.
  4. In case of an error, the bird icon on the black background will remain and an error message will be displayed.

Wait for messages from other Indicators, EA or Scripts in the blue background bird icon state

End of use of Tweethelper:

  1. Click the little bird icon on the blue background

How to tweet:

  1. #include <WizTweetBridge.mqh> 
  2. call initTweetBridge() method only once at initialization
  3. call isTweetHelperExist() method when tweet
  4. call isTweetHelperReady() method when tweet
  5. call passTweetHelper() method when tweet

Tweet sample script:

Example of code (script) for using TweetHelper


Trial version:

enjoy tweet

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