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PipTick Basket MT5

PipTick Basket expert advisor can open up to 10 trades at once. It was developed for basket traders who need to open a lot of trades on many different pairs. Expert advisor allows to set a take profit and stop loss as value in money for each basket trade. This EA is also equipped by hedge functions and allows traders to use the Classic hedge strategy or Sure-Fire strategy, also known as "Always in profit”.

Main features

  • Opening multiple trades simultaneously
  • EA Works on any market (forex, cfd's, futures)
  • Easy to set up and trade
  • Hedge and martingale functions
  • Sure-Fire hedge strategy
  • Hidden stop loss and take profit
  • Ready for backtesting
  • Very fast EA

Input parameters

  • Magic_Number - Specific designation of expert advisor. For trading more than one EA must be used an unique number
  • Take_Profit - Total profit of basket trade in the account currency
  • Stop_Loss - Total maximal loss of basket trade in the account currency
  • Restart - Allows to choose whether the EA should be restarted if the take profit or stop loss is reached
  • Text_Size - Size of text in the chart
  • Symbol_1...10 - The exact name of the traded symbol
  • Symbol_1...10_Direction - The direction fo the trade
  • Symbol_1...10_Lotsize - The lot size of the trade
  • Symbol_1...10_Hedge_Strategy - Allows to choose between Classic and Sure-Fire strategy
  • Symbol_1...10_Hedge_Lotsize_PCT - The percentage for calculation of lot size of the first hedge order
  • Symbol_1...10_Hedge_Distance - The distance between hedge orders
  • Symbol_1...10_Hedge_Multiple - The multiple for calculation of second and subsequent hedge orders
  • Symbol_1...10_Hedge_Depth - The total number of hedge orders
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Version 1.1 2020.05.28
Recompilation of the indicator due to a new version of MT5 platform