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SFX Risk Reward Indicator


Free Version to test on live market before buying. Free Version works only for EURUSD orders.

Note: "Arial Bold" font should be installed in your operating system, specially on windows 10 server.

Indicator Benefit

  • Shows Risk, Reward & Trailed position monetary value along with risk-reward ratio for all active open orders & total position.
  • Here locked profit represents trailed positions.
  • Shows total number of order, current profit loss amount in group wise with symbol.
  • Shows individual trade details on current chart.
  • Indicator counts order commission & swap charges into the calculation to show the actual monetary value of a trade.
  • If any order doesn't have any stop loss, then it shows the active risk value.

Indicator Input Parameters

  • X axis position
  • Y axis position
  • Text color
  • Box color
  • Box border color
  • Line separator color
  • Box width (default 360)
  • Font size (default 9)
  • Chart Corner (Left lower chart corner/ Left upper chart corner / Right lower chart corner / Right upper chart corner)
  • Gap between lines (default 16)
  • Enter Account Currency Symbol (Default $)

Alert Section:

  • Select Alert (None, Account Balance, Total Risk, Total Locked Profit)
  • Amount of Currency
  • Select Comparison Type (Greater Than, Less Than, Equal Type)
  • Email Alert = True / False
  • Push Message Alert = True / False
  • Alert Gap or Frequency = 4 Hours (Customizable to any time frame)
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Version 1.18 2020.03.27
- bug fixed
Version 1.17 2020.03.27
- bug fixed
Version 1.16 2020.03.27
- bug fixed
- new layout with new details, measurements.
- now shows invididual trades status on chart.
- round up trade details symbol wise.
Version 1.15 2020.03.19
- bug fixed
Version 1.14 2019.09.05
- input section improved
- minor bug fix
Version 1.13 2019.09.05
- layout updated
- the indicator is now resizable with various screens size.
Version 1.12 2019.07.10
- total reward bug fixed.
Version 1.11 2019.07.10
- slight display modification
Version 1.10 2019.07.09
- A full indicator panel upgrade.
- Now plots active trade stop loss, take profit, open level on the chart.
- Drawdown recovery percentage added.
- Button added to show or hide trade levels, show or hide indicator panel.
Version 1.9 2019.04.04
- Code improvement
Version 1.8 2018.12.20
Minor bug fix
Version 1.7 2018.12.20
Minor improvement
Version 1.6 2018.12.20
Indicator dashboard layout improved with better visual.
Minor bug fixed.
Version 1.5 2018.02.26
Layout Improved
Total Risk % added
3 types of alert added for Account Balance, Total Risk & Total Trailed or locked profit.
Calculation improved with swap & trade commission. Shows actual Risk-Reward Ratio after all cost.
Version 1.4 2017.12.19
Indicator Layout Improved for better visibility & Understanding.
Risk Reward Ratio added for both individual trades & total positions.
Version 1.3 2017.09.06
A major bug got fixed with deleting objects.
X,Y position option added for customizing indicator position according to user needs.
Version 1.2 2017.07.25
New Symbol added to better visualization.
Version 1.1 2017.05.30
- Minor tooltip bug fixed.