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Cycle Finder Pro

Cycle Finder Pro (CFP) is designed to teach beginner traders how to read cyclicity and trend. It also helps experienced traders who want to speed up their chart analysis.

Chart reading starts with the identification of cycles and being able to do this accurately and consistently is a key element of successful trading using technical analysis. Most traders rely on indicators such as moving averages to help them read a chart or to confirm its trend but this is incorrect as it lags price and price action itself is the only thing that confirm trend.

Cycle Finder Pro identifies true market cycles so you can read each chart in exactly the same way, and identify trend correctly.

Cycle Finder Pro uses a 5 bar cycle rule to ensure there is a minimum of 5 bars in a cycle, 3 bars inclusive of the middle bar, moving in either direction (please check out our screen shots for full details of these rules). No' of bars calculated - By default CFP will analyses the last 300 bars on any chart and mark the cycles within that period. This can be extended further for back testing is desired. Time frames - We recommend that CFP be used on 4 hour, daily, weekly and monthly charts.

Adjustable input parameters

  • Marker offset for H/L values in pips - This is the distance each high/low confirmation marker is positioned away from price. By default this is set to 20pips. This can be brought closer or positioned further away to suit the time frame being viewed if desired.
  • Set ATR multiplier - This has been added to eliminate any anomaly/over-sized bars from the chart so that we can still focus on the true cycles. The default ATR is 3 but this can be amended to take into account larger or smaller bars. We recommend 3 as a starting point for all users.
2017.03.19 12:53 

another useless indicator

2017.03.04 13:14 

I love this indicator, it is saving me a lot of time and provides confirmation where there is doubt. I'd been drawing zig zag lines to mark cycles and it's great to see the back of them, leaving a clean view with neat indicators. What's not to like?

2016.12.19 14:09   

Hello Raymond

Just purchased and installed - what a clever indicator.

Great to see how easy it is now to quickly view the cycles in any timeframe.

Thank you.

2016.12.15 22:46 

Hi Raymond

Thank you for your indicator. Been playing with it all day and its great for spotting trend and cycles. I know I still do not read charts consistently and this has showed me many I have been reading wrong. This will save me so much money. Thank you again.

Version 1.12 - 2017.02.10
New version allows you to adjust how far the high and low confirmations are away from price. The default is 20 pips but you may wish to have this closer to price on smaller time frames.