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Price Assistant

Price Assistant is a training indicator that will give you the ability to understand the primary logic of the price action.

Designed for study, it has been programmed to provide to trader the ultimate ease of understanding the price logic.

Price Assistant is not just a study aid provider, it is also an operational indicator that can provide you with good operating ideas.

A label on chart gives you an input and it shows you the actual situation of the price action.

You could work in real time update (actual candle) or in static review (previous candle).

Its strength is total flexibility of use.

It is possible to apply it on all timeframes and simultaneously analyze other different time periods.

If you want to understand the price action, this is the indicator for you.


  • CandlePeriod (timeframe superior to the analyzed one)
  • Periods (how many periods to analyze)
    • Long_Price_Action (rectangle color for Long)
    • Short_Price_Action (rectangle color for Short)
    • TypeAnalysis (Real_Time = actual candle analysis, Static = previous candle analysis)
    • X_pos, Y_pos (move the label in your favorite position on the chart)
    • Corner (move the label in your favorite corner on the chart)
    • Font
    • Font_Size
    • TextColor
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