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Gann Intraday Pivot Indicator

Indicator Benefit

  • The indicator is based on W.D. Gann Methodology & Grid chart system customized for the modern market with a simplistic approach.
  • It is designed for Scalping to Intraday Trading. A complete tool with Customizable Price & Time Support & Resistance level.
  • The indicator shows day trend strength in advance with the start of the day.
  • Indicator plots Daily & Hourly Pivots. Also, Custom Pivots based with 4 calculating points, from Current day high / Last Day High / Current Day Low / Last Day Low.
  • Text dashboard with master chart degrees.
  • Trend Alert, Email & Push Messages.
  • The indicator also plots time pivots which indicate ideal time for a major trend change in the market. ( Subject to consider with market price action.)
  • Indicator plots Gann Master Grid chart layout for advanced analysis.

Best Usage: 1 Minute to 15 Minutes charts, All Instruments

Indicator Input Parameters

History Bar (0 for current bar)

Select Scale

  • 0.01 cent or 1 pip
  • 0.10 cent or 10 pips
  • $1 or more (Non-FX Instruments, Indices, Commodities)

Custom Timing Settings

  • Timing for Non-Fx Instruments = True/False
  • Select Instrument Opening Hour (0 to 20)
  • Select Instrument Opening Minute (0-59)
  • Select Instrument Ending Hour (0 to 24)
  • Select Instrument Ending Minute (0-59)

Trend Alert Settings

  • Show Alert = True/False;
  • Send Email = True/False;
  • Send Push Messages = True/False;
  • Select type of trend = Price at pivot resistance/support / Price time at conjunction point
  • Time Gap Between Signals = 1 Hour (Default)
Important! Subject to consider with market price action & other trend indicators.

Daily Pivot Settings

  • Show Daily Pivot = True / False
  • Show Minor Pivot Lines = True / False
  • Daily Pivot Major Color
  • Daily Pivot Minor Color
  • Daily Open Color
  • Daily Line Style ( Solid / Dash / Dot / Dashdot / Dashdotdot )
  • Daily Line Width 1-5

Hourly Settings

  • Show Hourly Pivots = True/False
  • Hourly Pivot Color
  • Hourly Open Color
  • Hourly Line Style ( Solid/ Dash / Dot / Dashdot / Dashdotdot )
  • Hourly line Width 1-5
  • History Bar for Hourly = 0 ( Default 0 for current hour)

Dashboard Settings

  • Show Dashboard = True/ False
  • x axis position
  • y axis position
  • Dashboard Background Color
  • Dashboard Header Color
  • Text Color
  • Show Gann Master Grid Layout = True/False
  • Grid Color, Line Style, Width
  • Minor Grid Color, Line Style, Grid Width

Custom Pivot Settings

  • Show Custom  Pivot = True/ False
  • Applied Price ( Last Day High, Last Day Low, Current Day High, Current Day Low)
  • Custom Price Pivot Color, Line Style, Width.
  • Custom Time Pivot Color, line, width style

Backtesting Efficiency: User can test this indicator for past days in the live chart to check indicator accuracy. In the case of History Bar settings, change it other than 0 to check past day market action with the indicator (1,2,3.. etc.).

jcastillo117 2018.12.15 06:03 

Thank you for such a wonderful indicator.

Shaheen Hassanali
Shaheen Hassanali 2018.12.11 11:16   


Version 1.35 2019.01.10
-slight improvement
-New price time conjunction point alert system added.
Version 1.34 2018.12.14
Indicator dashboard master chart degree section improved.
Two new master chart parameters added.
Version 1.33 2018.11.21
bug fixed
Version 1.32 2018.11.15
Custom pivot section improved.
Version 1.31 2018.11.15
Old version style is back with price time degree value for the advanced level of trade analysis.
New multi timeframe trend analysis.
A new scale level introduced
Version 1.30 2017.07.12
Removed arrow for better performance.
Added the New Price Time Trend Alert section.
Added Price & Time Trend Zone on the dashboard.
Added email alerts and push messages.
Added new X, Y axis position to move the dashboard on the chart.
Version 1.29 2017.05.22
ReEngineered Version with Buy/Sell Signals & Alerts. (Subject to consider with market price action)
Improved tooltips & annotations.
Simplified to produce clear charts & entries for traders to make best trades.
Shows Trend Strength in advance. Current Trend for making sharp entries with pivots.
Version 1.28 2017.03.10
Degree information added for Grid lines.
Version 1.27 2017.02.28
New Features & Improvement:
Scaling Added for Non-Fx Instruments
Custom Timing option improved for Non-Fx Instruments.
Bug fixed with current deg from opening.
Version 1.26 2017.02.02
Minor & Major Degree color bug & line plotting bug got fixed.
Version 1.25 2016.12.30
Minor Bug fixed.
Version 1.24 2016.12.29
Indicator ReStructured & optimized for better performance.
Now it works for other instruments too.
Future contract start time & end time added in user input section.
Version 1.23 2016.12.14
Added option for showing or not showing minor pivot levels.
Minor pivot levels improved.
Version 1.22 2016.10.24
New Minor Grid Lines added.
Version 1.21 2016.09.23
Improved Time forecasting.
Add 2 new extra option for time forecasting, now you can individually forecast with last day high/low or current day high/low.
Another Extra long term Gann MA added for MA crossovers.
Version 1.20 2016.08.29
Degree Calculation Improved.
Grid movement improved.
Version 1.19 2016.08.24
Forecasting Timing improved. Option added to calculated Forecasted time with Last day data & Current day data.
More improved Navigation.
Small Text box added to view Text Based Degree Data in compact way. (Customizable Color)

Version 1.18 2016.08.04
Day Open Degree data added.
Version 1.17 2016.07.12
Forecasting Price level using Last day High/Low or Current day High/Low added.
Gann MA Method added.
Version 1.16 2016.07.07
ToolTip added for better Navigation.
New element added on text section which shows current price degree from day open.
InBuild Gann Hi-Lo Activator or Gann MA added.
Version 1.15 2016.06.27
Natural Price Line Updated
Natural Time Line added
Natural Price Time Grid added
3D Cube Added
Forecasting Timeline added
Version 1.9 2016.06.13
Now Shows Natural Square S/R lines
Option added to show or hide daily pivots.
Version 1.7 2016.06.01
Shows Daily High Low Time Degree & differences.
Show Text Data = True/False added.
Version 1.1 2016.05.23
Version 1.01
Now its shows Current Day High / Low Degree
Current Day High / Low Difference
Current Price Degree
Daily Trend & Hourly Trend

Followings are important Degrees to change trend:
Among, 45,90,180,360 are major degrees.
While trading, mind the 1-3 Degree offset with these degrees.