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LaondaMT5 is the first MT5 expert advisor, what was created and tested direct in JAVA with real tick history, real spread, real commission, and real slippage. After it was compiled line by line to Mql5. This expert trades on the stronger support and resistance levels. It uses a special management without trailing stop and uses market orders for opening and closing as well. No grid. No martingale. If it possible use Virtual Hosting, and different magic number. Maximum 10 Lot/trade. Do not use simultaneously other EA or trade manually on EURUSD if you use LaondaMT5.

Real account monitoring:


Working currency pair/timeframe: EURUSD H1.

Robot parameters

  • fixlot_long = manual lot size for long trades
  • fixlot_short = manual lot size for short trades
  • If risk_long = 0 and risk_short = 0, use simple manual lots
  • risk_long = auto lotsize for long trades, risk_long 0,1 = 1000 Usd equity / 0,1 lot, risk_long 0,2 = 1000 Usd equity / 0,2 lot etc...
  • risk_short = auto lotsize for short trades, risk_short 0,1 = 1000 Usd equity / 0,1 lot, risk_short 0,2 = 1000 Usd equity / 0,2 lot etc...
  • maxspread = maximum spread to open trade
  • comment = trade comment
  • magicnumber = trade magic
  • SL = recommended maximum stoploss
  • time_base = false : Trade times last from a few seconds to a few minutes. It works on tick and spread base.
  • time_base = true : Trade times last from a few seconds, but No more than one minute. It works on time base.
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Version 1.20 2016.06.15
Available opening with pending order.
Version 1.10 2016.04.26
1.1 Version.
Fixed a possible MT5 specific closing error.