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Advanced Trade Copier Sender

In order to receive trades, you need the receiver version. You can find it in my portfolio: Trade Copier - Reciever Version.


This tool will make copying orders between your accounts much easier. With this you will be able to copy orders between multiple computers/VPS.

Basic Features

  • Copy orders between accounts.
  • The accounts do not have to be on the same VPS.
  • Web-based copying features.
  • Account information on the chart


Please add below addresses to Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors -> Allow WebRequest

  • http://forex-updates.net/tradecopier/ausgabe.php
  • http://forex-updates.net/tradecopier/usercheck.php
  • http://forex-updates.net/tradecopier/copy.php

Explanation of Features

  • URL - The URL to the MYSQL base.
  • Magicnumber - The orders are marked with this number, in the receiver you set a magic number and if it matches the sender, then it will copy the orders.
ForexTrader7 2016.01.27 21:52 

As said before, realy useful trade copier....makes copying orders a piece of cake!!! :D