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Pointers Fast Trade

Speed and Safety are very important factors in the volatile Forex market, they can mean the difference between a great transaction and a bad one. That is why we have written a script that enables the user to make safe lightning fast trades at the stroke of a key. This script is Pointer’s Fast Trade.

Pointer’s Fast Trade gives the user amazing speed to make trades while also looking after the user’s risk factors, thus making the trade fast and safe.

This script is designed to work with the Pointer's Position Size Pointer. In order to make a trade all the user has to do is double click the script, and it will make the trade in accordance to the information provided by the Position Size Pointer. Once the trade is made both the StopLoss and TakeProfit Lines disappear, in order to show the actual StopLoss and TakeProfit. The lines will return as soon as the chart is refreshed.

Before using this script you should be 100% sure that the data provided from Position Size Pointer is current. All changes and price updates in the Position Size Pointer take effect automatically after every new tick. If you are unsure if the most recent tick came since your last change you can update the Position Size Pointer manually, by refreshing the chart or changing the interval back and forth.

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