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Trade Manager 4 Lite

Trade Manager 4 Lite is trading panel developed with a goal to make manual trading in some (routine) task easier.

Main features of Trade Manager 4 Lite

  • Trading for Forex and CFDs
  • Support for 4 and 5 digit brokers
  • 65 combinations to set order
  • Set Take Profit, Stop Loss and entry level for Pending Order with lines positioned on the chart
  • Break Even
  • Trailing Stop Loss
  • Multiple Pending Orders
  • One Cancels the Other
  • The possibility to set the maximum Spread value
  • Close All (close all open positions)
  • Close only Buy
  • Close only Sell
  • Close+ (close [all,buy,sell] positions in profit)
  • Close- (close [all,buy,sell] positions in loss)
  • Delete Pending Orders (by type)
  • Choose Pips or Points for settings (only for Forex)
  • Working in the back testing mode


  • ‌Magic Number
    • [-1] - Will manage all open orders
    • [0] - Will manage only open orders without Magic Number
    • [Any number] - Will manage only open orders with specified Magic Number (opened orders by any Expert Advisor)
  • Apply To - Current Symbol or All Symbols
  • Language - only English now
  • Theme
  • Timeframe - force Trade Manager working only for specified Timeframe
  • Chart Shift - set chart offset in % from the right side
  • Lots
    • we can set fixed Lot size
    • or we can leave it empty (or zero) too and then Lot size will be calculated.

We can define Take Profit and Stop Loss in Trade Manager on 4 different ways.

  • Take Profit [price] - based on exactly defined price
  • Take Profit [pips/points] - based on the distance from market price specified by Pips/Points
  • Take Profit [money] - based on amount of money we expect as our profit
  • Take Profit [%] - based on percentage of our account balance
  • Stop Loss [price]
  • Stop Loss [pips/points]
  • Stop Loss [money] - based on amount of money we want to risk
  • Stop Loss [%]

How to set Take Profit and Stop Loss with fixed Lot size: video
How to set Take Profit, Stop Loss and Position Size: video

  • Max Spread - allow to place order only when Spread is less than pre-set value
  • Slippage - set Slippage for the order
  • Order Comment
  • Number of Pending Orders - how many Pending Orders will be placed
  • First Distance for Pending Order - distance from the market price
  • Step Between Pending Orders - distance (step) between next Pending Orders
  • One Cancels the Other (OCO)
  • Break Even - set this value to True if you want to activate Break Even, otherwise to False
  • Trigger [pips/points] - set the distance in profit needed to trigger Break Even for the order
  • Offset [pips/points] - set the offset from opening price after Break Even has been triggered
  • Trailing Stop Loss - set this value to True if you want to activate Trailing Stop Loss, otherwise to False
  • Trigger [pips/points] - set the distance in profit needed to trigger Trailing Stop Loss for the first time
  • Frequency [pips/points] - set the frequency (next triggers) how often should Stop Loss move
  • Step [pips/points] - set the step with which Stop Loss will move in the direction of the market

To show panels set the following to true:

  • Control Panel
  • Dashboard Panel
  • Dock Panels

Show panels in Dock:

  • Dock Control Panel
  • Dock Dashboard Panel
  • Pips or Points - choose Pips or Points (Forex only, for CFDs Pips=Points)

Change the following only when you know what you are doing:

  • Pips to Points - 1 Pip = 10 (Forex only)
  • Custom Tick Size - you can overwrite Tick Value if needed.
  • Custom Tick Value - when calculator for CFDs is not working properly maybe there is not correct setting for Tick Value on broker's side. You can overwrite it.
  • Delete Order Objects - delete all order objects after removing Trade Manager from the chart

Change the panel and the font size with the following parameters

  • Scaling Objects X-axis
  • Scaling Objects Y-axis
  • Font Size
cheshire 2018.07.18 19:02 

Best of the best! Worth every penny with great customer support!

Ferdinandus Charlie
Ferdinandus Charlie 2017.05.22 20:24 

Great trade manager, very easy to use..., highly recommended!!

ObiWT 2017.04.11 13:20 

exactly what I was lookig for, thank you very much

Deiter Lange
Deiter Lange 2017.04.09 14:23 

great tool

Version 4.3 2018.05.10
New features:
- Break Even and Trailing Stop Loss settings added to panel
- Added Order Comment
- Added "One Cancels the Other" button for Pending Orders
- Improved Pending Orders settings
- Updated layout of Trading Panel
- Scaling panels
- Added sound effects
- Fixed Buy Stop button
- Fixed docking panels
Version 4.2 2017.04.19
New features:
- Extended Dashboard Panel
- Dock Panels (set panels to 4 corners or hide panels)
- Added Themes
- Fixed design issues
- Fixed Chart Shift
- Fixed Close Sell button
Version 4.1 2017.04.06
New features:
- Break Even
- Trailing Stop Loss
- Fixed minor issues for Strategy Tester