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Scalper Pad with MA Angle


Scalper Pad is a useful tools to increase your scalping capability to the edge. Eye catching buttons of this tool on the top right of chart are very easy to reach and clicked up. And the most important thing about this tool is a built-in defense system which includes:

  1. Martingale
  2. dAlembert
  3. Labouchere
  4. Fibonacci
  5. 1326

Оf course these parameters can be disabled if you don't like them.

Input Parameter

  1. Broker is ECN — True if your broker is ECN
  2. Magic Number — It helps the expert to recognize its order
  3. Lot — Amount to be risked
  4. Stop Loss — Maximum pips to be exhausted if loss occurs
  5. Take Profit — Maximum pips to be banked if win ocurs
  6. Trailing Stop Loss — True if you want the expert to move your Stop Loss on every profit movement
  7. Trailing Take Profit — True if you want to move your TP in profit direction
  8. Trailing Stop — Give it with value rather than leave it on zero to moving your Stop Loss after x amount of profit on pips
  9. Martingale — True for doubling your lotsize after a loss trade occurs
  10. dAlembert — True for increasing your lotsize after loss and decreasing your lotsize after win
  11. Labouchere — True for using cancelation of lotsize defense
  12. Labouchere List — List for lot step multiplier
  13. Labouchere Start Position — The first position on the list to use on the first order after this expert is initiated on the chart
  14. Fibonacci — True to make the expert use a sum of 2 previous lotsizes for the next order after a loss occurs
  15. 1 3 2 6 — True to make the expert use this unique lot size combination after a loss occurs
  16. Show Signal — True if you want to use the built-in signaling system
  17. MA Period — Days for calculation a moving average
  18. MA Shift — Offset of the moving average counted from the current candle
  19. MA Method — Method for calculation the moving average
  20. Apply to — Price where the expert will applied
  21. Bar Shift — Bar offset from the current bar to find the MA value

Important: please make sure you use only one defense system in your application (Martingale, dAlembert, Labouchere, Fibonacci or 1326).

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