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The Expert Advisor is a risk manager helping users to control their trading. In the settings it is possible to specify the settings at which the risk manager closes the opened trades and closes the terminal as well, if it is needed to prevent opening trades on emotions and that do not correspond to the trading strategy.

Risk Manager settings

  • Check limit to close - check the equity limit
  • Limit to close - equity limit that is taken into account
  • Check day limit to close - check the maximum daily loss limit
  • Type of limit:
    • SimpleLimit - simple limit that is calculated as the maximum drawdown per day
    • TrailingLimit - trailing limit that is calculated from maximum profit per day
  • Day limit to lose - maximum loss limit per day
  • Check max amount of day trades - check maximum trades amount per day
  • Max amount of day trades - maximum amount of trades per day
  • Check max losses per day - check maximum amount of losses per day
  • Max amount of losses per day - maximum amount of losses per day
  • Check max losses in a row - check maximum amount of losses in a row
  • Max amount of losses in a row - maximum amount of losses in a row
  • Check only orders without Magic - check orders that are opened without magic number (that is often used in another EAs)
  • Count broker's commission - take broker's commission into account
  • Close terminal after limit overrun - close the terminal if one of the above limits is reached
  • Turn on info - show the information about risk-manager settings
  • Close terminal immediately - either immediate closure of the terminal after checking all the rules or closure with a minute delay
  • Seconds before close - number of seconds before the terminal closes in case of the rules violation
  • Count Swaps - consider swaps during calculations
2016.08.05 12:14 

Good Equity guardian.

It's a must for a seriuos trader.

I like the possibility to set a Daily DD or Profit to close orders and platform.

Version 1.57 - 2017.02.27
Fixed issue with TrailingLimit.
When RiskManager is attached on a chart, the information in the upper left corner is displayed immediately and not only after the first tick is received.
Version 1.55 - 2016.08.17
Added time in seconds that could be adjusted by user and is counted before the terminal close in case of rules violation
Added option of swaps calculation for positions
Added the display of current drawdown in percentage in Comment section
Version 1.50 - 2016.08.01
Prices are now normalized in the functions of closing trades
An option of 1 minute delay before terminal close was added
Version 1.45 - 2016.05.17
Added check for exceeding the drawdown percentage
Added check for exceeding the number of simultaneously opened orders
Version 1.35 - 2015.10.05
Implemented commission calculations into each limit check
Added additional info about the current state of limit
Fixed few bugs