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Pro4ex trading Suite

The PRO4EX TRADING SUITE provide essential information of market condition, money management, price action and trade signals

It is standalone trading suite, but also can be used to enhance your own trading system

Suite consist of:

  1. Side Panel
  2. Bottom Indicator Window
  3. On-Chart trading signals, dynamic buy-sell targets and multiple time frame lines

Side Panel is composed of:

  • 4 Multiple time frames trend indicators
  • market bias (range, trend started, trending, exhausting)
  • volatility indicator
  • tick speed (shows how fast price is moving based on ticks)
  • multiple time frame S/R Breakouts indicate if price is between current support and resistance or is outside range (breakouts) on several time frames
  • money management calculate exact position size based on equity and desired risk
  • broker spread on current pair
  • candle timer
  • warning messages (low volatility, exit position etc)

Bottom indicator is composed of:

  • Trend/Range filter histogram indicator (default gray color indicates range)
  • Current trend histogram indicator (default white color indicates short trends and blue indicates long trends)

On chart:

  • Default gray horizontal line represents support (time frame+S) and resistance (time frame+R), current time frame S/R in red color
  • Right price labels represent targets for breakouts of current range
  • Left price labels (bigger size) represent targets of highest time frame breakouts

(default colors: white = Stop Loss, Yellow = target1, Blue1 = target2, Blue2 =target3)

Dynamic targets and how to use it

Dynamic targets are one of most powerful tools in the suite. In any moment you will be aware of possible point where price will go before it will start to make new range, retraces or reversals

You can use this advantage to lock current position (set stop loss to break even) or exit current position and wait for next signal, take a reversal entry position, add a new position in retrace.

Also the left oriented price labels (bigger size) represent target on higher time frames. We can use this to stay in position until price will reach those targets.

The system is highly customizable and can be adjusted to your preferred trading style (trend trading, scalping, swing trading, reversals etc.)

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Version 1.20 2015.11.10
New information on side pannel showing target distance in points.
Added new filter: Candle must close outside s/r range to confirm breakouts for more conservative trading!
Version 1.10 2015.03.17
Added monthly support resistance line on chart and breakout signal on side panel