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CAP Grid Manager

CAP Grid Manager is a useful Panel with expert advisor for traders using Grid strategies. It has multi-function panel! You only need to click Buy or Sell button on the panel, and CAP Grid Manager will set a take profit, pending orders and trailing stop for you.

  • Easy to set up and supervise
  • Open market order and multi-orders with grid pending orders
  • Manage existing orders.
  • You can use it with your other existing Expert Advisors or manual trading.

How it’s work

The EA Panel on chart has two sections as the following:

Section 1: First Section for close any existing orders. Select the right requested action from combo box then click Execute button.

Section 2: Last Section for Open new orders. Select the right action from combo box then click BUY or SELL button.

  • Trade & X-NumberGrid: When you click Buy button then the EA will open one Buy trade and also open X-Number of pending orders. For example: If you set X-NumberGrid=5 and PendingOrderType=Limit in EA’s property. With this setting when you click Buy button, EA will open one initial Buy trade and also open 5 BUYLIMIT orders according by your Gaps and lot size what you set in EA property. Buy button only work when there are no Buy trades or Buy type any pending orders are opened.
  • X-Number Grid Only: After initial Buy and pending orders are opened, if you need an extra X-Number of pending orders, just select this option and click BUY or SELL button. EA will open again an extra X-Number of pending orders as per your request.
  • Only Trade: When you select this option, the EA will open only instant BUY or SELL order. You can open any number of BUY or SELL orders at any time, just click this button once.

Input Parameters

1. Default Configuration.

  • LotSize: The lot size of the first position.
  • LotMultiplier: Multiplier for the lot size for each subsequent order.
  • PendingOrderType: to Select pending orders type.
  • Gaps: Distance in points from current price to start grid pending orders.
  • X-NumberGrid: Number of pending orders to open when you click BUY or SELL button.
  • AutoDeletePendingOrders: When enabled, pending orders will be deleted if there no exist any market order. Example: if all buy order close by you or trailing or Stoploss or takeprofit then EA also close all BUY type pending order (LIMIT/STOP).

2. AutoGridMode

  • EnableAutoGridMode: When Enabled. The EA automatically will manage grid when it found any market order (BUY/SELL). Gaps, lots size, and pending orders will follow by default EA input settings. You don't need open pending order, just active this option EA open order every GAP.
  • MaxTradesForBuy: Maximum number of Buy orders.
  • MaxTradesForSell: Maximum number of Sell orders.
  • Lower/HigherPriceLevel: EA with not open trades if current price crosses this level.

3. Profit/Loss Management

  • TP_SL Type: Select TP and SL type: Average means TakeProfit and StopLoss will be set based on average trade price. Normal means TakeProfit and StopLoss will be set based on individual trade price.
  • TakeProfit: Distance for take profit in points.
  • StopLoss: Distance for Stop Loss in points.
  • ProfitPercent: Profit in percentage of the deposit; set 0 to disable it.
  • LossPercent: Loss in percentage of the deposit; set 0 to disable it.

3. Trailing Management

  • TR_BP Type: Select Trailing and Break event type: Average means TR and BP will be set to work on average trade price. Normal means TR and BP will be set based on individual trade price.
  • ActiveTrailing: true - activate trailing (default - false).
  • TrailingStop: Distance from order open price in points for the trailing stop.
  • TrailingStep: Step in points for the TrailingStop to trigger.
  • ActiveBreakEvent: true - activate breakevent (default - false).
  • BreakStart: Minimum distance in points from opening price to move it to breakevent;
  • BreakStep: Minimum profit in points required to move a position after breakevent is triggered.

  1. All parameters are counted in points, not pips.
  2. The product is not work on strategy tester. if you want to test this product before buy then you can try demo version here.


Capilta Forex Solutions

2016.03.10 18:26 

Very useful instrument !! Thanks to the seller !!

2016.02.27 16:02 

Hello Muhammad Ali, I bought from you this program last week. This is truly a top program, but the option (X-Number Grid only) does not work completely. For this you need a distance instruction to the first pending order only. Currently to create pending orders, I always must first the option (Traid & X-Number Grid) start, and only after that I can add to the option (X-Number Grid only) more pending orders. I use your program sometimes as a safety function. This means that I create each at the same time pending orders for stop buy and sell stop. Now, if the price goes up, the program should enable the pending orders for stop buy. Currently, however, it is so that I take with each also at least a sell order, but that should not be. The second point to the program to improvement would be an additional option to the selection step increase or multiplication. A step increase in trading volume, the risk would be reduced it. For example, the pending order depending on the value specified by 0.05. An example: LotSize 0.1 + 0.15 + 0.2 + 0.25 ............ If you could make that would be nice.

Nevertheless, even a thank you and five stars for your program

Jon Snow
2015.10.10 13:01 

This Expert Advisor is quite easy to use. The programmer is also very helpful in giving tips and guidance. Thank you Mr. Mohammad Ali.

Osama Shaban
2015.09.03 23:15 

A new update for my previous one ...

As I'm working for years in the grid systems I find this EA is enough to have to perform all your ideas professionally.

I use it everyday in conjunction with other EAs to enhance my results and gives me very good return.

Great piece of software, Great price, Great programmer.

Good luck to all ...

2015.02.22 10:26 

Thank you, Great Working!!!

2015.02.21 05:00 

Great working and easy to use Expert Advisor.

Version 3.10 - 2015.09.10
Fixed minor bugs for lot size calculation to open grid trade.
Version 3.0 - 2015.03.16
1. Fully New Interface.
2. Add some new Function.
3. This version does not work in backtest.
Version 2.0 - 2014.10.23
1. Add pending order type. Now EA can open pending order (Limit or Stop).
2. Add Stop Loss parameter .