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Lot Size Calc

Lot Size Calculator

Using the calculator you can quickly find out the lot size directly in the trading terminal, to comply with risk management.

  • it works on any trading instruments: Forex, Stocks, Futures, Indices, CFD, Bonds, Cryptocurrencies;
  • interface minimization function;
  • flexibility of use;
  • money management;
It is especially useful for short-term traders, when they need to act quickly.
For calculation it is necessary to specify 2 parameters:
  1. The size of the risk (1 of 2 options):
    • risk percentage: set manually or using the -/+ buttons;
    • risk amount (the currency of the account is determined automatically);
  2. Stop-Loss level (1 of 3 options):
    • SL size: in pips, or in points (points toggle);
    • SL price: calculation for market execution at current price;
    • SL price + entry price: calculation for pending orders;

After clicking the "CALCULATE" button, the lot size will be calculated. In addition, the risk size and Stop-Loss parameters are displayed.

After calculating the lot, a trading panel will be available for market execution or placing a pending order (depending on the availability of the entry price): 

  • When you set the stop loss level , the only available direction for trading will be automatically determined;

In the upper right corner there is a button to minimize the calculator, thus it will not occupy the workspace when it is not required.


When loading the indicator, you will be presented with a set of options as input parameters.

  • DefaultRiskPercent default risk %;
  • DefaultRiskMoney:  default amount of money;
  • RiskForBalance: 1) if true: risk will be calculated for the      current balance; 2) if false: risk will be calculated for the    free margin;

Interface features

-/+ buttons are suitable for those who use a small percentage step (2.1, 2.2, 2.2...), and for those who prefer to use integers (2, 3, 4...).

  • Initially (risk % = 2.0): when you press the +/- buttons, the values will change in increments (0.1): 2.1%, 2.2%, 2,3%...;
  • To use integers (step 1), simply erase the point, leaving only the integer. Now when you press the +/- buttons, the values will change in increments (1): 1%, 2%, 3%..;
  • To switch back to step (0.1) - you just need to add a point after the number (2.0);

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