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Grid Trading

Grid Trading is a semi automated one click EA for manual grid trading.

Normal Trading

From chart you just click Sell or Buy trades and it will handle all the trades with adding Stop Loss, Take profit, while its Trailing and Breakeven functions will care if trade cannot reach its take profit level.


If you select hedge trading it will start grid trading with opening opposite entry and this grid will continue until it will close all trades in profit.


If you select martin trading it will start grid trading with opening bigger size lot and it will continue until it will close all trades in profit.


  • Lots - lot size setting
  • Take Profit - take profit (pips)
  • Stop Loss - stop loss (pips)
  • Breakeven - if false, disabled
  • StartBreakeven - when breakeven will take start (in pips)
  • StepBreakeven - when breakeven step will move (in pips)
  • Trailing - if false, disabled
  • Trailing Start - when Trailing will take start (in pips)
  • Trailing Stop - trailing stop (in pips)
  • Trailing Step - moving steps for trailing (in pips)
  • Close@DD - if false then it's disable
  • CloseDD% - DD in percentage
  • CloseAtProfit - currency or pips (you can close profit in account currency or pips)
  • CloseProfit - all opened trades will be closed at a specified value
  • Type Trade - select a trade mode
  • Grid TP Level - Profit level for grid
  • LotBooster - increase lot size for grid
  • OrdersDistance - Grid orders' distance (in pips)
  • Magic No. - unique ID for orders
  • AlertBalance - It will alert if EA failed to open order due to low balance

Chart Buttons Info:

  • Sell - open Sell entry trade
  • Buy - open Buy entry trade
  • Close - close all opened trades
Bianca Seara
Bianca Seara 2018.10.27 23:13 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Ariel Agnoletto
Ariel Agnoletto 2016.03.12 15:41 

Good work

ForexMaster712 2016.02.17 18:02 

Really like this smart tool and can say 3 in 1 combo in cheap price. I likes all trade types Martin, Hedging and Normal as well.

Feeling very ease with just 1 click trade control. Hope we will see from author side more useful products in future.

LeoryGarry 2016.02.15 18:18 

When a good work is available in low price then giving bad reviews and comments without knowing how to use

EA is not a good manners or may be this act from competitors. I'm using this EA from 5 weeks and it's

working fine and giving me more ease in trading. Best review for this product as it's helping me and

receiving good support from author. Thanks

Version 2.7 2017.09.15
Fixed minor bug in Close@DD, Now it will close all trades at the same time.
Version 2.6 2017.03.14
Fixed minor bug.
Version 2.5 2017.02.09
Fixed Minor Bug.
Version 2.4 2016.12.05
Now all settings in Pips.
Version 2.3 2016.03.21
Added Close@DD in percentage or %, if set it true and give a value in CloseDD% it will close all your trades when account reached at specified draw-down.

Added Alert Balance, It will pop up when ea failed to open another lot due to low balance.
Version 2.2 2016.02.19
Fixed minor bug
Version 2.1 2016.01.06
New improved version with stop orders for a grid.