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ACB Breakout Arrows

The ACB Breakout Arrows indicator provides a crucial entry signal in the market by detecting a special breakout pattern. The indicator constantly scans the chart for a settling momentum in one direction and provide the accurate entry signal right before the major move. 

MT5 Version is available here https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/23373

Key features

  • Stoploss and Take Profit levels are provided by the indicator.
  • Suitable for Day Traders, Swing Traders, and Scalpers.
  • Optimized algorithm to increase the accuracy of signals.
  • Special level to facilitate the Breakeven move or scalping target(Quick Profit Line).
  • Performance analysis metrics such as win/loss, success rate, avg. profit etc.
  • No Repaint.

Trades Confirmation

Use ACB Trade Filter indicator to filter out the low probability trades.

  • Strong Buy: Up Arrow + Green Histogram + Bullish Trend.
  • Strong Sell: Down Arrow + Red Histogram + Bearish Trend.
  • Avoid a trade if the histogram is Gray and Trend is Sideways.

(optional) - 
Use KT Support and Resistance Levels to avoid trade entry around a significant support/resistance level. Such trade entries can immediately turn negative and lead to unnecessary losses. 

“The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary.” – Alexander Elder

Input Parameters

  • History Bars: Number of bars to consider for Indicator's calculation.
  • Signal Sensitivity: Choose the Arrow's Sensitivity (signal strength).
  • Bars for SL: Numbers of bars to consider for Stop loss calculation.
  • Show Target Lines: Show/hide the SL, TP and Quick profit levels on the chart.
  • Performance Analysis: Show/hide the performance analysis elements included the profit trend line for each signal.
  • Alert Settings: Display box, Email, Push notifications and Sound alerts are available.

EA developers

double Buy_Signal = iCustom(NULL,0,"Market/ACB Breakout Arrows", 0,1);

double Sell_Signal = iCustom(NULL,0,"Market/ACB Breakout Arrows", 1,1);


if(iCustom(NULL,0,"Market/ACB Breakout Arrows", 2,1)!=0)Buy_Stoploss = iCustom(NULL,0,"Market/ACB Breakout Arrows", 2,1);


if(iCustom(NULL,0,"Market/ACB Breakout Arrows", 3,1)!=0)Sell_Stoploss = iCustom(NULL,0,"Market/ACB Breakout Arrows", 3,1);

// Fetching targets from the chart

Quick Profit = NormalizeDouble(ObjectGetDouble(0,"FirstTarget",OBJPROP_PRICE),Digits);

First Target = NormalizeDouble(ObjectGetDouble(0,"Target1",OBJPROP_PRICE),Digits);

Final Target = NormalizeDouble(ObjectGetDouble(0,"Target2",OBJPROP_PRICE),Digits);

mxp1 2018.12.25 04:21 

Not good, wasted money.

flysoho 2018.02.25 10:33 

As an auxiliary indicator, sometimes it feels good. Of course, it depends on the market situation

Captain SV
Captain SV 2017.12.15 03:11 

I have tried many indicators in forex before but I have never seen such an accurate indicator in my trading history. Thanks Nitin, job well done!!! I am using it on my live account and so far I am very happy with the results. Your outstanding customer service makes your work even much better than I expected. If I was given more than 5 stars to rate you and your work I would still choose them all. Keep up the good work!

predictcrude 2017.12.14 13:55 

One of the best indicator i have ever used if you got a fine tuning of what you do this is really a usefull as well as any time machine to make money consistently Good work team ...

Also stick to the money management to get a consistent results...

shubha1999 2017.12.07 10:50 

I bought this indicator which work like a wonder for newbies like us ,best part is it auto placement on t/p and s/l nicely done ,i recommend people to buy this and start to learn in the process and see how they can benefit from this, good on all time frames ,but worth while on one hour platform .Daily t/f is for people who work beyond there expected time ,overall nicely done and a for the price its toooo good !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marco Giustini
Marco Giustini 2017.09.21 17:36 

After long test in real, nothing of special, at this high price.

The author show only the best trading... and obviosly not the wrong.

Yuan Liu
Yuan Liu 2017.09.19 16:24 

It is an amazing product, I like it. The author is a very kindly man, always help me, thanks.

MLDCRED 2017.09.18 12:14 

Top Quality indicator. Use with a common sense.

mrb71 2017.09.18 11:21 

It looked very promising, but in the end it fails miserably. Why, 8 of ten times it starts giving buy close to resistance or visa versa. I really don't know what trade filter does. Thing is, is just utterly confusing, leaving you up to start making mistakes. In the end it's price action. Lost a lot of money on this indicator and trading, lessons learned, price action and no indicator magic!

Simon Akubue
Simon Akubue 2017.09.08 15:37 

This is an awesome tool.

I have been using this tool since April this year, and it has been so helpful in winning pips for me.

The Vendor is also readily available for supports.

mark_web 2017.08.24 15:37 

Great Trading-System. It's not just an indicator, it's a complete Trading-System. If you keep to the rules, nothing goes wrong. There can be losses, which is normal, but with a good money- mamagement may not be a problem. The profits will be more than the losses.

The ACB System is perfect for me, because there are fixed rules and I can trade without emotions. For my success, it is important that I let run the winning trades and do not move the stop too early. I think the rules with each trader can be a little different. Important is that I always trade in the same way without emotions. My maxime is: trade what you see and not what you think!

Thank you Nitin Raj for this great System and the outstanding support.

blaze056 2017.07.21 12:50 

Excellent product. I bought it, and am still evaluating how good the "trade rules" can make it. I've observed that there's minimum guarantee that you'll be profitable in course of time, even if you didn't observe the given trading rules. Considering any set of trades (ignoring the trade rules), the win rate is anywhere between 65 - 80%, given any currency pair. That itself gives you the edge you need in trading. Highly recommended!

James Bond
James Bond 2017.07.10 04:59 

this indicator worths 5 stars rating. you need to make your own system about how to use it.

alberto1C 2017.07.04 18:55 

Yes it is Really a Great Indicator!

It is the Edge I was looking for market.

It works well and it is really easy and you just need to follow the arrows and do not use too much leverage...and you will profit.

Also great service within 24 hours

IT has the stop loss and also the profit Tragets too....excellent so I have a limited risk

Earth2511 2017.06.26 09:00 

The Entry SELL and BUY prices are always not accurate, I have to add 100 to 250 pips to the recommended entry prices according to my judgement. I'm not renewing it after one month of rental.

Ayaz Khan
Ayaz Khan 2017.06.17 19:01 

Its a genuine product. I use it on every day basis and I believe its gonna be very profitable in the long run. The author is a very sincere guy and he would do everything to help you out with suggestions and tips.

Tom 2017.06.16 12:34 

Is it Great indicator. Thank you very much for creating this system.

Ted NO FX 2017.06.12 22:24 

Absolute BS , i simply can not understand the rating of this product , i have tested this with real money on multiple pairs and most of the times the market reverses and hits the stop loss.. Dont buy this crap indicator product.

Jose Trevino
Jose Trevino 2017.06.08 15:38 

i'm testing, so far very good indicator, 8 of 10 trades are positive at least reaching quick profit, and after that if you move to BE you will have less negative trades, my recomendation is use with the optimized input parameters Nitin gave, not every trade should take of course... you need to do your homework, what i do is check the trendline, check there is not any S or R levels between the entry point and targets, if all is in line go for it, you will make money with this indi.

i will update in the upcoming months, but so far 10 stars!!

laith.H 2017.05.18 11:59 

Comparing with the other indicators in MQL5, It deserve more than 5 stars, Good trading tool, I hope the author will keep improve it to make it more efficiency and accuracy.

srajtri10 2017.05.04 12:03 

Excellent indicator, so far am really happy with this performance. We need to stick this indicator rules so that we can gain more pipes...and mainly the support thank you very much Nitin for your un conditional support....

Mike Horkai
Mike Horkai 2017.05.01 21:57 

Indicator looks very promising !! Haven't traded live yet, still researching past performance with several of my own filters and indicator settings, along with the ones Nitin has provided. I've collected tons of indicators and experts over many years and this one is probably the best one I've come across, considering it does not repaint.

Nitin has been very helpful and quick to answer all of my questions. Outstanding support. Thank you !!

Nilophur Theen
Nilophur Theen 2017.05.01 18:11 

First i say big thanks to Nitin. very good indicator. last 6 month i loose more money in forex. but now i hope insha allah soon revover all my losses . thx God and thx nitin

Ivans Kigwana
Ivans Kigwana 2017.04.25 18:09 

Follow the rules, you will make more pips. However, not every signal should be taken. You need to make you own analysis first but all-in-all, it's a great indicator. So far I'm please

Sairoong Kidtook
Sairoong Kidtook 2017.04.22 21:51 

Good indicator when i look backtest, but last week 3 times loss SL, so maybe i do something wrong ? no have manual or something ?

tripplex5663 2017.04.21 12:55 

Good indicator !! Great support !! This indicator makes trading easy.

Prissy 2017.04.20 16:32 

I just bought indicator today and as Im new with FX and not to smart, Nitin help me a lot. Best support EVER..

rozmer 2017.04.20 13:03 

Tim to you and all other PUSH BUTTON traders,this the firts indicater in 7 years that i have tested that actually works.If you are a trader and not a Signal or button trader this product works very ,very good IF ?????? you as a trader know where you in a cycle! .First use your brain and then the indicator -YOU DO NOT TAKE EVERY SINGLE YOU GET. THIS TAKE MANY YEARS TO ACHIEVE. So FOR A EXPERIENCE TRADER this a very good indi -WERY WELL DONE NITIN-

Not a tool for gamblers or PUSH BUTTON PEOPLE that ARE not real traders!!!!!!

I am not a friend of the sellar nor do i know him.



Tim Rijnbeek
Tim Rijnbeek 2017.04.20 10:34 

Absolute BS , i simply can not understand the rating of this product , i have tested this with real money on multiple pairs and most of the times the market reverses and hits the stop loss ,

i have a dozen of pictures taken , but i will spare you the embaressement. Please go home and take your corrupt friends with you

Jiayi Huang
Jiayi Huang 2017.04.19 12:24 

I've never seen any indicators like this,soooo good.accurate!!

Thax Nitin Raj,good job.

Francesco Aliprandi
Francesco Aliprandi 2017.04.17 18:25 

Great system and great assistance!! thank you very much for creating this system!!

riyan.aulia 2017.04.15 04:24 

pair with the ACB Trade filter and it will more complete.

Fallet Willy
Fallet Willy 2017.04.11 21:30 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Charles Wanjau
Charles Wanjau 2017.02.25 19:57 

Frankly speaking, ACB BREAKOUT ARROWS is an amazing indicator setup that has helped me to trade Forex successfully.It has allowed me to simply follow its Profitable signals and trade my way to success.I have come to realize that this ACB Indicator is so confident in giving very accurate signals that has helped me to become a more successful trader. so far im making great steady profits with very limited risks, and without being glued to my screen 24/7.It has provided me with the power of daily trading signals that have proven to generate a positive return over a very short period of time that i have used it. Now i don't have to worry about its future performance..it can actually turn a newbie to a real trader or a pro in trading Forex!

I would recommend this ACB Indicator to anyone out there who would like to become a successful Forex Trader..its a Superb Indicator. It does exactly what the developer says!

I'm using this indicator and so far it doesn't have any disadvantages whatsoever!So don’t miss this indicator without trying it.

Version 4.8 2019.10.07
- added an ability to choose the quick profit, first target or final target as a success rate criterion.
- source code optimization.
Version 4.7 2019.06.28
- added a switch to turn on/off the display information.
Version 4.6 2019.01.11
- source code optimization
Version 4.5 2019.01.02
- added a more comprehensive performance analysis.
- source code optimization
- bugs removal
- added old-style text information instead of the moveable panel.
Version 4.3 2018.10.31
- Display panel stability increases.
Version 4.2 2018.10.10
- A bug causing multiple objects deletion has been fixed.
Version 4.1 2018.10.03
A panel related bug has been fixed.
Version 4.0 2018.08.03
- Added a statistic panel to show the indicator performance metrics in real time.
- Old display information has been removed.
- Some other information has been removed which is not beneficial anymore.
- Source code optimization for faster execution.
Version 3.0 2017.05.19
- Show/Hide Max. Profit line: The Maximum Favorable Excursion in Pips for the latest signal.

- Ability to change the location of display information(corner).

- Changeable style and width for the target lines.

- Entry, SL, QP, TP1 and TP2 added to the alerts.

- Minor change in labels and bugs fixed.
Version 2.0 2017.04.17
- Added the input "Signal Sensitivity" to support the customization of parameters on different pairs and time frame.

- Removed a bug related to the alerts.

- Minor change in informational text and labels.