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Fibonacci Retracement And Trend Lines

Builds Fibonacci Levels based on the last two half-waves of the MACD, on the positive and negative, respectively,

if at the moment the negative half-wave has ended on the MACD indicator, then the color is green,

if the positive half-wave has ended at the moment on the MACD indicator, then the color is red.

The half-wave termination criterion is two ticks with an another sign.

Draws Trend Lines based on the last four half waves of MACD.

(Peculiarity: In the case when the Low of one half-wave is greater than the Hi of the other half-wave and vice versa, respectively, the drawing is inverted according to Hi and Low, respectively, that is as a strong signal to openings a position. Or is evidence of non-market quotations on chart.)

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