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Auto SLTP Placer

This is MetaTrader 4 version of Auto SLTP Placer.

Help scalper placing his manual orders faster so he can repeat his orders without worrying make a mistake when calculate their Stop Loss/Take Profit.


  1. The price has a strong movement and breaks the upper Fractals at M5 chart.
  2. You want to open a long position to get small pips profits (scalping).
  3. On this stage you will you will feel confused to put your SL/TP while prices continue to soar up and you do not want to lose this opportunity but you need to prepare your values of SL/TP. In this case a trader usually place his trade without SL/TP;
  4. After certain profit you will close your position manually but the price is bouncing back and drops down so your position becomes negative before your SL/TP are successfully placed; this could be a disaster for your account if you have no good trading physiology and cut your losses.
  5. You place your SL/TP manually after your order is placed but at volatile market it will be hard as the price is moving away and you are late to execute your SL/TP. So you need to close your trade manually and this could make you feel so tired after closing several positions.

That is common issue that happens with almost all scalping trades around the world but using this Expert Advisor will make you happier as it will place your pre-calculated SL/TP automatically right after you place your scalping orders. Thus you can do scalp as many as possible without worrying how to place its SL/TP at very volatile market.

Andrey Borodin
2015.11.30 17:27 

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2015.03.26 03:20 

I was able to use the Auto Sl TP placer and found this to be extremely useful. Once the tp and sl is set, when you place the trade, you literally do not have to think about the sl and tp, because it is placed automatically based on your personal tp and sl settings you set. Truly a time saver on spur of the moment trades where price is moving in your direction. I like the fact you can create several .sets of different tp and sl value settings and load them up when needed.

On support of the product, I had an initial issue with the app and sent a comment, to which the creator of the app quickly responded and fixed my issue within the hour of sending my comment. I am extremely satisfied with the app. I would recommended it to anyone.

Version 3.0 - 2015.04.24
Fixed a bug in the Symbol selection parameter.
Version 2.0 - 2015.03.25
1. Fix bug with build 765+.
2. Added new parameter named Symbol. It allows selecting a symbol where SL and TP are placed: either on current chart symbol or all symbols selected in Market watch.