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One Click Precision Pro

One Click Precision Pro by Wolf Trading provides the ultimate one click trading solution for multiple trades in MetaTrader 4. Set all your trading parameters without leaving the chart. Place a trade with a single click and manage your take profit and stop loss without ever taking your eyes off market. Use the trade panel to manage individual trades or manage all your trades as a group.

The market is fast. Be faster.


  • On Screen Parameters Menu - Set your lot size, Take Profit and Stop Loss levels in the top left of the screen.
  • One Click Trade Placement - Click the single arrows in the trade menu on the right to place buy or sell trades at market. Up arrow for longs, down arrow for shorts.
  • One Click Order Placement - Hold down the B button for longs, or S for shorts, where you would like to place your order and click the mouse. The snap to function makes it very easy to place your orders at exact highs and lows of previous candles.
  • On Screen Trade Management - When you place a trade you will see a red and green zone on the right of the screen. Drag your mouse through these zones to manage your Take Profit or Stop Loss order placement with precision.
  • On Screen Trade Panel - Allows you to view multiple trades, manage them individually or as an entire group with ease. Simply open the Long trade panel by holding down the M button and clicking where you would like to place the trade panel. For shorts you do the same with the F button.
  • Know Your Position - After you place a trade some numbers will appear on the right of the screen. For longs, your potential profit is the top number, current profit or loss in the middle and potential loss in red below. The reverse is true for shorts.
  • Automated Breakeven - In the top left of the screen you have the Auto BE parameter. Set your desired level and your trade will be taken to BE automatically.
  • Automated Trailing Stop Loss - In the top left of the screen you can see Auto SL. Set the number of pips you would like to trail behind the market and your stop loss will trail the market with each tic.
  • Snap To Function - In the top left of the screen, you will see Snap To. This function automatically places your mouse pointer at the high or low of any candle when the pointer gets within a certain amount of pips from that high or low. You can change the sensitivity of this function by changing the pip value in the menu.
  • Net Breakeven - In the trade menu on the right of the screen, you can take your individual trades to their breakeven levels with a single click by hitting the single arrow pointing right in the buy or sell menu. If you are in profit and you click this button, your stop loss for each trade will automatically be placed at breakeven. The double arrow will take your positions to their combined breakeven level.
  • Scale Out Button - In the trade menu on the right of the screen, you will see a % symbol. Click this button and your current position will instantly be scaled out by 50%.
  • Delete Pending Order - The trash can in the trade menu, when clicked, will delete any pending order you have in the market in this instrument.
  • Close Position - The X button in the trade menu will close your current positions at market and close all pending orders when clicked.

Your ULTIMATE Trade Management Solution.

2018.01.04 00:02   

ive purchased the PRO....how do i install it? it keeps asking me to provide account password and nothing happens when i put it in. does it have to be in a LIVE account or DEMO account is fine?

2017.11.24 17:30 

Super nice utility for the active trader. It's very clean and professionally constructed and makes trading much easier.

2017.10.04 10:43 

Perfekt...ich arbeite gern damit!

2017.09.07 00:46 

Although the settings to control your nice, there are a lot of forced settings that definitely disappoint me. For instance, you can hide the settings on the left side of your screen, but the giant logo Wolf Trading logo, you cannot. You have a spread counter right next to your price line that you can't turn off. You can't shift the chart because it will automatically go back to how it was, and worst of all you cannot change the color scheme to your custom favorites. You can try but as soon as you change from a timeframe it all goes back to how it was set by default. There are no settings to turn this off so it is a true disappointment. I wish there was a way to turn on/off a lot of the annoying settings.

Anthony Wood
2017.03.07 13:38 

I have been trading for 16 years now and this is by far the best trade manager for MT4 I have ever seen, well done.

2016.12.17 01:54 

very very professional! This must be the best way to manage your trades. I bought it because i have not found better way to maximize my profit whyle minimize potential loss and this does it perfectly !