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Master Trend Dashboard

Master Trend Dashboard is a new generation indicator, compact, light and efficient.

Each element of this Dashboard is designed to return specific signals as: Price Action, Breakout, Net Change (performance of the instrument), algorithmic studies, correlations and statistical calculations.

This tool will change your way of trading allowing you to receive important information.

See the Graphic Signals to understand every single signal below:

Graphic Signals

  • Symbol name and arrow color
    • Green = Current Price above previous Daily High
    • Red= Current Price under previous Daily Low
  • Symbol Price color
    • Pink = Price under Daily Open
    • Red = price under Daily Low
    • Light green = price above Daily Open
    • Dark green = price above Daily High
  • Bearish/Bullish label (price respect Daily Open)
  • Net Change = performance of the instrument in percentage (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual and Annual performances)
  • Open Breakout (PA)
    • Empty color (indicates if current candle is Bearish/Bullish)
    • Full color (indicates the BO of previous High/Low)
  • Volume Ticks (measure the range in points for each time frame)
  • Algorithms Study
    • RSI > 50 = Green or RSI < 50 = Red
    • MFI > 50 = Green or MFI < 50 = Red
  • Seasonal Statistics = gives you a cyclical temporal analysis (monthly, weekly, daily)
  • Value Correlation (extrapolate a percentage ordered for symbols in order to have a real reference on the performance of the instrument, price and Daily PIPS)
    • Click on button to filter the symbols
  • Symbol Lists to switch Symbol chart (you can change the symbols in EA input)
    • every Symbol changes color when the BO of TimeFrame candle in input is done
  • TF and ZOOM panel (arrows changes TF and ZOOM chart)

How to use Signals

When all graphic signals are in according in color you can take position.

Ex. Symbol label is green, BULLISH label, price is green, most of volumes are green, RSI green and MFI green, statistics are favorable and symbol is powerful (Value Correlation session).

Input Values

    • Time Frame to analyze
    • Best And Worst FontSize
  • RSI SETTINGS (periods)
  • MFI SETTINGS (periods)
    • Enable_Signal_BO (to enable signals)
    • Colors
  • SYMBOLS (MAX 28 symbols or indexes)
  • Forex_Suffix_Symbols (add Forex Suffix to NOT show it on button Symbols)
    1. Text_Color
    2. Panel_Color = Background colors of panel
    3. Symbol_Panel_Color
    1. inX
    2. inY
Notes: for the correct info of this feature you have to download all historical data.
artrom.pips 2017.09.02 21:43   

Dear: Chantal Sala

Rent your product "Master Trend Dashboard '3 months rent" for $ 23.60 from August 15, 2017. It appears in the terminal and when wanting to see it on screen does not work. Any advice would be good. Greetings.


Sandro Petrucciani
Sandro Petrucciani 2017.02.25 17:20 

pannello, completo, comodo e intuitivo

Janya1958 2017.01.03 03:35 

What for a tool... thank you for this great work!

Alessandro Muzzi
Alessandro Muzzi 2016.12.24 11:16 

lovely indicator... many expensive!!!

Katia Filippelli
Katia Filippelli 2016.12.21 14:25 


Fxpro Trader Technical
Fxpro Trader Technical 2016.04.30 10:23 

Hi I have purchased your product I'm sure I'm the first or the first 5 customers that has bought this product, it's pretty good but can you please improve the following for user for future update, we

need a buy and sell button, close all button, that would make this panel a lot more user friendly and my final request is to add price trend light and volume spyke would make this panel perfect for price action entry, please update these features as my request would make this the best panel for many trader especially I'm already a pro manual trader. Many thanks and looking forward to your update. Cheers


Hi there can you please update this master trend dashboard, the request i have put in last time and also please allow user to set alert allow to have signal when all 2 or 3 lower TF turn back to direction according to higher TF, I am looking forward to these update without it, it is not much useful it is just an overall view but without giving signal or alert user have to spend time monitoring each pair and it takes a long time to identify trade setup, so please I expect for good update with this indicator, looking forward as I am the first few user who have bought this indicator. Thank you

Version 1.5 2018.11.07
inX inY to move the dashboard
Version 1.4 2017.01.16
Add in input Statistics Year To Analyze:
This parameter permits to choice how many years to use for Statistics session.
Version 1.3 2016.12.21
Добавлены сигналы пробоя по символу.
Version 1.2 2016.06.30
Added input:
Symbol_Panel_Color (to choose color of Symbol session)
Version 1.1 2016.06.21
Issue resolved on click on Value Correlation on Metatrader Build 971