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Area51 Little Helper

This small tool takes over the manually opened positions and treats them according to the predefined settings with the dynamic stop loss and Money Management, which predicts which position size should be used for the trade. The program dynamically tracks the stop loss as soon as the position comes into the plus. Possible commissions and swaps are taken into calculation. It should only be installed on one chart window per symbol.


  • LotRiskPercent = 25 - Percentage of the item size. Calculated on the basis of equity, leverage and free margins. The value can be between 0.1 and 1000.
  • MoneyRiskInPercent = 0 - The value can be from 0 to 100. How much capital can be risked? Once the value is reached, all positions of the symbol will be closed. Please, be careful with it.
  • TrailingStep = 15 - Trailing step for each position.
  • DistanceStep = 15 - Distance to position + TrailingStep size from which the next trailing step will be set.
  • TakeProfit = 750 - TakeProfit for each taken position.
  • StopLoss = 0 - Stop Loss for each taken position.


A long position with EURUSD is opened at the level of 1.20000. The program sets a Take Profit at 1.20750. With a spread of 10 points, a TrailingStep as well as the DistanceStep of 15, the first StopLoss in Plus will be set to 1,20040. If negative swaps and commissions are added, they will be converted into points. So each position will be closed always in plus.

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