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Risk Reward Indicator

Risk Reward indicator is a very useful tool that allows you to observe in real time the performance risk of a trade.

Its use is very simple, just drag it into the chart and see the Risk Reward percentage (for ex: 1:2).

We have also included the possibility of extending/reducing the lines in order to observe the important price levels.

The indicator takes a different color based on when you change the background color of chart but you can choose your favourite colors of lines in the inputs.

You can change your levels clicking directly on lines and dragging the level to a new position.

The levels will be set very fast with only a click.

The indicator keeps your customizations in case you change a timeframe to check your RR in other periods chart.

Input Values

  • Show_Levels (true/false): show target/ stop loss levels with horizontal lines
  • StopLoss in points (setting for first upload)
  • Target in points (setting for first upload)
  • RR_Direction (setting direction for first upload)
    • Color, Style, Width for Price level
    • Color, Style, Width for Target level
    • Color, Style, Width for Stop level


When you change the input values, the lines will be reset to new values.

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