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EA Hedging Martingale Buy Sell Lot Multiplier

The advantage of using this EA
This EA directly updates takeprofit and stop losses that are still empty in a manual order

Multiplier: Multiplier value of the previous transaction
Distance: Distance hedging from the previous order
Takeprofit: take profit taken from the last price + the value of this column

We recommend that you do not add more than one manual transaction in the same pair

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Muhammad Najeeb Subhani
Muhammad Najeeb Subhani 2019.03.26 10:23 

I HAVE Purchased this software, and checked it with different multiplier values. there is dangerous error which blows the live account. The Author mr. ammin Rusli should modify it. I think he did not rechecked it many time before introducing it.

The error is this EA is that it martingales and executes a new order with higher value after touching the tp.

After hitting the tp new entry must not be executed automatically it eliminates live account