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Price Action DashBoard

The Price Action Dashboard is an innovative tool to help the trader to control a large number of financial instruments.

This tool is designed to automatically suggest signals and price conditions.

The Dashboard analyzes all major Time Frame suggesting price action conditions with graphic elements.

The Dashboard can suggest you the strength of the trend identifying directional movement, it is an indispensable tool for those who want to open position themselves using market trends identifiers.

The analysis of the total market provides a great advantage to identify new trends emerging.

The tool is very simple to use.

This Expert Advisor opens a world of new applications on MetaTrader and moves us increasingly to a Institutional concept of NO CHART TRADING.

Input Values

  • MagicNumber = 132456789 (Max 9 digits)
    • AutoTrade (true/false)
    • Trading_Mode I=Intraday M=Multiday (Multiday ALL signals, Intraday only signal until D1)
    • Start_Auto_Trade_At = "08:00"
    • Stop_Auto_Trade_At = "18:00"
    • Close_All_At = "18:00" (Close_All operations at time)
    • Max_Daily_Orders_For_Symbol = 1
    • Trade_on_Days = "1,2,3,4,5" (1=Monday 2=Tuesday 3=Wednesday 4=Thursday 5=Friday)
    • Booster (true/false) this place an order every signals
    • Booster_waiting time in minutes
    • Booster Run only with SymbolProfit>0
    1. Lots (for every symbol)
    2. Targets in PIPS
    3. StopLoss in PIPS
    4. BreakEven_At_PIPS
    5. Basket_Profit (Money) EA close ALL order when DASHBOARD EQUITY is > Basket_Profit
    6. Basket_Loss (Money) EA close ALL order when DASHBOARD EQUITY is < Basket_Loss
    7. SlippageOrderSend (3)
  • SYMBOLS (MAX 28 symbols or indexes)
  • DASHBOARD POSITION SETTINGS (X in pixels from left of the chart)
  • DASHBOARD OTHER SETTINGS - Positions_Comment (you can change positions comment)
    1. Button_Size (to change Button Font Size)
    2. Symbols_Button_Width (Symbols Button Width for Broker with suffix)
    3. Label_Size (to change Label Font Size)
    4. Titles_Color
    5. BG_Button_Color = Background colors of ALL buttons
    6. Button_Text_Color = Text colors of ALL buttons
    7. Equity_Text_Color = Text colors of Equity columns
    8. Equity_Square_Color = Rectangles colors of Equity columns
    9. Percentage_Color = Text colors of NetChange columns
    1. TimeFrame = TimeFrame to open chart when click on Symbol buttons
    2. User Template to add on chart opened (saved on your MT4 directory)
  • SIGNAL SETTINGS = Enable_Signal true/false
espro 2019.10.11 09:59 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

sunnychow 2019.07.05 16:48 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Giovanni Battista Crisci
Giovanni Battista Crisci 2019.05.23 10:50 

una mia opinione lo sto provando in demo, e mi ha fatto perdere 100 € in due giorni, questa dashboard ha i segnali quasi tutti falsi, solo alcuni dei segnali li prende, quando li prende di fortuna, quindi questa dashboard è da aggiornare, a troppi segnali falsi, se è vero che questa dashboard si basa sui segnali, devono essere anche coerenti da seguire, sono quasi tutti falsi e ti fanno perdere denaro

Giuseppe Cacisi
Giuseppe Cacisi 2019.03.01 10:38 

Perfetto! Lo sviluppatore mi ha aiutato nella configurazione e adesso funziona! È un'ottima utility e faccio i complimenti a Chantal orgoglio italiano.

Mirko Milito
Mirko Milito 2016.12.17 12:21 

Real real real Price Action! Essential

mpuentetrader 2016.12.14 04:34 

this its an excellent tool..now , i cant imagine my trading without it ...besides , the atention from Chantal if any question, its very fast...100% Recommended..

Aravind 2016.07.16 01:53 

I use this tool for (Intraday) signals only and it generates the best price action signals that are about to

Nicola Gagliardi
Nicola Gagliardi 2016.03.07 17:05 

This is the price! Only price says the truth about its direction and this PA Dashboard intercept all big moves. This is a "must have" to be succesful in trading. Recommended!

emanuelinho89 2016.01.06 14:32 

I migliori 250 % spesi nella mia vita , per chi lavora con la price action è un qualcosa di indispensabile.

Version 2.94 2016.09.30
Change input values.
Version 2.93 2016.09.26
Defect on "Close_All_At (0 To not use)" in input.
Version 2.92 2016.07.08
v 2.92
Added inputs:

Positions_Comment (you can change positions comment)
Button_Size (to change Button Font Size)
Symbols_Button_Width (Symbols Button Width for Broker with suffix)
Label_Size (to change Label Font Size)
Version 2.91 2016.04.26
Defect corrected on Signal Intraday missing.
Version 2.90 2016.04.13
Added inputs:
- Target Trailing (PIPS)
- Trailing Stop (PIPS)
Version 2.80 2016.03.21
v 2.80

Added parameters:
t_Trading_Mode = "=======I=Intraday M=Multiday=====";
Trading_Mode = "M"; (Multiday as exist, Intraday only signal until D1)
Close_All_At = "18:00"; (Close_All operations at time)
Version 2.50 2016.02.16
Input values added:

Auto_Trading_Enable_on_Days = you can choise days to trading (only for autotrading)
Values allowed = 1=Monday 2=Tuesday 3=Wednesday 4=Thursday 5=Friday

Booster_Enable = true/false to place an order every signals (please make attention, EA can place ad order every minutes)
Booster_waiting time in minutes = EA wait tot minutes to place another order
Booster Run only with SymbolProfit&gt;0 true/false
Version 2.11 2016.01.15
Upgraded source code: no changes in input.
Version 2.0 2016.01.06

DashBoard becomes an Expert Advisor.

Auto_Trade = true/false
Start_Auto_Trade_At = Hour To Start Auto Trading
Stop_Auto_Trade_At = Hour To Stop Auto Trading
Important Note:
EA works when
Broker Time &gt; Start_Auto_Trade_At And
Broker Time SUM in input
Basket_Loss = Close ALL orders (opened with MagicNumber in input) when Total Equity &lt; SUM in input