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Best And Worst

The Best and Worst indicator (similar to Net Change Indicator) has the peculiarity of being a dynamic indicator.

It seems a very Stock Exchange Indicator.

This means that it is able to draw up a list and put in order the best and worst instruments in descending order.

You can choose to show the percentage of any Time Frame: 1M, 5M, 15M, 30M, H1, H4 etc ...

This instrument could really give great suggestions on your trading in order to center the right time and to have a total view of the markets.

Input Parameters:

  • TimeFrame Period
  • 28 Symbols (to delete one, leave NULL)
  • Setup Colors ( PositiveColor, NegativeColor, TextColor=Gray )
  • TextFontSize
  • SeparateSymbols (if you want show a separator line)
Fx taster
2016.04.07 11:51 

The seller is very helpful and this is a very nice and unique tool to have.

I bought this indicator and added it to my indicators library with some other indicators I bought from this seller.