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Market Pressure

Market Pressure is a next-generation display.

Its simple and intuitive graphics system allows you to receive directions very easy and fast.

This indicator can give three different methods of signals: Scalping, Intraday and Multiday.

The logic is based on the price action which combined on multiple time frame. It can give very high quality signals.

An indispensable tool for those who want to understand the market pressure and the operating trend.

The indicator is customizable for both colors for the font size, we still recommend not to change our parameters as optimized to return excellent graphic result.

Input Values

Signal Graphic Setup

  • Text_Color (parenthesis and row color)
  • LightLongTrend (weak LONG signal on TF)
  • LightShortTrend (weak SHORT signal on TF)
  • StrongLongTrend (strong LONG signal on TF)
  • StrongShortTrend (strong SHORT signal on TF)
  • font = "Verdana" (changeable)
  • font_size (changeable)
  • X (position of panel)
  • Y (position of panel)
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