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Informational indicator which shows:

  1. Swap
  2. Price under/upper Open for every Time Frame
  3. Spread
  4. Time to close the current candle
  5. Broker Time
  6. Net Change: delta in percentage from Open (MN-W1-D1)
  7. Tick Value
  8. Volumes
  9. Info for every trades open:
    • Lots
    • Breakeven
    • Profit Buy-Profit Sell
    • Equity
    • Symbol

Positive values are green and negative values are red (modifiable in input).


  • View BE line (enable/disable)
  • View all Symbol (shows the list of symbol)
  • Color (for every text)
  • Line Color (for BE line)
Fx taster
2016.04.07 11:51 

The seller is very helpful and this is a very nice and unique tool to have.

I bought this indicator and added it to my indicators library with some other indicators I bought from this seller.