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Price Trend Light

Price Trend Light indicator is a beautiful indicator that shows purchasing areas and sales areas.

This indicator is designed to follow the movement of the price which rounds on the opening price.

It also provides information of trend follow on the break of the minimum and maximum.

The indicator has a very simple graphic but effective, above the opening price you will have a light green color and under the opening price there is a red light.

On every Break Out of the minimum or maximum sets in input, the indicator area will change color becoming a more intense color.

The indicator is equipped with alarm and window alert on close candle on these important levels.

With this indicator you will follow the trend, try it!

Input Parameters:

  • TimeFrame Period
  • Rectangle Graphic Setup (colors, line style,Width...)
  • Sound and Popup Setup
    1. PopUpModeMinMax to enable PopUp on High/Low signal
    2. PopUpModeOpen to enable PopUp on Open signal
    3. SoundMode to enable Sound
    4. Sound: you can change with your favorite sound
Katia Filippelli
Katia Filippelli 2017.03.29 16:26   

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Mirko Milito
Mirko Milito 2016.12.18 15:10   

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Aravind 2016.08.13 10:00 

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Version 2.1 2016.06.08
Corrected defect on selecting "current" period.
Version 2.0 2015.10.21
On MN1 on the colored rectangles was too short.