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One Click FX Panel

This panel is very simple to use and it is a very ally to manage your positions and orders.

Also you can modify your risk, writing in fields directly on Panel.

One click on buttons and the operation on market is done!

Operations possible:

  • Break Even
  • Split
  • Close All positions
  • Hedging
  • Close only BUY positions
  • Close only SELL positions
  • Close All pending orders
  • Reverse all positions

Please watch the video to verify the very simple use.

Input Values:

  • MagicNumber (MagicNumber EA)
    • MoneyRisk_Percentage (Ex. 1% EA calculate lot automatically using Stop in input)
    • Lots (if you want use a fixed lot, ex. 0.01)
    • Stop (Stop in PIPS)
    • Target (Target in PIPS)
    • BE_in_Pips (When Order arrives to BE_in_PIPS, put Stoploss at OpenPrice)
    • SlippageOrderSend (Slippage to enter orders)
    • X (Pixel position)
    • Y (Pixel position)
    • color_Panel (you can choose color for your panel)


It is necessary to wait 10 seconds between a split and the other.

Katia Filippelli
Katia Filippelli 2017.03.29 16:26 

Very nice tool

petrus1aleks 2016.11.02 20:38 

uno strumento fantastico, accelera le prestazioni della mt4. ordini in un click.

Version 5.1 2017.06.12
Defect on Split position.
Version 4.3 2017.01.31
Now OneClick permits more BUY and more SELL on the same symbol.
Every click on the button sends an order.
Version 4.2 2016.12.20
Defect on changement Panel Color resolved.
Version 4.0 2016.06.16
More speedy.
Add MoneyRisk_Percentage in input
Version 3.0 2016.01.27
v 3.00

Size, Take, Profit fields added directly into panel.
You can change your preferences at any moment.
The evolution of One Click FX Panel: this panel permits to test every strategy in Tester Strategy MT4.
If you have an indicator to test, you could change the indicator and you could simulate to place order in Tester Strategy only with a click!
Every operation below is enabled on Tester Strategy.
Version 2.0 2015.09.22
v. 2.00
New inputs:
MagicNumber (put 0 to manage MT4 manual orders)
SlippageOrderSend (manage re-quote)

Defect corrected: arrow on chart during reverse will be deleted