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OCO News Order Manager

OCO News Order Manager in an Expert Advisor to Trading News.

The usability makes this tool an excellent ally for FAST operations on NEWS Time.

We recommend that you try it on demo account to understand what kind of decimals using your broker to set your input values.

The EA is usable on every Markets.

On news time the spread could be manage from Broker, please make attention.

Main functionalities

  • Open STOP PENDINGS ORDER a number of seconds (in input) before News Time
  • Floating of pending orders opened until News Time
  • Trailing Stop of opened positions after News Time
  • Delete ALL pending orders after a number of seconds (in input) from News Time
  • Delete Opposite pending orders when an orders becomes a position
  • Choose to open Pending orders or Operations to Market directly

Input Values

  • MagicNumber
  • TypeOrders
    • Pendents = BUY_STOP and SELL_STOP
    • Market = BUY and SELL (in this case only two rows to show floating prices, the order will be opened only if the price join the rows during the floating)
  • News Date (Broker Time)
    • Start a number of Seconds before News (EA inserts BUY STOP and SELL STOP on Current Symbol)
    • Delete pending a number of Seconds After News (in seconds)
    • BUY - Place at Points distance
    • SELL - Place at Points distance
    • Max Slippage (Manage directly from MT4)
    • Delete opposite pending order after go to market (This permits to delete or not delete the pendent when the opposite position go to market.)
    • Max Operations for session (0 to not use)
    • Lots
    • Trailing Stop (Points) (0 to not use)
    • StopLoss (Points) (0 to not use)
    • Target (Points) (0 to not use)
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Version 1.3 2017.10.06
Correct defect: a string block on using the EA.
Version 1.2 2017.09.29
new input value: Delete opposite pendent order after go to market

This permits to delete or not delete the pendent when the opposite position go to market.