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Roman5 MT4 Copier Master

Note: Please don't use this EA when you have a broker that does requote your orders.

The MT4 Copier allows you to copy trades from one or more master accounts to multiple slave accounts on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

  • The success of copying trades is determined by the speed at which duplication takes place. With a synchronization rate of 50 ms, MT4 Copier checks for updates across all accounts at a rate of 20 times per second.
  • No DLLs needed.

You need Roman5 MT4 Copier Slave EA (free edition with unlimited terminals) to receive the orders from the Master - click here.


  • TimerInMillisecond = 50 - re-scanning and looking for any new order or close order every 50 ms.

  • Name_of_Group - you can have multiple Masters with different groups, Slaves can be linked to, e.g., Group_A.

  • Send_Pending_Order = true / false - send pending orders to Slave(s).

  • Send_TP_and_SL = true / false - modify TP/SL to Slave(s).

  • Suffix_Remove_Before_Symbol - For example: Master's symbol is xEURUSD, so set Suffix_Remove_Before_Symbol = x and it will send this string “EURUSD” to Slave(s).

  • Suffix_Remove_After_Symbol - For example: Master's symbol is EURUSD.lmx, so set Suffix_Remove_After_Symbol = .lmx and it will send this string “EURUSD” to Slave(s).

  • CloseOrderWhenSlaveCloseOrderInLoss and CloseOrderWhenSlaveCloseOrderInProfit - True = When you close that order or stop out in slave, the same order in master also will be closed.

  • TrailingStopWhenSlaveCloseOrderInLoss and TrailingStopWhenSlaveCloseOrderInProfit - True = When you close that order or stop out in slave, the same order in master will be activated the trailing stop.

2016.03.18 13:17 

Very straight forward setup and it works without issues. Very helpful support.

Md. Shahadat Hossain
2016.03.09 20:15 

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Version 2.62 - 2017.05.02
New parameters:
- Added EnableFIFO = True / False
- Send_Existing_Orders_Loss and Send_Existing_Orders_Profit = True / False.
True - it will copy all the trades that you have already opened.
False - it will only start copying the new trades that start opening from this point when you have placed EA on the chart.
Version 2.52 - 2016.09.02
Fixed and updated the alerts
Version 2.50 - 2016.08.11
- Fixed bugs
Version 2.47 - 2016.04.29
- Added ability to enable/disable the filter for Magic Number. It will copy the trade with a specific Magic Number.
Version 2.44 - 2016.03.09
Added error description in expert log.
Version 2.43 - 2016.01.21
Version 2.3 - 2015.10.23
Added new parameter in Slave EA
- Swap the stop loss and take profit.
Version 2.2 - 2015.10.21
Added the new parameter:
- Activate the trailing stop when the slave closed the order (True/False)
Version 2.1 - 2015.10.09
MM_MODE_MULTIPLIER – This is a multiplier. For example = 100:
Master lots size is 0.01 and slave lots size is calculated to 1.00