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The utility allows you to train a neural network (a multilayer perceptron) without resorting to a programming language. Any indicators can be input into the network. Normalization of input data occurs on the fly as selected by the user. The network is trained on any indicators. The maximum number of networks is limited, by default - 100. The amount of input data is limited - 100. The network structure is unlimited. The network training results can be output on a screen as an indicator. Save and load projects.

Available languages: rus, eng.

Green Tester
2017.03.07 17:53   

Высоко качественный продукт, позволяет создавать и тестировать торговые стратегии

2016.11.05 00:31 

Very interesting! I hope there soon will be an option to export as an indicator/EA.

Rodrigo da Silva Boa
2016.01.31 02:27 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Version 4.11 - 2017.03.14
Bug fixes in trade requests.
Version 4.1 - 2017.03.06
Built-in optimization using 20 possible strategies.
Version 4.0 - 2016.09.05
Added for learning:
Kohonen neural network,
Hybrid Perceptron.
Version 2.0 - 2016.04.08
Added GRNN network
Version 1.17 - 2015.12.18
Fixed errors.
Version 1.16 - 2015.12.03
Genetic weight search.
Version 1.15 - 2015.11.10
Autoload, auto-trade.
Version 1.13 - 2015.10.26
Automatic search for levels for trade signals
Version 1.11 - 2015.10.22
The input of a neural network can be filled with the outputs of other networks.