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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 140

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Moving Average of Momentum This indicator shows you trend and also how strenght it is together. You can use this indicator for your own experts with iCustom()  Momentum is in the buffer ( 0 ) and moving average is in the buffer ( 1 ) there are afew parameters for using this indicator on different currencies and different time frames. you can test it and optimize it . Input Parameters: MomentumPeriod: default is 40 SignalMaPeriod    : default is 28 SignalMAMode      : default is SSMA
10 USD
Tradingscenes Trading Panel     How will Trading Panel work ? Trading Panel is created as an Expert Advisor, which will enable traders to set pending orders, or mass pending orders in different types Limit orders with additional functions for taking profit as partial, trailing stop and also taking profit with differences price levels; let’s explain in every single functions for you as following parts: Read the full description here:   https://drive.google.com/file/d/10O10dBLLUcdT3MdPvKqO7L3CIF
99 USD
Bitcoin Alert
Sureerat Sirikanjanakul
Bitcoin Alert utility : This utility provides helpful Bitcoin infomation including :  Order Book from 3 brokers Bitfinex, Binance and Bitmex help you make the decisions to open any long or short. https://c.mql5.com/31/424/bitcoin-alert-screen-7997.jpg For retail traders, we couldn’t know the real incoming volume in currency market from big brokers. But in cryptocurrency, there are many brokers offer us the information. And from my perspective Bids and Asks volume from many bitcoin borker have
50 USD
Scalper Heiken Ashi
Jermaine Wedderburn
There are several types of Patterns, We choose Doji that is used for continuation and trend reversals.   Signal types : #1 Premium Signal- ---------------- Doji should have the colour of the expected direction change along with normal candle colour matching direction. #2 Secondary Signal   ---------------- Doji has the perfect formation however the bar maybe in the same colour as the previous bar but the candle colour has new direction colour. Stochastics-Filter: ---------------- The Stoc
35 USD
Moving Average protec ====================================== The Robot is based on one standard moving average Indicator.No other Indicator required ========================================== The ea is based on a simple Moving average crossover.The default settings are already profitable.But you can change the settings and decide which averages you wan to  cross. =============================================================================================== This Robot is fully automated and has
13 USD
Gold Sell EA pro Welcome to the Gold Sell Ea pro. This Gold Robot does only sell trades The Robot is based on one standard Indicator.No other Indicator required =============================================================================================== This Robot is fully automated and has been created for everyone. The Robot works also on cent accounts. =============================================================================================== =>   works on all Time Frames from 1Min
13 USD
SFE Trend
Joel Juanpere
The system enters in the pullback of short term trends. Using a wide selection of symbols, the EA have a good diversification, which can lead to a stable growth. The EA don't have external parameters, don't need any kind of effort to use, and don't need to be supervised, can be connected 24x7. Don't use any kind of martingale, grid or hedge. Signal https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1160264 Live setup The EA is very easy to setup, and can be used with the default parameters. Only parameter
450 USD
Aggressive TP SL
Benwill Lopez Navarro
NO REPAINT The system combines several analytical techniques and presents BUY/SELL signals in an easy-to-read form. You don’t have to be a professional to use it. Aggressive TP SL can make amazingly accurate market predictions by constantly auto-analyzing every price movement, trading patterns and with the help of complex trading algorithms. This  indicator main task is to look for gravity zones and generate buy/sell signal with exact SL and TPs location.     When specified conditions are ful
129.99 USD
Clown Trader Pro
Steffen Oesterle
UPDATE 2020: Download   Source Code - follow the link to the website in my profile! " Clown Trader Pro " is a fully automated short-term (M1/M5) and medium-term (H1/H4) trading robot. You can choose between RSI- or CCI- trading strategy! Buy ONE get TWO . No low spread needed! Clown Trader PRo automatically analyzes CCI-values. Each time either the CCI or RSI comes from the overbought zone crossing the given upper level the robot will open sell-orders automatically. The lot-size will b
149 USD
--->  Check all the other products  <--- The Multi Time Frame Chandelier Channel is a good synthesis of the chandelier trailing stop and let you analyze the trend.  Enter when the price breaks one of the two lines, then trail using the opposite line.  Ideal for scalping, entering after the dot appears.  Plenty of customization:  Choose the lookback period, the longer, the slower Choose the Time Frame to use (must be greater or equal your chart TF  Play around with the options to get the
30 USD
My Account Brokers Details This indicator displays the account data and broker terms regarding its operation. For example, broker name, account number, financial leverage, account currency, automatic trading approval, minimum lot, lot step, maximum number of lot, margin call, stop out and many other important data. It is easier to display such data on the chart in one moment with a click of the mouse, than to look for it in the contract or call the broker.
FEATURES OF THE HELPTRADER TO ENTER THE MARKET INDICATOR ! four types of moving averages for building a channel; ! ability to select the width of the flat (Central MA) and the margin for the channel borders; ! four options for the display channel; ! three settings for the appearance of the arrow signal; !customizable notification system. The arrow channel indicator HelpTrader to Enter the Market, due to its variability, can become a fairly effective tool for trading in combination with other in
50 USD
Conservative TP SL
Benwill Lopez Navarro
NO REPAINT The system combines several analytical techniques and presents BUY/SELL signals in an easy-to-read form. You don’t have to be a professional to use it. Conservative TP SL can make amazingly accurate market predictions by constantly auto-analyzing every price movement, trading patterns and with the help of complex trading algorithms. This  indicator main task is to look for gravity zones and generate buy/sell signal with exact SL and TPs location.     When specified conditions are fulf
129.99 USD
Grid Master Trend
Yajaira Thibisay Martinez Jaimes
The 'Grid Master Trend' is an easy-to-set Expert Advisor. The most important 'settings' are to manage risk correctly. Risk can be managed through number of lots, lot increase per trade, distance per trade, stop loss, trailing stop, profit, levels for trades, delta and orders pending by limit or by stop individually or making a trailing grid. You can use a cent account . Low spread and fast execution desirable, specially for very tight strategies like starting at 100 usd/eur. Use VPS for 24/7
30 USD
SAR Expert Advisor works automatically 24 hours from monday to friday and use  VPS . This ea uses  scalping , hedging, trend and trailing stop strategy.  The system does not involve stop loss. Minimum balance required If deposit  $100  use cent account, If deposit  $500  use cent account, If deposit  $900  use cent account, If deposit   $1000  use micro account SAR Expert Advisor works for this: Currency pairs:  EUR/USD, GBP/USD Timeframe:  M5 Leverage:  1:500 Parameter settings for EUR/US
599 USD
This EA has been developed, tested and traded live for EURUSD M15 TF. Everything is ready for immediate use on real account. Very SIMPLE STRATEGY with only FEW PARAMETERS.  Strategy is based on  ICHIMOKU indicator . It enters if volatility raise after some time of consolidation .  It uses  STOP  pending orders with  FIXED  STOP LOSS. To catch the profits there are BREAKEVEN and TRAILING PROFIT functions in the strategy . At 9:00 pm we are closing trading every Friday to prevent from weekly gaps
99 USD
The indicator draws support and resistance lines on an important part of the chart for making decisions. After the trend line appears, you can trade for a breakout or rebound from it, as well as place orders near it. Outdated trend lines are deleted automatically. Thus, we always deal with the most up-to-date lines. The indicator is not redrawn . Settings: Size_History  - the size of the calculated history. Num_Candles_extremum  - the number of candles on each side of the extremum. Type_Ar
95 USD
EA Name: billions on Wall Street, perfect performance of tick data at 90% quality The newly acquired quantitative arbitrage robot for Wall Street institutions. Using AI fasttick algorithm to improve the winning rate to the highest At least a few hundred dollars can run. The lower the spread, the better. It cannot be higher than 20, and low difference brokers are recommended. This EA allows you to have the same dollar wealth as Wall Street traders in a short period of time. Finally, God bless yo
1 200 USD
Xiao Long Duan
这里是最大的自动交易应用商店。是自动交易和技术指标的开发人员能够获得他们辛勤工作应得奖赏的地方。在成功发布市场产品方面,很难高估标识,描述和截图的角色。如果应用设计简陋,潜在买家将很容易忽视它。决定性的购买之所以产生,得益于市场展窗上吸引眼球的产品标识。标识必须具有让潜在买家想要下载的吸引力。这就是恰当的设计是成功的关键的原因。  因为产品标识整体大小不能超过200x200像素(实际上在主要橱窗展示的大小比那个更小),在有限的空间充分展示是非常重要的,以便于潜在买家获得良好的第一印象。例如,让我们看一下EA交易。它不仅有一个设计精美的标识,并且在光标悬停的时候还会弹出主要理念的简要说明。 很好解决。
30 USD
Do you trade support and resistance levels? Do you find that plotting manually on all of your graphs and on all of your time units is a long and tiresome job on a daily basis? Not to mention that it's easy to forget about it from time to time ... Then this indicator will surely make your life a lot easier and faster because it traces them for you in no time. Whether you use wicks or candlestick bodies to identify your levels of support and resistance, it will satisfy you. And yes, you have th
30 USD
Horror Broker
Yaroslav Varankin
Indicator designed for binary options trading buy signals come along with hiding a new candle blue arrow on histogram buy signal red arrow on histogram sell signal buy worth 1 or 2 candles the signal appears with the opening of a new candle but may appear during its formation it’s worth entering the deal only when the signal has arrived at the opening, the signals do not disappear Recommended currency pairs: Any Timeframe: up to H1 You can customize the PERIOD parameter to your trading style Rec
40 USD
Boogie Pips v2
https://pdfhost.io/v/XFFnqY8Ow_The_Boogie_Pips_v2_Manualpdf.pdf   NOTE:  The EA open and close trades automatically. It only open one position at a time and close it at high profit or less loss. A next position will be opened whenever the EA Strategy requirements are met. Watch our video to see how it works INPUTS: Use Pips, Trade Size, Maximum Spread, Adjusted OnInit, Maximum Stop Loss, Maximum Take Profit, Audible Alerts, Push Notifications, Maximum Open  Trades, Hedging  BROKERS: ECN or STP
1 200 USD
Every trading guru, every YouTube tutorial, every trading book and every experienced trader tells us to risk a certain predetermined percentage of our account on a trade. (This isn't gambling! They said). But what they don't tell us is the number of computations it takes to balance the calculations of lot size, percentage risk and risk reward ratio all while ensuring the stoploss is the right number of pips away.  Enter The Forex Calculator. This Expert adviser is designed to make your trading s
30 USD
Matematik Logik Reversal 1.23        MLR v 1.23 - это математический, автоматизированный конструктор для создания множественных торговых тактик, на любом инструменте рынка форекс, в зависимости от поведения цены в тот, или иной период времени. Первый эксперт, который останется вашим автоматизированным помощником в торговле на форекс навсегда!                          Основные преимущества           Испол
30 000 USD
Email and push notification Alert This is very powerful tool to get Detailed view of all of your trading on same spot. it can send 2 types of alerts, Email Alerts Push Notification 1: Email Alert email alerts are consist of 4 sections Section 1 includes Account number and name details Section 2 includes Account Balance Equity and Floating Profit/Loss details. Section 3 includes Pair wise Profit and loss Section 4 includes Pair wise+Order wise Detailed  view of all trades. its includes numbers
30 USD
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
Standart MACD indicator but All parameters can be changed for users. Extern Inputs: FastMA method : Simple, Exponential, Smoothed and Linear Weighted FastMA Price     : Close, Open, Low, High, Median, Typical and Weighted  FastMA count    : Default is 12 SlowMA Method : Simple, Exponential, Smoothed and Linear Weighted SlowMA Price    : Close, Open, Low, High, Median, Typical and Weighted  SlowMA Count   : Default is 26 Draw Mode        : Line or Histogram SignalMA Method : Simple, Exponential,
10 USD
Ivan Strekalov
In order to trade Forex correctly, you need to know the trend. Know where the price goes and where it turned in the opposite direction. This indicator knows where the trend is. The indicator shows the rise or fall of the pair on the M30 EURUSD chart. It is possible to use other indicators within the area displayed by these indicators. So, if the price falls (and this is by the indicator for a week), then only sales at lower TFs within the zone, or using other indicators. The indicator do
100 USD
On top of a market has three consecutive rise brick, when price lower than the continuous rise of brick of the lowest price, can do sale, if there is a pay before, should be liquidated, until after a period of time, a reversal (three consecutive falling brick brick of the highest high with new price break), at this time, can hold some sell single warehouse, at the same time set up the check.
100 USD
Sze Chuan Lau
XperX WPR Hit  uses WPR (Williams' PercentRange) to determine the highest/Lowest Hit count from the top and bottom to make a trade order. It is equipped  with a Efficient  Savior Martingale which do a Reverse Buy/Sell before activating the Martingale. The Reverse Buy/Sell will help to balance user's Margin before activating Martinglae . Addon: Display ReadingPanel Realtime update with Bid and Wpr readings. Auto Display Setting Candles  Best Timing 5mins, 30mins and 1 hour. Trade Settings: Lots S
100 USD
Gold Magnet
aamir shaheen
Gold Magnet   Gold Magnet EA is New EA based on advance strategy that is based on chart behavior of Gold. more than 6 indicators are used to build up the strategy which is more than 80% true in testing. Strategy Nature: Gold magnet is actually based on trend following strategy. Installation Instructions: This EA is build for MT4 only, we are working on MT5 compatible version. Use M15 Time frame. It is highly recommended to use built in default settings. This EA stored Some trading information i
100 USD
MACD PRO V2 It can quickly reflect the long and short changes of the market. Tip you about the inflection point of the trend. Parameter options: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// InpFastEMA = 12; // Fast EMA Period InpSlowEMA = 26; // Slow EMA Period InpSignalSMA = 9;  // Signal SMA Period You can adjust your usage habits to match your analysis style. As long as you fill in the corresponding parameters correctly. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////
30 USD
5 (1)
The Professional Signal that A Swing / Daily / Scalping / Binary Options  trader MUST HAVE ! Suitable For ALL kind of Financial Instruments (FX Currencies,  Commodities, Indices,  Stock CFDs and Crytocurrencies) For the last 12 years, Our team has studied on the price action of   currency pairs   and created an innovation of signal indicator     based on the   AI technology.  Based on know-how of     the professionals, we have designed a AI deep-learning model and tuned the model by learning fro
49 USD
MT4 to Telegram Signal Sender is full featured tool which enables signal providers to send signals from MT4 to telegram groups or channels without delaying. It does not matter if the group or channel is private or public. What you only need is to provide channel or group tokens and IDs, then you got go. This is unlike EA in the market, it's well developed and advance using and easy friendly to use. you can On or Off any option you want to customize to send in the telegram channel. The EA a
130 USD
This indicator uses several complex algorithms to accurately determine the trend. All algorithms are based on Price Action, so on the one hand there is no loss of time, for example, that the entry is only made at the end of the trend and you already have a few pips less, this does not happen with this indicator. On the other hand, this is also much safer, because international trading is almost completely based on Price Action.  The input parameter "Number" is the number of applicable conditions
30 USD
Power of Arraw
Mohamed Alaa Mekki
The indicator is usefull for: binary options and forex trading.. .Support all trading Pairs. --->Recommended expiration time for 3 to 5 candles. Exemple: Time frame 1 minute then expiration time will be 3 to 5 minutes. The indicator support MT2trading autotrading platform ; SELL BUFFER : 0 (red arrow) BUY BUFFER  : 1 ( green arraw) See #screenshot1. This is a premium powerfull indicator show hight daily winrate..
69 USD
This is a RISK MANAGEMENT tool. Every trader must have one, because it is essential in trading for best results. With this indicator you don't have to calculate the lot size, because the indicator will do instead of you. Happy Trading! << FEATURES >> Risk calculation ( Balance, Equity, Cash ammount ) Drawdown alerts Required Margin Hotkeys for instant risk calculation ( BUY and SELL ) Hotkeys for instant market order ( BUY and SELL ) Visual lines for better experience User-friendly design Liv
30 USD
Skalping instant indicator. The signal to purchase or sale of the basement in conjunction with the value of the indicator arrow. A strong signal is considered when the arrow and the basement indicator that displays four timeframes coincide in the forecast. This indicator contains many algorithms and tasks that have been reduced to one result, which the Skalping instant indicator gives, namely, informs the trader about the direction of the market. Thus, he gives 1. Scalping signal (Figur
30 000 USD
Oil Expert
Vadim Korolyuk
A trading expert trades with a strong trend, placing pending orders. The robot does not use indicators. To protect your account from trading during spread extensions, the MaxSpread parameter has been added, in which you specify the maximum allowable spread for trading. Closing deals carried out at the beginning of a trend reversal. Recommended Settings Oil (Brent); Timeframe: H1; Minimum deposit: $ 500; External variables Lots - fixed lot volume; LotSizePlus - volume increase of the next lot; Mo
350 USD
Cross Moving Average LCrude   An expert advisor based on two moving average that gets GREAT RESULTS in Scalping Mode. HA Moving Average is two EA in one!  You have a choice to use it as a super scalper or for long positions. The EA with powerful results, is a trend following strategy based on two moving averages. It try to place order only in the direction of the trend! Recommendations Recommended to trade OIL, can be tested on  30 Min and 1 Hour Chart Minimum $250 account balance. Lot 0.01 a
120 USD
TR Smart EA
TR Smart 3.0   FULLY AUTOMATED EA (ROBOT ) This is a trend EA, Works on all symbols (EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, USDJPY, EURCAD, EURGBP ) and many more. The EA works on all time frames (1m, 5m, 15m, 30m, IHR, 4HR, Weekly, Daily). but for best results 15 min time frame is recommended, The default settings are set best for 15 min chart.  The EA is a combination of 200 SMA, 60SMA, 10SMA and 8RSI. the 200 SMA & 60 SMA gives a signal to open trades and the 10 SMA is closing single winning trades. The lo
200 USD
SWing3 metatrader 4
SWing3 An indicator that depends on liquidity and moving average > which give u the 98% of correct decision buy and sell. and the time to close the trade. PRICE will increase from time to time > and when the first EA will launch depend on this indicator will be more than 2k. 1-when to open buy or sell positions (depend on the cross of two lines X and points calculations depend on the Frame selected) (the cross should be outside the colored area) the candle must touch the cross during or(First or
50 USD
The indicator detects important peaks and troughs (extremes) on the chart. These points can be used to plot support/resistance levels and trend lines, as well as any other graphical analysis. These points can serve as reference points for setting trading orders. The indicator does not redraw . Settings: Size_History  - the size of the calculated history. Num_Candles_Right  - number of candles to the right of the peak or trough. Num_Candles_Left  - number of candles to the left of the pea
75 USD
Trend Transition is a hybrid indicator, as it is based on signals from several well-known products: RSI and MA. MA is a trend indicator of the average true range, which determines the range of minimum and maximum price fluctuations, as well as closing prices. RSI is an indicator of the family of oscillators. The indicator helps to calculate the oversold and overbought levels of a trading instrument. When a trend changes, the Trend Transition indicator uses a color alarm: blue - when changing
120 USD
MA Histogram Commercial
Szymon Palczynski
5 (1)
Commercial version of open code . A forex trader can create a simple trading strategy to take advantage trading opportunities using MA Histogram or associated indicators. MA Histogram are used primarily as trend indicators and also identify support and resistance levels. Improved version 1.30 Added:  Take Profit  Stop Loss  Automatic optimization  Result  R/R  Consecutive losses
30 USD
Trends Signal
Vitalii Zakharuk
The Trends Signal indicator displays the direction of the trend with arrows, works in a simple and clear way. It uses a combination of reliable and simple indicators to analyze prices. The signals of the Trends Signal indicator can be interpreted as follows: buy when the bars are colored blue, and sell when they are red. An effective indicator with a wide range of three parameters for trading. Parameters: Length - The number of bars to calculate. LevelUP, LevelDN - Levels for determining over
99 USD
Richard Cristian De Oliveira
Robô com lucro de 100% garantido, lucros com loot a partir de 0,01 com valor de 1 EUR de Banca. Tudo será passado com a compra, entre as moedas para operar e como lucrar com o máximo. Robô faz 300% com banca de 1000 EUR em um mês. Robot with 100% guaranteed profit, profits with loot from 0.01 with value of 1 EUR Of Bankroll. Everything will be passed with the purchase, between the coins to trade and how to profit from the maximum. Robot makes 300% with bankroll of 1000 EUR in a month. IAR
500 USD
Alexander Koptsev
Рад приветствовать Вас на странице моего продукта. Auditor- это Мультивалютная торговая система Предназначена для торговли основными валютными парами. Auditor является полностью  автоматическим экспертом способным самостоятельно анализировать рынок и принимать торговые  решения. Преимущества: Каждая сделка снабжена стоп - лоссом и тейк профитом. Использует только отложенные ордера, что изначально снижает степень рисков через задержки и проскальзывания. Каждый отложенный ордер соблюдает время эк
3 000 USD
Direction of trend This Indicator uses a slope to demonstrate the market trend with entry / exit signals. For a bullish trend, the slope turns blue, while for a bearish trend the color is red. when the price chart is neutral, there is no particular color. The indicator continuously updates the status with a "LONG", "NEUTRAL" or "SHORT" writing. Has been designed to trade any Forex currency pair available at the market. Besides, you’ll be enjoying the freedom to apply it at any timeframe charts
50 USD
Euro Matrix Pro =============================================================================================== This Robot is fully automated and has been created for everyone. The Robot works also on cent accounts. =============================================================================================== => works on all Time Frames from 1Minute to 1Day => On the lower Frames there are too many small trades but its up to yourself.  => I would recommend to test it on a Cent Account if you ar
31.30 USD
Trend Indicator This Indicator detects the essential momentum in the market and lets you know when the market has a potential trend Green means we are going higher and Red Means we are going Lower,  You can customise the Line to Any Color.  The alerts come in immediately there is a potential signal Defaults Length : 55 This is the Depth of your averaging calculation. The bigger it is the more noise is filtered.  55 Is the Best Optimum Setting For This Indicator
999 USD
MACD Master Our MACD Master is the Expert Advisor you were searching for. It is easy to set up and brings Money Management such as automated or fixed Stop loss, risk management with fixed amount or percentage on the Account Balance or Account Equity and the most important for a solid system, the definition of the risk ratio - CRV. How does the system work? The system is based on the original idea of the MACD. Whenever the fast EMA and the slow EMA of the MACD are crossing a sell or buy signal
99 USD
SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE (WILL INCREASE SOON) This EA is a stable and simpe EA, so everyone can use it. The more settings you have, the more confusion and potential lossere there are in the end. In fact, the EA was so programmed, that you can start with a small balance / capital. He follows the trend and uses a kind of "tunnel riding" strategy combinde with further profit optimiziation. So you don't have to start with 1000 EUR or more. The EA was tested and optimized with a deposit o
35 USD
Rising Sun
Jaber Alezzo
This expert works on below strategy  Strategy : Breakout consolidation and scalping for more than one order It opens up to 16 orders and multiply lot every 4 orders  if you allow it Expert Setting: Recommended Time Frame:  15 Minutes Chart Recommended Currency: EURUSD - Default Setting is for EURUSD  Range Time: Defining breakout range by pips  Lots: Defining starting lot Stop Loss: Defining stop loss by pips Take profit: Defining take profit by pips Break Even: auto calculate sum of all order
75 USD
Australian Star
Ciprian Ghebanoaei
Australian Star  (AUDUSD M30) Australian Star  is a fully automatic, professional trading robot. Designed specifically for the foreign exchange market  AUD USD M30 . It is specially designed for those who want to start with little money in automatic trading. Of course with minimum lot. For others, increasing the risk is enough. This EA does not need to configure parameters. Ready to work on AUDUSD M30 . You only need to decide on the choice of the lot. This EA has a smart algorithm which detec
30 USD
Joel Protusada
P Y R A M I D   E X P E R T    This Forex utility is a complex exit strategy and order management tool that executes four trading methods; scalping, pyramid style, hedging, and scaling method to close trades with a profit.           V E R Y  I M P O R T A N T     This is not a stand alone expert advisor. Use it with your own volatility-based strategy. Once you found the currency pair to trade, you can just attach this tool to the chart of the chosen pair and it will do
490 USD
Akram Hassan
Fassi Fassi is optimized EA for EURJPY M15. This robot opens trades by level Breakout. And uses Stops to exit. Use EA on M15 Time Frame. Lot size. (0.01/USD100) The EA also can be used on different currency. The EA does not trade many deals. Better to use on ECN broker. Back-test EA before use. And do a forward test on demo account before using on Real money. And do not forget, always invest only the amount you are prepared to lose. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Monitoring Accoun
299 USD
This EA is an excellent TP/SL helper for any one Long or Short position. It automatically creates 3 lines of Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) with input parameters of your choice (inpTP1_Points - inpTP3_Points and inpSL1_Points - inpSL3_Points). Also, you have input parameters: inpTP1_ClosePercent - inpTP3_ClosePercent and inpSL1_ClosePercent - inpSL3_ClosePercent where you can set up percentage of LotSize input to be closed at particular TP/SL line. Otherwise speaking, you can set a percent
50 USD
The "Atomic direction Trend Power Currency Strength Pro" indicator measures the strength of the up and down trend of the 8 main currencies USD-EUR-GBP-AUD-JPY-CAD-CHF-NZD Principal functions: 1) Show the current position of 7 currency pairs simultaneously. 2) Sort the position of each currency pair according to the market level. 3) Calculate and indicate the main trend of each currency. This indicator unites the main elements of the market information by means of correlations, simplifying buy
50 USD
Gabriele Tedeschi
StarTrend is an arrow indicator that identifies , with high probabilities, the beginning of a trend. Its versatility allows you to earn by working in favour of the market. StarTrend is the foundation of your trading system but it is, also, possible to use it to employ your strategy. StarTrend sends signals which independently prompt the market entry by displaying a star preceded by arrows that highlight change of trend. StarTrend has been researched on timeframe D1 and H4 although it can be adap
180 USD
The NASDAQ Stock Exchange Session's Hours This indicator facilitates observing the currency pair's quotations during subsequent parts of the stock exchange session live. Before the session starts, a rectangle is drawn on the chart but not filled in with color. It means the extent of the session duration. Before the first bar enters the rectangle of the session, a sound signal or pop-up window will notify us that the session will just start. When the price graph crosses the edge of the session
30 USD
The New York Stock Exchange Session's Hours This indicator facilitates observing the currency pair's quotations during subsequent parts of the stock exchange session live. Before the session starts, a rectangle is drawn on the chart but not filled in with color. It means the extent of the session duration. Before the first bar enters the rectangle of the session, a sound signal or pop-up window will notify us that the session will just start. When the price graph crosses the edge of the sessi
30 USD
Trading system based on pure candle line. This software is based on the relationship between the upper and lower candles as an entry signal, plus fixed stop loss for risk control of the Expert Advisor system. Safe and controllable. Only one order transaction is made at a time, and a stop loss must be set, leaving the market two days later. The main function: 1. Trading volume: Both fixed and automatic trading volume adjustment modes can be adopted. Automatically adjust the trading lot size to op
998 USD
Chart Slice MT4
Ruslan Piraliyev
Chart Slice is a very convenient multi-timeframe indicator, with which you can see market information at once on several time slices. This will allow the trader to learn quickly and most  importantly understand the vibrant market . The author himself went this way and this indicator helped incredibly. You probably have often wanted to see in detail why at a given point in time the price was rapidly moving away from a certain level or, on the contrary, stopping there. And for this you had to chan
35 USD
Color Macd Tf
Syarif Nur Arief
MACD is well known indicator that still can be use for prediction where price will go next few minutes, hours or even weekly  With colored bar of Macd, your eyes can easily catch when color is changed based what market price movement to find any early trend on market. here is the parameter of the indicator: TF_MACD , default is 1 Hour , this mean you can see clearly MACD of 1 Hour TimeFrame on Lower TimeFrame. InpPrice , default is Price Close , this is original MACD parameter from Metaquotes st
47.14 USD
This is the simplest Lot Multiplier to manage trades open by signal, expert or manually.   How The Program Works: When a new trade is open in the terminal from any source (advisor, manually, signal), the program opens an additional trade (duplicates / copies the source with the specified parameters) in the same terminal and controls it as per source, when the source trade parameters (SL, TP) change, the program will automatically change the parameters of additional trade as well, when closing th
30 USD
Jupiter Mt4
Marta Gonzalez
JUPITER  it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices. The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of    independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions    JUPITER        It is an advanced trading system. This is a fully automatic Expert Advisor.      JUPITER  . It is a 100% automatic system,  The system is self-sufficient, performing all the work.     Is a revolution in the  customization of the trading. You ca
30 USD
The EA strategy : it is provided wirh built-in indicator based on Japanese Candles arrangements in order to determine the signals and has different inputs for Short and Long positions in order to improve its precision; You should purchase this EA because : it has been tested for a long time;  its indicator was deeply improved and optimized; the program is bugs free;  it is safe because its efficience is about 70% of assertiveness;  it is provided with Trailing Stop Loss technology; it has bad t
240 USD
This adviser is more designed for the medium term, the best results are on the eurcad / eurusd / eurjpy timeframe M30-H1, zone H4.D1.W1 (OPTIMAL)   The adviser trades from supply and demand zones, the adviser hedges positions and closes in parts. Optimal currency pairs (eurcad., Eurusd, eurjpy), you can trade other major currency pairs, such as (usdjpy, usdcad, eurgbp) as well as silver ( xagusd). The time frame M30-H1 (optimal) is also possible on others, the spread does not af
270 USD
Auto News
Kenneth Parling
5 (2)
Introduction Expert adviser Auto News - 100% algorithmic Forex news trading robot for Meta trader 4 - With this adviser you never miss any news, you manually input time to enter the market (news range) to process and what type of news once - at setup and after that it's all done automatically. Different order types to use, pending stops and limits - chose whether you want to trade in each direction or just with a one direction buy or sell. Pending orders can be set to expire by news time (minute
90 USD
This EA has been developed, tested and traded live for GBPJPY M15 TF. Everything is ready for immediate use on real account. Very SIMPLE STRATEGY with only FEW PARAMETERS.  Strategy is based on  PARABOLIC SAR indicator . It enters if volatility raise after some time of consolidation .  It uses  STOP  pending orders with  ATR  STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT . At 9:00 pm we are closing trading every Friday to prevent from weekly gaps. !!!Adjust these times to your broker time. Preset values are for UT
99 USD

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