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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 137

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Big Bang EA4
Lee Munday
4 (2)
Big Bang is a result of months and months of development. It perfectly presents the combination of my trading & coding skills. This is a fully automated, multicurrency Expert Advisor with a bunch of customizable inputs that can be optimized if you wish to do so. This algorithm has been tested on a number of currency pairs and the best performing are in the defaults: CHFJPY,GBPUSD,AUDUSD,EURGBP,USDCAD,NZDCAD,GBPNZD. Even though you are able to add other pairs I do not recommend you doing so. Prem
Fixed SL TP Simple EA use Breakout Strategy on Range  to enter into the trade. This is my first design for a fixed risk trading system. So profit gain will be not that great. Check out this new EA with better profit on fixed SL -  Trend Following Expert Advisor You will either make money on a trade or lose money on it. Be a man and simply move on to the nest trade setup. This EA DO NOT USE any kind of risky money management like (Martingale or Grid) system to recover your losses. The EA
Alebrahimi EA
Hussein Adnan Kadhim
Thanks for your interest in "Alebrahimi EA". I have been trading since 2015. I usually trade on reversal patterns on a Daily and Weekly basis. I usually don't use 'Stop Loss' or 'Take Profit' on my trades, but I do take losses when my initial trading reason has changed. There will be some trades held for long periods of time, like weeks, even months. Don't worry, it's part of my trading system.  IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and a bonus! I don't us
Emini Signal Bar Price - Promotion: $100 - Normal Price: $200 Symbol Recommended - S&P 500 Index / US500 Timeframe - 5 minutes Buffer Information - Buy Trade Buffer = 2 - Sell Trade Buffer = 3 Main features - Show Buy Signal Bar and Sell Signal Bar on Live Chart. - Get Alert from signal bar. - The precision of the Alert is superior to dots. (Alert is active at that time) - Dots will be recalculated after reset the properties. After the Alert is displayed, kindly make your decisions to tra
Jason Edward Todt
This EA uses two moving averages crossover as it's base. Based on configurable lot values, the EA places orders by trend.  The strategy is based on utilizing trend direction changes and optimizing order size of your choosing. Whenever a trend direction change takes place,  the EA would balance positive profits from the current trend orders with the negative loss orders and close all of the orders with the configurable profit in pips.  The EA has flexible settings allowing you to change number o
Range Breakout Bot
Matthieu Jean Baptiste Wambergue
Get the MT5 version here ! Automate your range breakout strategy! This EA alerts and/or places orders on range breakouts with additional filters. It works with all broker symbols and contains multi-symbol modes (market watch, major forex pairs or symbols in the list). The default settings are for the EURUSD pair. The EA can also be used only as an indicator to receive range and range breakout alerts. Warning: before using this EA, please read its documentation on this page . Functionaliti
Smart Key Trade Manager
Stephen Sanjeeve Sahayam
Most retail traders cannot manage risk and blow accounts by over risking or over trading. This tool fully automates drawdown and risk management, leaving a trader to only focus on their entries. It is the first and only trade manager that uses price action with its Aggressive Risk Control feature to automatically close partial positions when price goes against the trade. This ensures that losses are always kept smaller than wins. Can be used with any entry method and with any trading style; sc
The Apollo EA is a new fully automated  Expert Advisor  that uses very efficient strategies, indicators and price action to analyze the market and to identify price breakouts in the future. Stop Orders are used for the fastest order execution, which can be trailed by an adjustable trailing stop . Furthermore there are several filters that you can test and find out which fit the most to your preferences . This EA does not need forced optimization like other advisors, which is crucial to get simil
Hamza Abdulkadir Adam
This EA is recommended to traders who already had trading experience with expert advisers. EA is using martingale strategy and it is regulated by Martin_1 and Martin_2 multiplier settings. Automated trading: Your EA automates the trading process, taking the emotional and psychological factors out of the equation. Backtested: Your EA has been backtested over a period of time to ensure its reliability and stability. Easy to use: Your EA is user-friendly and easy to set up, even for beginner
Vladimir Pokora
This indicator draws a trend line and a trend tunnel on the chart. You can choose several calculation methods, alerts, notifications, and other settings. It can also draw trendlines from another TimeFrame. You can also use this indicator for your ExpertAdvisor. The current values of the lines are stored in the memory buffer from where the EA can load them. You can trade the price bounce from the upper and lower lines .   Settings TimeFrame – trend timeframe Description – show description of line
M K Ultra
Debashish Sahu
A loss Recovery Ea which use the Symmetric Triangle Price action Pattern to place recovery trades using Martingale. Benefit of this ea : Risk get reduced from normal recovery system as bigger lot size are placed near the triangle center and as soon as the triangle breaks, bigger lot size offsets the overall losses thus reaching profit target sooner. Ea also has default trend following capability by choosing the daily candle direction, and can put stop loss to breakeven thus protecting the trade
Rabihfx Trade Manager 2   Rabihfx trade manager V2 is an utility Expert advisor that will manage your trades automatically just click sell or buy buttom and ilt will do the work at each level of take profit Contact us after purchase for a  free trading system Easyly Manage your trades and automate it from 1 dashbord  You signal provider or yourself if you have 3 take profits inesert it in our trade manager and click  sell/buy and let rabihfx trade manager protect and automate your open trades
Golden WAY
GOLDEN WAY Golden Way is a fully automated trading system that includes up to 10 strategies! It trades gold(XAUUSD) in a time frame of 4 hours. With appropriate settings it can be applied to any market and time frame, read further " Individual optimization and settings for other markets " It does not use any aggressive money management methods like martingale, fibonacci etc... Stop Loss and Profit Target can be set for each strategy. The system is also very good for small accounts with low risk.
Jason Edward Todt
This EA uses 13 Moving Averages    Suitable for any time frame Suitable for any currency pair Configuring not required Can be used as either an indicator, or as a fully automated EA CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS 1. Main parameters 1.1 Two order comments for Long/Short orders 1.2 Two Unique magic numbers. For Long/Short 1.3 Maximum allowed spread 1.4 Maximum allowed slippage 1.5 All indicators used within this EA are fully customizable 1.6 Define broker digits 1.7 Use as a fully automated EA, or use
Trader Station MT4
Gennady Sergienko
5 (1)
Trader Station: A wave expert using bitwise analysis of an array of price data, confirmed performance by a real account since 2019; SIGNAL   -  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1667614 Back Testing the Expert: By default, the settings that are included in the SET 1; Only for EURUSD M5 ; Settings LOT - set the required lot size or select AUTO RISK; RISK AUTO - quick risk selection or select manual risk entry; custom value RISK - entering a custom risk value; Expert ID - enter the Expe
Shows price reversal points on the chart. Works on a period of 1 minute. The red arrow indicates that the price will go down now, and the blue arrow shows that the price will go up now. The accuracy of the signals is up to 93% depending on the currency pair. Works on all currency pairs, including the metals gold and silver. The indicator analyzes the current price position relative to the price range for a certain period in the past. The indicator optimizes its data using mathematical modules a
MutiTrade is tool with multi Function: 1. Management Multi currency pairs at UI . View and change Curency pairs chart in 1 windown. View order status with position/volume/profit 2. Currency strength parameters Curency Power Strength: USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, JPY, CHF, CAD, AUD Curency Strength for 28 to 30 curency pairs. 3. Notification of the opportunity to open new the order push notify to mobi alert in meta chart 4. Open, Modify, Close multi order. open order with single base curency open order wi
To download MT5 version please click  here . This is the exact conversion from TradingView: "WaveTrend [LazyBear]" By "zeusuk3". One of the coolest indicators out there to detect overbought and oversold zones. It can be used as a part of more complicated strategy and for confirming a potential trade setup. There are buffers to use in EAs also. The indicator is loaded light and non-repaint. - You can message in private chat for further changes you need. Thanks for downloading 
Trend Gap Indicator
Roberto Alexander Quan
A Gap often occurs when the price moves with "strength" in a given direction (either up or down).  This Gap is formed when, in looking at 3 consecutive candles, the wicks of the 1st and 3rd candles do not overlap.  When this happens, the indicator creates a rectangle where the Gap is located. It identifies a zone where the price could potentially go back to (mitigation).   The Gap/rectangle is mitigated when the price returns and completely covers the rectangle. Note that the indicator also show
Karla Two is a fully automated Expert Advisor that operates on advanced Neural Network. It requires very little setup and no supervision afterwards. Once attached to EURJPY H1 chart it will automatically trades following symbols: EURJPY, AUDUSD, EURAUD, AUDJPY and AUDNZD Being an Artificial Intelligence you can most certainly say that it has a brain on its own. Having said that it can spot and determine the right entry points in a matter of milliseconds. All the supporting tools it uses like - t
To download MT5 version please click here . - This is the exact conversion from TradingView: "QQE mod" By "Mihkel00". - It can be used to detect trend direction and trend strength. - Gray bars represent weak trends. You can set thresholds to achieve better accuracy in detecting trend strength. - There is buffer index 15,16,17 to use in EA for optimization purposes. - The indicator is loaded light and non-repaint.  - You can message in private chat for further changes you need.
Nasdaq Heist Robot
Teboho Moses Tefo
This EA is used to trade Nas100 /nasdaq 100 index once a day every day at time 16:30 +3gmt(depends on broker server time) during NYSE, it is coded with intelligent money management feature to recover every single loss it made, but the loss can not be recovered on the same day, this EA is coded with the unique strategy to spot the direction of NASDAQ 100 during NYSE opening at.  PLEASE FIND SETTINGS UNDER SCREENSSHOTS, DONT USE DEFAULT SETTINGS! CONTACT WATSAPP FOR PROPER SETTINGS ( +277 2067 743
Trading strategy: Scalping at night. The EA is based on a complex trading system at night. The essence of the Adviser's strategy boils down to the fact that the expert determines the calmer moments on the chart using complex mathematical calculations and then if there are good moments to enter the market, the adviser opens pending orders. The EA uses complex algorithms to recognize Trend and Flat situations on the charts. The EA automatically adjusts GMT for each broker (not for the strategy tes
A simple EA based on Commodity Channel Index and Standard Deviation. The best result are achieved on EURUSD chart on M15 timeframe. Past profits do not guarantee future gains, but this EA was tested on a massive data and on OOS data (OUT OF SAMPLE), so the results are not manipulated. Furthermore it was tested in a Monte Carlo Simulation (You can see the results in the screenshots below). 
TDST Support
Alexandru Craciun
A simple and precise Indicator to identify potential supply and demand zones for price reversals. It was first described in Jason Pearl's Book, " Demark Indicators", published in 2008. It can be used both as Support and Resistance, and can be traded as a Breakout or as a Fakeout, depending on your trading style, and depending on how the candle was closed in proximity to TDST. 
Trading trend Gold
Nguyen Dang Giang
This is an Ea available for trading Gold, It trades according to the price trend ! NOTE: Effective use in days of strong price fluctuations! Expert Parameters Order :  order limit. Distance Pending : Distance pending orders . Lots: lots start. Lots Next : Plus units of lots. Close Profit : When the profit is reached, the trade will be closed. ***** Warning ***** Using EA can bring high risks. The investor should be thinking before giving their decision.
EA work for EURUSD in timeframe M15. USE stoploss, The account will never break out. Lot risk can set auto or fix: signals see also:  (auto,   Lot_Auto_Equity  = 100 ) https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1785354 para setting: Lot_mode_select_Fix_or_Auto,when set to Auto,must use " Lot_Auto_Equity " value,example every 100usd , lot=0.01 Lot_Fix,Lot will be still one value,example 0.01 Lot_Auto_Equity,Associated to parameter " Lot_ mode_ select_ Fix_ or_ Auto " . enjoy.
Robot Hedging
Dingjia Xiong
Before introducing phantoms, post a few signals Signal 1: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/1176060?source=Site+Signals+My Signal 2: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/1483918?source=Site+Signals+My Signal 3: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/1639243?source=Site+Signals+My Signal 4: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/1623006?source=Site+Signals+My Signal 5: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/1753090?source=Site+Signals+My The phantom 10 years back to the test data: https://www.mql5.com/zh/code
Partial Close Forex EA
Oussama Mansour
5 (2)
The easiest to use Partial Close Forex EA   How Partial Close EA works? this is an automated MT4 EA to handle the management of trades for my system of “Take Profits”, “Stop Losses” and “Partial Closes”. The EA should be attached to each of trading charts. The EA can also be control via mobile MT4. When you place a market trade, the EA will setup a grid (hidden from broker) on the chart showing TP1, TP2, TP3 and SL (which can be seen). The SL will be based on the price you set on my mobile M
Reward to Risk Indicator
Mohammadmahmood Pirayeh
This indicator easily calculates the reward to risk ratio and indicates the stop out level and take profit limit with graphical boxes. Also shows the reward steps with fibonacci levels without changing the fibonacci default levels, this is a lot useful for people who use fibonacci retracement. Very user friendly interface and easily to use with graphical buttons.
Smart Blocks Trading System
Kevin Beltran Keena
5 (1)
Easy to use indicator that will help you place your pending and market orders with great accuracy. The indicator plots the order blocks based on how price reacts to current market structure. These key levels represent supply and demand zones and the Smart Blocks Trading System indicator uses price to assess whether an asset is being accumulated or distributed. It can be used on any financial instrument, and on any given time frame. BoS stands for Break of (market) Structure. The blue and red
Laser Sight Pro MT4
Abubakar Abu Saidu
3.67 (6)
Laser Sight  A StopHunt Sighter. Note: Make sure you have the lowest latency possibly below ~ 10ms for scalp sets. Analysis:-  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1787277 BackTest and Optimize With News :D A combination of 5 strategies in one Pack. 1. Stop Hunter ~ 2011 to Date 2. Pain & Gain ~ 2019 3. Audible Scalper ~ 2019 4. Smart Forex System ~ 2022 5. Waves ~ 2021 6.  WicksOff ~2021 Pending Position Strategy (PPS) and an Advanced Sensitive Algorithm. Laser- an Inbuilt "Stop Hunter Spike Sighter
This indicator is intended to help traders to see today's daily range compared to the average daily range. You can change the number of days for the average daily range otherwise you can  use 20 as the default. The % Reach will give info about the progress today's range toward the average daily range. Breakout traders, or pullback traders normally will look at base area, in which they might want to know the average daily range as comparison. The indicator has color code green and red, where th
This indicator is developed based on the multiple session trading to aid in analysis for all the day traders. The indicator supports all currency pairs as well as other trading instruments like indicies, commodities, metals ,etc. The way the indicator work is by making analysis on your behalf. During asian session that's when the indicator does the calculations and provided trading plans in form of areas on the chart for the current day. And this process happens everyday which allows for hands f
Ichimoku AI
Thomas Bradley Butler
OPTMIZE EA BEFORE BACKTEST AND USE. Ichimoku AI trades  Ichimoku and ATR.  It was built using machine learning on EUR/USD 1 hour charts and is set up for trading but I recommend optimizing to find out best parameters.  It has smart money management built in to reduce loss and manage risk.  It scales and trade the percentage of balance.  Other assets and time frames can be used if optimization is found. 1 hour time frames are recommended 
Trading Buddy
Blessing Takura Chirewa
This is a tool to place instant trades with risk management. Never worry about calculating lot size again. Just drag lines and click the button! The tool displays Risk Reward to allow you to decide on the best entry point. You can place instant orders and pending orders. Please refer to the following youtube video on how to use the tool https://youtu.be/XqEvb81F9wA
Night Star
Sindhu Bairavim
Night Star is a fully automated, multi-strategic expert advisor that trades at night. Advisor is specially designed to take advantage of inefficiencies in the current market conditions. Please check Live Signal and My Products NO GRID, NO MARTINGALE & NO OVERTRADING Only 10 Copies Left At $90. Price will keep increasing for this advisor. Advisor was tested with   high slippage ,   commission per round lot ,   variable spread  and   live like delay executions   using   real ticks with 99.9% hi
Send any trade action to a discord channel via WebHook. Achive full tranparency of your trading to your peers in discord by posting automated information when... A new order was opened with a screenshot of the chart you have opened (if no chart with that symbol is found a new will be opened) An order was closed either due to SL, TP or manually    (incl. Chart screenshot) An order was modified (Pending triggered to market order, SL/TP/Open-Price modification, partly close of an order) The EA is s
SAT strategy (Systematic Approach Trading Technique) This is a revolutionary new way of trading the financial market. This is the top indicator system that provides the most accurate trading signals for both entries and exits. This system indicator algorithm provides the most accurate and precise signal only during the highly impulsive phase of the market. This system indicator performs well during a high volume period, which is only the first three hours of a specific session, whethe
Day Trade King EA
Thomas Bradley Butler
OPTIMIZE EA BEFORE BACKTEST AND USE.   TEST SET FILE IN COMMENTS Day Trade King is an EA based on the indicator Day Trade King found here:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/73020 The EA is equipped with money management inputs to manage risk for the EA.  The EA is based on bulls and bears.  Find the best optimization for the asset and time frame.  Or if you prefer use the indicator for manual trading.   
__GBP Super Trend__ This EA has been built base on MA and MACD indicators _Set up_ Trading pair: GBPUSD Timeframe: M5/M15 Lot size: fixed (you can choose lot size that fit your money management strategy) Stop loss/Take profit: 20/20 pips - 25/25 pips Time Start - Time End: 03:30 - 21:00 (for turning off the EA in the market's break time) There is no martingale or grid or multiple positions, this EA take and close order one by one. If you want to add another money management, feel free to conta
Fair Value Gap Sniper MT4
Zhi Wen Software Development
Fair Value Gap Indicator for MetaTrader 4. A Fair Value Gap is a three-candle price action pattern taught by the famous smart money trader the inner circle trader aka ICT. Basically, it's a gap left open on the chart when the price moves too fast. It is an area of the middle candle's body that doesn't get ticks overlapped by the left candle and the right candle next to it. When the price leaves a gap on the chart, we could keep two things in mind. One, the price has a really strong momentum to g
Itrade Manager MT4
Nestor Smill Soler Olivero
Itrade manager expert advisor (EA) is a type of software that can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks related to managing trades in the financial markets. Some of the ways in which the Itrade manager EA can help you trade better include: Itrade manager EA can automatically modify, and close trades based on predefined rules and conditions, freeing you up to focus on other aspects of your trading strategy. Managing risk: Itrade manager EA can help you manage risk by placing stop-loss and
EASY TO INSTALL Setting up Real World Creation ROBOT  to begin with is not very difficult. This process requires only the laptop and internet connection BROKERS, PAIRS & TIMEFRAMES THE Real World Creation  ROBOT works on any broker for MetaTrader 4.Our Robot works on any currency pair. Works on any timeframe, But we strongly suggest that you use it on M1 timeframe for super fast performance. ACCURACY THE Real World Creation Robot is proven to be the most reliable forex EA out
The Dreamer
Jason Edward Todt
This EA uses BollingerBands with a MACD filter to determine when to take trades.   This EA has dynamic sell loss and take profit control integrated.  Based on configurable lot values, the EA places orders by trend and Average True Range data of the symbol.  The strategy is based on utilizing trend direction changes and optimizing order size of your choosing. Whenever a trend direction change takes place,  the EA would balance positive profits from the current trend orders with the negative loss
Ahmet Metin Yilmaz
ZigZagSpeed indicator measures the rate of formation of zig and zag over time calculated by the known zig zag indicator. The calculation system is simply calculated by dividing the difference in pips by the number of bars elapsed in the selected time frame. The speed measurements that occurred in the past period will also be displayed on the graph together with the date of occurrence. Velocity numbers are located above or below each zig and zag formation in white. The number shown in yellow rep
Steel Muscles
Jason Edward Todt
This EA uses Moving Averages, MACD, BollingerBands and Momentum to calculate precisely when to enter and exit trades.  This EA finds Regular divergence for pullback in the market and also finds hidden Divergence to show continuing trend. This EA has dynamic sell loss and take profit control integrated. Please use a different magic number on each pair to avoid any order issues.  Based on configurable lot values, the EA places orders by trend and Average True Range data of the symbol.  The strateg
Be sure to contact me after purchase for personalized recommendations and a personal bonus! - Is a scalping system on strong price levels. One of the oldest strategies, modernized and updated for the current market. The strategy does not require any optimization. You should just install the set file and run it according to the recommendations. Advantages of EA Scalp EDay: - Optimal SL/TP ratio. - Low SL, which makes the system as safe as possible. - Every order is protected by a fixed SL
Average Price Bars (APB) are modified Heikin-Ashi type candlesticks. Heikin-Ashi is a Japanese term translated as 'Average Bar'; therefore, the name, Average Price Bars.  Average Price Bars provide a better depiction of current market by eliminating or reducing fluctuations in nominal price action often referred to as “choppiness” of current High, Low, and Close price action.
Hi! Between the given time range. Adds profit and lot. This can be written on the charter in English and Hungarian. The name of the symbol must be entered exactly. Good used for it. :) Szia! A meg adott idősáv között Összeadja a profitot és lot-ot. Ezt ki írathatjuk Angolul és Magyarul a chartra. Pontosan kell beírni a szimbólum nevét. Jó használatott hozzá. :)
Best Solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! Forex Support Resistance  is a unique, high quality and affordable trading tool because we have incorporated a number of proprietary features. it calculate highest high and lowest low of Previous X bars with possibility to select timeframe as desired . also it display the values of highest high and lowest low of Previous bar as a comment at the main chart . Imagine how your trading will improve because you are able to pinpoint the exact trigger po
This Expert Advisor will not place any trade. This Expert Advisor will only show the buyer and the seller power in percentage on the upper right corner of the selected chart. The percentage of the Buyer and Seller is calculated based on the Open, Close, High and Low price of the selected candle. Candle can be selected using the shift on the Input Tab where 0 means the current candle, 1 means previous 1 candle before the current candle.
EASY TO INSTALL Setting up THE DIAMOND OF TRADES EA to begin with is not very difficult. This process requires only the laptop and internet connection BROKERS, PAIRS & TIMEFRAMES THE DIAMOND OF TRADES ROBOT  works on any broker for MetaTrader 4.Our Robot works on all major currency pair. Works on any timeframe, But we strongly suggest that you use it on M1 timeframe for super fast performance. ACCURACY THE DIAMOND OF TRADES  is proven to be the most reliable forex EA out there.This accurac
Blow Stopper EA V3
Tsietsi Gladson Nyathi
3.67 (3)
Blow Stopper EA V3  Introducing  Blow Stopper EA V3 , the groundbreaking Mql5 utility's (expect advisor) that's transforming the way you trade the EURUSD, NZDUSD, AUDUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, EURCHF and XAUUSD (GOLD) pairs! Developed and compiled by Tsietsi Gladson Nyathi.  ***Blow Stopper EA uses 7 Ichimoku Setups for it to enter a position, all 7 should agree on 1 thing which is either buy or sell before it opens a position and it doesn't have a Tp because it uses trailin
ICT Core Content Concepts turned into indicator plus all previous tools known from the  Position Smart Indicator . This makes it the Full PSI Private Version ( read more ) restricted up to now but available only after the Mentorship Core Content was made public on   YouTube. You will find many price action study tools like: Central Bank Dealing Range - CBDR Asian Range FLOUT Profiles and SD targets on the CBRD, Asian Range and Flout both on the   wicks   and on the   bodies Seek & Destroy Profil
Hello Trader, This EA let you manage your daily drawdown and profit. The EA close All market & pending orders  when your account reach a choosen level in daily drawdown and choosen level in profit. The level of the loss and the profit can be choosen by 3 ways;  - a pourcentage amount of your account - an amount in USD (profit and loss) - an equity target (minimum equity/maximum equity target)
Thunder Scalper Pr
Mr Fares Mohammad Alabdali
Buy and Sell Targets Indicator You can see the buying and selling goals in the box and they are inevitably achieved. It consists of three lines: the first green color sets buying targets, the second red color sets selling targets, and the third blue color is the average price. Trading Method For Buy Trade: The entry point will be where the wavy blue line  (representing the average price) is 'broken' by the ascending 'Buy' candle from beneath Please wait until the next candle appears to enter int
HFTslow EA
Niklas Templin
5 (1)
HFT EA -DE40, US30, US500, USTEC -IC Market Recomment Broker -EA can Trade with every Broker  only DE40 with this Standart Settings (Change the Compare Count to 3 or higher 10 for better Results) for other Indizes or Pairs Set the Stop Loss x10 to actuall Spread or higher, and Set Take Profit x40 from Spread, PriceOffset x4 from Spread or higher Recomment  M5, M15, M30, H1, D1 minimum 1000$/€ ...Lot 1 in first 3 Weeks Expert have auto Lot Settings, to delete auto Lot...Set VolumePercent to Ze
Breakout Monster Expert Advisor
Abdulfattah Yahya Mohammed Alhazmi
For The English Manual you can contact me. The Most advanced and comprehensive EA to trade Trend Breakout The “Breakout Monster EA” trades breakouts when the current price of the currency pair breaks a predefined horizontal level or trendline on the currency pair's chart. The opening of the position can be immediate after breaking the drawn trendline OR after closing the candle above/below this trend, provided that all technical and non-technical filters, defined by the trader through the e
FSG Expert
Sergey Shergin
FSG Expert   - это полностью автоматизированная торговая система, которая особенно эффективна при торговле на популярной валютной паре: GBPUSD. Система использует в торговле основные закономерности рынка Форекс - возврат цены после резкого движения в любом направлении, с использованием Фибосетки и ее уровней. Рекомендации Настройки по умолчанию на скрине ( можно поиграть с настройками) Символ: GBPUSD  Таймфрейм: H1 Минимальный депозит: $100 Тип счета: ECN Минимальный депозит составляет $100 при
FX Arrow Reversal EA
Thomas Bradley Butler
OPTMIZE EA BEFORE BACKTEST AND USE. FX Arrow Reversal EA is the EA of a version of the indicator found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/87684 OPTIMIZE This EA was made  and optimized on EUR/USD15 min charts from the this year data, 2022. Trade forward and optimize when needed.  Also if you want to manually trade by the indicator version Other assets and time frames can be explored through optimization. Back test on a year of data.
Momentum Selection Live results:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2189756 How to check the Live Results of Momentum Selection since 2019 year?   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/88955#!tab=comments&page=1&comment=43377742 Momentum Selection  is a completely automatic trading EA. It is a fact that market is mostly trading in range and high-power bursts are rare. These sharp movements are starting with momentum, which is a signal to trend start, increased volatility and trading volumes. We
Skywalker IBEA
Carter Kyle Capital Inc.
--->12 DAYS OF XMAS GIFT PRICE $180 <--- WHEN DEMO TESTING USE THE SET FILE FOR USD/JPY & CAD/JPY  SET FILES ARE ARE LOCATED IN THE COMMENT  SECTION STRATEGY SUMMARY & ADVANTAGES: - It's a full-automatic mid-term trading EA, with a Martingale option, no Grid. - Set Files will be given for optimal performance. - 2 Money Management Strategy (PE “Partial Exit” Very High Win Percentage & FE “Full Exit” Swing Trade until either TP is hit or Kijun Sen is crossed) - Prop Trading Compatible . - With
Rait Patterns
Tatiana Zvereva
Современный индикатор паттернов PPR по торговой стратегии RAIT. Работает по тренду и без него. Имеет настройки таймфрейма для отображения. Можно настроить количество баров для отображения индикатора на графике. Используется несколько паттернов PPR. Индикатор предпочтительно использовать на часовом таймфрейме и выше, но работает и ниже . Паттерны:  PPR, PinPPR, OutPPR. Отображаются одной стрелкой.
Jason Edward Todt
This EA uses Andrews' Pitchfork.  Can provide momentum traders with signals in the long- or intermediate-term, where it is most useful in predicting more protracted market swings. This EA finds Regular divergence for pullback in the market and also finds hidden Divergence to show continuing trend. This EA has dynamic sell loss and take profit control integrated. Please use a different magic number on each pair to avoid any order issues.  Based on configurable lot values, the EA places orders by
Robot scalper for GBPUSD M5. This robot was created specifically for the pound sterling, for scalping on the M5 timeframe with an initial deposit of $500. The robot analyzes the market using the iRSI indicator and iBands, as well as using price figures. When a good signal appears on the market, the robot opens a trade. The robot does not use Martingale. The lot size is fixed and is specified by the trader in the settings. The drawdown of the robot strongly depends on the size of the balance and
Crazy Grid
Gennady Kuznetsov
CRAZY GRID It is very important that the ADVISER alone trades on the account! The CRAZY GRID Forex Expert Advisor works on an indicator grid strategy on the XAUUSD (GOLD) pair. The EA opens a lot of orders, so it can be used on accounts connected to the rebate service. The Expert Advisor is relatively safe for a deposit, since with a loss of 2% (the amount of loss is configurable),  it will close all orders and start the trading cycle from the beginning. Timeframe - 1 minute, Currency p
Realtime Stop Hunting Background What Is Stop Hunting? I refer to the definition of Stop Hunting from Investopedia, Stop hunting is a strategy that attempts to force some market participants out of their positions by driving the price of an asset to a level where many individuals have chosen to set stop-loss orders. The triggering of many stop losses at once typically creates high volatility and can present a unique opportunity for investors who seek to trade in this environment. Setting up the
Mt4ToTelegramAlter  is an app that communicates with a Telegram bot to share your orders flow and report open orders from Metatrader 4 terminal to a Telegram group or channel. Features Telegram channel, group, chat compatible Easy to use Report open order Configuration 1. Service -> Settings -> Expert Advisors -> Allow WebRequest for the following URLs (Add URL:   https://api.telegram.org ); 2. Create your own bot on Telegram at @BotFather. Remember Token, it looks something like this - xxxx:yy
The basic information of the market The current variety Spread Basis-point Value Empty single overnight interest More than a single overnight interest bond Time to market   English version          Forex Hedge EA                   standard edition       Forex Hedge Pro EA              Advanced version Chinese version         Forex Hedge EA cn               standard edition        Forex Hedge Pro EA cn         Advanced version    QQ:437180359     e-mail:hl3012@139.com   

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