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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 139

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
This tool monitors WilliamsPR indicators on all time frames in the selected markets. Displays a table with signals to open a BUY trade (green) or SELL trade (red). You can set the conditions for the signal. You can easily add or delete market names / symbols. If the conditions for opening a trade on multiple time frames are met, you can be notified by e-mail or phone message (according to the settings in MT4 menu Tools - Options…) You can also set the conditions for sending notifications. The li
49 USD
Multi MACD
Vladimir Pokora
This tool monitors MACD indicators on all time frames in the selected markets. Displays a table with signals to open a BUY trade (green) or SELL trade (red). You can set the conditions for the signal. You can easily add or delete market names / symbols. If the conditions for opening a trade on multiple time frames are met, you can be notified by e-mail or phone message (according to the settings in MT4 menu Tools - Options…) You can also set the conditions for sending notifications. The list of
49 USD
Wick Fill Trend
Javier Morales Fernandez
-Wick Fill Trend concept During a high volatility events in the market, candles tend to create wicks along the way on their moves. A wick in a candlestick reflects a rejection in the price.  The majority of times these wicks are filled because have a huge volume pushing in that direction.  Wick Fill Trend  scans those opportunities focusing on trend markets. It has a success rate simulator dashboard which displays live signal with entry point, take profit and stop loss. This success rate simu
60 USD
EA Setting, Common Common 1)Long & Short -allow EA open short and long position Live Trading  1)Tick -Allow live trading Safety Tick All 1)Allow DLL import 2)Allow import of external experts 3)Allow modification Signal settings Inputs Variable Value Remarks  Open new series true  Make it default                                                           Trade BUY true Make it default Trade SELL true Make it default Support manual order true Make it default Max sell order 10 You may co
30 USD
Vladimir Pokora
This tool monitors RSI indicators on all time frames in the selected markets. Displays a table with signals to open a BUY trade (green) or SELL trade (red). You can set the conditions for the signal. You can easily add or delete market names / symbols. If the conditions for opening a trade on multiple time frames are met, you can be notified by e-mail or phone message (according to the settings in MT4 menu Tools - Options…) You can also set the conditions for sending notifications. The list of s
49 USD
I stand in the ocean, I love peace, and I am a blue whale. I like to eat small fish and shrimp fry, but I will not destroy them all, I will protect the weak, and I will give the weak a chance to survive. I follow the water, travel from the Pacific to the Atlantic, I have seen the highest mountain, I have crossed the deepest sea, swimming with me, will get the best benefit. Real Blue Whale Signal 60% risk setting on  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1292808 Trading is recommended, currency pa
600 USD
Fully automatic multicurrency trading machine MT4/5 The advisor's strategy is based on trading volumes and statistics of the movement of trading instruments, the author's trading method, which shows excellent results over the past 7 years Multicurrency testing since 2016 with 99.9% real ticks, testing was carried out on the MT5 platform, with all traded currency pairs at the same time. The Expert Advisor has three trading strategies with a smart dynamic lot, which depends on the load on the d
625 USD
Long power rsi
Kevin Michael Jones
* Symbol EURUSD, EUR/NZD, AUD/NZD, EUR/JPY. * Automatic advisor, trade preferably on the following assets: EUR/USD, EUR/NZD, AUD/NZD, EUR/JPY. * The advantage of this advisor is that it does not include a martingale and trading is carried out using stop losses and take profit. * Has been tested for more than 2 years in the strategy tester. You can download the demo version yourself and view it for any period of time if necessary. * The Expert Advisor is based on data from several indicators. Rsi
1 000 USD
EurUsd Binary Options
Daniel Joseph Kibe Wangewa -
YOU CAN ONLY FOWARD TEST THIS INDICATOR. USE DEMO FOR THIS AND SHARE YOUR RESULTS This indicator is a combination of different strategies that in theory drive the market.  Multi-Currency - Using the separate currencies; Euro and Dollar. RSI - from the separate currencies I get two different RSI values that are used to measure the market strength and direction It is important to note that this is not the Holy Grail and you should use a good money management system.  Two signals will appear from
30 USD
GS gold
Aleksander Gladkov
Best price! GS gold is 2 in 1 = Advanced Grid Expert Advisor + Trend Indicator. The algorithm is optimized for trading XAUUSD M5 (gold). Deposit from $5000 with a leverage of 1: 500 and above. GS gold can be used on any other Forex instruments with default settings. Smart Grid Algoritm, Trend Following, Counter Trend system, DD reduction Algoritm, Active Hedging Algoritm and averaging are used. Preset strategies (Use strategy parameter): No strategy Low profit Medium profit High profit
245 USD
This Utility is created to close Open Trades on the go by filters. If you want any custom feature or want to remove something from this product for your personal use. Please send me a personal message, I'll be happy to do so for you. Buttons & their Tasks :  CLOSE ALL TRADES         : Close all open trades  CLOSE ALL BUY              : Close all Buy trades  CLOSE ALL SELL              : Close all Sell trades  CLOSE ALL PROFIT          : Close all trades that in Profit  CLOSE ALL LOSS 
30 USD
Viktor Shpakovskiy
Fractalan – a moderately aggressive EA who works on a martingale strategy with a partial hedging system. With reasonable money management, the EA can withstand significant price corrections against open positions! The first order in the series can be opened manually by both the EA and the trader. Subsequent orders are opened when the fractal level of the specified timeframe is broken. The complete guide to the Fractalan EA, the set files can be found in the "Comments" section. Benefits types of
149 USD
Permanent price cut. Strategy Counter the Overshoot is an EA strategy that detects and takes a position against the overshoot. First, we define a ratio called Directional change ratio to determine whether the market is "UP" or "DOWN". The market is considered to be "UP" when it rises from the recent low by the directional change ratio, and "DOWN" when it falls from the recent high by the directional change ratio. We will go back and forth between the two modes of "UP" and "DOWN". Next, we
99 USD
50+ Candlestick Patterns, Simulated Trading Results, Top Five Performers Candle Analysis extends Candlesticks Pattern Analysis by not only identifying Patterns but also recording the Past Performance of the Patterns. What it Does:- Identifies and plots results on chart Displays Top Patterns for both Bullish and Bearish type.  Log can be printed in experts tab to see Simulated Trading results Displays All or Selected Patterns Alerts on Pattern formation More detailed information in Blog
30 USD
ARAH TREND is an indicator to detect the current trend, and predict next trend.  Its very simple way to know trend because   the display so clear. Trend changes are indicated by indicator color change. That's great as an entry point.  The advantages of this indicator : - Beautiful Entry Points - No Need Setting - Suitable for all time frames - Geat for GBPUSD and Gold TF H1 - The display is simple and clear It can also be combined with your mainstay indicator so that the entry point is more acc
30 USD
Elayari Abderraouf
This is an indicator for MT4 providing accurate signals to enter a trade without repainting. It can be applied to any financial assets:   Forex Cryptocurrencies Metals Stocks Indices     It will provide pretty accurate trading signals and tell you when it's best to open a trade and close it. How do I trade with the Entry Points Pro indicator? Buy and install the indicator in your terminal Start trading by receiving signals from the indicator telling you about the ideal moment to enter a trade.
30 USD
Sutthichai Mungdee
This is an Expert Advisor specific for Gold, XAU/USD used Trend Follower concept base on my " ATR EZ Trend " and " Ribbon Trend " Indictors. You don't need to buy those indicators because everything include in this EA. It is very easy to used. All you have to do is run this EA under the GOLD,XAUUSD chart in H1 Timeframe. Parameter :  Magic No. Auto Lot size: true [EA will automatic calculate lot size relate to the Percent Risk] Initial Lot size: 0.01 [if the 'Auto lot size' set to 'false', then
161.80 USD
OneClick Auto Close MT4
Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon
A utility to close all orders automatically when conditions meet. Various options are available to filter or select orders : Conditions : Closing conditions. 3 different conditions can be defined. EA will close orders anytime one or more defined conditions meet. Conditions can be defined based on account properties or selected orders properties. Also a fixed time to close orders is available. Type of orders : Buy / Sell / Buy Limit / Sell Limit / Buy Stop / Sell Stop Symbol Selection : All /
50 USD
New Moon
Michele Massa
Neew Moon is a Forex Expert Advisor designed for  EUR/USD using a 5 minute timeframe . It was developed based on a statistical study of the forex market. Neew Moon   NOT  use Grid or Martingale. The purpose of New Moon is to last over time, not to stop working in 1 month. It carries out short-term operations to make a long-term profit. Small capitals can become big capitals over time , with a strategy made specifically for this. Tested with multiple spread levels, commissions included. The  ever
49 USD
MSD Utility
Kevin Beltran Keena
Multi Strategy Dashboard Utility Some functions of the MSD Utility can only be used on the full version. Multi instrument and multi time frame scanner, with the best indicators.  Comes with an order management panel. The MSD Utility can be used for manual trading. Click on the '?' button on the dashboard to obtain information about the various elements of the MSD Utility. Uses ATR Take Profits, ATR Stop Losses and ATR Trailing Stops. Comes with an FX Currency Strength meter and a Market Session
98 USD
MA collection - мультитаймфреймовый индикатор, вобравший в себя множество разработок в сфере усреднения ценового ряда. Включает свыше 20-ти разновидностей индикаторов усреднения и более 10-ти единиц ценовых данных к которым может быть применено усреднение. В индикаторе предусмотрена цветовая и звуковая индикация смены тенденции. Методы усреднения: Simple Moving Average Exponential Moving Average Wilder Exponential Moving Average Linear Weighted Moving Average  Sine Weighted Moving Average Triang
40 USD
Information about this tool Generally: The Smart Trend Indicator STI is designed for the purpose of showing you the direction of the trend.   How it works It is based on moving averages. The indicator works on all types of markets. The indicator works on all timeframes. The indicator works on all currency pairs. This indicator doesn't repaint. The light green histograms are for bullish trend. The green histograms are for fast buy signals. The light red histograms are for bearish trend. The d
380 USD
Stream Z50
Evgeniy Zhdan
Scalping trading robot. The EA monitors the stable direction of the trend and works in its direction. The maximally optimized code of the advisor allows you to work with minimal delays and minimal terminal load. The Expert Advisor has been successfully tested since 2015 with basic settings. It is recommended to use basic settings for EURUSD and GBPUSD trading instruments (with any prefixes and postfixes), timeframe 5 minutes. Trading results will be better with low spreads and low commi
1 450 USD
Spd EA
David Binka Kumatse
THE PRODUCT This Spd Expert is an EA to be used on multiple chosen pairs simultaneously. Every order has a TP and an SL, so there is nothing to fear. You just have to be patient as EA trades to grow your account. After purchasing the EA, you can also message me for my optimized settings.    Recommended TimeFrame is 1H TRADE PLAN Consider a recommended minimum starting capital of $100 and an initial lotsize of 0.01 yielding a minimum profit of $20 over 12 months of trading on a single pair. Then
150 USD
GIA Chart Account Info
Ruddy De Jesus Saavedra
It will help you to have control of your trade and your account, as simple as continuing to look at your chart. Its innovative interface allows you to see what is happening in your current trade and monitor the status of your account. Keep your operations controlled and avoid bad times in your trade. Parameters: SYMBOLMARK SETTINGS   Show symbol mark: "true" Show the symbol / "false" Hides the symbol.   Show period stamp: "true" Show the period / "false" Hides the period. INFO SETTINGS   Show
30 USD
Andrey Kozak
iForex is an automatic scalping bot. EA testing accuracy 99%. This scalper robot was created for currency pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD. You can test the robot in the strategy tester of your Metatrader4 terminal. To do this, click the "Free demo" button and download the robot to your PC. After that, the robot will appear in your terminal in the "experts" folder. Now you can open the strategy tester and test it. During testing in the strategy tester, we recommend specifying a spread from 2 to 5 pips, the
279 USD
Maximum Directional Index (MDI) is designed for two purposes. 1. To show the direction of the trend (The blue yellow trend line) 2. To show the Overbought (Resistance) and Oversold (Support) zones for a trader to know whether the trend is about to reverse or not. It shows the maximum direction of the price trend. How it works 1. The indicator works on all time-frames but for clarity I recommend you use it on 5minutes, 15miutes, 30minutes, 1 hour and 4 hours time-frame charts. 2. The indicator
365 USD
Flat Control
Pavel Verveyko
5 (1)
The indicator defines a trading corridor, a flat market, and corrections. Allows you to compare the significance of different flat and trend areas (by time of existence and by volatility). This makes it possible to assess the market cycle and its mood at a glance. That is, how long does the flat last on average, and how long is the trend and what kind of volatility they have in points. As a rule, the longer the flat lasts, the more likely it is to accumulate the potential for a strong
57 USD
Don’t you think you can get Candlestick Patterns alerts wherever you are? This utility will send you a detailed notification on your mobile and alert on MT4 Terminal as soon as a Candlestick Pattern you want to see appears on chart. The notification contains the symbol, the Candlestick Pattern and the timeframe on which the pattern formed. You will need to link Metatrader 4 Mobile with your Windows Terminal. Here's how   here . List of Candlestick Patterns that can be detected: Three White So
30 USD
SL Stop Orders
Vladimir Khlystov
При старте советник выставляет два отложенных стоп ордера образовывая канал. Если один ордер срабатывает то второй переустанавливаем на его SL с увеличением лота. При срабатывании ТП советник начинает цикл с ноля. Оптимизируемые параметры: Объем ордеров (   Lot   ) нам нет смысла оптимизировать. Его проще сразу установить в соответствии с размером вашего депозита. Например для депозита менее 500 usd ставим минимальный лот 0,01 Размер прибавки лота (   Plus_Lot   ) ставим в зависимости от пер
200 USD
GBPJPY . Metatrader 4.  Timeframe H1. EA Rigger Live results normal risk Only  7  copies   available by   $199! Next price ->   $249 Classic trend and flat Advisor. Uses Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing. Complex Expert Advisor, which consists of two big Expert Advisors: 1. Works with the trend 2. Works on Mean Reversion. The complex adviser trades on indicators: MACD, QQE, Stochastic, Keltner Channel, CCI, Williams%R, BullsPower, OSMA, DeMarker, Momentum, Awesome Oscillator, StdDev,
149 USD
Euro dollar lot size
Andrew Michael Sheffield
Pro-Wealth is a new business entity focused on helping others make a success of their Forex trading. Thus it makes only sense to help others use the correct lot size and start practicing the correct risk management. This utility is a very simple tool to show the lot size respective to one percent of their balance which should be entered by the user when attaching the utility to the EUR/USD chart.
36 USD
This ea adopts a trend trading method and symbol with large fluctuations, is not suitable for oscillators market conditions. You need to decide when to open the order by yourself. Trading Straregy: After the K-line closes, if the price breaks above the moving average, a buy order will be opened and a sell order will be closed. After the K-line closes, if the price breaks below the moving average, a sell order will be opened and a buy order will be closed.
30 USD
GBP Helper
Anton Zverev
Currency pairs:   GBPAUD, GBPUSD, GBPCHF, GBPCAD, GBPJPY, GBPNZD and so on ... Timeframe:   M5 The strategy that we have been using for several years in our portfolio. One of the most advanced to date. Taken together, it uses several steps to determine volatility levels, which allows you to find good entry and exit points. The official website of the developer company, you can find here       MQL5 Profile Welcome to our public channel       MQL5 Сhannel Our other products       Varko Technolog
199 USD
Chao Chen Li
简介 本产品是一款趋势类EA,融合很多优秀交易理念后设计而成。 使用这个EA在面对极端行情或者大单边的时候,可以很好的抓住突破的每次入场机会。 设定参数以后,趋势的识别,加仓,移动止损,风险控制这一些都是全自动的。 如何设置 Stop Loss(In Money):每笔交易的止损金额,结合每笔订单的止损价格,自动计算出交易手数 Compound Interest Switch:复利开关,当账户资金发生量级增长时,对于的止损金额会根据初始设定的比例自动增加,否则不变。 注意事项 注意,本软件所有内部的算法优化都是针对EURUSD货币对进行的优化,所以使用时选择EURUSD交易,不要选择其他品种。 参数的设置,Stop Loss (In Money) 这个选项建议填写总资金的2%, 当然低风险可以选择1%, 相应的收益也会下降。
498 USD
Market Fractal Analysis, Fractal Swing, Market Flow Fractal Cycles looks for Similar Patterns in the Market that repeat themselves because of the Market Fractal Nature. These patterns are displayed with help of Graphical Objects and Alerts can be received on their arrival. Read the Blog for full information. Features:- Auto Detection of Patterns Customization for Color and Line Styles Alerts, Emails & Push Notifications 
30 USD
TOMAD (Two Moving Average Distance) is an indicator that can scan multi pairs, the data displayed on the indicator is in the form of a range of PIPs. This indicator is also equipped with information on the movement of today's candle and the previous day's candle formation. In the input indicator settings, you can change it according to your needs, whether it's from the pair that will be displayed to setting the period, mode and MA price.
30 USD
Signal Eskiya
Vitalii Zakharuk
Signal Eskiya, in addition to channel lines, reflects entry signals in the form of arrows. Trading strategies using the channel indicator belong to the classic methods of technical analysis, are easy to execute, and therefore available even to beginners. Price ranges work equally well on any trading assets and timeframes, they can be used both independently and with additional confirmation from oscillators and market volumes. American traders say: “Trend is your friend”, which means “Trend is
99 USD
Ivan Simonika
America is a global trend indicator. If you do not have your own trading strategy yet, you can use our ready-made trading strategy. The indicator will help in finding entry points when analyzing the price chart. The program first receives a "snapshot" of the graph, then analyzes it. The results are communicated to the trader in the form of signals. The main purpose of this indicator is to determine the moments of entries and exits from transactions, therefore the indicator displays only the tre
109 USD
Andriy Sydoruk
Jacket is an arrow indicator for forex, futures and binary options without redrawing. Tracks the market trend, ignoring sharp market fluctuations and noise around the average price. Works only at open prices. Therefore, it is reliable and without redrawing. This indicator uses its algorithms to analyze previous periods and predict further market behavior. It is based on the calculation of levels with a certain period, which allows you to more accurately assess the situation. Often, signals that
99 USD
The first wave - it is a Secure Automated Software for trade Forex market and indices. This system detects the ranges between the end of the American session and the beginning of the Asian session, detecting the first moves before the market starts and positioning yourself in favor of strong hands to take advantage of your breakout. To adapt to the different schedules of the different brokers, you have to set the closing time of the American session of your broker in the configuration, from t
30 USD
Binary Options Assistant (BOA) COOL Signals Indicator provides signals based on the combination of: Fisher Oscillator & JRSX Indicator Stop missing trades, stop jumping from chart to chart looking for trade set-ups and get all the signals on 1 chart! U se any of the BOA Signals Indicator with the  Binary Options Assistant (BOA) Multi Currency Dashboard .   All BOA Signal Indicator settings are adjustable to give you more strategy combinations. The signals can be seen visually and heard a
42 USD
Binary Options Assistant (BOA) FLAME Signals Indicator provides signals based on the combination of: RSI, MACD & Stochastic Indicators Stop missing trades, stop jumping from chart to chart looking for trade set-ups and get all the signals on 1 chart! U se any of the BOA Signals Indicator with the  Binary Options Assistant (BOA) Multi Currency Dashboard .   All BOA Signal Indicator settings are adjustable to give you more strategy combinations. The signals can be seen visually and heard a
54 USD
Binary Options Assistant (BOA) BURST Signals Indicator provides signals based on Binary Trending Binary Options Strategy.  Indicators: MACD Indicator & Schaff Trend Cycle Indicator Stop missing trades, stop jumping from chart to chart looking for trade set-ups and get all the signals on 1 chart! U se any of the BOA Signals Indicator with the  Binary Options Assistant (BOA) Multi Currency Dashboard .  All BOA Signal Indicator settings are adjustable to give you more strategy combinations. The
39 USD
Binary Options Assistant (BOA) FROST Signals Indicator provides signals based on the combination of: ADX Indicator & JRSX Indicator Stop missing trades, stop jumping from chart to chart looking for trade set-ups and get all the signals on 1 chart! U se any of the BOA Signals Indicator with the  Binary Options Assistant (BOA) Multi Currency Dashboard .  All BOA Signal Indicator settings are adjustable to give you more strategy combinations. The signals can be seen visually and heard audible.
40 USD
Binary Options Assistant (BOA) KAM Signals Indicator provides signals based on the combination of: 3 Moving Averages & Stochastic Stop missing trades, stop jumping from chart to chart looking for trade set-ups and get all the signals on 1 chart! U se any of the BOA Signals Indicator with the  Binary Options Assistant (BOA) Multi Currency Dashboard .  All BOA Signal Indicator settings are adjustable to give you more strategy combinations. The signals can be seen visually and heard audible. Th
32 USD
PW Oscillator
Svyatoslav Kucher
PW Oscillator   - индикатор предназначенный для поиска локальных экстремумов, определения текущей тенденции. В расчетах индикатора используется авторская методика. С помощью индикатора можно определять места возможного разворота цены желательно в направлении тенденции, но также с достаточной точностью и против нее. Также с помощью индикатора можно определять текущую тенденцию. Индикатор подходит для любых валютных пар, но для адекватного отображения показания необходимо, чтобы было достаточно ис
30 USD
Cloud Eyes is an advanced moving average alert that   will easily monitor the price action based on set moving averages to multiple open charts.  Objective: To monitor multiple open charts and notify traders conveniently in a single display panel when using the moving averages to enter/exit a trades. Features: Monitor price action in two timeframes at the same time Supports simple, exponential, smoothed, linear weighted moving averages Trigger an alert based on candle size (full/body length) Ca
79 USD
Victor Golovkov
The Changend signal indicator works on all timeframes and any markets. Analyzes data in the specified period and gives signals for a possible trend change (sell or buy). The indicator has only two settings: Period bars   - the number of last bars for data analysis Deviation level of bars  -the degree of deviation from the analyzed data Additionally, in the indicator settings, you can set your own style of signal display: Size Arrow Code Arrow Buy Color Arrow Buy Code Arrow Sell Color Arrow Se
40 USD
GIA Symbol Changer
Ruddy De Jesus Saavedra
It will help you to change the symbol and period in the same window, preventing you from filling up with windows on your platform, getting dizzy from so many windows, missing opportunities. Symbol Changer simplifies all this and facilitates the visualization of the graph that you want to analyze or observe in a single window. Characteristics - Change symbol. - Change period. - Hides objects from an asset other than the current one. - Shows objects of the current asset. - Resize th
30 USD
Trend Panel
Conor Stephenson
Trend Panel is a simple convenient tool that will display a confirmed trending direction of timeframes M1 - D1 using ten pairs chosen by the user. The indicator is designed to add confirmation of direction into any strategy/template and then also work as a clean interactive interface to quickly change the chart to a different pair or timeframe. Group chat :  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/conorstephenson Please contact me after your purchase for set up advice and a free Expert Advisor! My product
30 USD
GIA Calculate Order
Ruddy De Jesus Saavedra
It will help you to have control of the risk of each operation in an easy and fast way. Its innovative interface allows you to calculate the number of lots and the risk / reward ratio instantly. Keep your operations within the risk range you want and avoid bad times in your trade. Line function - Shows the opening line, Stop Loss, Take Profit on the chart. With this function it is easy to know the main and most relevant characteristics of your next order. Risk management - The risk calculati
30 USD
Expert EA Trend
This is an expert for trend lines. It analyzes the market and makes a buy or sell decision. the advisor itself decides with the help of the built-in indicator, and it is also possible to configure it manually through the expert panel. Many settings can be configured in panels and viewed. He displays his decision on the chart in the form of arrows and the price touches the trend. The arrows come in two colors and blue if the trend is not ready. For the advisor, you can use the Magic number. It i
120 USD
Forex Oscar's PRO EA   is the advanced mathematics algorithms  system  with sophisticated filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points and required amount of the rate in any market situation. This system is focused on a  long-term  stable growth. It is a professional tool developed by me. I have done very big mathematical calculations and I have found the right formula to trade in the Forex market. It takes a lot of work and time to achieve the best results.Nothing fancy here only
500 USD
Forex manipulator
Eric Kikuvi Muia
the manipulator expert advisor is an ea that works based on two major emas cross overs ie 20 ema and 50 ema. it is basically a trend ea whose functionality is aimed at achieving atleast 10% return on capital on weekly basis. it has an hidden sl that makes it impossible for brokers to manipulate its functionality. This ea was designed to assist forex beginers achieve their main goal of trading.
200 USD
This Expert advisor works based on Quasimodo principle. it enters trades once the conditions of Quasimodo are met. its a trend ea that does hedging in an event that a trade goes against its analysis. its advisable to switch it off during the weekends to avoid weekend swaps . it can be used by either beginners or professional traders in their daily trading activities. goodluck.
1 500 USD
Portfolio XAU is a fully automated EA designed to trade  GOLD   only. It is based on machine learning cluster analysis and genetic algorithms. EA contains self-adaptive market algorithm, which uses price action patterns and standard trading indicators (CCI,ATR). Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2021 period. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid, scalp or hedge. Suitable for any broker conditions. In the near future, the price of the Expert Advisor
97 USD
Lucky Trade Panel MT4
Nina Yermolenko
5 (1)
Trading panel for manual trading. Has a fairly wide functionality. Allows you to automatically calculate the order size, open both market and pending orders. It has a wide range of options for closing orders, it is possible to partially close orders, close orders after reaching a certain profit or loss, separately close profitable and unprofitable, buy and sell, as well as pending orders. The panel also contains a simple implementation of a grid of pending orders, reverse and lock functions, tr
30 USD
This indicator Mega Super indicator.Indicator displays trend movement. Indicator helps to buy and sell.In dicator displays arrow and line. Features per - displays indicator period. How to understand the status: If the arrow color is green, trend is up. I f the arrow color is red, trend is down. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////
60 USD
The Trend Professor is a moving average based indicator designed for the purpose of helping the community of traders to analyse the price trend. The indicator will be displayed in the main chart as it is indicated on the screenshot section. How it works The indicator has lines of moving averages and colored histograms to depict the direction of the trend. There will be a fast signal line colored blue/yellow/red at some points. The red/yellow colored lines stands for bearish trend/signal while th
250 USD
This program works only on forex currencies, at New York Stock Exchange opening time (16:30) but opening time CAN BE SET as you want and automatically manage for each opening Trailing Stop Loss and BreakEven (if set). It is based on NY opening physiological movements of currencies quotes by putting pendants orders at defined (Gap) distance. It has an automatic recovery system in case the first trade gone in loss. It is possible to decide which multiply factor to use for the recover, thus it is
200 USD
Quantum AI
Samandar Huseynov
70% discount is valid for 30 days Quantum AI is a robot for the Forex market. The author of the strategy and algorithm belongs to the professional trader and programmer AQSHİN POLADLİ with more than 14 years of experience in the Forex market. The robot analyzes the market using a unique proprietary indicator, the robot has many algorithms for all situations in the Forex market. The robot's algorithm is secret, so I can't write a lot of information. You don't need to change anything in the robot
200 USD
This EA trades using the Heiken Ashi indicator. It perfectly measures the intensity of impulses, one of its main characteristics is to apply price action, it offers many configuration scenarios to measure the strength of a trend and flexible position management, precise inputs to follow the price, in addition to many functions Useful as customizable trading sessions, works for all pairs, especially for:  AUDCHF,AUDUSD,CADCHF,EURGBP,GBPAUD,GBPCHF,GBPJPY,NZDJPY,USDCHF,USDJPY,AUDJPY,CHFJPY,CADJPY •
45 USD
Koala Pro Divergence
Ashkan Hazegh Nikrou
Description : Koala Pro divergence is not just simple divergence, it's qualified strategy can detect nice divergence signals based on distance from moving line, we know moving average work like gravity, price respect moving line and refer to moving average always, this indicator determine price distance by moving line continuesly and try to choose one of divergance arrows that has enough potential. In this strategy always our target is moving average.
30 USD
This indicator is designed based on Mr.   WD   Gann's square of nine methods. Using this indicator, we can enter the desired   pivot   price and, based on the coefficient we assign to it, extract 8   support and resistance   numbers with 8 angles of 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315, and 360. Calculates 8   support and resistance   points and draws   support and resistance   lines. The coefficient is to triple the number of executions. To select   pivot points   in which a price is a lar
40 USD
Rocket Africa
Micheal Mugisha
This is one of the top expert advisors on the market with a profit factor of 21.6 which implements buy and sell  signals at the right moment, a drawdown ratio of 2.04%,  with a 6 out of 7 days daily profit and  the following are the trade options of the expert advisor Trading options logic //-------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't Trade On Weekends = false (Friday 1900 - Sunday 2300); Exit at End Of Day = false (2304); Exit On Friday = false; Limit
2 000 USD
Kenneth Kagunda
Usiku is a fully automated Expert Advisor that opens trades at specific times during the night. Patterns have been recognized on the EURUSD chart and applied in the script to ensure opening trades at night when the market is less volatile. Preferred Period: M1. For the parameters, StartTrading,  EndTrading and  CloseHour, the parameter set for the settings is GMT+3.  Recommendations EA Settings: Use default settings or set files. Symbols:EURUSD. Time Frame: M1. Minimum Deposit: $1000 USD. Please
1 000 USD
BTC Break Free
Maged Ait Abbi
It works around the clock, completely in automatic mode and does not require special settings. ********It is a PORTFOLIO of different strategies all trading together at the same time.******* BTC Break Free  trades on all trading accounts and symbols, as well as all time frames. I recommend using it for   BTCUSD   and   EURUSD . For large accounts, I recommend using the 1-Very Low risk mode. Minimum deposit of $1000, recommended $ 2000 and above. Leverage 1:25 - 1:500. For small deposits 1:50
1 997 USD
Scraper M5
aleksandr butkov
1 (1)
Signal indicator "Scraper M5" works on the basis of several indicators and filters, does not redraw. Designed for: NZDCAD AUDNZD EURCHF GBPAUD AUDCAD CADCHF AUDCHF USDCHF EURCAD. Works only on M5 and M15. During testing on different currency pairs, the accuracy of the signals ranged from 69 to 87%. You just need to install the indicator on one of the above listed pairs with the M5 or M15 time frame and follow the signals. It does not need additional settings. Everything is intuiti
30 USD
Wicked Unicorn
Mr Ryan Darren Pocock
**** Intro Price - $95 **** **** Next Price - $195 **** Wicked Unicorn is a fully automated Expert Advisor for intraday trading designed, developed and tested for the GBPUSD currency pair. Wicked Unicorn makes use of multiple indicators, such as Bollinger Bands,  MACD and Stochastic . Wicked Unicorn is not a scalping bot and can keep positions open for several days to optimise returns. This expert advisor does not use dangerous strategies. No Martingale, No Grid. ALL trades have a Stop Loss,Tak
95 USD

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