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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 139

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
TradeStops Manager EA is a simple, dynamic, volatility-adaptable stops-management tool that will help you to manage your open order's stops effectively according to your way.   The fact that most traders lose money in the markets is not really surprising if you consider that most traders do not know how to set up the right, dynamic, adaptable stops in the face of current volatility in the market. Do you want to close a specific order after a specified number of candles, StopLoss Level is reache
Beast Wars Ai Robot
Nirundorn Promphao
I will support only my client. สำหรับลูกค้า Beast Wars Ai Robot is a safe system for Forex and Crypto currencies trading. Developed exclusively for the XAUUSD pair(GOLD), any currency pairs and any broker. Try now! The Ai Robot is designed to operate in the XAUUSD (GOLD) and any currencies market, entering only when there are high probabilities of success and certain unique conditions. The Ai Robot is based on a robust, profitable strategy and No MARTINGALE. No more indicator. You can select
The Accelerator MT4 forex indicator was designed by Bill Williams’ and warns you of early trend changes for any currency pair. The indicator is also known as the Accelerator/Deceleration forex indicator. It basically looks for changes in momentum, either accelerating or decelerating. As you can see from the EUR/USD H1 chart shown below, the indicator draws green and red bars above and below the 0.00 level. Green and red bars above the 0.00 level suggest bullish momentum in price (price goes up).
Pavel Verveyko
"CrossMAn" is a table indicator that gives signals about the intersection of two moving averages, on selected instruments and time periods. The intersection of moving averages is one of the most popular signals on the stock exchange. The signal is displayed as colored rectangles in the table. Thus, you can assess at a glance which tool should be paid attention to. (Crossman does not add moving averages to the chart.) The indicator table can be dragged with the mouse. The size of the table
Challenge passer
Marcelo Jose Patino Vargas
System created only to pass funding tests (Challenge) in the companies First Class Forex Funds and The Funded Trader.It only works for the evaluation stages, it does not work for the real account due to slippage and spread.The system is updated for the month of January 2023 and brings the default configuration, you just have to add in dollars the amount of profit you want to obtain.Recommended to use in New York hours KEEPER FUNDED NEXT STEP FUNDED NOVA FUNDING QUANTEC TRADING CAPITAL CUSTOM FU
Trading cannot be perfect! There are losses and wins, just accept it! Trust your system, it has been tested and re tested to reach this point.   Anytime you feel like you have doubts about it, simply run a new backtesting and see by yourself what it has done in the past 1-2 years!! Trading is a game that can only be beaten from the patient ones If you want to become rich overnight, you are in the wrong place my friend. However, if you want to do this with maturity and understanding of
Crossover 2 EMA
Pham Minh Thuan
Strategy Premise Moving averages are one of the core indicators in technical analysis, and there are a variety of different versions. SMA is the easiest moving average to construct. It is simply the average price over the specified period. The average is called “moving” because it is plotted on the chart bar by bar, forming a line that moves along the chart as the average value changes. In Moving Average Crossover Strategy Two Moving Averages are used. One is Fast Moving Average (Calculated on L
Oyen Gold Scalping EA
Wan Mohd Safwan Bin Wan Daud
CAUTION! OUR LIVE SIGNAL IS TESTED ON JPY PAIRS WITH ONLY 65 USD DEPOSITS AND GROW SO MUCH PROFITS. CHECK HOW IT CAN GROW YOUR ACCOUNT WITH LOWER DD. YOU ARE WELCOME TO BACKTEST OR DEMO TRIAL.   This OYEN GOLDEN SCALPING EA operates based on custom SDEA Indicator (will be provided for FREE).  The indicator will measure the direction of the trend and its momentum, later send the signal for the EA to open entries. It has hidden hard stop when reversal confirmed, beside the usual SL provided in
Exponential moving average (EMA) and super trend are popular and good indicators that is often and used to determine the trend direction. One of the best trading strategies with trailing stop is trading strategy with using a combination of Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and Super Trend indicators. EMA SuperTrend Strategy Indicator is the indicator consist of  EMA, Super Trend and Alert function also other calculations are needed. It's also has extra indicator there are Automated Fibonacci Retr
ADX best indi
Pham Minh Thuan
We’ll start off by just testing the default DMI crossover strategy. We’ll buy when the 14-period DMI-plus crosses above the 14-period DMI-minus, and sell once the former crosses below the latter. Here are the results: As you see, the strategy seems to work well in bull markets. Still, this isn’t something we’d like to trade in its raw form! So how could we go about improving the strategy? We’ll one common approach is to demand that ADX is above 25. However, in our tests, we’ve found out that a l
Magic Breakout
Maldini Yoga Pratama
Yesterday High/Low Breakout Only  5  download  of the EA left  at $44! Next price -->   $55 Symbol GBPUSD Timeframe M15  Test From 2017 Settings Default Setting  Additional -  --------------  ---------------------------------------------------- Brokers Any Minimum Deposit $500 Recommend Deposit $1000 for cent Feature NOT sensitive to spread, slippage  Suggest Use low spread broker
Crypto Trend Pro
Paulo Martins Barbosa
3 (1)
Concept Crypto Trend  is a system that identify the safest cryptocurrency price trends. This system is focused on a long-term stable growth . It does not need to be constantly updated as it adapts naturally to varied market conditions. No martingale, no grid, no hedge, no other dangerous strategy. Only strict rule-based approach to trading, allowing to maximise return while having risks under control . Get Crypto Trend Pro and never miss the big cryptocurrency movements again. Results
Rsi Sniper
Ignacio Agustin Mene Franco
rsi sniper It has the strategy of an rsi line where the same indicator marks you buy and sell , When the line turns red, it marks a sale, it comes with alerts! + a red arrow that also confirms the sale, the same for the purchase, when the line becomes true mark sale, plus the alert accompanied by the phlegm that marks on the candle! works for all seasons ideal for scalping and day trading, suitable for forex and synthetic indices, all pairs are tradeable ! enjoy the sniper!
Dragoinoid Expert
Setfile Here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hu3Df8iq2fOtZ8o-_VV3JaLRa8Foniok/view?usp=sharing Dragonoid Expert is based on Price Action Strategy. Fast In Fast Out Transactions, High Frequency Trading, Use ECN Accounts. Risk Warning: Trading financial products on margin carries a high degree of risk and is not suitable for all investors. Losses can exceed the initial investment. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take appropriate care to manage your risk.
Ftmo mananger ea
Lufuno Mphela
1 (1)
The Ftmo Manager EA The Ftmo Manager EA is a fully automated scalping robot designed to excel in FTMO and other prop firm accounts. Utilizing an efficient martingale strategy, this EA is ideal for passing prop firm challenges. It is equipped with advanced money management and probabilistic analysis, making it highly effective during price consolidation stages, which dominate most market periods. Key Features: Prop Firm EA: Perfect for prop firms that allow EA trading, including FTMO. Advanced T
Based on the free DR/IDR indicator but with basic stats. Has the feature to export the daily data to a HTML file. So you can check the daily DRs yourself. Be mindful that the stats can vary from different broker feeds. So make sure your MT4 has enough data. Scroll back in your MT4 and check for any gaps in the feed. Sometimes you will have to scroll back to update the stats. Feel free to contact me for questions related to the purchase, installation and use of the Indicator.
Tame the trend just got easier! The PDS indicator will signal the use of price sentiment. Just one setting! Study the offer of the indicator and get the opportunity for profitable trading based on a proven and tested strategy. The mathematical algorithm proves its performance even to skeptics under any market conditions. It goes well with any trading strategy. Never recalculates signals. Signals appear at the opening of the bar. Works with any financial instruments, including forex, cryptocur
Based on Trend Following Strategy, QCAFE SUITE was built to get more accurate signal for Traders to decide whether to enter trades, included in the SUITE is QCAFE+ filter to eliminate false signals.  The Signals are generated based on formula of Hull Moving Average ( HMA ) to minimize the lag of a traditional moving average - developed by Alan Hull in 2005 Setting: Limited Bars of back test Fast Period Low Period  Fast/Low period to generate Buy/Sell signal Based MA Period B ased Moving Averag
Nice Little Bot
Thomas Bradley Butler
OPTMIZE EA BEFORE BACKTEST AND USE. THIS EA HAS OPTIMIZABLE INPUTS.  ANALYSIS IN COMMENTS. Nice Little Bot trades GBP/USD on 1 hour charts.  It trades using Keltner channels,  Bollinger bands and LWMA for logic.  It was created with machine learning and is a nice little robot. There are inputs that could be optimized or changed if you find.  The money management uses scaled % of balance.  There is % of balance and max lots.  Try out on the back test starting  from 2013.   
Onic Scalper
Ida Bagus Githa Dyatmika
Onic Scalper EA use Breakout Strategy and Trend Following Strategy for Scalping Trading Methods This EA trades the breakouts from daily relative highs and lows. For the entry, stop orders are used for the fastest possible execution. Profits can be secured by the adjustable trailing stop. The backtests shown in the screenshots were done with the default settings. There might be better or worse settings.  Please download the free demo to do your own testing.This EA does not use any martingale and
Indicator Power
Alessandro Lopes Da Silva
Indicator with 95% Assertiveness Average of 2% to 3% per day of the value of your capital Indicator that directs buy and sell entries based on bullish and bearish price targets. Here are some settings to make it operational: Currency pair: XAUUSD Timeframe: 15 Minutes Do not operate with news Better nighttime performance Easy setup Full support Schedule Take Profit to 100 pips Entry only on the second candle Any further queries, please get in touch. Support via WhatsApp.
Zig Zag reading structure
Maria Cristina Sabatini
'Zig Zag Percentage strenght'   This indicator is awesome. Why? It's able to show the percentage of the last leg, compared with the previous leg. In this way you have a better understanding of the forces in play in that moment.   In fact, for example, if you see that the up extensions are, in percentage, greater of the down legs, that means that there is more bullish pressure or maybe the market is starting to reverse from downtrend to uptrend.   Hope you will ind it useful !
This indicator can spot strong volume levels on different timeframes.   Everything is customised from the setting.   You can hide by the colour the leveles you don't need.   In this way you will map the market with reaction zone and you can use them as target levels or entry levels depending on your strategy. Hope you will find it useful and all the best with your trading.   Added: - Sound Notification - PopUp Notification - Mobile Push Notification (To make it work follow the instructions:  htt
TS bollinger bands
Maria Cristina Sabatini
Semi automatic system John Bollinger bands   Entry Bollinger Excess with Filter.With this indicator you can build your own semi-automatic strategy based on bollinger bands excess. You can play with the settings to find the best solution for your style and trading attitude.   The indicator shows a signal whenever it finds a trigger-entry(coded inside) based on bollinger bands excess and an additional trend-filter(moving average). This tool will support your manual trading in order to easily spot
Never aginst the trend   This is a really top indicator indicating the main trend in a clear and easy way. I reccomend you to use it on multiple timeframe in  order to create a powerful view and strategy. It works on every market in the same way.  If you trade against the trend you will work more for less, so stick with the trend.  I hope you will find it useful. All the best with your trading! Keep it simple stupid, is the way! Added: - Sound Notification - PopUp Notification - Mobile Push Noti
This is a clear and simple filter I've created based on a Ichimoku strategy and setup. I personally like to use the indicator in a multi timeframe approach. It can be used in a double way:   1) Every time the indicator change the colour, you can use the this first change as your trigger point.  2) You can follow the indicator for the trend direction and trade with your other signals.  Added: - Sound Notification - PopUp Notification - Mobile Push Notification (To make it work follow
MTF Optimal Trailing TP
Hispraise Chinedum Abraham
MTF Optimal Trailing TP indicator works exactly like the optimal trailing take profit but prints signals as bars instead of as arrows and prints for two different timeframes at the same time. It can serve both as entry tool and take profit. We use it both as an entry and a take profit tool.   Th best way to use it is as follows: Find a higher timeframe move using the Ultimate Sniper Dashboard Go on a lower timeframe and use the tool to enter in just the higher timeframe direction. This way, you
This indicator draws the projections of Fibonacci above the yesterday high and below the yesterday low.  Why?  1) First of all, in this you can take the pulse of the market (trend or range). For instance If the price runs above yesterday's high the trend is UP.  2) In this way you will have automatic targets for the trend 3) you can wait the market on excess levels for contrarian and low risk trades. If you buy the product feel free to contact me for additional tips or info. I wish you
Levels of Equilibrium
Maria Cristina Sabatini
Equilibrium Levels support resistence   Intraday indicator --> it means it works on lower TimeFrames , from 1minute to 4hours.    This indicator is able to calculate and draw 2 levels (1 support and 1 resistence) representing the Barycenter's levels for a specific day session.    From the setting you can choose only one parameter, that's the lenght of Barycenter's orbit.   I personally attach the same indicator 2 times on the same chart, inputting as orbit:  0.15  and 0.30. Then what you will no
Smart trends view
Maria Cristina Sabatini
Clear trend filter   This is a filter-trend indicator.  From the settings you can select to use more filter or less. The very interesting part of the indicator comes out using with all the filter. In this way you can follow the trend easily even when the market is without a strong trend, but is instead more flat. I personally use it on 1 minutue timeframe with  MORE FILTER (you can select it from the input setting) in order to have an overlook of trend in the market.   Added: - Sound Notificatio
Trend or Range market
Maria Cristina Sabatini
Is the market ranging (balance) or trending (Imbalance) ? This indicator exports a huge concept used in volume analysis (value area) into the price action. It makes it on Intraday level.  How to read it?  Simple! But you need to make practice. Making profit in market is more than a 2-rule system. When the price inside the lines, the market is in "range mode".   If the price is above the upper line, the market is trending up.  If the price is below the lower line the market is  trending down
Max Min logic formula
Maria Cristina Sabatini
Innovative Max Min swing   This is a really different indicator for drawing Max and Min on the charts.  This indicator draws Min and Max levels in a innovative way, based on a volatility proprietary calculation. In this way you will be able to draw trendlines in an objective way and also to see the break of Max and Min levels.  You have three paramaters you can play with, in order to suite the volatility to your trading style. The indicator works on every time frame. Added: - Sound Notification
The indicator is coded to be suitable for every parity and every period. The purpose of the indicator is to capture the correct signal levels. The product is equipped with all notification and alarm options. In this way, you will be able to receive signals even if you are not at the screen. The product tries to find the signals in the trend direction as a strategy. Thus, it is more reliable. you have input signals. For default settings, recommended periods should be M15,M30,H1.
Order Block Finder MT4
Christopher Graham Parish
!! FLASH SALE !!   Over 80% off !!   For ONE week only. Now only $47 - normally $297! >>>    Ends on 30 June 2023 - Don't miss it! Sends Alerts – On MT4 To Your Phone To Your Email Does not repaint . Works on any Forex pair, any timeframe. 10 Activations allowed so you are free from limitations >> MT5 Version Here For spreads from a tiny 0.1 pips RAW/ECN Accounts,  click here . Check out my Waka Esque EA signal here: >>   High Risk Settings  or  Medium Risk Settings . What Is An
****  DO NOT TEST WITH DEFAULT SETTINGS. **** DOWNLOAD BOT PRESETS FOR TESTING ****  CONTACT FOR PERSONAL / DISTRIBUTOR OFFERS **** ALL YOU NEED IS SHORT OR LONG TERM MARKET TREND TO USE THIS BOT IN BEST WAY POSSIBLE!!! Summary: This is a SEMI-AUTOMATIC BOT which works on any timeframe, any currency pair and multiple timeframes of the same pair simultaneously. Select Trade Direction as either OnlyBuy or OnlySell . Places MARKET orders based on Pips mentioned in second input parameter:   Nex
Bank Expert
James D Blanks
Bank Expert Indicator Uses A Simple method of tracking price as it moves across the chart and signals when a potential long or short position is active and indicates this to the trader giving you the opportunity to take a position on the market. Or you can simply use this indicator to give yourself signals and determine if you want to take the trade or learn the strategy on your own. The Signals From this indicator are targeted at long-term positions and focus on top quality call outs. 
Median Renko Terminator works best with renko charts if you do not have a renko chart generator I will email it to you for free and give you the correct settings for scalping or to swing trade NON-REPAINT  COMES WITH ALERTS WHEN THERE IS A SIGNAL Conditions to sell: big purple arrow shows you the direction first then you take the small purple arrow to enter the same direction of the purple arrow. Conditions to buy: big white arrow shows you the up direction first then you take small white arrow
Better Period Separators MT4
Zhi Wen Software Development
Better Period Separators For MetaTrader 4 The built-in period separators feature doesn’t allow users to specify the time period, so you can use this indicator to create more customizable period separators. On intraday charts, you could place period separators at a specific time, you could also place extra period separators at a specific time on Monday to mark the start of a week. On higher timeframe charts, this indicator works the same as the built-in period separators, On the daily chart, peri
这是一个简易的下单功能面板 不仅可以开市价多单和市价空单 当设置好止盈止损点数 就可以点击按钮开仓 除了市价单还可以挂限价多单和限价空单及突破多单和突破空单 认为不需要挂单的时候可以点击删除挂单按钮 。 面板还带有平仓多单和平仓空单及平仓后开反向单功能, 在面板的最上面有退出面板和隐藏面板功能。 在面板里边有参数输入功能:下单量、止损点数、止盈点数、多单挂单位置、空单挂单位置。 该面板是挂在什么货币对就执行当前图表上货币对下单功能,设置有订单识别码 也可以相同的图标货币对上挂2个以上的面板下单功能互不影响。 该面板显示在图标的右边角落,不会挡住当前行情方便操作。当前是最新版本 以后在运行当中会不断升级完善做到精益求精,给使用者带来良好的体验。
Bohr breakout scalper   is a fully automated robot based on a wave breakout strategy.  It is not a simple robot that just add pending orders at the extrem price, but a robot that dynamically adjusts it's trading strategy according to market price trends.This robot integrates a variety of wave trading strategies,enabling the robot to quickly make trading operations at the right price.Reliable risk filtering systems can filter out high-risk orders in a timely manner,and efficient algorithms can q
Bank Executive Indicator Uses A Simple method of tracking price as it moves across the chart and signals when a potential long or short position is active and indicates this to the trader giving you the opportunity to take a position on the market. Or you can simply use this indicator to give yourself signals and determine if you want to take the trade or learn the strategy on your own.
To measure the daily range, sell when above 30 pips in the European or US session, buy when below 30 pips in the European or US session. Take profit only around 30 pips because this is only an indicator for daily trading. FEATURES : Sum Range, max 30 Show Rectangle Show Level OC SR Line Width OC SR Line Color Show Label Custom Label Position Custom Font Label Custom Font Size Custom Mark Session Show Line Break Event Point
Justin Nguyen
Nguyen Thai Thuan
EURUSD M5 ONLY Real Account :     https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1719416?source=Site +Signals+MT4+Tile+All+Search%3aJUSTIN+NGUYEN Value = 1 for Deposit $1000 (RECOMMENDED) Recommend minimum deposit    $1000 Fully automatic mode Strict use of stop loss management,  if drawdown is over 25% EA will close all Filter for bad market conditions to avoid large spreads and heavy slippage EA was tested and has successfully passed the stress test with slippage and commission approximate to the real ma
This EA is been tested on difference Prop firm including FTMO, MFF, TFF, Funding Next and E8.  The main focus of this EA is to provide you Risk Management, Trade Management.  It can calculate lot size for you in any market to make sure fix % risk per trade.  It has a partially close and brake even line you can place on the screen.  When the line is hit, EA will partially close the position can move the SL to entry to provide you a guarantee profit. One EA can trade all symbol.  Is a Prop Firm tr
Uses a trend filter to plot the lines and arrows. Great for scalping. Settings: TrendPeriod: change to your preference. Alerts. How to use: Can be used on any time frame. Attached to chart, and wait for arrow to appear on multiple timeframes. Buy : -  Blue arrow and blue line cross below price on multiple time frames; e.g., on D,W,M or H1,H4,Daily or M30,H1,H4 Sell : -  Yellow arrow and red line cross above price on multiple time frames; e.g., on D,W,M   or H1, H4, Daily or  M30,H1,H4 **Best r
Fully automated Forex currency trading robot for Metatrader 4. Profitable trading system which is having multiple safe trading strategies to handle any market situations. 30+ PIPs Trading EA makes you good profits every day and month with low drawdown even in worst currency market conditions. Safe strategies used. EA works on any currency pair and timeframe. Attach this Expert Advisor in M5 or M15 chart on EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD and USDCHF for better results. EA having many features for mo
CableStarV2 MT4
Richard Heronimus Oehmig Kuhn
Timeframe   H1 Pair   GBPUSD The CableStarV2 follows a   trend trading strategy . It uses   Bollinger Bands   on   HeikenAshi Charts   to find the perfect entry and exit points in the market. Every position is secured with a stopp loss. The backtests shown in the screenshots were done with the default settings. Do you own testing to find even better settings. Please download the free demo to do your own testing. The CableStarV2 is not using any   martingale and/or grid functionalities . Still th
Vlado Fund Ai Robot
Nirundorn Promphao
I will support only my client. สำหรับลูกค้า Vlado Fund Ai Robot is a safe system for Forex and Crypto currencies trading. Developed exclusively for the XAUUSD pair(GOLD), any currency pairs and any broker. Try now! The Ai Robot is designed to operate in the XAUUSD (GOLD) and any currencies market, entering only when there are high probabilities of success and certain unique conditions. The Ai Robot is based on a robust, profitable strategy and No MARTINGALE. No more indicator. You can select
Buy Sell Profesional
Ignacio Agustin Mene Franco
Buy Sell Professional. It consists of an automated buying and selling strategy according to the arrow that appears on the graph and the alarm that goes off every time you mark a sale or purchase. Special for scalping and intraday. It works for all forex pairs, and if the broker has crypto too! The indicator also has a moving average, trix and mom to capture each movement of the market!
Fibo Quarzo
Ignacio Agustin Mene Franco
Fibo Quartz. It has a special fibonnaci where the indicator is placed and it adapts only to any temporality, works great for forex, all pairs. for crypto also if any broker offers. special for scalping and intraday With the indicator alone and the candles you can get high percentages of profit. That's why the Quartz fibo is made. World Investor. MT4!!!!!!!!!
Ezujli EA
Daniel Ubachi
Ezujli EA aslo known as "YourMoneyServant" is an expert advisor wholly dedicated to serving as your financial aide. With an extremely simple setup, it works by keeping a close eye on the market and searching for the ideal entry signal with a mechanism to guarantee that you always stay in good profits. For the purpose of avoiding copyright and to keep things simple, the settings to most of its features are hidden.                                   SETTINGS: - Trade            <-   All
Andrey Karyaka
This robothas great potential. Agloballyhidden intelligence calculation system. This expert has flexible settings. I am sure you won not have any problems with it. The principle is run, set up and forget. He does everything is own. This is very handy. Try a monthly subscription. I am sure with a high degree of probability. You ill want the unlimited version. That is exactly what you are here for.
The trading strategy is based on the moving average band.  It uses the exit direction of the band to determine the trend. Trade signals:       Buy signal: (Bid > Moving average band) * Precondition of opposite motion * Micro trend filter (upward trend). Sell signal: (Ask < Moving average band) *   Precondition of opposite motion  * Micro trend filter  (downward trend).
There are two stages in the market that we call them "Narrow stage" and "Wide stage".  We can expect a big move (wide stage) when the price moves sideways within a low-price range followed with a low volatility. Knowing the exact trigger point is the key to success.  The symbols that it trades best are in the inputs and it should be run on GBPNZD H1. As everyone is well aware, market data can vary from broker to broker - ticks, spread and swap so make sure you select a RAW trading account for t
Dear Trader It is my pleasure to introduce to you my tool called the " Forex Sniper Indicator" . The major aim of this tool is to help serious traders and investors in all type of Financial Markets to catch price next movement right at the moment the price direction is about to change. This tool can be used to snipe the price direction in both down trend, uptrend and ranging markets. This tool can be used as the stand alone tool though it may be combined with other tools as well. My goal is to h
Rich Dad Scalper EA
Biswarup Banerjee
Description Rich dad is scalping bot which works based on multiple trend following indicators settings which is used by many professional traders. It works on the principle of trade accumulation and profit banking system.Once Ea gets the singal for buy and sells it keep on accumulating them bases on some risk calculation. Once the stoploss or profit hits based on risk calculation it will bank profit or cut the losses. It uses the the martingale principle but it is upto the trade if he want to us
VaviStar is an indicator based on trend retracements determined by ZigZag segments. It is theorized, and statistics confirm, that stocks react to certain retracement levels. Many use Fibonacci retracement levels (23.6%, 38.2%, 61.8%). It is assumed that once the price goes beyond the 61.8% retracement, we can already speak of a trend reversal. This indicator allows you to comfortably chart a segment of the ZigZag with the relative operating levels chosen. With a reversal mindset , you can use it
MAD - Moving Average Distance The MAD Indicator uses ATR and the distance to a moving average to determine if price has the potential for mean reversion.  Works on all time frames and pairs. It will only check for the condition at the beginning of a new candle so it doesn't repaint.  A signal will include an arrow on the chart, alert popup and cell phone notification. Settings: ATR_Multiplier: Multiplier of ATR for the calculation. (Recommended: 5) MA_Period: Moving Average Period to use (EMA
Pattern 123
Pavel Verveyko
"Pattern 123" is an indicator-a trading system built on a popular pattern, pattern 123. This is the moment when we expect a reversal on the older trend and enter the continuation of the small trend, its 3rd impulse. The indicator displays signals and markings on an open chart. You can enable/disable graphical constructions in the settings. The indicator has a built-in notification system (email, mobile terminal, standard terminal alert). "Pattern 123" has a table that displays signals from
TradeMo is a 100% accurate signal indicator that responds only to price action.  So when the 8 linear moving average cross over the 10 linear moving average expect a buy signal and  when the 8 linear moving average cross under the 10 linear moving average expect sell signal.  That's it!   Watch me explain how I use it  here . The indicator adjust to all timeframes but I recommend using a higher timeframe like the 1 hour timeframe to maximize your pips.  I have an unique way of explaining why hig
SYSTEM INTRODUCTION:   The Binary Options Momentum System Is Specifically Designed For Binary Options Trading. Unlike Other Systems And Indicators That Were Adopted From Other Trading Environments For Binary Options. Little Wonder Why Many Of Such Systems Fail To Make Money . Many End Up Loosing Money For Their Users.  A Very Important Fact That Must Be Noted Is The Fact That Application Of Martingale Is not Required. Thus Making It Safer For Traders Usage And Profitability. A Trader Can Use Fi
SYSTEM INTRODUCTION:   The Binary Options Channels System Is Specifically Designed For Binary Options Trading. Unlike Other Systems And Indicators That Were Adopted From Other Trading Environments For Binary Options. Little Wonder Why Many Of Such Systems Fail To Make Money . Many End Up Loosing Money For Their Users.  A Very Important Fact That Must Be Noted Is The Fact That Application Of Martingale Is not Required. Thus Making It Safer For Traders Usage And Profitability. A Trader Can Use Fi
Move To Breakeven
Abdulfattah Yahya Mohammed Alhazmi
The main purpose of this expert advisor is to protect your hardly gained profits. Once the market goes in your favor, with amount of specified pips [configured via EA inputs], the EA will do the following: Move the Stop-loss of the profitable positions to Breakeven. Lock in some profits, i.e put the SL above/below your entry with specified pips  Will close part of position, % of lots, once the EA was triggered.  By default, the "Move to Breakeven EA" will modify all opened positions on the termi
ICT super deviation EA。 Is a grid expert consultant. Real Account ::   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1831199?source=Site+Profile+Seller https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1831197?source=Site+Profile+Seller https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1831206?source=Site+Profile+Seller Only 10 members: 9999 Original price: 30000 Next price: $12999 Supported currency pairs: "EURUSD, EURJPY, AUDCAD, EURGBP, GBPUSD, NZDCAD, GBPCHF, AUDCAD, USDCHF, EURCAD"; It has a unique grading strategy customized ba
Shows price reversal points with arrows. Works on all timeframes and all currency pairs. Suitable for both scalping and long-term trading. When the blue arrow appears, you need to open a buy order. When the red arrow appears, you need to open a sell order. Recommended timeframes M5, M15, H1, H4. The indicator shows the best results on GBPUSD, XAUUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCHF, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURCHF and other major pairs. This indicator is well suited for intraday scalping because it sho
Evil Dragon EA
Evgenii Filippov
The multi-currency Expert Advisor is suitable for most pairs. For safe trading, the account must have at least $ 50 on a cent account or at least $ 5000 on a classic account .Recommended broker for a classic account www.icmarkets.com or Alpari for a cent account.The Expert Advisor should be installed only on a1- hour timeframe ( H1 ). Parameters:   Distance - the minimum distance between orders (if the first order is unprofitable).   LotStart - the initial lot.  Minimum distance between
TIO EuroScalper -  эксперт был разработан так, чтобы быть максимально приближенным к ручной торговле. Это внутридневной скальпер, он не держит открытым позицию более 23 часов. Сигнал Основной стратегией является свинг-трейдинг, использующий поддержки и сопротивления для открытия позиций. Инновационность этой системы заключается в том, что она включает в себя виртуальные позиции. Советник рассчитывает в среднем, сколько S/R пересечет пара во время тренда. Благодаря этому расчету, советник
Denis Bobnikhov
Very easy to use advisor with a minimum number of settings. Revival is a fully automated robot that uses a unique combination of grid strategy and martingale. Trades are opened according to the author's algorithm using the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator. Recommended for use on cent accounts with brokers with a permitted lot of 1000 or more (eg RoboForex my.roboforex.com/en/?a=ldky). Monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1728523   Requirements Trading pairs - Any Timeframe - M1
Bolly Boom Rider
Segundo Calvo Munoz
Taking as baseline  Bolly-Boom Bands Indicator , here is a new Expert Advisor taking advantage of a "Rider" which goes faster than BBB, which is enough to keep it into the race.  It is     recommended  to use 1:500 or above to mitigate typical margin default risks. Works in any timeframe and it has been just tested in FX so for another assets pay attention on Max spread and Lot limits. Remind it uses a Martingale Grid when required.  ...And remind to give to BBR some like stars, share your revie
Easy Point Auto
Sergey Rozhnov
This EA as an algorithm engine has successful strategy on the EURUSD M15 pair, which has passed 5 years of real-time testing:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/409854  . This strategy is suitable for flat pairs that do not trend for a long time and have amplitude fluctuations. To support trend pairs, the EA has a built-in TrendStrategy parameter that switches the algorithm to a trend mode. The strategy is supplemented with parameters regulating profit, step and limits (ProfitModifier, StepModifie

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