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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 134

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
Diamonds Min5   - DM5-   DM5    is an indicator that suggests entering levels (sell or buy) ,it always follow the trends using parabolic sar ,  working on is so easy, you need just to attach it to the chart and all the magic will show , this indicator does n ot repeat itself or redraw signals . After months of testing, it provides a very good result       it works on all pairs with no excaption 
99 USD
Midnight Shark
Nauris Zukas
3 (2)
Copy of the algorithm of the most popular midnight time scalper EA in the Market. Read more . An advanced scalping system that exploits unique price movement between 21.00 and 23.00 GMT time. 0(20) copies at 30.00$ Account monitoring: Live Performance Advantages. Much cheaper than similar alternatives; Operate on mini accounts even 1 USD; Account monitoring; Auto GMT detection; Ready to use. User Manual. For suggestions, which Market robots you would like to copy, please write me a
99 USD
Fractals channel
Mikhail Nazarenko
Trend indicator with a unique algorithm for detecting trend reversals. It uses Price Action and its own filtering algorithm to determine the trend. The algorithm is based on a price channel based on chart fractals. This approach helps to accurately determine the entry points and the current trend on any timeframe. Recognize a new emerging trend with fewer false positives without delay. Peculiarities The advantage of the indicator is that its period is dynamic. Since it is tied not to the number
34 USD
Unique statistical advisor. Timeframe D1 ️Works on 16 different forex pairs: AUDJPY / AUDUSD / AUDCAD / AUDCHF / AUDNZD / CADCHF / CADJPY / CHFJPY / EURAUD / EURCAD / EURCHF / EURGBP / EURJPY / EURNZD / EURUSD / GBPAUD / GBPCAD / GBPCHF / GBPJPY / GBPNZD / GBPUSD / NZDCAD / NZDCHF / NZDJPY / NZDUSD / GOLD / SILVER / USDCAD / USDCHF / USDJPY   Settings configured for AUDUSD Live trading Recommended deposit = $200 per currency pair. Load my   SET files  for symbol you want to tes
149 USD
Autofibo Pro
Thapelo Maqalika
Autofibo Pro is a mt4 (MetaTrader 4) indicator and it can be used with any forex trading systems / strategies for additional confirmation of trading entries or exits. Simply attach Indicator to chart, the Fibonacci retracement levels will automatically be drawn on the chart. The Indicator works with all MT4 Platforms.  MT5 version of this Indicator coming soon. Colors are customizable to match template theme. Check other products   HERE
99 USD
超級剝頭皮系統 (Super Golden System)  短線交易的系統 超快速進出場獲取利潤 系統自帶提示功能 自動分析出場位置 系統介紹: 由Jasonforex團隊編寫的價格判斷系統 , 分析當前週期趨勢方向,並結合Parabolic SAR 中短期指標技術,確認明確的反轉位置 , 及推薦出場位置 , 形成高勝率的短線交易模式 ,超級 剝頭皮系統在符合進場條件時,會在MT4上即時通知提示,提醒最佳的短線交易機會。 進出場設定位置: 買單(BUY) TP(止盈價位): 箭頭或提示訊息出現,當前價位 + GoldenK-TP * 自定義倍數 SL(止損價位):  當前價位 - GoldenK-TP * 自定義倍數 賣單(SELL) TP(止盈價位): 箭頭或提示訊息出現,當前價位 - GoldenK-TP * 自定義倍數 SL(止損價位):  當前價位 + GoldenK-TP * 自定義倍數 參數設定: 1. ShowArrows: 買單及賣單箭頭訊號提示 2. alertsOn: 所有通知訊
30 USD
MT5 Version Williams Vix Fix MT4 Need help trying to time the bottoms in the market? Williams Vix Fix MT4 is based on the volatility of the market and grants a huge support for finding out when a correction is comming to its end. TRY IT FOR FREE NOW! Williams Vix Fix MT4 derivates from Larry Williams's VixFix indicator addapted for fitting   every asset class . VIX reprensents the fear and greed in the market based on its volatility. A high VIX value shows fear in the market, this is usually a
129 USD
PSAR Trend Trading
Christopher Manalang
it is a fully automated trend trading system, which is especially effective in trading on GBPUSD and EURUSD currency pairs. The system uses parabolic SAR to identify buy or sell signal. This system has a built-in StopLoss and TakeProfit. The Expert Advisor does not need complicated setup and is ready to be used on GBPUSD and EURUSD with LotSize percentage override. Requirements for stable operation   : the maximum spread is 3 pips TakeProfit is 5 pips StopLoss is 5 pips LotSize % override is 3
200 USD
Super Signals Channel
Tshivhidzo Moss Mbedzi
Super Signals Channel Indicator Its channel is a non-repaint indicator that reacts more with recent price movements. For this reason, the Super Signals Channel Indicator is a better match for short-term or day trading strategy. The Super Signals Channel only plots swing trading opportunities. So most of its trade signals appear during consolidation or sidelined periods of the market. Super Signals Channel Indicator for MT4 Explanation The green band below the price shows the dynamic support
45 USD
Qv2 Stdev
Joao Marcilio
Qv² Stdev is indicator developed based on standard deviation of prices and trading volume. Buy signals are indicated by arrows up. Sell signals are indicated by arrows down. An important detail is that the Qv² Volume has two bands, an upper and a lower, both of which serve as a target for take profit. It is recommended to use it in H1 Can be used in all pairs (I use in Gold). Good Business, in the trending market To find out some more about my work please click here
38 USD
Hector EURUSD m15
Raphael Schwietering
Hector is a fully automated EA designed to trade EURUSD in M15 only. It is based on machine learning cluster analysis and genetic algorithms. EA contains self-adaptive market algorithm, which uses price action patterns and standard trading indicators.  Entry and exit logic operates on Bar Close only. This filters market noise, dramatically speeds up optimizations, avoids stop loss hunting, and ensures proper operation at any broker with a reasonable spread. The EA uses an advanced algorithm to f
499 USD
SL TP Values
Thapelo Maqalika
SL&TP Values Indicator MT4 This simple tool marks the numerical values of your Stop Loss & Take Profit and adds these numbers to the trade lines in the chart. The indicator adds Stop Loss & Take Profit Values on the MT4 chart. Simply attach Indicator to chart, once take profit & stop values are set the indicator will display the amounts in $ on the chart. The Indicator works with all MT4 Platforms.  MT5 version of this Indicator coming soon. Colors are customizable to match template th
55 USD
A fully automated Expert Advisor using a set of trading algorithms. Designed for trading major currency pairs, it has protection against failures - when reconnecting, the adviser will continue to work with its orders. The robot controls the volume of trading positions, slippage, spread, maintains and protects open orders, can work with deposits of any size. The adviser uses a number of unique authoring developments that have been successfully tested on real trading accounts. The EA can be used
689 USD
Price Action Pro EA
Arief Sukartono
3 (1)
This EA works based on price movements within a certain time period. While the filtering uses an Algorithm calculation in every tick.The EA follow short trend simultaneuosly. It's a very fast scalper that is very active with trade, it's special designed for trading XAUUSD. Join Our MQL5 Group where we share new set files. When you buy my robot, you are welcome to join our private group where we discuss and share new set files among member. Contact me to get the private link. Recommendation: Tim
525 USD
Universal MT4
Vladimir Gribachev
If you are constantly looking for a new trading robot and want to buy a Forex advisor once and for a long time, then this trading robot is just for you. It can meet the requirements of most traders, both beginners and professionals. I have many years of experience in developing trading robots both for myself and on order, and I understand what I'm talking about. You can find information about me in my profile. Write to me after purchase if you want to receive a gift! The main advantages o
95 USD
GBPJPY Master   The Expert Advisor tool has been developed for GBPJPY 1H based on BollingerBands indicator, SMA and pending orders. It has been backtested on more than 18-year long tick data with 99% quality of modeling. The enclosed screenshots demonstrate the complexity and coverage of the test by Monte Carlo analysis with 200 simulation. A broker with a small spread and slippage is recommended for better performance. There is no need to set up any parameters, except Magic number and Friday ex
30 USD
重力拋物線系統 (Mostafa System) 輕鬆判別趨勢走向   提示完美進場點位   交易輔助清單   順勢交易系統 系統介紹: 重力拋物線系統,使用多項式非參數回歸方法計算拋物線重心及趨勢方向,而價格有非常高的機率會按照拋物線的趨勢方向前進,在依個上升趨勢拋物線中,綠線將會是我們第一個進場點,橘線會是第二個進場點,止損位置僅需要放置在橘線下方。此系統可大幅增加趨勢交易的勝率,交易者可清楚分辨當前交易方向,以及系統建議的進場位置。 影片教學: UncleForex 外匯大叔 ( https://youtu.be/G4Xahx2Mivg ) 今天大叔跟大家分享一套由歐洲的分析師,同時也是交易冠軍的 Mostafa Belkhayate 大師所創建的重力拋物線系統策略。 在交易的道路上我們時常聽到"順勢而為" ,按著趨勢方向去交易,然而大部分的交易者很難了解當下的盤面,到底是上升趨勢還是下降趨勢呢? 而重力拋物線系統,卻可以一眼輕鬆辨別趨勢?! 且還能找到最佳的進出場點位!趕緊觀看影片了解吧 ~
30 USD
Pulse Scalper MT4
Andrey Vasilenko
Pulse Scalper EA works on the EURCHF currency pair.   Working timeframe M1. The strategy is based on searching for and playing back strong price impulses in the opposite direction. Does not use tick history, uses only closed bars, so you can test using open prices. The Expert Advisor does not use dangerous trading methods that can destroy the deposit: grids, martingale, locking, sitting out without stops. Stops are fixed; in addition, a hidden algorithm is used to track positions, which closes
490 USD
Waddah Attar Dashboard  Simple App show you the most important information about your account , trades and history . Risk , Quality and Performance are the most important numbers you must watch them carefully . also the important thing you must do is Focus on the RED Color on the board . you can control the font name , font size , width , height and padding properties . the information is auto arranged on the chart . don't worry about it . Thanks . recommended product for position risk man
30 USD
Insider 8PRO
Indra Lukmana
Feb 14 2022 will be the last limit to purchase this EA for 1689 $, normal price will be 4500 $ Insider 8PRO is fully automatic trend following system, its basically designed for any pair, however you may follow our suggestion by running this bot on XAUUSD or Gold. the system uses the main trend following of the Forex market in trading, and spot the best moment to place an order. Timeframes: M30 Pair suggestion: XAUUSD (Gold) Recomended balance: $1000 Minimum balance: $500 After purchasing t
1 689 USD
It is a simple fully customizable trading panel. It allows you to perform the simple trading operations on a trading pair / symbol, on the chart where it was placed: Buy, Sell, Close trades. The parameters are set in the panel: Lot size, Stop loss in points, Take profit in points. Thus, the panel allows you to open / close positions as quickly as possible with preset parameters. The panel is fully customizable and can be multilingual. When the panel is resized, all elements are resized automatic
40 USD
Maryna Shulzhenko
The advantage of working with the Brian signal indicator is that the trader does not need to conduct technical analysis of the chart on his own. The tool generates ready-made signals in the form of directional arrows. This tool is an arrow (signal) one and works without redrawing. Its signals are based on a robust algorithm. When used simultaneously on multiple timeframes, this indicator will truly "make the trend your friend". With it, you can follow trends on multiple timeframes in real tim
159 USD
The Context Aviation indicator analyzes the price behavior and if there is a temporary weakness in the trend, you can notice this from the indicator readings, as in the case of a pronounced change in the trend direction. It is not difficult to enter the market, but it is much more difficult to stay in it. The Context Aviation indicator makes it much easier to stay in trend! This indicator allows you to analyze historical data and, based on them, display instructions for the trader for further a
149 USD
Inductive Analysis
Tatiana Savkevych
Professional processing of the classic indicator. The bot implements the classic trading strategy based on the Stochastic indicator. The signal from the stochastic exit from the overbought / oversold zones, the levels of these zones will be the levels with the LevelMax and LevelMin values. We buy when the oscillator (PeriodK or PeriodD) first drops below a certain level (LevelMin) and then rises above it. Sell ​​when the oscillator first rises above a certain level (LevelMax), and then drops be
139 USD
Ivan Simonika
Here is a sensitive indicator for Dublgis professionals. It is built on completely new algorithms and is more efficient, on any timeframes, since it filters random price movements. Finds and visually displays price reversal points. This tool can be used as confirmation when making a deal, as well as to determine the direction of the trend and its strength. The indicator was developed as a complement to a number of our other trading tools.
130 USD
Tatiana Savkevych
Bella is one of the most popular indicators that allows you to timely identify a trend reversal, get an early entry point and pinpoint the place of profit taking. The Bella indicator implements the main idea of ​​the trader and generates a point of entry into the market in the direction of the trend. Bella is used when there are additional indicators. To filter such signals, you can use the same indicator on older timeframes. Thus, the work with the indicator is improved, while maintaining it
79 USD
Tatiana Savkevych
A trend indicator is a hybrid of several indicators that process data sequentially with signaling a trend change. Advanced net price action calculation to find LH and HL breakouts. Finishing the indicator data will give you excellent pivot points in the market. LH and HL signals can also be used for breakouts of the training. The indicator has proven itself well in a strategy based on impulse levels and false breakouts. When a breakout occurs, it indicates a strong reversal. A good filter for mo
129 USD
Algo Usual mt4
Vitalii Zakharuk
A professional bot that implements a trading strategy based on RSI, Envelopes and Stochastic indicators. The analysis is carried out according to the levels of price intersection with the Envelopes lines, on the breakdown of the lines, if an upward breakdown then this is a buy signal, if a downward breakdown of any line is a sell signal. Another part of the analysis is based on the levels of price intersection with the Stochastic lines, on the breakdown of the lines, if an upward breakdown then
120 USD
This is a homeopathic grid trading system, which is mainly suitable for volatile market conditions. The way to open an order is to first determine the trend through the resonance of the 4H, 24H, and 1W time periods of "ADMI", and then use the Stochastic indicator to find the entry point. The grid interval is determined by the profit points of the order. When the loss/profit points of the order reach the grid profit you set, the position will be opened. If there is any reverse change in the tren
39 USD
Lovina Chidubem Odo
ForexNinja  is a professional automatic trading system designed and optimized for the MT4 platform and the    GBPUSD, UsdCad,NzdUsd, XauUsd,GbpJpy,GbpNzd,UsdJpy   currency pairs. This system works independently on your terminal, you can run it on your computer or on a VPS because the computer must be turned on while the robot is running. The robot analyzes the market 24 hours a day, thanks to which it is more effective than a human. Updates and optimizations are made on an ongoing basis and wil
12 000 USD
迈达克论坛交易记录复盘工具。 运行平台:MT4 迈达克论坛有很多优质的信号,如果你需要研究学习这些优质信号的交易轨迹,可以用这个工具进行复盘。 适用方法: 1、选择优质信号 2、选择“交易历史记录” 3、交易历史记录标签页右下角选择 导出至CSV历史,导出历史记录 4、将导出导出的CSV历史记录文件存放到MT4安装目录下的 \ MQL4\Files文件夹中。 5、运行程序,在参数表中输入历史文件名称,并点击确定。 6、软件自动在所选图表中绘出涉及到当前交易品种的交易痕迹。 说明: MT4,MT5信号均可在MT4上进行交易痕迹绘制。 多单蓝色显示,空单红色显示。止损红色表示,止盈蓝色表示。 在具体使用中有任何问题,可以联系我的微信gaoqing001
50 USD
JobStoch mt4
Vitalii Zakharuk
A professional bot that implements a trading strategy based on RSI and Envelopes indicators. The analysis is carried out by the levels of price intersection with the Envelopes lines, for a breakdown of any of the lines, if an upward breakdown then this is a buy signal, if a downward breakdown of any line is a sell signal. In this case, a breakdown of one of the RSI levels is also required. An upward breakdown of any level is a buy signal, and a downward breakdown of any level is a sell signal.
120 USD
Possible Price reversals levels - based on  Fibonacci + Support +  Resistance Levels Auto levels drawn based on input index (Bars Count )  ---->>> Price Over 50% Fibo line ---> UP TREND ---> BUY when price drop near Support Lines  ---->>> Price Down 50% Fibo line ---> DOWN TREND ---> SELL when price goes up  near Resistance Lines  --->>> The more close price levels ----> the more possibility for price reversals --->>> are you a scalper --> try it on M1 charts with big index like 5000 bars  or
120 USD
Smart Squid EA
Abdallah Moustafa Hamdy Ahm Abdelrazek
We sell products only on MQL market , if you have seen somewhere to resell with cheaper price , it must be a    faked version   and 100% sure the performance is not real   . Also will not be supported by us . I am appreciated to join our game and do not risk a cent on   faked version   .  Boosting performance   is allowed , Please contact me after purchase about how to get free version of indicator and daily analysis . Upgraded 4.0 to all pairs also good to use . if you want to improve your   m
40 USD
Orion II
Emanuele Vazzoler
Orion II   is a multi-strategy Expert Advisor: 20 different strategies has been embedded into a single Advisor with a logic able to select the best algorithm for each market phase! Multi-strategy allows to achieve a smooth equity line keeping at the same time the risks at an acceptable level. Money Management can be based on fixed lot size or on a variable lot size. The lot size is determined according the a maximum risk % based on available Balance. The EA is set to use variable lot size with t
99 USD
Forex indicator " iron condor strategy " allows you to apply a very well-known strategy of options in the forex market. With the help of this indicator, you will know when to open a buy deal and when to open a sell deal. The "iron condor strategy" indicator shows you this information using the arrows on the chart. This will allow you to get information in which direction you need to open a deal by looking at the indicator signals in 5 seconds. Instead of analyzing the chart for an hour, now you
47 USD
New, more accurate version of the Xmaster indicator. More than 200 traders from around the world have conducted more than 15,000 tests of different combinations of this indicator on their PCs in order to get the most effective and accurate formula. And here we present to you the "Xmaster formula indicator forex no repaint" indicator, which shows accurate signals and does not repaint. This indicator also sends signals to the trader by email and push. With the arrival of each new tick, it constan
58 USD
BotMFI mt4
Andriy Sydoruk
Expert system   BotMFI . The most important characteristics for an expert are the ability to predict, that is, potential profit in the future, and not in the optimization period. To do this, you can simply check the Expert Advisor, cycle it through history in two stages. The first stage is optimization and sampling (according to one invariable rule). The second stage is the sweep. Thus, you can cycle through several times and draw conclusions. In this case, for optimization, an interval of on
127 USD
Waddah Attar Easy Positions Risk Management This EA gives you a full ability to close one position or close all positions . Close buy or sell trades in any position . Close profit or loss position . by clicking on a command button on the chart with confirmation message . Show you  a full information about your positions like : count - lots - average price - points - profit -  profit % - used margin for this position and the risk percent . and also the scrolled table of trades that position ha
30 USD
LIVE SIGNAL - CLICK HERE JOIN our MQL5.com Chats Group -   Click Here Take Notice:  $50 to $80 Loss is nothing with this EA. You may see a losing day and  then come back the next day or 2 and see the following day has not only recovered but has gone way up in profit. This is how this EA was designed. Pay close attention to the Detailed back test report below to get a feel on how this EA trades. Some Symbols will follow the trend and other symbols will counter the trend. You will often h
99 USD
Godzilla Scalper
Constantin Eduard Stefan
The expert is a combination of two strategies , working hand in hand , one complementing the other. The default settings are optimized for the   EurUsd pair M5 Timeframe   and the expert can be easily optimized using just "Open Price" mode because the opening and closing of trades take place only on new candle open (can be modified by setting "Trade On New Candle" parameter to "false" ). Lot zise can be fixed (manual) or auto , calculated by the size of the account balance . If auto -lot size is
95 USD
This is a custom RSI of MA indicator consisting of 8 indices: AUDindex, NZDindex, CADindex, EURindex, CHFindex, GBPindex, USDindex and JPYindex. It can run on Forex brokers' servers having 28 currency pairs. No repaint. How to Use When one of the 8 indices turns upwards, sell the strongest pair. When one of the 8 indices turns downwards, buy the lowest pair. + For newbies: Best trading has been detected on H1 chart in Euro session and US session to avoid sideways market Or use timeframe M5/M
200 USD
The Expert Advisor adheres to entry points according to my author's SPIDER trading system, which is based on finding the best entry point to a trade when a trend movement is emerging. To search for a trend, my author's indicator is used, plus there is a cartoon trend indicator that determines the trend from a higher timeframe. Further, the ADVISER types a grid of orders if the price goes against the general signal, but at the same time, it opens new deals if there is a new signal of the oppos
1 500 USD
Sarangani Venom
Sherwin Dennis Tava Ruiz
sarangani venom is 100% profitable, easy to use indicator, a chart without indicator is stressful and will lead you to many losses, this indicator is pleasing to the eye that will gives you more confident to trade when there is signal, your computer will gives sound and the spider will animate, it can be used to all time frame and to all currency, you have many options, when the candlestick touches to upper line it is buy, when it touches to lower line it is sell, when the rope is pull to buy ar
200 USD
Hans Alexander Nolawon Djurberg
It's a smart Investing.com utility signal analyzer on MT4 chart during 28 pairs ,It uses all technical and candlestick patterns for each pairs to analyze the final trend ,You can use it as base entry signal for each pairs, It's easy to use ,You must add the address ' https://www.investing.com/ ' in the list of allowed URL tab 'Advisors' , Added GlobalVariables for each pairs as buffer simulation to get data from any ExpertAdvasor for trading. Setup So to work with the server, you must add the U
40 USD
Salavat Yulamanov
Input by combination of indicators.RSI Furtfer, at a given step an increase in volume with a soft coefficient of addition Time frame: M5  EURUSD   Set files in discussion.   StartingLots                    0.01;   Multiplier                       1.19;   TakeProfit                      120;   Stoploss                         7000;   PipStep                          78;   MaxTrades                     150;   AutoCompound              true;   PercentToRisk                0.
30 USD
Trend following pending orders  detect a group of orders opened by chart buttons and automatically follows market price. Once your STOP or LIMIT orders are activated  Trend following pending orders  immediately adds STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFITS . Optionally you can add rule for closing all market orders when sum or price will reach your profit or loss. You can also enable trailing stop loss and traling take profit to market orders. It is a very handy tool in cases where you want to catch the per
89 USD
Qv2 MA
Joao Marcilio
QV2 MA is an indicator that displays the results of two smoothed moving averages applied to Candles. Item 01 - Buy signal: Candle show color Aqua when the 4-period smoothed moving average is expanding and above the 24-period smoothed moving average. Item 02 - Sell Signal: Candle show color HotPink color when a 4-period smoothed moving average is expanding and below the 24-period smoothed moving average. Item 03 - The gray candle is an undefined region. When the candle is gray, there are two re
38 USD
Coral Trade Planner
D Armond Lee Speers
Coral Trade Planner is a 3-in-1 tool for making smart trades.   The Lot Size Calculator lets you determine the appropriate lot size based on risk, and see the impact on your risk as you change the stop loss distance and/or lot size.   The Trade Planner is an innovative tool for visualizing your planned trades on the chart, and gives you immediate feedback on the value of the trade (both the risk of hitting your stop loss and the reward of hitting your take profit).  Both Market and Pending order
50 USD
FLEX REVERSE PRO - GBPUSD Good evening everyone, I'm Tiziano and after over 2 years of modifications and backtesting today I present the definitive EA for GBPUSD which, as per the attached screenshots over the last 15 years, had a net profit of 13 million starting from a capital of 1000! In fact, already in 2009 it had reached a balance of € 800,000 but due to the broker's block at 100 pips per operation, it is not possible to carry out operations with greater lottery, if it had been possib
375 USD
Fx trading
Andrey Kozak
If you went to the site from your phone or tablet, you will not see the FREE DOWNLOAD button. In order for this button to appear and you can download the demo version for the test, you need to go to this page from your PC. As soon as you enter the page from your PC, you can download the demo version of the robot and test it. Fx trading is a professional trading bot (Ea) for trading most currency pairs, as well as trading gold and silver. The robot trades on the technical indicator Sar. Each t
980 USD
Limited offer $149! TREND IS MY FRIEND! It is trend system, which is based on trend indicators. Works very well on bitcoin and ethereum, but It is a robust system that will most likely work on other cryptocurrencies. Very friendly system for accounts with small capital. Only one trade is always open! Signals are reversed, if signal BUY, so it will be closed SHORT position and opened LONG position. The system does not need large capital and is low risk. MT5 Version here:  https://www.mql5.com/
149 USD
Olena Skrynnik
Hello, everyone! I want to present after a long time Biscuit - my new EA. This product is based on the same algorithm but with adding deepest training. Biscuit - a new , modern and progressive EA. The advantage of this EA- in deep training strategy, which allows EA to adapt to the changing market because of neuronet. You can use this EA with the next currency pairs:  AUDUSD, AUDCAD, AUDCHF, AUDJPY . It also has grider parameter. EA contains following input parameters: Lots  - lot size; Percent 
199 USD
This is a real trend tracking trading system, it can let you not miss major trends! It opens positions through the moving average system, and automatically calculates the position size unit through ATR and your balance. The purpose is to make one time ATR equal to 1% of the account’s equity. Move 0.5ATR along the way to add a layer of positions. If the market moves backwards after opening a position, the loss will be stopped (the maximum loss for a single transaction is 1% by default). You ca
99 USD
Fibonacci Breakout
Agus Putu Gede Wira Adnyana
3 (1)
Fibonacci Breakout is a trading strategy using the Fibonacci retracement. This technique is actually a technique to allow us to enter the beginning of the trend. Its very easy to understand even for beginner. The strategy is that you just have to wait for the automatic custom fibonacci appear then manually place your pending order, stop loss and take profit at the level of Fibonacci. The position will be opened when the price make a successful retest. Fibonacci Breakout Suitable for Forex, Crypt
30 USD
The scalping system is created according to a private strategy used by trading banks, standard banks, hedge funds and other large trading companies. Our bank strategy allow you to quickly increase your account balance without risky systems.  We have developed a special algorithm and put it on our scalper so that clients trade as large players only on a small balance. Scapler has special algorithms that will place invisible stops and take profit with ticks calculation. Test our Expert Advisor on
130 USD
The Assistant pro
Brian Scott Ii Reid
This Trading bot will always get updated, that is why the monthly fee is placed. *I Will be adding more Features and Videos from customers' feedback on how they would like to improve on this.  This is based on the Martingale Custom Strategy but could be used as an Indicator for your Entry Point to have a HIGHER SUCCESS of a CALCULATED OUTCOME.  * DO NOT TRADE AGAINST MATHEMATICS* I have YOUTUBE Videos that will show you how each step works. Look at Part1-Part5 VIDEOS to see how this ea. FOR NO
1 000 USD
Qv2 Trend
Joao Marcilio
The Qv² Trend is an indicator that aims to identify trends. Buying trend signals are indicated by arrows pointing up. Selling trend signals are indicated by arrows pointing down. It can be used in all deadlines. It can be used in all pairs. I use it on the H1 with a period of 24. Important note: I recommend using it in markets that naturally show trends. For in range markets I present my other indicator on this link OBOS  
38 USD
Based on supertrend indicator  ,  get alert based on trend change of very popular SUPERTREND indicator..  Supertrend indicator can be used for both trend change setups or inline trend confirmation can be seen as trend continuation. providing as better entries and exits.  or you can use supertrend indicator also as dynamic support and resistance zone.  When applied to chart Dashboard will scan and show current position of price with respect to supertrend indicator , and you will be able to
35 USD
Great Bird
Ferri Shallahuddin
Great Bird expert advisor using a scalping system with low DD. has StopLoss   and TakeProfit features automatically set by the algorithm. you can also set StopLoss and TakeProfit manually. The Expert Advisor does not need complicated setup and  is ready to be used for all currencies Use Timeframe M5 account ECN recommendation Minimum account balance $ 100 (for one pair) The Expert Advisor does not use: Grid Averaging Martingale Doubling
500 USD
The   EA   uses the main strategies for   trading at night . The artificial intelligence that the adviser possesses is   a neural network   that remembers most of the market formations and technical analysis figures recently, and the robot also corrects inputs taking into account the stored data. The EA is equipped with a neural network with the ability to learn, several different strategies are integrated into the script, which are applied depending on market conditions. The   EA   requires a m
190 USD
简介 本产品是 一款可以根据设定参数执行清理,删除,平仓订单的工具软件 。 输入参数启动该软件,系统会按着参数的要求,在满足条件的前提下,自动执行平仓操作 。 模拟测试版本下载  https://www.mql5.com/zh/blogs/post/747400 如何设置 Clear Order For Time(on-off),是否开启 设置时间清理订单功能 Clear Order After Time, 设置清理订单的 时间 Clear Order Type After Time, 设置该时间之后清理订单的类型 Clear Order Magic After Time,设置该时间之后清理订单的魔术编号 Clear Order Symbol After Time,选择根据时间清理订单的货币对 Clear Order For Price(on-off),是否开启 设置突破价格清理订单功能 Clear Order After Cross Price,   设置清理订单的 突破价格 Clear Order Type For Price,   设置突破价格之后清理订单的类型 Clear
30 USD
Orion 1
Emanuele Vazzoler
Orion I is a multi-strategy Expert Advisor: 13 different strategies has been embedded into a single Advisor with a logic able to select the best algorithm for each market phase! Multi-strategy allows to achieve a smooth equity line keeping at the same time the risks at an acceptable level. Money Management is based on fixed lot size OR fixed risk (i.e. maximum risk per trade expressed as % of available balance).  This EA has been developed for EURUSD with 1H time interval. Can be used on other
99 USD
Rhino NW
Sergei Shishaev
Нестандартный индикатор определения текущего тренда. Альтернативный подход к определению текущей рыночной тенденции. В основе лежит уникальный алгоритм. Не используются   скользящие средние , осцилляторы , супер-тренды и прочие стандартные индикаторы. Для таймфреймов:   от M15 до D1 . Для стилей торговли:  интрадэй, свинг, долгосрок . Может стать готовой торговой стратегией совместно с любым канальным индикатором. Например таким, как индикатор   "Snake" . Внимание! Это индикатор, а не советни
30 USD
Snake NW
Sergei Shishaev
5 (1)
Канальный индикатор "Snake" . Отлично показывает точки входа и выхода. Не перерисовывает! Хорошо подойдет для стратегий с сетками (усреднения), стратегий с пирамидами (стратегий добора), обычной торговли по тренду, торговли на коррекции. Для любых типов инструментов:   валюты, нефть, металлы, криптовалюты. Для любых таймфреймов:   от M1 до D1 . Для любых стилей торговли:   скальпинг, интрадэй, свинг, долгосрок . Используйте в сочетании с трендовым индикатором, чтобы исключить риски вх
119 USD
Vladimir Pokora
This is a fully automatic forex robot optimized for EURUSD M30. It can trade on both sides at the same time. It uses a dynamic grid and a sophisticated martingale system. It has separate money management for first trade and for martingale trades. This system is not slip sensitive and will work well for all brokers. Settings Start and end of trading Trading TimeFrame Use RSI filter RSI settings ::::::: Money management Lots – starting lot Autolot balance – automatic calculation of the initial lo
190 USD
This Expert Advisor is able to independently adjust to a volatile market. It determines the best parameters for trading by counting over a certain history which candles, levels and indicator readings are most suitable for opening a position. This makes it possible to optimize parameters manually less often and, probably, to trade for longer without losses despite the market changes. However, not all parameters are automatically optimized, it is necessary to set deviations of indicators from the
39 USD
AND Spot trending
Sebastien Georgtes Caudron
Here is a very quick indicator to see a at glance the trend with a good probability of either buying or selling I made it with colored bars, so it is easier to see Blue bars : Look for buys Red bars :  Look for sells Options : -Fast period -Slow period You can switch the periods, from 2 to unlimited. The higher the period, the trend will be less sensitive, that's why i set it up to 2/3 for daily trading Anything ? hit me with a DM Cheers
49 USD
Dennis Oliver Bocker Gomez
BockerBars is a professional trading tool . It is a simple and highly effective indicator, delivering clear entry and exit signals. It visualizes as a bicolour histogram, in a separate window, below our chart. A reading above zero, a positive value, paints a green bar. A reading below, a red one. HOW IT WORKS: OPENING A TRADE. Check if Bocker Bars shows a positive or a negative reading on candle closing (5min, 1H, 4H...). With a positive reading, only long (buy) positions should be entere
30 USD
Crypto Index
Moussa Diarra
This is trading bot I put together after attending traders with more few decades of trading. I am a Software Architect, and I "fell in love" in trading after attending uncountable number of trainings, webinars about trading. The only negative side I did not like about trading was looking the charts hoping to spot opportunities to trade. Therefore, I started automating trading strategies I have learned during those trainings and webinars. This EA is result of those trainings/webinars and months s
120 USD

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