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Expert Advisors and Indicators for MetaTrader 4 - 133

icon Trading robots perform market transactions automatically, while indicators allow you to better analyze quotes and predict the price behavior. With these applications, you will be able to perform deals in MetaTrader 4 in a more informed manner, while capturing more opportunities.
This EA trades a narrow range at night. At the top and bottom of the range, the EA will try to generate trades in the opposite direction. To open suitable trades, the Expert Advisor uses several indicators and analyzes several timeframes. In order to maintain the quality of the EA, we may choose to stop selling new licenses at any time. Current price $50 , finally price will be $499. By prioritising quality over quantity, we are able to ensure that the product remains a reliable and effec
The Binary & Forex Pips Sniper MT4 indicator is based on technical analysis of two moving average and the slope of the slow moving average. The moving average helps to level the price data over a specified period by creating a constantly updated average price. Upward momentum is confirmed with a bullish crossover "Arrow UP", which occurs when a short-term moving average crosses above a longer-term moving average. Conversely, downward momentum is confirmed with a bearish crossover "Arrow Down", w
Copy Trade EA(Expert Advisor)是一种自动交易软件,可以帮助投资者自动复制其他交易者的交易策略和操作,从而获得类似于其它交易者的交易结果。该软件基于MetaTrader平台,具有易于使用、高效、灵活和自适应的特点,为投资者提供了自动化交易的一站式解决方案。 该软件支持多种交易品种,包括外汇、商品、股票和指数。其主要功能包括: 复制交易:该软件可以在实时模式下复制其他交易者的交易操作,自动将交易操作应用到您的账户中。您可以根据其他交易者的历史表现选择要跟随的交易者,并设置复制比例和风险管理策略,以满足您的投资需求。 风险管理:该软件支持多种风险管理策略,如止损、追踪止损和限价订单,可以帮助投资者最大限度地降低风险和保护资金。此外,该软件还提供了实时的交易报告和交易统计信息,以便投资者对其交易行为进行分析和调整。 自定义设置:该软件支持用户自定义设置,包括复制比例、交易量、止损和追踪止损距离、交易时间和其他参数。这些自定义设置可以根据投资者的偏好和风险承受能力进行调整。 高效运行:该软件基于MetaTrader平台,具有高效、灵活和自适应的特
David Joseph Sidney Jonasson
NotSimple uses both Bollinger Bands and a profit target to Close trades. It opens trades from outside the Bollinger Bands from above to below and below to above . When a series of Buy Orders is closed at or above profit target and above the upper band a series of sell orders will begin to close below the lower band with the same profit target again. there are money management systems for both base lot and any martingale lot sizes. Enjoy!
This EA Trails your stops for both manually and auto-opened trades. This EA will work whether you have manually or automatically set stop loss or not. Trailing stop   is a more flexible variation of a normal exit order. T railing stop  is the practice of moving the stop-loss level closer to the current price when the price moves in your favor. Trailing the stop-loss allows traders to limit their losses and safeguard their positive trades. It is a very popular practice. This EA will manage your o
The 10 Year Conqueror
Leonardo Antonio Camacaro Armas
"The 10-Year Conqueror" is a highly sophisticated automated trading system that is based on a carefully designed combination of key indicators to give you a significant edge in the market. Let's take a closer look at the main features that make this EA an attractive option for enhancing your trades: Accurate divergence detection: This EA leverages divergences between price and key indicators to identify profitable opportunities. By carefully analyzing these imbalances, "The 10-year Conqueror" ca
David Joseph Sidney Jonasson
Squido loves going for the long term trades with a counter trend and trailing takeprofit strategy. The take profit is calculated based on a multiplier of the current ATR value. TakeProfit will slowly trail inching just a bit closer the longer the counter trend trend continues. Squido features a dynamic way of spacing grid orders also by use of the ATR, LotSizing with money management is also calculated based off the spacing value. keep the risk settings down low and you will have a much better c
Pinpoint Pro MT4
Habibu Asini Shabani
Pinpoint Pro Indicator is a multi-time frames indicator, which uses more than five built-in MT4&MT5 indicator to generate trading signals. This indicator can perform several functions, such as: Send signals notification to mobile phone Gives precise signal entry upon following signal checklist points Can be used in all market such as currency pairs, stock market, metals, commodity, synthetic pairs and cryptocurrency pairs  One built-in indicator can be used for signal verification before enterin
This EA analyses historical price datas to identify trend reversal . Through the systematic accumulation and analysis of vast amounts of market data, the algorithm identifies patterns, correlations and generates market trend forecasts. Using this information, the algorithm makes strategic moves at the right moment. In order to maintain the quality of the EA, we may choose to stop selling new licenses at any time. Current price $50 , finally price will be $499. By prioritising quality over
RumahForexID Momentum Scalping Indicator   is the best momentum indicator ever created, and why is that? The indicator works on all timeframes and assets, the indicator is made after 6 years of experience in forex. You know many momentum indicators on the internet are unhelpful, and difficult to trade, but RumahForexID Momentum Scalping Indicator is different , The indicator shows wave momentum, when the market is about to trend or consolidate, all that in one simple and clear indicator! Ruma
RawStrategy i
David Joseph Sidney Jonasson
RawStrategy-i is completely based off The Rsi overbought and oversold signal... with a twist. Sometimes the Rsi will say overbought multiple times before it said oversold and doesn't give the greatest signal when to buy or sell. This EA fixes that, if it says overbought or oversold multiple times before the opposite, it will place a slightly larger trade that stacks. Once the opposite signal shows it will close all open orders and then open trades in the reverse since the close signal is now our
BTC Action
Angel Torres
signals:  https://www.mql5.com/es/signals/1891968?source=Site +Signals+From+Author Cómo trabaja este experto: * Este especialista trabaja sobre la base de complejos cálculos de inteligencia artificial. Que ajustan internamente parámetros optimizándolos según los movimientos del mercado, adaptándose y rentabilizando, manteniendo el progreso. Cómo trabajar con este experto: * ejecutar este experto. * Permitir que el experto opere.   Configuración Optima   Simbolo: BTCUSD TimeFram
EA that pursues trends and optimal levels so it is highly effective, looking for returns of 50 to 1000% per year, depending on the risk profile, so we recommend trying the system, we recommend only operating it with NZDCHF with the established parameters but we will be updating monthly he .set to maintain accumulated returns. This EA is optimized for the brokers: EXNESS, if you operate with other brokers please send them beforehand to see if it is feasible and optimize the parameters and adapt i
Short Circut
Jason Edward Todt
Because this EA is so versatile, I use this mostly for testing purposes. Suitable for any time frame Suitable for any currency pair Can be used as either an indicator, or as a fully automated EA CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS: Uses two Moving Averages filtered with the Momentum Indicator to clear out false flags.  1. Main parameters 1.1 Two order comments for Long/Short orders 1.2 Two Unique magic numbers. For Long/Short 1.3 Maximum allowed spread 1.4 Maximum allowed slippage 1.5 All indicators used
It has 3 capabilities at once and can be adjusted according to needs. Full Auto, Semi-Auto, or Warning Signals only. You can choose it by setting the parameters provided. Built to help Traders work much easier than doing it manually. Sharpen the accuracy of market analysis performed by a Trader by only executing in certain price areas and adjustable signal parameters. Features Ability to manage trading management, including automatically determining stop loss/take profit, calculating lot size ba
Only Line mt4
Natasha Diedericks
Use this indicator to help determine when to open buys or sells based on the color of the line. Excellent for scalping. Settings: Deviation. TrendPeriod. Features Alerts. How to use: Simply attach to any chart with default settings. When used on lower timeframes (M1,M5,M30,H1), confirm on higher timeframes.  Buy:  Blue line below price. Best results when line is blue on multiple timeframes. Sell: Red line above price. Best results when line is red on multiple timeframes. Or change settin
David Joseph Sidney Jonasson
This EA was built with funding challenges in mind, it attempts to make a steady profit with minimal drawdown aiming for 10% growth over a month. Challonge has a really passive style but in certain market conditions it will trade more frequently . the key to this EA's potential is how it picks and chooses when to place a trade. there are four money management systems for you to try (select only one as true at a time). you also get 2 lot increase methods. please use backtest and demo to find the r
if you want to put your "SL" in a safe place you should see the place of "SL" before opening the Order with this indicator no need to measure your "SL" on the chart many times please watch the video of this indicator: you can change the style of this indicator: width, color, length, Time Frame, distance if you need more info & video message me if you wanna see the video you should send me message Telegram ID: @forex_ex4 i also have other experts and indicators that will greatly improve your
Hedge XS
David Joseph Sidney Jonasson
Hedge XS has no problem running on  a smaller account size, it hedges just about every order and attempts to close in profit as a basket.  it trades pretty well nonstop, please backtest or try on demo first to make sure the settings are dialed in properly for the symbol you choose. this is one of my more simple EA but that doesnt make it any less efective. please enjoy this hedge/grid/martingale/arbitrage EA!
Weiss Wave
Giordano Gorghetto
If you are a market operator looking for an advanced solution to identify trends and trend reversals in financial markets, the Weiss Wave indicator could be what you need. Based on the principle of Elliott wave analysis and combining multiple indicators, the indicator provides a comprehensive view of the market in an easy and intuitive way, even for less experienced traders. With clear and easy-to-interpret buy/sell signals, the indicator provides reliable guidance for identifying trends and tre
David Joseph Sidney Jonasson
EA Ching is quite accurate for not using any particular indicator, it simply uses a bullish or bearish candle to start a basket of trades and then attempts to close all open trades with an overall profit. Ching will work on almost any symbol but might require lots of backtesting to find the right settings. this EA has the option to space orders out dynamically or at a fixed rate, the dynamic mode is based off recent highs and lows.
David Joseph Sidney Jonasson
Welcome to OriGamiGrimm a dynamic and versatile EA. When using the Stops option(True) OriGamiGrimm will pull BuyStops and SellStops into position based off spacing determined by ATR. It will then attempt to Close All Open Trades as a basket for an overall profit set by exit percent. When using Trail(true) and digitalTrail(False) and there are multiple orders the trailing stop will only activate when the basket of trades is in profit. There is a money management system built in for initial lotsiz
EA Golden Kick Ass is full automate system at Tokyo session. This Expert Advisor is designed for GOLD. The EA has two built-in strategies. Limited Free Version. https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/95816 Real Signal Titan FX(JPY Micro): https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1876540 The first strategy is Bolinger Band based and the second is GMMA based. GMMA-based strategies have more trades and more drawdowns. Both strategies can be disabled. Expert Advisor need Hedge Type Account.  Important:
Aneta Hrackova
Start price 50 USD MT5 Veraion cooming soon! AnonymousEA is a fully automated trading system. The EA must be connected to only one M15 chart (for example: NZDCAD M15) Easy to set up: _base_  - You can leave the default setting Symbols: AUDCAD,NZDCAD,AUDNZD - multicurrency set from one chart M15 First Trade: Long and Short - sets Long/Short positions Emergency closing at BE - Close all positions on BE Orders Comment - comment at trade Magic Number - Magic Number Virtual TP - sets the virt
Laguerre Scrat
Davit Beridze
5 (1)
In case you get Laguerre S crat indicator, you will get Laguerre Scrat Ea as a Gift. To get Ea  and det a iled m anu al PDF contact me PM. Default settings are for usd/cad H4 For St able Long term Profits Laguerre Scrat is a trading system based on 4 indicator combinations in the shape of one indicator. Laguerre indicator (upgraded), CCI, Bollinger bands and market volatility factor. It generates arrows in the indicator window and nuts on the price chart, doubling arrows for a better view where
Aleksandr Valutsa
The strategy is based on the breakdown of important support and resistance levels. An important feature of the adviser is that it is able to constantly monitor the average spread and slippage (this is not just a record of spread and slippage, but a comparison of their values in relation to each other in percentage terms) at the time of transactions. Monitoring https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2241062 This is a rather complicated and very useful feature that allows you to check and compare the qu
The Strategy Maid EA is a is a helpful tool to help improve your trading style along your trading journey. This EA has also perfect for traders that uses scalping strategy because of the chart button you can   buy ,  sell   and   close trades   with just one click. Another great feature about this ea is that you can place your   risk   and   reward   in pips on the chart button also. Another problem with forex trading is trade management. You have probably encountered a situation where you stepp
Fabrizio Pierantoni
CoolAsIce Expert Advisor. Version: 1.00 date: 09/03/2023 Author: Pierantoni fabrizio Expert Advisor based on the interaction of signals from the market. Compare past and current signal levels across moving averages. The system is based on the trailing stop. Once the signal is in gain, the trailing stop is activated in search of the best gain. The expert advisor is optimized for use with WTI on an M15 or H1 timebase. The following parameters can be set: - Magic Number Id: unique number of the
EA Golden SIN-TIANG is a robust trading strategy designed for XAUUSD or GOLD and H4 time frame. The EA creates pending stop trade orders using indicators of the Highest-Lowest, Hight , Low parameters based on the market environment. It uses fixed SL, PT and exit from the position after time cut off. The EA was tested with several Monte Carlo robustness tests and optimized. Backtest was done on ticks data with a 15-year history 2007-20023. There is no need to set any parameters, all settings are
EA Golden HARTLEY is a robust trading strategy designed for XAUUSD or GOLD  and M30 time frame. The EA creates pending stop trade orders using indicators Linear Regression Smoothed Moving Average, BB Range and parameters based on the market environment. It uses fixed SL, PT and exit from the position after time cut off. The EA was tested with several Monte Carlo robustness tests and optimized. Backtest was done on ticks data with a 15-year history 2007-2023. There is no need to set any paramete
EA Golden CLUNES is a robust trading strategy designed for XAUUSD or GOLD and the M30 time frame. The EA creates pending stop trade orders using the Highest-Lowest, Bollinger Bands indicators and parameters based on the market environment. It uses a fixed SL, PT and an activation trailing stop. The EA was tested with several Monte Carlo robustness tests and optimized. Bektest was made on ticks data with a 15-year history 2007-20022. There is no need to set any parameters, all settings are alrea
Tsm series
Meir Eisenstein
TSM 0.1 bot TSM 0.1 (Tracking Significant Motion) is a unique bot that open position by identify specific motion of the market. TSM 0.1 bot has built on MQL4 platform and work in a very pure system, that means without any indicators or manipulating the system by releasing doubling trades or grid strategies and etc. Also this is probably the first software you can find at the market that gives consistently excellent results in any currency you'll choose. Setting the parameters X, TP, SL is neede
First 5 copies sold for 39$. 1/5 sold. Next price 49$. Not all function work on tester. If you want to test it, write to me a personal message, i send to you a demo version valid for 7 days with full functionality. The Trade Manager Advace is composed by 4 part: Navigation panel. Execution panel (Here is present the Risk Reward Tool). Management panel. Equity panel. Input parameters Magic Number : Number (number must be unique, do not use the same number in more one chart). Trailing stop fo
This tool allows you to place multiple Sell Limit or Take Profit. The following parameters can be selected: Number of orders to place ID of the first order to be placed Starting price  of the first order Lots Value Stop Loss Take Profit Order placement steps in points Type of transaction (Sell Limit or Buy Limit) Stop Loss and Take profit are the same for all the orders placed. Leaves the chart clean once disabled. It's highly suggested to run the EA, place the orders and to disable it in ord
Gold Fusion will buy gold automatically during uptrends and use trailing stop losses to capture profits.  Facts Support is included. Gold Fusion trades GOLD only (also known as XAUUSD) Gold Fusion will never place sell orders. It places buy orders only. Each buy order is accompanied by a Stop-loss, Take-profit, and a Trailing Stop Loss, There are only 3 Input settings for you to enter. The rest of the code is secret and hidden.  Run this EA only on the 5-minute time frame. You should use 1:500
Count MACD 4
Prafull Manohar Nikam
Easy to use EA capable of full automatic trading. OPTIONAL Martingale, NO Grid, High Win Rate, Low Drawdown EA. It uses multiple signal confirmation of MACD indicator to open a trade. (Ideal Buy-Sell Count i.e. BS Count = 3)! *Important:   1. Do not use Auto Stop Out (keep it false!) if you want to get better results from this expert advisor. Because (BS Count=3) has relatively high win rate so you don't need to worry about drawdowns. 2. Do not use Martingale & Visible SL-TP. (Not Recommended!)
This assistant robot works by following up on manual trades made by the trader and is designed to assist traders in making transactions in the financial market. This robot has several features that can be activated or deactivated by users according to their needs. One of the features offered by this robot is the SL and TP mode that can be set to hidden or placed. In hidden mode, SL and TP are not visible to brokers or other users, thus providing an advantage for traders who want to keep their tr
This EA is designed for mining lots. Open a buy sell order based on the timeframe M15 candle sticks. When the price goes over open order EA  keep opening orders against the price until the profit is positive and EA will close all orders and continue the new round.  Requirement -          Flatform: MT4 -          Symbol: XAUUSD. -          Time frame: M15 -          Minimum deposit: >1000$ -          Leverage: 1:500 and higher -          ECN broker -          Virtual Private Server hosting (VPS)
Oleksii Novykov
Symbol Syncyro Switch - is a utility that allows you to switch a trading symbol on several charts at the same time. If you use several charts of the same symbol with different timeframes for analysis and want to change the symbol of a trading instrument, then this tool is just for you! With one click on the button with the inscription of the trading symbol, you can easily change it using this utility.
Grid Rentable Pro
Isnoel Batista Fuentes
Grid Rentable PRO features Overbought-oversold trend filter Long only and short only option Add on reverse option Second line of recovery option Advanced News Filter New, improved, highly effective trading logic  Email and Push Notification system Advanced Time Management system Friday Exit System Important notes The minimum starting capital is  $1000 The advised starting capital is  $3000 For accounts from significant importance, AutoMM greater than 0.1 is not recommended. This is the equival
HedgeGPT EurUsd h1
Raphael Schwietering
2 (1)
HedgeGPT is a fully automated hedging robot that uses a very efficient breakout strategy, advanced money management and probabilistic analysis. Most effective in the price consolidation stages that occupy the bulk of the market time. Proven itself on real accounts with an excellent risk-to-reward ratio. Does not need forced optimization, which is the main factor of its reliability and guarantee of stable profit in the future. S uitable for both beginners and experienced traders.   Entry and exit
"Scalper Channel MT4" is a modern channel indicator that shows the trader the direction of the trade. For work, the indicator uses built-in and proprietary technical means and a new secret formula. Load it on the chart and the indicator will show you the entry direction in color: If the upper limit of the price channel of the indicator is blue, open a buy position. If the lower limit of the price channel of the indicator is red, open a sell position. If the border of the indicator is gray, ne
NATR       -       this is a normalized version of the ATR indicator Used to measure the level of volatility in % of the total volatility of the instrument, and not in points like a regular ATR For example NATR with a period of 10 will show the average size of a candle in % of the last 10 candles or how many percent an instrument passes in 1 candle on average This allows you to bring the values of any of the studied instruments to a common denominator. Has a simple and clear setup Visually shows
Scalper Marti 4
Prafull Manohar Nikam
S imple scalping EA which uses martingale lot system. Scalping happens on candlestick pattern and candle size in pips. This is a full automatic trading system which has auto money management option too. FEATURES: 1. Martingale 2. NO Grid 3. Scalping 4. Hard Stop Loss 5. Easy Take Profit 6. Uses Candlestick Pattern Important Note : - As name suggests it is a Martingale System. Always better to use minimal/proper martingale settings and proper trading capital otherwise it can easily blow your acco
Expert Advisor for MT4 Useful utility MUST have for all traders.  With 1 click button, you're able to close all your open positions. Its come with a warning pop up notification when you click to close all your trades, to avoid an accident press the button. Just press 'Yes' to confirm or 'No' to cancel it. The expert will close all your open positions no matter what pairs you currently open or directions. Just attach the expert on 1 of your chart, and you're good to go.
True Turbo MT4
Smart Forex Lab.
5 (5)
Turbo performance comes first. Attention! The phrases machine learning, neural networks, AI, GPT, ... and other buzzwords are not used in the desccription and operation of the EA. Just catching overbought/oversold in the Asian session using the grid, human brain, experience and a lot of backtests.  True Turbo uses a grid of orders with preset stop loss and take profit settings, which allows traders to capture market movements and manage risks. This helps traders capitalize on market trends
Tradiong Tiger
Pran Gobinda Basak
Trading Tiger Expert Advisor for MT4 will trade as snipper entry with the trend    Your money always will be safe with this Expert Advisor  You can't start with $100 Don't use this EA in gold or any other cryptocurrency You can use in GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF USDCAD this types of currency pairs I would recommend you to use it in 5 minute time frame       7. Fully automatic  entry, exit, stop loss features with manual modification allowed    and 1 more important thing is it will trail your profi
Vip GbpUsd
Miss Nathita Kaenmun
This EA Only GBPUSD another need more optimize Timeframe H4 Winrat 86.64% Since 2017-2023 DD 26% Profit +1000% RR 1:2 ***** Open Order 40 Order 5 Years. Or 8 Order/Year. Some Year don't have Order***** Strategy 1.EMA Confirm trade 2.BB for Set up 3.Price action for entry  4. Breakevent After TP100% of Stop loss (Can adjust) 5.Open 1-3 Order/ Trade 6.Have mode trailing stop (On/Off) 7.Risk/Trade 8.Have SL/TP every Order Remark :This EA for Trader who need low order but high performance and review
Bollinger and RSI and Moving Hello all As the name is the expert works with these indicators In determining the trend and not working in saturation and entering the opposite direction The conditions of the three indicators were linked together to enter the trades If he enters a buy transaction and reverses the trend, he enters a sale, and it is in the way of hedging Buying or selling opens at an entry signal from the indicators, with all deals closed together When experimenting, a back test on
Boris Sklyaruk
Fully automatic professional MT4 trading system The EA has been optimized and tested since 2012 on real ticks and with 99.9% probability. Trading inside for, 80 percent of transactions are closed within one trading day. Almost all trades of the adviser are in profit. The EA sometimes opens a large number of trades. The Expert Advisor is multi-currency and trades on the M15 time frame Minimum recommended deposit 2000$ Broker and spread doesn't matter! Recommended currency pairs for tra
Incantation AI MT4
Prince Okoya Obi
Incantation was built with a basic, simple and stable trading strategy that is highly effective and accurate with a sniper entry system with a good money management. The expert advisor works best in the H1 time frame. Incantation can work with all brokers and all currency pairs and synthetic indices. Use a reasonable lot size and default settings preferably if you want to get the best of the Expert Advisor. To enjoy the full working ability of this Expert Adviser, I recommend you run it on a VP
KT Day Trading MT4
KT Day Trading MT4 provides simplified Buy and Sell signals using a combination of some specific candlestick patterns occurring in the market exhaustion zones. These signals are designed to identify market reversals and entry/exit points. The indicator can be used to trade on any timeframe from the 1 Minute up to the Daily chart. Features Three types of entry signals according to the market structure i.e. Trend following, Range bound, and Counter trend signals. Crystal clear Entry, Stop-L
Patikhom Chaiyaworawat
Kimlt EA Is the trade assistant that help me in my trading because I have create the assistants trade system.  Which it used in different trades depend on the market situation as I command.This EA used system trend strategy.   The development of this EA is because I want to have trade assistant that can generate profit appropriately along with least risk at the same time. In order to allow me to sleep without worrying about the outcome that will happen in short period. However, it must be able t
Do you over trade???  Do you lose your account by adjusting the stop loss or not putting stop loss?? Do you cross your daily loss limit and closed your account??? Do you breach your funded account??? Do you fail frequently because of emotion??   So you have to control your emotion in trading. And this EA will do the job for you. You can not repeat those mistake even if you try hard. Just set the EA and relax. This will do major role in funded account. This EA will not open orders/positions. It j
LazyBoy Scalper Scrapper
Hesham Ahmed Kamal Barakat
From the makers of the Successful               Gold Super Trends AutoTrader Robot               - Comes this unique opportunity at a low price The Idea You think the days of scrapper scalping ended?! Think again. This Expert Advisor which is made for Gold trading is perfected to scrape ever tick by the second, timeframe independently. Comes along with account management and 6 safety settings for the most satisfied to the most greedy of us to choose from. Not based on indicators which most
AV Grid
Anja Vivia Vogel
"AV Grid" is an indicator for MetaTrader 4, which automatically displays round numbers as horizontal lines and a sensible period separation . Round prices can be used as support and resistance in trading. It is an improvement on the "Grid" setting, which also draws a grid on the chart. Improvements : - Round levels instead of arbitrary positioning of the horizontals - Structure by highlighting all x lines (main lines, 2 or 5 makes sense) - Vertical lines are each in two periods (
This indicator is suitable for trading on the pair  and many more. There is also an interactive panel for quickly changing settings. The indicator itself uses universal calculations of additional accuracy, but so far they are optimized for some currency pairs. Many settings can be configured on the main menu. He displays his calculations on the graph in the form of icons. There are two types of icons. In the tester, it works fine by default in the settings. You can specify a color for its icons
I Generator
Steve Zoeger
Income Generator Forex Robot   Is an fully automated Forex Robot for MT4 Terminal Trading. https://youtu.be/2wCzTFIGNp4 The default settings are already profitable. But you can test and adjust the files to your needs. You can also join the Telegram Channel here https://t.me/+Ft3Q8y4akvxjN2Jk 100 % automated different settings available simple TP and SL Trailing Stop Martingale For ALL Pairs For All Time Frames Perfect to catch overbought and over sold trends in the market. The
Mechanical Strategy
Francisco Tomas Moreno Garcia
Mechanical rule Strategy As you might be thinking, this strategy works with a set of preprogrammed rules(which must not be changed) follow strictly ,  the only input that can be modify is the Lots. Of course, since the Lots are modified to one's liking you must take special care, for an agressive amount of lots can lead to losses. This strategy is as you can see on the screenshots a conservative one. we will point out the key points you must take into account. The rest(any sort of cha
Barracuda EA
Yury Emeliyanov
4 (1)
The main advantage of the Expert Advisor is the percentage of profitable trades, which is 70% in testing over the past 5 years. The EA is primarily designed for the EUR/GBP M15 pair, but it can also be used on other currency pairs if the EA is pre-optimized. The EA uses several indicators, the main one of which is the "Donchian Channel". Look at the test results over the past 5 years. Default testing parameters Initial balance = 500 $ Net profit = 8,431 $ Profitable trades = 70% Drawdown = 17%
Mr Robot and source code
Luis Mariano Vazquez Marcos
I use this robot every day on my real accounts. This Forex trading robot has been developed by MRBEAST as a tool to facilitate day trading. Please note that using this robot involves certain risks and does not guarantee consistent profits in the forex market. The trading robot is based on algorithms and strategies that I have designed, which have been created using my knowledge and experience in the field of trading. However, past performance does not guarantee future results, and the Forex mark
Mr Robot v2
Luis Mariano Vazquez Marcos
MR BEAST ROBOT MR I USE IT DAILY IN MY ACCOUNTS This Forex trading robot has been developed by MRBEAST as a tool to facilitate day trading. Please note that using this robot involves certain risks and does not guarantee consistent profits in the forex market. The trading robot is based on algorithms and strategies that I have designed, which have been created using my knowledge and experience in the field of trading. However, past performance does not guarantee future results, and the Forex mar
EA Index Flip
Stefano Cocconi
FEEL FREE TO ADD A REVIEW TO HELP ME AND OTHER COSTUMERS After over 2000 downloads I decided to put for the software at a price of only 30USD, so as to be able to finance the development of new software. Thank you for understanding JOIN TO MY CHAT FOR UPDATES AND NEWS ABOUT MY PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Check My Products Settings Trading strategy: EA Index Flip trades on US30, U100, US500, XAUUSD and Every Forex Pair The best timeframe are M1 to M15 . The Expert Advisor uses a trading strategy base
The adviser trades within the local trend, before the formation of a new structural extremum (High/Low). The direction and strength of the trend does not affect efficiency, trade is carried out within the framework of the microstructure in the direction of the current movement from one extremum to another. Advisor for tools with a low spread on ECN accounts. Implemented: The restriction on the maximum spread (during the news and increased volatility, the adviser does not trade) Trading time
The Kingdom
Isnoel Batista Fuentes
THE KINGDOM se basa en la estrategia de posición pendiente (PPS) y en un algoritmo de negociación secreto muy avanzado. La estrategia THE KINGDOM es una combinación de un indicador personalizado secreto, líneas de tendencia, niveles de soporte y resistencia (acción del precio) y el algoritmo comercial secreto más importante mencionado anterior CARACTERÍSTICAS Se admite la opción Multidivisa en OneChart Se muestra el filtro de noticias y la hora GMT automatica XAUUSD, GBPUSD - 5M Se co
Индикатор показывает расстояние от ближайшего свободного High/Low  текущей (здесь и далее, текущей - в рамках расчетов индикатора) до исследуемой    (опять же - в рамках расчетов индикатора) свечи слева на графике на том же ценовом уровне.        Свободным в данном случае будет являться расстояние больше, чем одна свеча (бар) от текущей          свечи до исследуемой на том же ценовом уровне. Расстояние будет отмечаться пунктирной линией            от High/Low текущей свечи до исследуемой
Amazing Pro System
Muhammed Emin Ugur
Amazing Pro System   indicator is designed for signal trading. This indicator generates trend signals. It uses many algorithms and indicators to generate this signal. It tries to generate a signal from the points with the highest trend potential. This indicator is a complete trading product. This indicator does not need any additional indicators. The indicator certainly does not repaint. The point at which the signal is given does not change.     Features and Suggestions Time Frame: H
TRY DEMO BEFORE ANY RENT/PURSHASE !!!!!!!! Best Results obtained on USDJPY M30 - on microaccount(LotEquity = 5000)  on Standardaccount(LotEquity = 500000) - this simple great expert advisor works with major weekly trend  - It uses pattern weekly candle recognition for continuation or reversal in trend  - It also scans the market history for 200 weeks ago to determine the percentage of trades success using its strategy - take care!!  a no-trigger trade signal on Weekly basis can keep EA not tradi
EA InfinityByIchimoku grid - averaging - hedge  backtest 17 years (2005-2023) in MT4 using FBS - Timeframe M5 basic indicator with Ichimoku filter infinty true setting filter infinty = medium ---> this properties for filter from SIGNAL Ichimoku , when EA Open Order averaging by signal = on  ---> grid open order with distance and signal averaging by signal = off ---> grid open order, only with distance Risk Warning: Before you Rent InfinityByIchimoku, please baktest again  Forex is High
Dual DCA
Hoang Van Bao
Dual DCA  is based on Dollar Cost Averaging and Hedging strategy to reduce the risk to the user. Automatically detect the trend to place orders and hedging if the trend changes. There is an option to limit the maximum number of orders. Minimum capital to start with minimum lot size is $1000 for standard account (GOLD / XAUUSD is $1500-$2000) or $100 for micro account  (GOLD / XAUUSD is $150-$200). Function buttons 1 click CLA: Close all orders. CLL: Close loss orders. CLP: Close profit orders. S

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